The County's Roll of Honor

Boys Who Were Killed in Action or Died in Service

Upon looking into the matter we find that there is no complete and accurate list of Grundy county boys who were killed in action or died in the U.S. service.

Efforts have been made both by the auditor's office and by the recorder's office to keep such records but it has been found impossible to get the relatives of the boys to furnish the desired complete information.

The Dispatch publishes below a list which is as complete as we are able to make it at the present time, both as to number of boys and as to the information concerning each. We ask that relatives or friends inform us at once regarding any ommissions, errors or incomplete records, as we expect to keep at it until we have a complete and accurate list.

Helmuth Aukes was killed in action in France.

Henry Ashing died on his way to France.

Koert Bunger died of Spanish influenza at Camp Pike, Arkansas, on October 9th, 1918.

Patrick G. Catherwood was killed in action in France July 21st, 1918.

Wm. Dickinson was killed in action in France.

John J. Frerichs was killed in action in France July 28th, 1918.

Fred Engelkes died at Camp Upton, Long Island, on April 2nd, 1918, from pneumonia.

Wayne E. Kaufman died at the Great Lakes Naval Training Station of Spanish influenze, October 4th, 1918.

John Loof was killed in action in France on November 12th, 1918.

John Manlick died in France.

Edd F. Mahanke died from pneumonia on his way to France on October 1st, 1918.

Daniel Nederhoff died at the base hospital at Camp Dodge, following an operation on May 24th, 1918.

Fred Pabst was killed in action in France.

Riebke Riebkes died in the service.

Johannes Snater was killed in action.

Menno Wilts died in France on May 21st, 1918.

Henry W. Wagner was killed in action in France on October 28th, 1918.

Geo. Wieben died January 28th, 1918.

Clyde Elliott died January 8th, 1919, from pneumonia.

Benj. Ray Carlson was killed in action in France on July 19th, 1918.

Grant Edward Shepard died at the Great Lakes Naval Training hospital from Spanish influenza, on September 25th, 1918.

Source: The Grundy County Dispatch (Grundy Center, Iowa), 5 March 1919, pg 1

Grundy County Roll Of Honor

Soldier Boys Who Have Given Their Lives for Country

For some time past this paper has been trying to obtain a correct list of the soldier boys of Grundy county who have given their lives, either on the battle field or in camp, for their country's sake, and we give below the list as far as we have been able to obtain it.

We do not claim this list is complete or correct and any one who may notice an omission or error we will be please to have them make it known at this office.

Killed in Action

Patrick Catherwood, July 21st, 1918
John J. Frerichs, July 28th, 1918
Helmuth Aukes
John Loof, Nov. 12th, 1918
Fred Pabst, Sept 29th, 1918
Henry W. Wagner, Oct. 28th, 1918
Benj. Ray Carlson, July 19th, 1918 (accident)
Johannes Snater
Lester L. Fletcher

Missing in Action

Roland P. Roeder, Oct. 14th, 1918

Died of Sickness

Henry Ashing (enroute)
Wayne E. Kauffman, Oct. 4th, 1918, Great Lakes
Fred Engelkes, April 2nd, 1918, Camp Upton
Coert L. Bunger, Oct. 9th, 1918
Wm. Dickinson, France
John Manlick, France
Ed. F. Mahanke, Oct. 1st, 1918 (enroute)
Daniel Nederhoff, May 24th, 1918, Camp Dodge
Riebke Riebkes, in camp
Menno Wilts, May 21st, 1918, France
George J. Wieben, Jan. 25th, 1918, Camp Cody
Clyde Elliott, Jan. 8th, 1919, at Morrison, after discharge
Grant E. Shepard, Sept. 25th, 1918, Great Lakes
Claire E. Morrison, Jan. 16th, 1919, France
Hildert Engelkes, Feb. 12th, 1919, France
Edward Ashing

Source: The Grundy Republican (Grundy Center, Iowa), 10 April 1919, pg 3