Service Flag And Honor Roll

County to Own One as Soon as Names of Soldiers Can be Obtained

At the last session of the Board of Supervisors it was ordered that the County Auditor purchase a Service Flag and Honor Roll, the same to hang in the court house lobby and to be loaned to all patriotic demonstrations within the county when asked for.

In order that no soldier boys in the war service should fail to be counted Auditor Eggleston has appointed the following comittees from each township and town in the county to secure the names of all the boys enlisting as these are hard to obtain except by the township committee. The local exemption board has furnished the names of all the boys who were drafted, and to get the list of those who have enlisted is the object of appointing this committee:
Fairfield--Mrs. Walter Huyck
Beaver--Omke Engelkes
Pleasant Valley--L. L. Bausman
German--H. Deters
Shiloh--Mrs. Geo. A. Geerdes
Colfax--H. E. Knock
Lincoln--Mrs. Geo. M. Baker
Grant--James Doorley
Black Hawk--Otto Albert
Washington--Miss Cora Miller
Palermo--Vera DeSeelhorst
Melrose--J. F. Strickler
Felix--Mrs. W. A. Haskin
Clay--Mrs. Clara O. Myers

Beaman--Mrs. T. L. Evans
Conrad--Miss Sarah Evans
Holland--Mrs. O. A. Ontjes
Morrison--Mrs. Orpha Book
Grundy Center--Miss Grace Smith
Dike--Mrs. Jeppe Schultz
Stout--C. M. Fobes
Reinbeck--Mrs. Peter Bigum
Wellsburg--Mrs. Neil R. Ashby

If you know of any young man who has enlisted from your town or township please see that their name is handed at once to the committee from your locality. Only by the united action of all the people of the county can omissions be averted.

--The Grundy Republican (Grundy Center, Iowa), 27 June 1918, pg 1

Service Flag Raising

600 Stars To Be Raised October 4th

Grundy County Plans to Make a Big Day in the History of the County

Grundy County will make a big day of October 4th, the day set for raising her service flag with its 600 stars. If the weather is fair, the largest patriotic crowd in the history of the county will turn out to do honor to the boys in the service.

The fifteen township committeemen will assemble at the courthouse at 10:00 in the morning, where they will be given a red badge to designate them as the heads of their townships. They will have charge of giving out white badges to every school child in their townships, giving each school a banner designating its district. They will also superintend the giving out of the souvenir program, which will contain the names of every Grundy county boy in the service. A page will be added to this program as further necessity arises.

Rev. H. L. Haywood of Waterloo will give the patriotic address.

The township committeemen are as follows:
Fairfield, W. S. Huyck
Beaver, H. E. Froemming
Pleasant Valley, H. A. Schuck
German, D. E. Aukes
Shiloh, Geo. A. Geerdes
Colfax, O. A. Ontjes
Lincoln, A. Stork
Grant, C. E. Thomas
Blackhawk, E. G. Meyers
Washington, Adolph Steffen
Palermo, Rev. Dilman Smith
Melrose, George Schwarck
Felix, W. C. Hyde
Clay-Beaman, E. McMartin
Clay-Conrad, F. W. Alexander

The service flag is to be unfurled from the tight wire stretched out horizontally in front of the courthouse midway between the courthouse and street. It is to be unfurled by the two oldest veterans of the Civil War who are present on that day.

The parade will take place at 2:00 o'clock. Following the parade the patriotic address will be made on the courthouse lawn. The order of the parade is as follows: Dike band in the lead, followed by G.A.R. and the present war soldiers. After these the townships sections will follow in their numbered order, Fairfield leading, each township section to have its patriotic organizations at the head, followed by the school children and citizens. Each person in the parade is asked to carry a flag.

The mayors of all towns in the county were notified by County Auditor G. L. Eggleston, at the request of the supervisors, to see that their townships are well represented October 4th. Supt. D. R. Earl has notified every shool in the county regarding what is expected of it. Mayor G. C. Allison called a meeting Friday to discuss Grundy Center's part of the program and at this meeting the following were appointed to see that Grundy Center appears in force: J. Vanderwicken, P. J. Roeder, C. H. Workman, Dr. W. Bode, G. C. Petit, C. T. Rogers.

--The Grundy County Dispatch (Grundy Center, Iowa), 25 September 1918, pg 1

Dedication Of Service Flag And Honor Roll

Everything Ready For A Grand Patriotic Program and Dedication of Flag

Six Hundred Stars In Service Flag

Roster of the Boys Whose Names Appear Upon the Honor Roll in Grundy County

From all indications Friday, October 4th, 1918, will go down in history as one of the Grandest Patriotic Days ever held in Grundy county. It will be the occasion of the Dedication of the large Service Flag with its six hundred stars. Appropriate exercises will be held in Grundy Center, and it is expected that every school district and every town and township in the county will be represented by large delegations.

