Wellsburg Herald 1939 Do You Remember

9 Jan 1924
- Wellsburg may get a new public cemetery where those not members of the Reformed Church may have a resting place.
- Mrs. C. J. Eells passed away Monday morning after an illness of almost four years. She was over 69 years old of age.

8 Jan 1918
- John Saathoff, aged 78, and for many years a resident in this community, passed away Saturday morning at his home in Grundy Center
- Ernest Hook and Miss Alice Tjabring, of Pleasant Valley were united in marriage new Year's day.
- Roland Roeder, first volunteer from Grundy county, was killed in action in France on October 13, according to word received here.

7 Jan 1914
- Heiko Thorne and Miss Dena J. Miller were married Thursday afternoon.
- C. J. Eells has closed his restaurant.
- Mr. and Mrs. John Tjaden were married thirty years ago last Saturday at Grundy Center.

7 Jan 1909
- Henry F. Wiltfang of Wellsburg, and Carrie Konken, of Parkersburg, were united in marriage on Tuesday, December 29. They have begun house keeping on the I. Agena farm.

17 Jan 1934
- Mrs. Okke Weseman, well known here, died suddenly Tuesday, at her home in Grundy Center.

15 Jan 1919
- H. F. Weitkamp is opening a cream station in Wellsburg

14 Jan 1914
- A fine boy arrived at the home of Mr. and Mrs. Albert Ross Saturday
- Peter P. Eckhoff and Miss Jennie Siemens were united in marriage Saturday. The couple are already at home on the groom's farm west of Wellsburg.

14 Jan 1909
- William Joseph Krantz, who passed away, January 9, 1909, was laid to rest Monday. He was 66 years of age.

24 Jan 1934
- Mr. and Mrs. Herman Hippen are the parents of a baby daughter born Wednesday morning.

23 Jan 1929
- Anna Terfehn and Fred Ruter were united in marriage Thursday evening.

23 Jan 1924
- The D. J. Peters grain firm is now D. J. Peters and Sons, Harm Peters and Fred Peters, being the 'sons' of the firm.

21 Jan 1914
- Harm Peters' funeral was held last Friday afternoon. He was 41 years of age.
- John H. Geiken and Miss Grace Hippen were married Thursday evening. They will make their home in Pleasant Valley.
- C. Okones, a civil war veteran, passed away last Tuesday night and funeral services were held Saturday afternoon. He was almost 80 years of age.
- A fine nine pound girl arrived at the home of Mr. and Mrs. B. H. Aukes Sunday night.

21 Jan 1909
- Two have died at Cleves and many others are ill with scarlet fever. A strict quarantine is being enforced.
- Mr. and Mrs. Menno Buskohl are the happy parents of a baby girl which arrived at their home last week.
- T. T. Beecroft was called to Council Bluffs Saturday by the death of his mother Mary Reeves Beecroft, who was 64 years of age.

31 Jan 1934
- Miss Neola Haack and Thos. Flessner were united in marriage Friday evening.

30 Jan 1928
- Miss Martha Fischer and Geroge Primus were united in marriage Wednesday, January 23. They will make their home on a farm near Steamboat Rock.
- Miss Etta Getting and Henry Dekker were married on Wednesday.

4 Feb 1909
- Mr. and Mrs. John Peters are the parents of a fine boy born last Thursday.
- C. J. Eells has been appointed night watchman, his hours of labor being from 10 pm to 7 am
- Johanna De Buhr and Barney Hook were united in marriage at the bride's home in German township February 3.

7 Feb 1934
- The John M. Bakker home south of town, was destroyed by fire Saturday. Much of the contents were saved.

5 Feb 1919
- Bryan Bausman and Miss Mabel Peterson were united in marriage at Waterloo last Saturday.
- Miss Hannah Lindaman and Fred H. Peters were married at the Dick Rieken home Wednesday, February 5th.
- Mr. and Mrs. Ben Boelman are the parents of a fine baby boy, who arrived Thursday.

11 Feb 1909
- Frank E. Gohner and Lulu Mae Snovel have obtained license to marry.
- Miss Alice Terhene and Herman Harrenstein were married the past week.

21 Feb 1934
- Funeral services were held for Mrs. J. M. Meyer last Saturday, February 17. She was 50 years of age at the time of her death.
- Philip Ridder and Miss Anna Hook were united in marriage at Ackley last Wednesday.

20 Feb 1929
- Three couples were married last week. Jennie Sietsema and Arend A. Fisher became man and wife on Wednesday, February 20; Grace Lutterman and Anton Terfehn were married on February 14; and Miss Anna Heikens and Henry Nederhoff were married February 14.

20 Feb 1924
- John Schultz, aged 74, father of Mrs. Tom Trepp passed away Tuesday, after several months illness.
- Raymond Murphy has rented the Hotel Building and will put in an up-to-date billard parlor.
- Mr. and Mrs. H. Jaspers celebrated their silver wedding anniversary on February 14.

26 Feb 1919
- The cottage belonging to John Tjaden, and occupied by the Wessel Haack family was burned down Monday night.
- Model T Fords were quoted at the following prices by the Thornton-Koolman Auto Company; Runabout $500; Touring Car $525; coupe $650; Sedan, $775

25 Feb 1914
- The Tjaden Elevator burned to the ground Monday forenoon. The elevator contained between 25,000 and 30,000 bushels of oats and 3,000 bushels of corn. The loss is about $18,000.
- Okke Tjaden, father of John Tjaden died at Ocheyedan, last Thursday. He was 85 years of age.
- Arend Noordman and Miss Anna Heikens will be married Thursday evening.

