Co. Registration 1748

154 Aliens Among The Number In Grundy

393 Registrants Among the Boys Between the Ages of 18 and 21

The Grundy county man power registered Thursday numbered 1745 men and three more mail registrations were received later, making the total 1748. The numbers are listed below according to ages, races, U.S. citizenship, alien allegiance and also by townships.

All the registrants are of the white race except one, an oriental resident of Felix township. He is a Persian subject of the sultan of Turkey. Thirteen nationalities represented among the aliens. Our foes, Germany and Austria, number 53 subjects in Grundy county, while their allies, Turkey and Bulgaria have one each. The neutral nations of Denmark, Holland, and Sweden number 79 subjects in our county. Our own allies number but 14 among those still owing their allegiance to foreign powers. We have six Russians.

One 29 year old and two 31 year olds registered. The draft board is looking into the reason why they were not registered June 5, 1917, as they must have been under 31 on that date. The only explanation giving them a clean slate would be that they have come to this country since June 5, 1918.

It is interesting to note that 10 men became 21 during the 19 days from August 24th to September 12th, although only 15 registered August 24th as coming of age in the almost three months between June 5 and August 24.

There are 131 men 33 years old and the number for each year descends almost uniformly down to 77 men of the age of 45.

Native born Citizens1388
Naturalized Citizens109
Cit., Father's Naturalization94
Declarant Aliens80
Non-Declarant Aliens74

White Persons1744
Oriental (Felix)1

18 years old114
19 years old125
20 years old144
21 years old10
29 years old1
31 years old2
32 years old71
33 years old131
34 years old102
35 years old130
36 years old98
37 years old104
38 years old102
39 years old98
40 years old90
41 years old89
42 years old89
43 years old83
44 years old86
45 years old77