Following is the program:
Concert by Bands
1:30 p.m.--Assemble of Township Delegations on Main street
2:00 p.m.--Patriotic Parade
Invocation--Rev. H. E. Mueller, of German Township
Address--Rev. H. L. Haywood, of Waterloo
Dedication of Service Flag
Song--"America"--By School Children, Accompanied by Band
Concert of Bands on Court House Lawn

Order of March
Dike Band
--Grant Township
--Fairfield Township
--Beaver Township
Reinbeck Band
--Black Hawk Township
--Washington Township
Lincoln Center Band
--Lincoln Township
--Colfax Township
--Pleasant Valley Township
Ivester Band
--Melrose Township
--Shiloh Township
--German Township
Beaman Band
--Clay Township
--Felix Township
Grundy Center Band
--Palermo Township

Frank Stewart, Chairman of Day
E. A. Crary, Marshal of the Day
R. L. Kurtz, Assistant Marshal

Below is given the names of the soldier boys who are credited to Grundy county as furnished the Republican by Auditor Eggleston who has been compiling the list for the past several weeks. Undoubtedly there are some omissions and errors and any such that are noticed should be reported at once to Mr. Eggleston. It has been a big task to gather all the names and data of boys called to service and many relatives who have been asked to do so have failed to give in the desired information, hence if there are any errors a goodly number is due to the indifference of those who should have furnished the desired information.

Catherwood, PatrickApril 7, 1917 (Killed in action July 21, 1918)
Engelkes, FredFeb. 25, 1918 (Died April 2, 1918)
Frerichs, John J.Feb. 25, 1918 (Killed in action July 28, 1918)
Nederhoff, DanielFeb. 25, 1918 (Died May 24, 1918)
Wieben, Geo. JurgenSept. 21, 1917 (Died Jan. 25, 1918)
Wilts, MennoFeb. 25, 1918 (Died May 21, 1918, France)