6 Mar 1934
- Ebbo H. Nederhoff, a lifetime resident of Shiloh Township, passed away Sunday, February 25th at the age of 53 years, 8 months and 23 days.
- Mr. and Mrs. Trieno Riekena were reminded of their 30th wedding anniversary on Monday, February 26, by their children and their friends.
- Jerry Huisman observed his 82nd birthday anniversary Wednesday.

6 Mar 1929
- Mr. and Mrs. Argen Geerdes celebrated their 50th wedding on Tuesday, March 5th.
- Miss Lena Finke and Gratus ross were married Wednesday evening; Helen Maas and Tom Heronimus were married Wednesday; and Lena Venenga and Chris B. Sonnenberg were married at 3 o'clock Wednesday.
- Renko H. Siefken died at the hospital in Marshalltown Wednesday morning after several weeks of illness.

5 Mar 1919
- Mr. and Mrs. Heinie Eckhoff are the proud parents of a baby girl born Sunday.
- Jacob J. Meyer and Fannie DeVries, both well known here were married at Stout last Wednesday.

4 Mar 1914
- Henry Peters has leased the Snittjer feed shed and bus business, taking possession on March 1st.
- John Tjaden has decided to rebuild the elevator which burned last week and work will begin as soon as weather permits.

11 Mar 1909
- A baby girl was born to Mr. and Mrs. Louie Meints on Thursday.
- Evert J. Riekena and Miss Mary Ross of Monroe, South Dakota were married March 6th.
- Mr. and Mrs. Tjark Ennenga are the proud parents of a baby girl since March 3rd.
- Miss Frederika Reikena and John J. Mennenga were united in marriage on March 11, at the home of the bride's parents.

20 Mar 1929
- Ella Heronimus and Lucas Kruse were married last Wednesday by Rev. J. E. Drake
- Mr. and Mrs. J. J. Beving are the parents of a son, born to them last week at the hospital in Marshalltown

19 Mar 1919
- Mrs. Anne Agena passed away at her home near Cleves Sunday, March 16th, at the age of 70 years.
- John H. Dekker died last Monday at the age of 55 years. Apoplexy was the cause of death.
- Robert Kinney, aged 65 years, and for years a Grundy County resident died at his home in Melrose township and was buried on Sunday, march 9th.

27 Mar 1929
- Conrad Brower died Tuesday, March 26, after a fourteen day illness with appendicitis. He was 67 years of age.
- Mr. and Mrs. J. W. Riekena quietly observed their 58th wedding anniversary on March 23.
- Forty new rural schools are reported in Grundy County by D. R. Earl, county school superintendent. This expansion has been made since 1913, the year Mr. Earl took office.

26 Mar 1919
- The following teachers were chosen by the school board: A. Von Tersch, principal; Miss Anna Wulf and Miss Helen Neessen, intermediate grades; Miss Mathilda Wulf, primary.

4 Apr 1934
- Mr. and Mrs. Dick Muller celebrated their thirtieth wedding anniversary
- The State champion girls basketball team was entertained Thursday evening with a banquet at the Legion Hall.
- Miss Sarah Williams and Jerry Lutterman were united in marriage Wednesday by the Rev. Engelkes.

10 Apr 1929
- Mrs. J. Huisman celebrated her 71st birthday with a birthday party Tuesday evening.

10 Apr 1924
- Ibeling Harms, Sr., passed awawy last Saturday at the age of 85 years.
- The town of Wellsburg organized a community club Friday night with the following officers being elected; D. J. Peters, president, J. L. Lutterman, vice-president, W. T. Neessen, secretary and D. J. Riekena, treasurer
- Boyd Eekhoff was surprised Tuesday evening the occasion being his 50th birthday.
- Mr. and Mrs. Bryan Huisman are the proud parents of a fine baby girl arriving Thursday morning

9 Apr 1919
- Mrs. Teressa De Vries and George Rand were married at the courthouse Monday morning.

8 Apr 1909
- C. F. Martin and son are going out of the implement business and will dispose of their big stock within the sixty days

11 Apr 1934
- Mr. and Mrs. Evert E Ross are the happy parents of a fine baby girl.

17 Apr 1929
- Mr. William Rainsbarger, died at the St. Thomas hospital in Marshalltown, following a tumor operation. He had been ill for many years.
- Mr. and Mrs. Chris Finke are the parents of a baby gir, born april 10th
- Mr. and Mrs. John Riebkes, Jr., are the parents of a fine young son, born to them one day last week.

16 Apr 1919
- Mrs. Kate Ashing was surprised Monday on her birthday.
- A son was born to Mr. and Mrs. Henry Heikens Thursday, April 10th.

15 Apr 1914
- The Lutheran Church Congregation of which Rev. Heinrichs is pator have let the contract for the new church this was a little over $16,000.
- Dr. C. C. Graham, a veterinary surgeon from Eldora has decided to locate in Wellsburg.
- A fine boy arrived at the home of Dr. and Mrs. Heddens.

15 Apr 1909
- Mr. and Mrs. John M. Bakker are the proud parents of a baby boy, born April 9th.
- J. D. Harris, Rock Island agent, has been transferred to Washburn, being relieved here by Otto Schriber.

24 Apr 1929
- Joh A. Schafer died Saturday, April 20. He was 73 years of age.
- Mr. and Mrs. Sam Ross are the parents of a baby boy born to them Sunday, April 24.
- Mrs. Lena Knock passed away at her home in Colfax township. She had reached the age of 77 years.

23 Apr 1924
- Work of removing the Dawson Café into the Neessen building is going on rapidly and Mr. Dawson hopes to open for business on Saturday.