Austria Hungary3

Registrations by Townships
Pleasant Valley80
Black Hawk208

--The Grundy County Dispatch (Grundy Center, Iowa), 18 September 1918, pg 1

Call#Registration#NameAddressAgeBirth DatePlace of BirthOccupation
1322Reinhard SpiekerAckley, Hardin, Iowa3706 Jun 1881nativeFarm hand
21027Fritz Theodore LinderReinbeck, Grundy, Iowa1827 Aug 1900nativeFarm laborer
31697Fred August William KaufmannBeaman, Grundy, Iowa1826 May 1900nativeFarm laborer
4438Wort H. MeyerWellsburg, Grundy, Iowa4431 Aug 1875citizen by father's naturalizationFarmer
5904Charles WeemerReinbeck, Grundy, Iowa3325 Dec 1884nativeFarm laborer
61523Ralph Edward St.ClairConrad, Grundy, Iowa3930 Dec 1878nativeFarmer
71240Hugh A. WilloughbyGrundy Center, Grundy, Iowa4213 Dec 1875nativeLawyer
820James OsterCedar Falls, Grundy, Iowa3213 May 1886nativeFarmer
91255George Sumner HairGrundy Center, Grundy, Iowa3525 Apr 1883nativeLaborer
10739Charles Williams WoodReinbeck, Grundy, Iowa3307 Aug 1885nativeFarm laborer
11535Henry BrowerHolland, Grundy, Iowa3626 Aug 1882nativeFarmer
12219Harold JuelStout, Grundy, Iowa1801 Jun 1900nativeFarming
13625Andrew George HinrichsHolland, Grundy, Iowa4002 Aug 1898nativeFarm laborer
1472Willie Mike KroemerCedar Falls, Grundy, Iowa1929 Mar 1899nativeFarm laborer
15832Carl GraeserDike, Grundy, Iowa3406 Aug 1884citizen by father's naturalizationLaborer
16964Henry PlaehnReinbeck, Grundy, Iowa3203 May 1886nativeFarmer
17348John MillerAckley, Hardin, Iowa2019 Jun 1898nativeFarm hand
184Nick DockwellStout, Grundy, Iowa3412 Apr 1884alien/declaredFarmer
19134James Glen KydParkersburg, Butler, Iowa3814 Aug 1880nativeFarming
20395John J. LogerWellsburg, Grundy, Iowa1802 Dec 1899nativeLaborer
21657Lyle BuchanDike, Grundy, Iowa1829 Oct 1899nativeFarming
22623Hermann Robert PontowHolland, Grundy, Iowa3712 Nov 1880alien/declaredMinister of Gospel
23228Henry KolthoffWellsburg, Grundy, Iowa3929 Sep 1878alien/non-declaredFarmer
241427Edwin Arthur VanTigerEldora, Hardin, Iowa3604 Feb 1882nativeFarmer
251625Dewey Monglus LarsonConrad, Grundy, Iowa3429 Mar 1884nativeClerk
261636Morris Garfield HermeConrad, Grundy, Iowa3513 Aug 1883nativeMechanic
27413John NodurffWellsburg, Grundy, Iowa3609 Sep 1882alien/declaredCarpenter
281303Harm MuhringGrundy Center, Grundy, Iowa2005 Jan 1898nativeRunning County Tractor
29256Lammert HoffmanAplington, Butler, Iowa3701 Mar 1881naturalizedFarmer
301732Daniel Foster WattsBeaman, Grundy, Iowa4014 May 1878nativeFarmer
311561Zach Clinton PipherConrad, Grundy, Iowa4523 Jan 1873nativeFarmer
321032Frank Edward SnowReinbeck, Grundy, Iowa3815 Apr 1880nativeFarmer
33399Dirk J. RiekenaWellsburg, Grundy, Iowa4518 Apr 1873nativeAss't Cashier
34500Joe J. deNeuiWellsburg, Grundy, Iowa1823 May 1900nativeFarmer
35699Henry P. PetersenGrundy Center, Grundy, Iowa3722 Jun 1881nativeFarmer
36496Henry J. FreyWellsburg, Grundy, Iowa1813 Apr 1900nativeFarmer
37124Carl Joe WitteParkersburg, Butler, Iowa1804 Jun 1900nativeFarmer
38143John Sieben HayungaStout, Grundy, Iowa4403 Apr 1874alien/declaredFarming
39178Harm KonkenStout, Grundy, Iowa2009 Aug 1898nativeFarming
40850Lars SorensenReinbeck, Grundy, Iowa4221 Jun 1876alien/non-declaredFarming
411098Emil AckermanGrundy Center, Grundy, Iowa3215 Dec 1885nativeFarmer
421680Joseph Lavern StillmanBeaman, Grundy, Iowa4405 Dec 1873nativeCarpenter
43778Jeppe Johansen SchultzDike, Grundy, Iowa4003 Mar 1878citizen by father's naturalizationBank Cashier
441628Dave KolbeConrad, Grundy, Iowa3510 Jan 1883alien/declaredFarm laborer
451692Robert Calvin SandersonBeaman, Grundy, Iowa3309 Nov 1884nativeFarmer
46684William NoelGrundy Center, Grundy, Iowa3615 Oct 1882nativeFarming
471429Edgar Franklin HeunEldora, Hardin, Iowa3816 Sep 1879nativeFarmer
48765Alfred Edward FrederiksenDike, Grundy, Iowa1928 Feb 1899nativeFarm hand
4961Fred KnapeStout, Grundy, Iowa3908 Jun 1879nativeFarmer
50612John PenningHolland, Grundy, Iowa3825 Oct 1879nativeFarmer
51456Thomas T. BeecroftWellsburg, Grundy, Iowa4412 Nov 1873nativeConducting Bakery