Aukes, HelmuthFeb. 25, 1918
Aagard, James C. Feb. 25, 1918
Albert, HarryFeb. 25, 1918
Abels, ConradFeb. 25, 1918
Anderson, ErnestApril 29, 1918
Aagard, AlfredMay 10, 1918
Anderson, Elmer C.April 05, 1918
Armstrong, Ralph E.Feb. 20, 1918
Armstrong, Ernest A.Jan. 09, 1918
Allison, Theodore M.Feb. 18, 1918
Alexander, Herbert W.June 15, 1918
Andersen, Peter H.May 28, 1918
Armstrong, Ode
Albright, Van
Anderson, Clyde B.May 01, 1917
Albright, Jacob RoyJuly 23, 1918
Agy, Clyde M.July 23, 1918
Allen, Harry C.July 23, 1918
Albert, EdwardJuly 23, 1918
Ackerman, ThomasJuly 23, 1918
Ashing, Henry H.July 23, 1918
Arenholz, HenryJuly 23, 1918
Arends, HarryJuly 29, 1918 (dis)
Aswegan, HenryJuly 29, 1918
Anderson, FredAug. 15, 1918
Arends, Arend J.Sept. 06, 1918
Abels, FredSept. 06, 1918
Bauer, Emil GusSept. 21, 1917
Behrends, Weert H.Sept. 21, 1917
Baker, MontSept. 21, 1917 (dis)
Brandt, CarlFeb. 25, 1918
Bockes, HaroldFeb. 25, 1918
Bruns, Henry ChrisFeb. 25, 1918
Bausman, IrlFeb. 25, 1918
Boldt, Fred P.Feb. 25, 1918
Blakely, OttoApril 29, 1918
Bienfong, AlfredMay 28, 1918
Bernhardt, Fred D.May 28, 1918
Buchan, Geo. A.May 28, 1918
Buss, JohnMay 28, 1918
Bausman, Lee L.May 10, 1918
Beamon, Chas. I.Dec. 00, 1917
Broderick, Arthur J.Feb. 24, 1918
Bloxham, LloydFeb. 24, 1918 (dis)
Bottles, Andrew J. H.June 15, 1918
Best, Wm. JacobFeb. 25, 1918
Beck, Walter L.May 17, 1917
Bein, F. ElmerJune 04, 1918
Brann, DaveAug. 01, 1917
Bost, Tom
Bickner, RayJuly 23, 1918
Buskohl, WesselJuly 23, 1918
Boldt, JurgenJuly 23, 1918
Buchan, William C.July 23, 1918
Brower, ConoJuly 23, 1918
Brower, HarmJuly 23, 1918
Brown, John H.July 23, 1918
Boyenga, AbrahamJuly 23, 1918
Beck, Samuel W.July 23, 1918
Bryner, Lawrence B.July 23, 1918
Bienfong, Wilfred R.July 23, 1918
Bunger, Coert L.July 23, 1918
Bauer, Ervle B.July 23, 1918
Becker, Earl J.July 23, 1918
Bakker, Harm M.July 23, 1918
Brandt, OttoJuly 23, 1918
Bienfong, Elgin C.April 29, 1918
Boyle, Thomas P.May 28, 1918
Buffington, LloydMar. 07, 1918
Bockes, Bert ElmerMar. 07, 1918
Braasch, ArthurJuly 23, 1918
Beckwith, MiltonAug. 02, 1918
Boven, JohnAug. 15, 1918
Barkey, RayApril 30, 1917
Boomgarden, JakeSept. 06, 1918
Bausman, BryanSept. 06, 1918
Bergman, JacobSept. 06, 1918
Burinski, Frank E.Sept. 06, 1918
Byrnes, LeslieSept. 03, 1918
Bigelow, Don C.May 20, 1917
Bigelow, LeonMay 17, 1917 (dis)
Beckman, Herbert H.Feb. 13, 1918
Boothe, I. J.July 01, 1918
Buchan, JamesJune 10, 1918
Brees, Chas.
Brock, Leonard
Berg, David Geo.Feb. 25, 1918
Connell, Geo. E.Sept. 21, 1917
Clapp, Ray L.May 10, 1918
Crider, Harry K.May 05, 1918
Cooper, Sherman R.May 05, 1918
Campbell, Geo. W.Feb. 20, 1918
Cummings, VirgilJune 15, 1918
Carroll, JamesJune 15, 1918
Craig, WilliamJune 15, 1918
Cooper, Wm.May 28, 1918
Cooper, John M.
Cooper, Earl J.
Campbell, Ralph B.Aug. 06, 1917
Churchill, Fred C.Jan. 02, 1918
Connell, WillJune 22, 1918
Campbell, Bryan
Cannegieter, SwierMay 28, 1918
Cooper, SydneyJune 26, 1918
Cheevers, Chas.
Callanhan, Benj. F.July 23, 1918
Cameron, Ewert
Christy, Amos
Cummings, Leo
Catherwood, MichaelJan. 09, 1918
Catherwood, D.Aug. 09, 1917
Christoffersen, Louie
Campbell, James
Colville, Chas.
Cole, ChesterJuly 23, 1918
Cullinan, John Jr.July 23, 1918
Claassen, Cal C.July 23, 1918
Cook, John RichardJuly 23, 1918
Cmelik, Frank H.July 23, 1918
Casstevens, E. WorthJune 15, 1918
Christensen, HenryAug. 00, 1917
Chalupsky, Chas. J.Sept. 06, 1918
Conradi, Wm.Sept. 06, 1918
Connell, DanielSept. 06, 1918
Clapsaddle, Geo.Sept. 06, 1918
Cordes, JohnSept. 06, 1918
Day, Leroy E.Sept. 21, 1917
Dalton, Noah L.Sept. 21, 1917
Deadrick, Adam F.Feb. 25, 1918
Doebler, CarlFeb. 25, 1918
Dirks, BenFeb. 25, 1918
Dirks, CorneliusFeb. 25, 1918
Daggett, Orville S.Feb. 25, 1918
Dekker, Henry H.April 29, 1918
DeVoogd, Heiko J.April 29, 1918
Dothager, HarleyFeb. 29, 1918
Doermann, Henry J.April 24, 1918
Doebler, RichardJune 15, 1918
Dickinson, Wm.May 28, 1918
DeVries, Warntje
Dickson, EverettFeb. 23, 1918
Dodd, RalphDec. 27, 1917
Daggett, HarveyMay 01, 1917
Dew, Glenn RoySept. 05, 1917
Dilly, ShirleyJuly 15, 1918