23 Apr 1919
- The construction work on the house for Mrs. O. Nederhoff is going on rapidly and the frame of the Miner Haack house in College Hill Park is to be raised in a few days.

22 Apr 1914
- A girl was born to Mr. and Mrs. Harm Reiter Monday
- Mrs. Poppenga, mother of Mrs. W. A. Ross, died at her home near Allison at four o'clock Saturday.

22 Apr 1909
- Mr. and Mrs. Menno Snittjer are the proud parents of a baby boy, born April 18th.
- O. B. Eells has opened his new restaurant. It is really an up-to-date eating place.
- Mr. and Mrs. Sam Claassen, east of town, are the parents of a girl born Friday.
- H. B. Koolman and Peter Klugkist are preparing to open a store in Titonka. Mr. Klugkist will have personal charge of the new store.

1 May 1929
- Mrs. H. Flessner passed away Sunday morning, April 28, aged 42 years, six months. The cause of death was heart trouble.
- Miss Anna Okones and Ben Murra were married Tuesday evening. Rev. Wm. Landsiedel performed the ceremony.

30 Apr 1924
- Mrs. O. Nederhoff, one of our oldest citizens, passed away Monday night after a short illness.

30 Apr 1919
- A new baby girl arrived at the M. H. Tjaden hom in Alabama April 27, according to word received here from the family.
- Mrs. B. W. Riekena passed away on April 22, 1919, at the age of 71 years. Funeral services were held Saturday April 26.
- Mr. and Mrs. Jake Rindels are rejoicing over the birth of a 10 pound boy on Monday morning.
- The basement for the new home of Mr. and Mrs. George A. Geerdes is being dug at the present writing.

29 Apr 1914
- Mr. and Mrs. Albert Ross mourn the loss of their little baby after a month of illness.
- A nine pound girl arrived at the home of Mr. and Mrs. Wessel Haack Saturday.
- Eggs were 17 cents per dozen
- The outside work on the new Tjaden elevator will be completed this week

29 Apr 1909
- The two year old son of Mr. and Mrs. Jake Bottema, living west of town, died of scarlet fever Monday night. Two other children are ill.

7 May 1919
- A ten pound baby was born to Mr. and Mrs. Bryan Bausman Monday
- George and Josn Doyen have purchased the old church building from their father and may transform it into a public hall and opera house.

16 May 1934
- Dr. K. J. Fauth died at noon Thursday at the Deaconess hospital in Marshalltown, the cause of his death being septicemia.
- Mr. and Mrs. Miner Haack are the parents of a son born Sunday, May 13th.
- Jerry Huisman, 83, a pioneer of German township passed away Sunday, May 13, and was laid to rest Wednesday. He had been a resident of the community for 70 years.

15 May 1929
- Mr. and Mrs. Jack Perry welcomed a boy at their home on Wednesday, May 8.

14 May 1924
- Mrs. W. H. Meyer passed away at her home Wednesday evening after a very short illness.
- John Gladstone has sold the former W. T. Neessen store which he purchased about a year ago to Ben Neessen, who is now in charge of the business.

14 May 1919
- Claus Harrenstein and Mrs. Lena Brower were united in marriage last Wednesday. Rev. C. Heinrich officiated.

13 May 1909
- The Wellsburg fire company re-organized Friday evening with O. A. Schreiber foreman. Eight men are enrolled as members.
- Mr. and Mrs. Siebe Meyer, of West Shiloh, are the proud parents of a baby daughter born to them on Saturday.
- The grand opening of Greenfield's ice cream parlors will be held on May 18th.

23 May 1934
- Mr. and Mrs. Henry Pruin, of Pleasant Valley are the parents of a fine baby son, born May 18.
- John W. Ross was given a contract for grading 19 ¼ miles of Grundy County road. His bid for the job was $11,659.12
- The funeral of Dr. K. J. Fauth was held Thursday, May 17.

22 May 1929
- One hundred twenty eight members of the eighth grade classes of the rural schools have passed their examinations and will observe their commencement exercises, Friday May 31.
- Work on the Beving and Flessner building is progressing quite nicely, the new brick pillars being finished.

21 May 1924
- George Meyer passed away Thursday morning after a year's illness. He was but 27 years old.
- Rev. and Mrs. Engelke celebrated their silver wedding anniversary last Monday evening.
- Mr. and Mrs. Will W. Ross are the proud parents of a baby girl since Wednesday.

21 May 1919
- Mrs. Fred Schmidt passed away suddenly Thursday following an attack of flu.
- Mr. and Mrs. E. H. Bakker celebrated their Golden Wedding anniversary on Wednesday, May 14.

20 May 1914
- A daughter was born to Mr. and Mrs. Gratus Wilts Friday.
- John Freerksen purchased the John Ross pool hall and took possession last Wednesday.
- Beving and Flessner have gone out of the Auto business. S. J. Snittjer has taken over their line of Overland cars.
- John Doyen is taking a course of embalming at a school in Chicago.

20 May 1909
- Greenfield opened his new ice cream parlor with a dance Tuesday evening. A large crowd attended.
- For the first time in years Wellsburg has a couple of extra store buildings.

30 May 1934
- Primary road 214 south to the paving will be blacktopped this summer, the contract to be let June 5th
- Memorial Day services were held today in the new Legion Hall, with Robert W. Colflesh as the principal speaker.
- Mrs. Alma Akkerman, teacher and girls basketball coach in our schools for 10 years has resigned to take a position as an instructor in the Eldora Training School

29 May 1929
- One hundred and seventy five autos have been recorded in the treasurer's office during the month of May.
- The Kozie theater, which has been operated for the past three and a half years by C. J. Filer, will close Saturday night. It is not known if it will be reopened.
- Jake Riekena, son of Mr. and Mrs. Trieno Riekena, was married Tuesday to Miss Helen Osterholm of Elkhorn. They will make their home at Erwin, where Mr. Riekena teaches.
- A daughter was born to Mr. and Mrs. Fred Bergman, May 12, at the hospital at Mason City.

28 May 1924
- The funeral of Geo. Meyer was held Monday.
- Workmen have been repairing the water tower the past week. It has been decided to replace the old light at the top of the tower with a better one.

28 May 1919
- Rev. and Mrs. J. E. Drake of the Colfax Presbyterian Church celebrated their silver wedding day Thrusday, May 22nd.
- The second sale of lots in College Hill Park Wednesday went off well and many lots were sold.
- Mr. and Mrs. Riebke Freese are the parents of a fine 11 pound son, born one day last week.

27 May 1914
- The corner stone of the Heinrich church was laid Sunday afternoon before a huge crowd.
- Born to Mr. and Mrs. Ben DeVries Sunday, a fine little girl.

27 May 1909
- Mr. and Mrs. Andrew Murra are the parents of a baby girl born May 21st.
- Mr. and Mrs. Henry Rust are the parents of a baby boy born on Friday of last week.
- Mr. and Mrs. John Neessen are the parents of a baby boy, born on Wednesday.

6 June 1934
- Mr. and Mrs. Harvey Doescher are the parents of a fine baby girl born June 4
- Mrs. H. C. Haack and Mrs. George Lindaman attended the funeral of Mrs. John Dirks at Drake Church Sunday afternoon.
- A daughter was born to Mr. and Mrs. Ben G. Geerdes, May 30th.

5 June 1929
- Mrs. John Schafer died at her home in Wellsburg about 12:30 today.
- Norval Eells, son of Mr. and Mrs. O. B. eels, was married Sunday to Miss Shirley Meeker, of Cedar Rapids.
- Dick Roelfs passed away Wednesday morning after suffering two weeks with a stroke

4 June 1924
- Mrs. James De Neui died at the Ellsworth hospital in Iowa Falls Wednesday morning resulting from a serious operation.
- Dr. W. F. Folbrecht will open a dental office here June 19th.

4 June 1919
- John Heddens won highest honors at the Grundy Center high school last week and received four years free tuition at Iowa City.

3 June 1914
- Mr. and Mrs. George Meyer are the parents of a fine baby boy born Friday.
- Born to Mr. and Mrs. W. Berends Sunday, a son
- L. Bunger bought the 80 acre farm on which he has been livin for 28 years from Albert Meyer for $200 per acre.

13 June 1934
- Clayton Folkerts of Bristow has started work on an airplane for Col. Lindbergh.
- Many people went to Cleves Sunday to see where the tornado struck
- The Royal 400 Oil Company has been figuring on a filling station on the lot belonging to H. H. Doyen where the old church building stood.

12 June 1929
- A heavy wind blew down the garage at the Albert Meyer farm and a windmill on the Wiebe Meyer farm south of town Tuesday morning.

11 June 1924
- Harm Meester was buried at the Drake cemetery Tuesday of this week
- Mrs. James De Neui who died at the Ellsworth hospital Wednesday was buried on Saturday
- Mrs. Martin Krull's funeral was held Sunday at Bristow.

10 June 1914
- A fine baby boy was born to Mr. and Mrs. Andrew Murra last Friday

10 June 1909
- Herry Harrison, a young man 23 years of age, was drowned in the Black Hawk creek near Grundy Center Sunday afternoon.

20 June 1934
- Dr. H. L. Bagwell and Miss Julia Riggs were married Friday, June 15, in Minneapolis

19 June 1929
- Mr. and Mrs. Joe Nederhoff celebrated their silver wedding anniversary, June 16th
- Floyd Hackbath, a teacher here last year and Miss King, of Hampton, were united in marriage June 16. They will make their home in Kirkville.
- John Riebkes celebrated his 71st birthday Monday evening

18 June 1919
- Mrs. Sarah Mommer, mother of Henry Mommer, died Monday shortly after 7:00 o'clock at the age of 78 years.

27 June 1934
- Henry Hippen's new filling station known at the Royal 400, will open next week.
- Mr. and Mrs. Henry Van Hauen are the parents of a fine baby girl born June 26th.
- Wednesday was the hottest day yet this year. At 6 p.m. the temperature was 108 ½ degrees

25 June 1924
- Miss Frances Miller and Glen W. Smith of Volga City, Iowa, were married Friday, June 20th
- Mr. and Mrs. Bertus De Neui are the parents of a fine baby boy born, June 14th.

25 June 1919
- Mrs. And Mrs. A. H. Kruse were surprised on their silver wedding anniversary.
- Mr. and Mrs. John Krull are the parents of a fine baby boy born Thursday morning.

4 July 1934
- Fifteen Grundy County boys chose the past week entered reforestation work at the CCC camp at Eldora. The boys from here were Raymond Riebkes, Carl Loof and Claude Heddens.

3 July 1929
- Funeral services for Mrs. Catharine Beckman of Grundy Center was held Tuesday afternoon.
- Fred Shugar, 19 year old son of Mr. and Mrs. F. A. Shugar and nephew of Mrs. John Doyen, left Friday for a-round-the-world trip.

2 July 1919
- Johann Meinert Meyer died June 28th, at his home in Pleasant Valley township.
- License for the marriage of Fred W. Getting, and Miss Sarah Diekmen has been issued at Grundy Center.