Dirks, Henry T.June 26, 1918
Doyen, JohnJuly 23, 1918
DeBeer, JohnJuly 23, 1918
DeBeer, Harry JohnJuly 23, 1918
Dodd, James F.July 23, 1918
Dilger, HarveyJuly 23, 1918
Dirks, HenryJuly 29, 1918
Dirks, JohnAug. 15, 1918
DeSeelhorst, Floyd R.Aug. 27, 1918
DeNeui, SanderSept. 06, 1918
Diekman, HarmSept. 06, 1918
Diekman, DickSept. 06, 1918
Deters, AdolphSept. 06, 1918
Dreessen, ClausSept. 03, 1918
Ellingrod, JohnFeb. 25, 1918
Edler, HerbertApril 29, 1918
Everts, JacobMay 28, 1918
Eimers, William
Elliott, ClydeJune 05, 1917
Elliott, ClaudeOct. 00, 1917
Engelkes, HildertFeb. 25, 1918
Ewoldt, JohnSept. 21, 1917
Eimers, Henry G. June 26, 1918
Evans, Charles M.Dec. 15, 1917
Evans, William T.Jan. 23, 1918
Everts, Geo.July 23, 1918
Erickson, TheronAug. 15, 1918
Elder, SamuelSept. 06, 1918
Ennenga, SamSept. 03, 1918
Fiet, John HermanSept. 21, 1917
Frerichs, HenryMay 10, 1918
Ferguson, EdMay 10, 1918
Franz, Leroy E.May 28, 1918
Frederick, Robert
Frazee, Harry
Frey, JohnJune 26, 1918
Freed, HowardJuly 23, 1918
Franzen, Albert T.July 23, 1918
Finney, WillAug. 02, 1918
Frue, JamesJune 26, 1918
Frei, Henry RichardMay 16, 1918
Frederick, BenAug. 15, 1918
Freed, RaySept. 06, 1918
Franzen, JohnSept. 06, 1918
Given, JosiahSept. 21, 1917
Gade, FrankSept. 21, 1917
Gruis, HermanFeb. 25, 1918
Gordon, Earl P. Feb. 25, 1918
Grimm, John H.April 05, 1918
Grimmius, Ben M.Feb. 20, 1918
Gethman, MiltonDec. 14, 1917
Gethman, JohnApril 03, 1918
Grashorn, Herbert
Grady, Joseph
Gasser, W. F.
Gier, Eugene F.
Gier, Irvin L.
Gier, Philip E.
Given, Conrad
Grunnet, George
Goodman, EarlMay 00, 1917
Gibbons, Maurice C.May 02, 1918
Gibbons, William D.June 04, 1918
Gruis, Jake
Grider, Dennis E.July 23, 1918
Griffith, Ira E.July 23, 1918
Groth, John H.July 23, 1918
Grider, Davis W.July 23, 1918
Garwood, Bert R.July 23, 1918
Gunnarson, RalphAug. 02, 1918
Gunnarson, EdgarAug. 02, 1918
Groote, ElsoJuly 29, 1918
Gardiner, Innes G.July 15, 1918
Gemeinhardt, FrankSept. 06, 1918
Getting, FredSept. 06, 1918
Hubbard, Chas O.Sept. 05, 1917
Hiatt, Gerald C.Sept. 05, 1917
Henson, VictorSept. 05, 1917
Heinrich, JohannesSept. 21, 1917
Harrenstein, HermanSept. 21, 1917
Hasbrouck, JamesSept. 21, 1917
Hildebrand, George R.Sept. 21, 1917
Hiestand, Ezra A.Sept. 21, 1917
Huisinga, Will C.Feb. 25, 1918
Hawn, Byron ColeFeb. 25, 1918
Hawse, William E.Feb. 25, 1918
Hummel, Chas. B.April 29, 1918
Hanson, HarryMay 10, 1918
Hayes, Freeman J.Mar. 07, 1918
Hasbrouck, Arthur J.Mar. 07, 1918
Humphreys, Clifton H.Jan. 18, 1918
Haren, Otto B.June 15, 1918
Hickson, Edgar
Hasbrouck, Albert
Hartman, Leslie M.
Hanna, Lloyd M.
Henningsen, LouieJuly 28, 1917
Hayes, Kenneth
Hanson, Albert
Haxton, VernonMay 25, 1917
Higgins, Cyrl S.
Halden, Will B.July 25, 1917
Hippen, FalkertJuly 23, 1918
Hunt, James A.July 23, 1918
Hugh, FreddieJuly 23, 1918
Heinrich, CarlJuly 23, 1918
Harms, PaulJuly 23, 1918
Heerts, BertJuly 23, 1918
Henningsen, HansJuly 29, 1918
Hayenga, Geo.July 29, 1918
Henze, MartinJuly 29, 1918
Hansen, HermanJune 01, 1918
Hasbrouck, EldonAug. 27, 1918
Hook, ErnestAug. 27, 1918
Harrenstein, JakeSept. 06, 1918
Haren, HubertSept. 06, 1918
Isder, John
Jans, Henry RobertSept. 21, 1917
Janssen, ClausFeb. 25, 1918
Juhl, James M.Feb. 25, 1918
Juel, CharlesApril 29, 1918
Jensen, Nels JohnMar. 11, 1918
Johns, GeorgeFeb. 20, 1918
Jorgensen, AndreasFeb. 20, 1918
Jepp, WilliamJune 15, 1918
Jutting, WilliamMay 28, 1918
Johnson, Ole J.May 28, 1918
Johnson, George W.May 28, 1918
Jargstorf, OttoJuly 23, 1918
Jacobsen, John N.
Jorgensen, John
Juhl, Nels John
Jensen, Chris
Jackey, RoyMay 03, 1918
Juhl, LawrenceSept. 21, 1917
Johnson, LouisJune 26, 1918
Jargstorff, OttoJuly 23, 1918
Johansen, Hans T.July 23, 1918
Jargstorf, HenryJuly 23, 1918
Jensen, Carl W.July 23, 1918
Johansen, ViggoJuly 23, 1918
Jensen, PeterJuly 29, 1918
Jepp, HenryJuly 29, 1918
Janssen, HenrySept. 06, 1918
Junker, JohnSept. 06, 1918
Kruger, AndrewSept. 21, 1917
Knudsen, Robert J.Sept. 21, 1917
Kelley, John G.Feb. 25, 1918
Kuper, JohnApril 29, 1918
Kameras, Geo.April 29, 1918
Knudsen, AlbertFeb. 20, 1918