1 July 1914
- Tom Trepp and Estella Schultz were married, June 18th at Waterloo
- W. T. Razer of Eldora has leased the Henry Neessen building and will open a hotel soon

11 July 1934
- John Cakerice and Fern Fox were married at Ivester Sunday.
- The Smit-Abels family reunion was held at Grundy Center Sunday.

10 July 1929
- Anna Leola Spieker, daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Jerry Spieker, age 21 years passed away July 8th after a years' illness.
- Mrs. Alle Ertmoed passed away Saturday at the age of 48 years, after a long illness.
- The Gifford Carnival showed here last week and to good crowds. It was a clean show and greawtly enjoyed.
- Born to Mr. and Mrs. Fred Gross, on July 4th, a baby daughter.

9 July 1924
- W. H. Meyer was injured severely Wednesday when he fell from the roof of his new barn to the ground. He suffered no broken bones but was badly shaken up.
- A hail storm destroyed crops east of Wellsburg Monday.
- A fine new visable gas pump has been installed at the Koolman Garage.

9 July 1919
- Fred W. Getting and Sarah Diekman were united in marriage on Wednesday evening, July 2, at the home of the bride's parents
- The Chrystal Theater will be opened later in the month by Mr. B. W. Sheperd who operates the theater at Grundy Center.
- Born to Mr. and Mrs. H. A. Geerdes on Thursday, a son.

8 July 1909
- A broken engine stopped the noon train near the Will Ross place Friday. Several hours passed before an engine was sent down from Iowa Falls.
- A daughter arrived at the home of Mr. and Mrs. Rinert Rindels Monday.

18 July 1934
- Henry Hippen of the Royal "400" Service Station sold over 900 gallon of gas last Saturday his opening day.
- Dr. Frank R. Ford will arrive in Wellsburg this week to take over the office and practice of the late Dr. Karl Fauth.
- Born to Mr. and Mrs. Bryan Huisman, Saturday, July 14, a daughter
- Mr. and Mrs. Henry Okones are the parents of a fine baby boy.

17 July 1929
- Herman Haack bought his brother's interest in the Haack Store the past week.
- Mrs. H. H. Frerichs of Holland died Friday, July 12th, after a long illness.
- The M. H. Tjaden family, who have been living at Pike Road, Alabama, will return to Wellsburg soon.

16 July 1924
- Harold Biebesheimer has opened an insurance office in the rear of the Savings Bank building.

16 July 1919
- Mr. and Mrs. Martin Thomas are the parents of a fine baby boy born Sunday.
- Mr. and Mrs. J. J. Chukker are the parents of a fine ten pound girl arriving Wednesday

14 July 1914
- Tamme Deters died at his home in Wellsburg Sunday morning. He was 75 years of age.

15 July 1909
- Mr. and Mrs. Joe H. Kelly are the proud parents of a fine baby daughter who arrived Saturday

24 July 1929
- D. J. Riekena died at the hospital in Rochester after an operation.

23 July 1919
- Miss Minnie Tjaden and Shirley Dilly were married last Friday at 6:00 p.m. at the parsonage of the United Presbyterian church at Waterloo
- Mr. and Mrs. Chas. Schrage are the parents of a fine baby born Thursday.

22 July 1914
- The Ashing building was discovered on fire about 10:30 Thursday night. Mrs. Ashing and daughter very narrowly escaped from being burned to death.
- A girl arrived at the home of Mr. and Mrs. Meint Huisman, Monday
- Mr. and Mrs. Ike Ruter are the parents of a fine baby girl.
- Mr. and Mrs. Walter A. Neessen are the parents of a fine baby boy.

1 August 1934
- Mr. and Mrs. Thomas Flessner are the parents of a son born Monday, July 30th
- Born to Mr. and Mrs. Woodrow Lindaman, a daughter, Friday, July 27th. The baby was named Lila le.

31 July 1929
- The funeral of Ella Jeanette Meester was held on Saturday, July 27th, at the home of her parents, Mr. and Mrs. Henry Meester. Rev. J. E. Drake officiated.
- John J. Beving has purchased the 160 acre farm belonging to the DeBuhr estate. He paid $150 per acre.

30 July 1924
- Miss Etta Stoehr and Hemmo ruter were united in marriage Wednesday at the St. Paul Lutheran parsonage by the Rev. C. Heinrich.

30 July 1919
- Miss Frances Miller, who has been employed at the telephone office for several months has resigned. Emma Stohr will take her place.

29 July 1914
- Monday Wellsburg thermometers registered 105 degrees in the shade.
- Rev. and Mrs. Hoefker are the parents of a fine baby girl, arriving last Wednesday.
- B. B. Lindaman was pleasantly surprised by his brothers Monday evening in honor of his birthday.

29 July 1909
- Born to Mr. and Mrs. Wm. Knock a son and to Mr. and mrs. Bettenga, a son, both on July 17th

8 August 1933
- A large number attended the funeral of Mr. and Mrs. Claas Ruter, who died following auto injuries suffered when their car collided with a gravel truck near the Pine Creek school last Friday. Funeral services were held Monday.

7 August 1929
- The Riekena-Frerichs Elevator was burned to the ground Wednesday afternoon. The elevator and contents were a complete loss. The cause of the blaze is undetermined.
- The Kozie Theatre equipment has been sold to a Waterloo firm by Manager Filer.
- Mrs. Eilert Walters, of Buck Grove, passed away Wednesday morning after an illness of many weeks. She was 47 years old.

5 August 1914
- Jim Daily has purchased the Schwager barber shop. He took possession on Saturday.

5 August 1909
- Mrs. Wupke Hook passed away last Thursday at her home southeast of Wellsburg. Funeral services were held Tuesday at the Drake church. She was but 22 years of age.
- The thermometer reached 106 in the shade here last Thursday. It was by all odds the hottest day of the year.

15 August 1934
- Mrs. J. H. Gereke, aged 78, celebrated her birthday at her home on Sunday, August 12. She has made her home her since 1895.

14 August 1929
- Grundy county's new auto numbers are now on hand. They are smaller than in former years and Grundy's new county number is 38 instead of 33.

13 August 1924
- Albert E. Ross and Miss Minnie Harms were married last Wednesday evening. Rev. C. Heinrich performed the ceremony.

12 August 1909
- The barn on the Siebe Diekman farm east of town was destroyed by fire Thursday of last week.
- A start was made on drilling the new city well this week.
- Carl Lutterman has disposed of a half interest in the drugstore to his brother Jake, who will enter the business about October first.
- Tjaden & Son sold their livestock and grain business to J. Peters & Son, a competitive firm last week. The sale was made because of the poor health of the elder Mr. Tjaden.

22 Aug 1932
- The Lindaman family reunion was held August 15th, at the Evangelical Grounds at Cedar Falls.
- J. L. Lutterman is remodeling the upper floor of the drug store building so that there will be living quarters for Dr. and Mrs. Ford, as well as office rooms.
- Mable Maas and Conrad Weichers were married at 6 o'clock Friday everhing at the Lutheran parsonage.

21 Aug 1929
- J. D. Shugar died last Sunday morning at 5:40 o'clock after an illness of two months. Mr. Shugar is Mrs. John Doyen's father.
- Miss Anna Nederhoff and Delbert Luitjens were married at the Little Brown Church at Nashua Monday, August 19th.
- The Eygabroad family reunion was held Monday at Woodward. Nine of the Eygabroad children and their families were present.
- The Peters family reunion was held at Pine Lake Friday afternoon.

20 Aug 1924
- Mary Elizabeth Huisman, infant daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Meint J. Huisman, born August 12th, passed away Aug. 15th.
- A three minute tornado storm passed through here Thursday afternoon, doing much damage to trees and to buildings

19 Aug 1914
- A fine boy arrived at the home of Mr. and Mrs. Will Harms Thursday.
- The infant child of Mr. and Mrs. Harm Foreling died Monday evening. It had been ailing since birth.

29 Aug 1934
- Miss Emma Riekena, daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Trieno Riekena, and Henry DeNeui were married Thursday evening at 8 o'clock by the Rev. F. W. Engelke.

28 Aug 1929
- Miss Dena Hoodjer, daughter of Mr. and Mrs. John Hoodjer, and Mr. Harry Heikens, son of Mrs. J. J. Heikens, were married Thursday morning at the Little Brown Church.
- One hundred and forty attended the annual Lindaman Reunion held at Riverview Park at Cedar Falls, August 26th
- The Wellsburg school will open Monday, September 2nd. The teachers are H. G. Hackbarth, Superintendent; Mrs. Thomas Akkerman, principal; Esther Hackbarth, high school; Wm. Crawford, coach; James Daugherty, 7th and 8th grades; Laura Volberding, 5th and 6th grades; Helen Bunn, 3rd and 4th grades and Violette Soles, primary and 2nd grades.

27 Aug 1924
- John Heddens will leave soon for Chicago, where he has a position with the Continental and Commercial Bank.

26 Aug 1909
- A marriage license has been issued since last report to Enno Barkhoff, 25, and Anna Lupkes, 21.

5 Sep 1934
- School began Monday with ninety-one students in the foru high school classes and eighty-eight in the grades.
- O. B. Eells has remodeled his Coffee Shop into a first class small restaurant.
- Mrs. and Mrs. Carl Bergman are the parents of a fine baby girl born on Friday

4 Sep 1929
- School opened Monday with ten members of the Senior class and a total of eighty-three students in the high school
- Miss Dorothy Tjaden and Russell Tjaden arrived Saturday morning from Pike Road, Alabama. Dorothy is to teach school near Fern and Russell is to enter school here for his Senior year.

3 Sep 1924
- Five seniors, sixteen juniors, fifteen sophomores and thirty-two freshmen began school Monday morning. One hundred and eleven are in the grades.
- Fred Thompson, of Eldora, has taken the position of buttermaker at the creamery here.

3 Sep 1919
- Miss Minnie Peters and Fred Potter were married on Tuesday, August 19, Rev. H. C. Bode performed the ceremony.
- Mr. and Mrs. Ray Nichols welcomed a fine boy to their home Wednesday evening.

22 Sep 1909
- Mrs. L. Vanderwerf was burned to death at her home in German township last Saturday. The funeral was held Tuesday.
- Mr. and Mrs. Heiko Miller are the proud parents of twins, a boy and a girl, born one day last week.
- Camp Reiter has the contract for building a schoolhouse in Shiloh No. 7. The building will cost $950, and the work will begin immediately.
- A depth of 300 feet has been attained at the new city well.

9 Sep 1914
- Earl W. Neessen has been appointed postmaster here, according to work received.
- Mrs. A. Eertmoed died at the home of her son John last Friday. She had been suffering for seeral years.
- Marcus P. Meyer passed away at the home of his son Dick, in Colfax township, September 2nd. He was 72 years of age.
- Ben Harrenstein and Mrs. J. Seelman will be married at Grundy Center today.