Kitzman, AlbertJune 15, 1918
Kristiansen, Niels K.May 28, 1918
Kool, O. A.
Koht, ElliottApril 03, 1918
Kelly, HoraceMay 15, 1917
Koobs, WilliamSept. 23, 1917
Krumlinde, LeoJuly 28, 1917
Kauffman, Wayne E.May 31, 1918
Kaufman, George
Kier, Harry E.Dec. 12, 1917
Kappelman, Edward H.July 23, 1918
Kiewiet, FredJuly 23, 1918
Kuhl, JuliusJuly 23, 1918
Kiehna, Wm. G.July 23, 1918
Kale, Joseph M.July 23, 1918
King, Kenyon V.July 25, 1918
Klunder, MennoJuly 29, 1918
Kneppe, J. Jr.July 29, 1918
Kronberg, KarlAug. 05, 1918
Kuper, CorneliusSept. 06, 1918
Kannegieter, JohnSept. 06, 1918
Larsen, PeterSept. 21, 1917
Lindaman, Jake H.Feb. 25, 1918
Long, Benjamin H.April 29, 1918
Lindaman, Hie J.May 28, 1918
Lynch, Bert L.May 28, 1918
Lewis, Alvin I.May 28, 1918
Lighter, Leroy
Lynn, David
Lee, Ira
Lau, FrankMay 30, 1918
Lakin, Marvin
Lindberg, Jess H.Feb. 25, 1918
Luchtenburg, SickoFeb. 25, 1918
Lage, Wm. J>May 12, 1917
Luck, Ernest A.July 23, 1918
Lindaman, John W.July 23, 1918
Loof, JohnJuly 23, 1918
Lamb, Frank JosephJuly 23, 1918
Little, Oras S.July 29, 1918
Meyers, Geo. A.July 23, 1918
Murphy, Geo. ClaySept. 21, 1917
Mertz, Chas. E.Sept. 21, 1917
Mackie, Gurnie S.Sept. 21, 1917 (dis)
Mennenga, SiebaSept. 21, 1917
Middleton, FredSept. 21, 1917 (dis)
Madsen, Axel K.Feb. 25, 1918
Marquard, Chas.Feb. 25, 1918 (dis)
Mulder, CarlFeb. 25, 1918
Miller, Milow D.April 29, 1918
Moeller, Carl H.April 05, 1918
Mervine, Harry W.Feb. 20, 1918
Murphy, Wm. H.Jan. 03, 1918
Morrison, W. G.June 01, 1918
Montgomery, JoshuaJune 08, 1918
McAllister, CarlMay 28, 1918
Muller, Jake B.May 28, 1918
Murphy, Corneal
Mertz, Glen
McCullogh, Roy
Mills, Christfor
Milligan, Ralph
Minton, Harvey
Myers, R. N.
Middleton, EarlFeb. 27, 1917
McClain, Arch
McClain, Wm.
Mills, Orville C.Feb. 25, 1918
McCrary, WalterApril 05, 1918
Mitchell, WarrenJuly 10, 1918
Meints, Chas. L.July 26, 1918
Meinders, Meint U.June 26, 1918
McMartin, Arch J.May 07, 1917
McMartin, DonaldJune 04, 1918
Manlick, John
Molendorp, HenryJuly 23, 1918
Madden, FrancisJuly 23, 1918
Morrill, Luther A.July 23, 1918
Miller, Lyman M.Nov. 07, 1917
Mulder, Jake B.Aug. 02, 1918
McKinney, HerfredJuly 29, 1918
Mahanke, Edd F.Aug. 06, 1918
Moyer, CarlAug. 05, 1918
Miller, HaroldAug. 15, 1918
Morrison, ClaireSept. 06, 1918
Miller, Claus E.Sept. 06, 1918
Mooty, EdisonSept. 06, 1918
Murphy, MertieSept. 06, 1918
Nissen, Henry EmilSept. 21, 1917
Nelson, Clarence G.Feb. 25, 1918
Neessen, WilliamJuly 23, 1918
Noltensmeier, AdolphJuly 23, 1918
O'Brien, JamesSept. 21, 1917
O'Connor, AndrewSept. 21, 1917 (dis)
Ove, Edward N.May 10, 1918
Oglesby, Ross L.Feb. 20, 1918
Oster, Edward B.June 15, 1918
Ohrt, Ralph
Oelmann, JohannesJuly 23, 1918
Owen, Bruce E.July 29, 1918
Petty, Frank M.Sept. 05, 1917
Petersen, Jens C.Sept. 21, 1917
Petersen, Vincent D.Sept. 21, 1917
Petersen, Carl M.Feb. 25, 1918
Peters, AlfredFeb. 25, 1918
Park, Geo. E.May 10, 1918
Ploog, Geo. F.Jan. 18, 1918
Palmer, Grant C.June 15, 1918
Paulsen, Carl P.May 28, 1918
Primus, Wm. B.May 28, 1918
Porter, Alden
Porter, Clarence
Piper, Dwight L.
Poe, Fred A.
Parker, Seth
Pelton, Harold A.
Pettit, Maurice
Penrose, Joe L.May 14, 1917
Parmenter, FentonSept. 05, 1917
Pederson, Peter K.June 26, 1918
Porter, Walter
Pattee, SamJuly 23, 1918
Parrott, Roy FindleyJune 03, 1918
Prescott, Chester L.Sept. 06, 1918
Petit, Carl F.Sept. 06, 1918
Paterna, RemmerSept. 06, 1918
Pierce, Geo.Sept. 06, 1918
Ross, Claus W.Sept. 21, 1917
Riekena, Dick W.Feb. 25, 1918
Ross, JackFeb. 25, 1918
Rasmussen, Peter K.Feb. 25, 1918
Robinson, Harry G.April 29, 1918
Routh, Watson T.May 10, 1918
Robinson, Erwin M.April 05, 1918
Robinson, Edwin R.April 05, 1918
Robins, FrankJune 01, 1918 (dis)
Russell, JohnJune 15, 1918
Rust, Harm H.May 28, 1918
Rasmussen, Jim
Roeder, Roland P.April 27, 1917
Rinesmith, James
Rinesmith, Glen
Rand, JohnApril 27, 1918
Ross, RayMar. 07, 1918
Ramundt, William C.July 23, 1918
Robins, ArthurJuly 23, 1918
Ross, Henry W.July 23, 1918
Rathman, ElmerJuly 23, 1918
Ross, Albert M.July 23, 1918
Rourke, James J.July 29, 1918
Runft, ArthurAug. 15, 1918