10 Sep 1919
- Mrs. henry Alfke, nee Janna Aukes, died on September 9th, at Little Rock.

11 Sep 1929
- Mrs. George Hendricks, of Cleves, died Wednesday morning from injuries resulting from a fall downstairs at the home of her daughter, Mrs. Sam Janssen, of Hampton.
- Mrs. Jacob Lindaman passed away last Monday morning, the result of a heart attack. She was 66 years of age.
- Mr. and mrs. H. Tebbens have a baby girl, born Saturday. Mrs. John Krull is taking care of the mother and baby.

12 Sep 1934
- Mr. and Mrs. Harm Huisman are the parents of a fine eight-pound baby girl, born September 9th

19 Sep 1934
- Rev. J. C. DeKorne of Grand Rapids, Michigan, has accepted the call tendered him by the Wellsburg Christian Reformed church.

11 Sep 1924
- A fire caused by an overheated range threatened the destruction of the Dawson Café Friday, but it was soon extinguished.

16 Sep 1914
- Sam Tjaden of Harvey, Illinois, has purchased the J. F. Edwards blacksmith shop, and he, his wife and son, have moved to Wellsburg and taken up residence here.

16 Sep 1909
- Mr. and Mrs. Henry Reisack are the proud parents of a baby girl, born last week

26 Sep 1934
- Margaret Kannegeiter, daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Eibe Kannegeiter, of German township, passed away Sunday. The cause of her death, pneumonia.
- Miss Helen Venenga and Cornelius Hinders, were united in marriage on Thursday, September 27th.
- Word has been received here of the birth of a daughter to Mrs. K. J. Fauth, at a Minneapolis hospital, September 20.

25 Sep 1929
- Leola Lindaman and Herman Hook were married Saturday at the parsonage of the Wellsburg Ref. church
- Alice Newell and Claire Albright were married Friday, September 20th at the Baptist parsonage at Hampton.

24 Sep 1919
- A meeting of those interested in a new church building was held Wednesday night.

24 Sep 1909
- Mr. and Mrs. Albert Geerdes are the proud parents of a baby boy, since Sept. 19
- Work on the new bank is progressing rapidly and it is thought the will be completed by Otober 10th. The masonry work on the vault is completed.
- A movement is under way looking toward the building of an electric light plant here

3 Oct 1934
- R. D. Riekena passed away Thursday morning at the very advanced age of 101 years
- The Peoples Savings Bank opened for business Monday morning. B. H. Lindaman is president; J. J. Ludemann, vice-president and G. H. Geerdes, cashier.
- Margaret Kannegeiter, daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Eibe Kannegeiter of German township, passed away September 23, 1934, at the age of sixteen years.

1 Oct 1924
- A. F. Sents, of German township, was killed and his son Fred suffered a broken arm and other injuries when their car was struck by another car near Lyle, Minnesota. Mr. Sents was 72 years of age at the time of his death.
- Johanna Bruns, aged 73 years, passed away at the home of her daughter, in Iowa Falls, on September 27th. Funeral services were held here on Tuesday, September 30th.
- Mr. and Mrs. Fred Getting welcomed a pretty little girl to their home on Tuesday morning.
- N. A. Rude, station agent here for the past six months, leaves this week for Rake, Iowa, to take charge of the depot there. His place here will be taken by C. J. Filer, who comes here from White, South Dakota.

30 Sep 1914
- The threshing machine belonging to J. M. Bakker and seven stacks of oats belonging to Henry Nederhoff were burned last Thursday afternoon.
- A baby girl arrived at the home of Mr. and Mrs. Joe Nederhoff Friday.

30 Sep 1909
- A boy arrived at the Rev. Hoefker home west of town; a boy at the Ben Peters home and a girl at the Ben Buus home, all on Friday of the past week.

10 Oct 1934
- R. D. Riekens, Grundy county's oldest man, passed away Thursday, his age being only thirteen days less than 102 years.
- Mr. and Mrs. Harm DeBoer are the parents of a nine-pound baby boy born Sunday, October 7th.

9 Oct 1929
- Mrs. Louie Meints, aged about 56 years, passed away Wednesday night, the cause of death being heart failure.
- A baby girl was born to Mr. and Mrs. Carl heinrich last Saturday.

8 Oct 1924
- The English church celebrated its fifth anniversary this week.
- Tile T. Huisman passed away on Tuesday and his funeral will be held Friday
- Mr. and Mrs. Chris Miller celebrated their silver wedding anniversary with a reception at their home on Friday of last week
- Miss Grace Lindaman and Fritz Frerichs were united in marriage last Tuesday, the Rev. Wm. Landsiedel performing the ceremony.

7 Oct 1914
- Dr. Geo. F. Mach and Helen Doyen, daughter of Mr. and Mrs. J. C. Doyen were married September 30. They will make their home in Chicago.
- Earl W. Neessen has been appointed postmaster. The Misses Emma and Mathilda Wulf are assistants.

7 Oct 1909
- Henry Peters has sold his meat market to his brother Ben, giving possession at once.
- Miss Anna Miller and Charles Zech were united in marriage Tuesday evening.
- Willie Tholen, son of Mrs. U. Tholen, of Pleasant Valley, aged 17, passed away
- The six months old son of Mr. and Mrs. John Bakker passed away Saturday.

24 Oct 1934
- John D. Beving and Miss Helen Staples were united in marriage Sunday, October 21, at McGregor, Iowa, the bride's home town.
- H. W. Ross moved the electric shop into the Reiter building the past week and his former store will be used for housing the post office as soon as the government sanctions the change.
- The Cash and Carry Grocery has been moved from the Koolman Building to the Akkerman building, two doors south at the mouth of the alley. R. B. Tjaden, the proprietor, is well pleased with his new place of business.