Rewerts, DickSept. 06, 1918
Ross, Wm. M.Sept. 06, 1918
Rindels, JakeSept. 06, 1918
Riebkes, RiebkeSept. 06, 1918
Struwe, EdwardSept. 21, 1917
Stark, Ernest H.Sept. 21, 1917
Smith, Josiah B.Sept. 21, 1917
Swan, ArchieSept. 21, 1917
Schlampp, John W.Sept. 21, 1917
Stork, EnnoFeb. 25, 1918
Snater, JohannesFeb. 25, 1918
Smith, FredFeb. 25, 1918
Steffen, Ernest W.Feb. 25, 1918
Schuck, Glen H.Feb. 25, 1918
Sieverding, Victor F.April 29, 1918
Sanders, Glenn H.April 29, 1918
Schaffer, Emery M.June 15, 1918
Sonner, JoshuaJune 15, 1918
Saak, AlgoMay 28, 1918
Schoolman, OhneMay 28, 1918
Schatzberg, IlaMay 28, 1918
Slight, CarlMay 28, 1918
Staak, Peter HansMay 28, 1918
Smith, JamesMay 28, 1918
Stage, SigvardMay 28, 1918
Smith, M. C.May 28, 1918
Scott, DonaldDec. 29, 1917
Suttman, Ralph
Smith, Edward
Strohbehn, J. C.Aug. 23, 1917
Schmidt, James H.
Schafer, George
Snyder, Arthur P.
Snyder, Ralph D.
Svendsen, JamesNov. 22, 1917
Schultz, LeopoldOct. 25, 1917
Sells, WayneMay 00, 1918
Schuck, Martin J.Dec. 27, 1917
Stewart, ClarenceFeb. 25, 1918
Smith, Curtis K.Mar. 10, 1917
Siemsen, Hans RichardJune 26, 1918
Schulte, ChristJune 26, 1918
Schiller, GeerdJune 26, 1918
Schuettler, John A.June 26, 1918
Sibert, Archie G.
Stover, MerleJuly 15, 1918
Simms, George R.June 04, 1918
Stover, RayDec. 01, 1917
Siefken, SimonJuly 23, 1918
Smith, Jess MillerJuly 23, 1918
Schafer, ThomasJuly 23, 1918
Squires, David E.July 23, 1918
Siemsen, Arthur J.July 23, 1918
Snyder, Henry T.July 23, 1918
Sparenborg, WarnerJuly 23, 1918
Schugart, Mervin E.July 23, 1918
Stover, Orange A.July 23, 1918
Smith, Clarence O.July 23, 1918
Stroh, DaveJuly 23, 1918
Slight, Edd.July 23, 1918
Sadler, HerbertJuly 23, 1918
Suttman, Paul R.Aug. 01, 1918
Stover, Edwin M.Aug. 15, 1918
Sharp, RobertAug. 15, 1918
Schmidt, John C.Sept. 06, 1918
Stahl, JohnSept. 06, 1918
Siefken, GerhardSept. 06, 1918
Smith, Geo. G.Sept. 06, 1918
Smith, LowellSept. 06, 1918
Schafer, Henry J.Sept. 06, 1918
Smith, LesterSept. 06, 1918
Sonders, Chas.Sept. 03, 1918
Thuesen, Geo. J.Sept. 21, 1917
Tack, WeyoFeb. 25, 1918
Thompsen, WalterFeb. 25, 1918
Thede, Herman R.Feb. 25, 1918
Thompson, Chas. E.April 29, 1918
Tschirgi, Carl V.April 29, 1918
Truemer, HansFeb. 19, 1918
Thuessen, Harry E.Feb. 20, 1918
Tjabering, BenMay 28, 1918
Thomsen, ThorwaldMay 28, 1918
Terrall, Ralph
Thomas, Paul
Titus, Esbon Y.
Tjabering, HenryJune 26, 1918
Thomas, Harry A.July 23, 1918
Tobias, Elmer P.July 23, 1918
Toomsen, RayJuly 23, 1918
Tonnesen, Axel K.July 29, 1918
Upton, Roy WilsonSept. 21, 1917
Viers, Joseph LyleSept. 21, 1917
Vanderwerf, WillieFeb. 25, 1918
VanHauen, HermanFeb. 25, 1918
VanEllen, AndrewMay 28, 1918
Veld, JacobMay 28, 1918
Vinton, AlvyMay 03, 1918
Vanderwicken, Milton K.May 08, 1917
VanShope, EarlMar. 10, 1918
VonTersch, Alfred
Vinton, Glen W.June 26, 1918
VanLoh, LuitjenJuly 23, 1918
Vorba, JohnAug. 01, 1918
VanHauen, AugustMay 31, 1918
Wolff, ChrisDec. 11, 1917
Weimar, Wm.May 01, 1917
Wieben, Geo. J.Sept. 21, 1917
Wallace, Clarence G.Sept. 21, 1917
Wilson, Roy FrankSept. 21, 1917
Wical, LeeSept. 21, 1917 (dis)
Wical, Earl M.Sept. 21, 1917
Welch, Wayne A.Sept. 21, 1917
Whorrall, Chas. T.Feb. 25, 1918
Wood, Leslie A.Feb. 25, 1918
Watkins, John W.Feb. 25, 1918
Whiting, John V.April 05, 1918
Wood, Arthur M.Feb. 15, 1918
Wilson, Harold K.Mar. 14, 1918
Walker, Chas. G.June 01, 1918
Williams, BertJune 01, 1918
Williamsen, AageJune 15, 1918
Weseman, SimonMay 28, 1918
Whiting, VincelApril 03, 1918
Winter, Chas. H.
Welch, Harry
Whaylen, G. A.
Watson, A. E.
Wagner, Henry
Williamson, RayAug. 00, 1917
Wells, FremontJune 24, 1916
Willys, CharlesJune 26, 1918
White, Hugh
Walters, WillieJuly 23, 1918
Wildebuer, OttoJuly 23, 1918
Whitmire, ElmerJuly 23, 1918
Wumkes, EilertJuly 23, 1918
Westerberg, BenJuly 23, 1918
Waldraven, Geo.Sept. 29, 1918
Westerberg, MartinSept. 21, 1917
Watkins, Harold C.Aug. 30, 1918
Watkins, Harry A.Aug. 30, 1918
Wiese, JohnSept. 06, 1918
Yeager, Raymond
Yocker, Ted
Zimmerman, HermanJuly 23, 1918
Goodwin, Chas O.Enlisted in Y.M.C.A., overseas
Dilly, Cora M.Enlisted in Y.W.C.A.