23 Oct 1929
- Cornelius Dirks, of Holland, aged 66 years, passed away at his home in Holland, Monday, October 21, after a long illness.

21 Oct 1914
- The St. Paul's Lutheran church was dedicated Thursday, October 15. The Rev. F. Wiegman, of Hastings, Nebraska was in charge of the dedicatory services.

21 Oct 1909
- Work was resumed on the new city well on Tuesday, after a week's layoff. It is now at a depth of about four hundred feet.

30 Oct 1929
- Walter A. Neessen passed away on Friday morning, October 26, the victim of typhoid fever. He had lived on the farm on which he died all of his life. He was forty-nine years of age and was survived by his wife and four children and other relatives.
- Bert Harlan, who has operated a shoe shop here for the past few years, will move to Walker, Iowa, within the next week.

29 Oct 1924
- Reference was made to a railroad wreck west of town Sunday, saying that many people went out to see the smashup, but no details of the wreck were printed.

28 Oct 1914
- George Tjaden purchased the draying business of Hilko Rindels the first part of the week
- A fine big boy arrieved at the home of Mr. and Mrs. Harm Jaspers Sunday morning

28 Oct 1909
- The new city well has been completed during the past week and satisfactory tests made. The well is over four hundred feet dep. The pumping machinery will be installed in the next few days. Operated in conjunction with the old well the supply of water will be about thirty five gallons per minute.
- Miss Gertie J. Geerdes has accepted the position of clerk at the postoffice, taking the place of John Doyen.

7 Nov 1934
- Gerget Albert Ohling, aged 76 years, passed away October 27, 1934, and funeral services were held on October 30th.
- Heiko Veit, who ended his life on Friday, was buried Monday, the funeral services being conducted by the Rev. Wm. Landsiedel
- Mr. and Mrs. Richard Schmidt are the parents of a baby boy, born Saturday, November 3.

6 Nov 1929
- A marriage license was issued Thursday to Joe D. Snittjer and Mrs. Margaret Snittjer.
- Henry E. Slifer, for sixty years a resident of the Ivester community, passed away Friday night. He was 87 years of age.
- Mr. and mrs. Henry Smidt are the parents of a big baby boy, born to them last week.

5 Nov 1924
- W. H. Meyer went to Iowa falls Thursday and had an x-ray taken of the hip he had injured in a fall from his barn last spring.

4 Nov 1914
- Mr. and Mrs. Bert DeNeui are rejoicing over the arrival of a girl at their home.

14 Nov 1934
- Mr. and Mrs. J. Borchers, of Cleves, are the parents of a fine baby boy, born last week

13 Nov 1929
- Mrs. Margaret Snittjer and Joe D. Snittjer were married at the home of the bride Friday afternoon, Rev. J. E. Drake officiated

12 Nov 1919
- Bertha D. Trepp, nee Aukes, passed away, November 8th, suddenly. She was 44 years of age.
- Mrs. Douglas Miller, one time resident of Wellsburg, died at the home in Minneapolis, Monday. She was the mother of Fred Miller, Sr.
- Mr. and Mrs. H. C. Kuper attended the Chris Kuper funeral at Lennox, South Dakota, Saturday.

14 Nov 1914
- William A. Ross died November 7th at the age of 59 years, four months and 22 days.
- Ubbe Peters and Miss Gusta Andersen were married last Thursday at the home of the bride's parents in Kimball, Minnesota.

11 Nov 1909
- A boy was born to Mr. and Mrs. Ben Primus last Thursday and Mr. and Mrs. Dick DeNeui are the parents of a boy born November 7th
- The pump being put in the new well at the city waterworks this week, giving Wellsburg a first class water supply

28 Nov 1934
- Mrs. Grace Wulf, nee Reiter, died at the family home Monday morning after a stroke. She was 54 years of age.
- A baby girl was born to Mr. and Mrs. Herman Lentz, of Eldora, on November 25th
- George Turveen, of Emory, South Dakota, and Mrs. John Heitlands were married Hovember 21.

27 Nov 1929
- Miss Gerturde Smith, of Wellsburg, and Frank Temple, of Grundy Center, were married Wednesday afternoon at Waterloo.
- Mr. and Mrs. J. C. Hileman, of Waterloo, are the parents of a boy, born Tuesday, November 26
- Mr. and Mrs. Ben Aukes are the parents of a fine son born November 19th.
- J. J. Ludemann sold his place in Cleves last Wednesday, to his brother-in-law, George Henrichs.

26 Nov 1919
- Herman Haack, a brother of Miner Haack, has purchased the interest of Geo. A. Geerdes in the Geerdes and Haack General Store.
- The bodies of Henry Harms and Lee Bausman were brought to Wellsburg Friday night. The Engelkes and Biebesheimer hearses from Grundy Center, were here to take the bodies away, the body of Mr. Harms being taken to the home of his sister, Mrs. John Finke and the body of Lee Bausman to the home of his parents, Mr. and Mrs. L. L. Bausman. Both men were killed in the war overseas.
- Louie Freese was called to Ackley Tuesday by the illness of his sister, Mrs. Rodgers, who passed away very suddenly.

25 Nov 1909
- Sam Goldblatt, who opened a Variety Store here some two weeks ago, has put in a complete stock of merchandise.
- Mrs. D. J. Claassen returned Tuesday from Rock Rapids, where she had been attending the funeral of Mrs. Allman Akkerman.

Source: Wellsburg Herald Newspapers for 1939