--The Grundy Republican (Grundy Center, Iowa), 3 October 1918, pg 1, 3

6000 See Flag Raising

Most Of The County Well Represented

Service Flag Dedication Parade Contains Close to 3000 Marchers

In spite of the threatening weather of Friday morning and the fear of Spanish Influenza, a crowd of 6000 persons turned out to do honor to the Grundy County soldier boys by being present at the service flag raising.

Checkers on the side walk counted close to 3000 in the parade and the Main street was crowded with another 3000. More automobiles were parked on the side streets of Grundy Center than were ever before in the town's history. There were double rows of cars parked on the side streets for many blocks into the residence districts.

The fear of Spanish Influenza kept quite a number away from the flag raising, this fear cutting down the representation greatly from some of the townships. All the schools of the county closed down for the event, except Reinbeck's school, which was conspicious by its lack of representation.

The Grundy Center Commercial club turned out in force. The members threatened at one time to haul Mayor G. C. Allison in the parade in a cart but had to pass on this because of a broken gear, much to the mayor's relief.

The large Red Cross flag, which was carried by the Red Cross Fund Committee to catch silver donations was covered with pieces of money to a total of over $172 during the progress of the parade.

The Grundy Center schools made a great showing, the classes vying with one another in their arrangements of floats and carrying out of original ideas.

Rev. H. L. Haywood of Waterloo gave a strong patriotic speech after the parade. He took quite a portion of his talk to praise the conduct of Belgium and her king in the great war. The action of no other country appeals to the American as heroic as that of the little kingdom of Belgium and Rev. Haywood brought this out with much feeling.

--The Grundy County Dispatch (Grundy Center, Iowa), 9 October 1918, pg 1

Service Flag Raising Brings Immense Crowd

One of The Largest Crowds Ever Seen in Grundy Center Attended the Services

Conservative Estimate At 6,000

A Splendid Program and a Magnificent Parade Furnished All With Entertainment

Friday, Otober 4th, 1918, will go down in history as one of the greatest days ever witnessed in Grundy county and Grundy Center.

The weather was somewhat threatening in the morning and doubtless kept some at home, but by noon the skies had cleared sufficiently to insure a favorable afternoon, and soon the autos began coming to town by the hundreds and people by the thousands. Never before were so many autos seen parked on the side streets and the crowd was estimated at least 6,000 if not more.

The afternoon program opened by music by the bands and at two o'clock the parade started. It was a grand spectacle and one long to be remembered by those who witnessed it.

The parade was headed by members of the Grand Army and soldiers of the present day, and were followed by others in following order:
Dike band and Dike school children carrying banners with names of soldier boys from that locality.
Beaver township schools.
Reinbeck band and boy scrouts.
Black Hawk township schools.
Washington township delegation, including Woodmen and school children.
Colfax township schools including Holland.
Pleasant Valley township schools.
Lincoln township schools.
Melrose schools and Alice Red Cross.
Ivester schools.
Wellsburg, Shiloh and German township schools.
Beaman band, school children from Beaman consolidated district.
Clay township and Conrad schools.
Felix schools.
Grundy Center W.R.C. and Red Cross.
Hospital Supply float, Surgical Dressing float, Grub Scouts, Palermo township schools.
College students.
Grundy Center band and pupils from the city schools in floats, representing the Spirit of 1776 the First Flag, Pilgrims and Soldiers of the Soil, Junior Red Cross, etc.

The children of the grades sang patriotic sons and the Beligian orphans were one of the attractive features of the parade.

The floats were many of them elaborate and showed that much work had been expended in preparing them. The local Commercial Club made a fine appearance.

The Red Cross flag carried along the line of march for the donations gathered in nearly $175.

All in all it was a fine parade and much credit is due those who helped prepare it and the committee who gave their time to making this entire program a pleasing success.

All the schools of the county were represented except Reinbeck, which for some reason did not join in the patriotic event.

The address by Rev. Haywood, of Waterloo, gave universal satisfaction and was listened to throughout by a large audience.

--The Grundy Republican (Grundy Center, Iowa), 10 October 1918, pg 1

High School Service Flag

The High School is endeavoring to secure a correct list of all members of the alumni, who have entered the service, for their honor roll so they may have a service flag for the auditorium. The following list has been compiled by Miss Sue Dodd and contains all the names of the alumni that are known, and also those who left high school to enlist. Any one knowing of any other members of the alumni in the service will confer a favor by notifying Miss Dodd at once.

Capt. Arthur B. Sperry '99
Ray Williamson, '04
Lt. Robert M. Rogers, '08
Roy McCullough, '08
Sgt. Geo. B. Kaufman, '08
Thomas Holck, '10
Lt. Percy E. Barker, '11
G. Fred Benz, '12
Fred C. Bourne, '12
Donald C. Scott, '13
Ralph W. Dodd, '15
King Vanderwicken, '16
Roland P. Roeder, '17
Horace C. Kelly
Harold Pelton

--The Grundy Republican (Grundy Center, Iowa), 7 February 1918, pg 1

Service Flag Dedicated

The high school service flag was dedicated at the school this afternoon with fitting ceremonies. The parents of the boys in the service were honored guests of the occasion.

--The Grundy Democrat (Grundy Center, Iowa), 16 May 1918, pg 1

Morrison is going to have a service flag for the boys from their town and Washington township. The flag which has been ordered will contain 41 stars, one of gold for Patrick Catherwood, who was recently killed in action in France. When the flag arrives arrangements will be made for suitable dedicatory service.

--The Grundy County Dispatch (Grundy Center, Iowa), 4 September 1918, pg 5

Morrison Flag Raised

Large Crowd Out Sunday Honors Soldiers

Rev. Dilman Smith and Sergt. Fremont Wells Give Interesting Talks

Morrison had a fine day for her service flag raising Sunday and a good crowd turned out to honor the soldier boys. C. L. Robison acted as chairman of the meeting. After a prayer by County Supt. D. R. Earl, Rev. Dilman Smith was called upon for the address of the day. He responded by one of the best, if not the best, patriotic speech he has made since the United States was drawn into the war.

Rev. Smith does not look for an early peace and, although he has abundant confidence in the outcome of the war, he has no use for the man who proclaims that the end is in sight. He feels that the German peace offers constitute one of the biggest insults yet offered to the allied nations and that peace under any terms not made by allied nations without the kaiser's help would be a disgrace to all of us. The speaker put great emphasis on his assertion that there could be no price put on the services of our boys in uniform. None of the boys in the trenches could be hired at any price to do what they are doing. It is a service of patriotism, and as such has no measure in dollars and cents.

Sergeant Fremont Wells gave an interesting talk on what the boys "over there" are up against and what there feeling is on various subjects. Wells is a member of the 168th Infantry of which the state of Iowa has been so proud since the regiment went across as a part of the Rainbow Division. Of the 3500 men in the 168th regiment, in action more or less of the time since last March, only four have been taken prosones by the Germans, speaking well for their fighting spirit. The sergeant made the statement that the boys in the trenches have a strong feeling against the use of the German language and that even the boys of German descent who have talked German all their lives will have nothing to do with it now that they are up against the German military machine. Sergs. Wells is justly proud of the part the 168th has played in the fighting and he had some interesting things to tell of the details of trench fighting.

The Grundy Center and Reinbeck bands furnished music for the occassion.

A free will offering of $100 was received after the flag raising. The balance above expenses was turned over to the Red Cross fund, and as the speakers wished the money offered to them to be given to the Red Cross, the chapter was enriched to the extent of $60.

Morrison's Service Stars

Following are the names of the boys represented by stars on the Morrison service flag:

Gold Star
Patrick Catherwood

Blue Stars
Seth Parker
James Rhinesmith
Glen Rhinesmith
John Jorgesen
Ray Barkey
Geo. Kaufman
Clyde Elliott
Hugh Catherwood
Glen Dew
John Ewaldt
Martin Westerberg
George Murphy
Mike Catherwood
Carl Mulder
Earl Gordon
Harry Alberts
Ernest Steffen
Lloyd Buffington
Vincel Whiting
Will Dickinson
Roy Franz
Frank Robins
Arthur Siemsen
Luther Morrill
Sam Pattee
Hans Siemsen
Herman Zimmerman
Ben Westerberg
Arthur Robins
Edward Alberts
Harold Miller
George Smith
Ed Gunnarson
Ralph Gunnarson
Milton Beckwith
Willie Finney
Jake Mulder
Byron Hawn
Herbert Pattee
Roy Stout
Marvin Lakin
Carl Vickum
William Hawes
Albert Evesle
Edison Mooty

--The Grundy County Dispatch (Grundy Center, Iowa), 25 September 1918, pg 1

The Melrose Township service flag has arrived and date as far as the record is known there are 13 in the war service. The flag is large enough and provided with extra stars enough to total 50.

--The Grundy County Dispatch (Grundy Center, Iowa), 3 July 1918, pg 4

Dike's community service flag came last week and for the present is hanging in Hans Kelsen's window. It has 53 stars on it. The gold star represents our deceased brother, George Wieben.

--The Grundy County Dispatch (Grundy Center, Iowa), 3 July 1918, pg 4

The Danish Brotherhood have a new Service Flag in their lodge window. It has seven stars in it representing the seven members of the lodge, which have gone to war.

--The Grundy Democrat (Grundy Center, Iowa), 28 March 1918, pg 4

Service Flag

A service flag for Grundy Center boys has been ordered and will be flown in the street during good weather. The flag will contain a star for every boy from Grundy county who received his mail at the Grundy Center postoffice. A committtee is now compiling the names of these boys and the new flag will have over 50 stars. It is hoped to have it up in a few days.

--The Grundy Republican (Grundy Center, Iowa), 4 April 1918, pg 1

The Drake church had a dedication meeting Sunday evening and raised its Service Flag, in honor of the 19 boys who are in the service from that congregation. The boys are each receiving a small token of remembrance from that congregation.

--The Grundy County Dispatch (Grundy Center, Iowa), 2 October 1918, pg 4

The Pythian Sisters installed their service flag at their lodge rooms last night in the presence of a large membership. Six members of the Pythian Sisters are now in the country's service. The men are Byron Hawn, Ted Allison, Will Hawes, Vincent Peterson and Jack Kelly. Miss Cora Dilly is the only women belonging to the order who is in the government service.

--The Grundy Democrat (Grundy Center, Iowa), 18 April 1918, pg 5