521580George Harold QuigleyWhitten, Hardin, Iowa1824 Jan 1900nativeFarm laborer
5333Jens Peter NielsenCedar Falls, Grundy, Iowa4028 Apr 1878naturalizedFarmer
54877Guy Edwin WatsonReinbeck, Grundy, Iowa3724 Oct 1880nativeBarber
551121Lemuel Allen MoyersMorrison, Grundy, Iowa4530 Jun 1873nativeLaborer
5677John Cowie WilsonStout, Grundy, Iowa3703 Apr 1881nativeFarming
5782Hans AagardCedar Falls, Grundy, Iowa3917 Nov 1878alien/non-declaredFarm laborer
58108Andrew NielsonCedar Falls, Grundy, Iowa4108 Mar 1877naturalizedFarmer
59893Jesse Neal LewisReinbeck, Grundy, Iowa3205 Dec 1885nativeNewspaper Editor and Manager
601294Everett Edward RobinsonGrundy Center, Grundy, Iowa3611 Feb 1882nativeMechanic
61101George WinwoodAlexandra, Franklin, Iowa3423 Dec 1883nativeFarm laborer
621074John Henry RunftReinbeck, Grundy, Iowa4506 Jul 1873nativeFarmer
631688David Bruner SimmsBeaman, Grundy, Iowa4405 Jan 1874nativeFarmer
64995John MutchlerHudson, Black Hawk, Iowa4213 Nov 1875citizen by father's naturalizationTowerhouse Leaverman
65659Robert LynchGrundy Center, Grundy, Iowa4309 Jun 1875naturalizedFarming
661673George Riley TanyerConrad, Grundy, Iowa3420 May 1884nativeFarmer
671426George LootsGrundy Center, Grundy, Iowa3611 Feb 1882nativeFarmer
681749Samuel Johnson HeinkenWellsburg, Grundy, Iowa3828 Jan 1880citizen by father's naturalizationLaborer
691327Harold Eugene BaughmanGrundy Center, Grundy, Iowa1807 Jun 1900nativeFarming
701717George Clarke AshtonBeaman, Grundy, Iowa3423 Mar 1884nativeFarmer
711689Washington Irvin JohnsonBeaman, Grundy, Iowa3528 Feb 1883nativeFarmer
72628William Peter BettengaHolland, Grundy, Iowa3725 Feb 1881nativeFarmer
73901Fred C. Clyde McColloughReinbeck, Grundy, Iowa3617 Jun 1882nativeOperator
74130Alfert Ralph BulthuisDike, Grundy, Iowa1924 Oct 1898alien/non-declaredFarmer
751507Robert Lee RunnerConrad, Grundy, Iowa3301 Dec 1884nativeFarmer
76189Cornelius Cornelius MeyerStout, Grundy, Iowa2017 Nov 1897citizen by father's naturalizationFarming
77827George W. BoysenDike, Grundy, Iowa3728 Feb 1881nativeBank Cashier
78949Benjamin Edward FogtReinbeck, Grundy, Iowa3305 Apr 1885nativeFarmer
79962Samuel Alfred ShellenbergerReinbeck, Grundy, Iowa4005 May 1878nativeFarmer
801442Frank E. GohnerEldora, Hardin, Iowa3806 Jul 1880nativeFarmer
81866Anders OlsenDike, Grundy, Iowa3916 Jan 1879naturalizedCarpenter
821466George HarrisGrundy Center, Grundy, Iowa4325 Jan 1875nativeFarmer
83468Harm OkonesWellsburg, Grundy, Iowa4517 Sep 1872nativeFarmer
841371Charles Lewis ConverseGrundy Center, Grundy, Iowa4308 Jul 1875nativePhotographer
85225Harm Rudolf HookAplington, Butler, Iowa3523 Aug 1883nativeFarmer
86489Obbo HauptWellsburg, Grundy, Iowa3731 Dec 1880alien/declaredFarmer
871553Gustas Zoder HagburgConrad, Grundy, Iowa4519 May 1873naturalizedFarmer
881516Horace Dewey SissonConrad, Grundy, Iowa2012 Sep 1898nativeFarmer
891300James Ray KingGrundy Center, Grundy, Iowa3515 Sep 1882nativeFarmer
90544Henry John HeronimusHolland, Grundy, Iowa4112 Oct 1876naturalizedFarm laborer
90.51753Walter SchultzDike, Iowa3831 Jul 1880citizen by father's naturalizationFarmer
91940Peter Henry ThomsenReinbeck, Grundy, Iowa3402 Sep 1884alien/non-declaredFarm laborer
921329George SparenborgGrundy Center, Grundy, Iowa4025 Sep 1877citizen by father's naturalizationCarpenter
93768Peter JohnsonDike, Grundy, Iowa3320 Feb 1885nativeFarmer
94478Harm RuterWellsburg, Grundy, Iowa2016 Jan 1898nativeFarm laborer
95121Charles EnfeltParkersburg, Butler, Iowa3408 May 1884nativeFarming
961406Albert TheermanGrundy Center, Grundy, Iowa3931 Aug 1879citizen by father's naturalizationLaborer
971706George Allen HitchcockBeaman, Grundy, Iowa4329 May 1875nativeHdwe. Merchant
98911Paul Swants JacobsenReinbeck, Grundy, Iowa3528 Sep 1882nativeInsurance Business
991162John SwedeGrundy Center, Grundy, Iowa4026 May 1878nativeFarm hand
100784Irvin LeRoy ThomasDike, Grundy, Iowa2121 Aug 1897nativeFarm laborer
101680Carsten LundtGrundy Center, Grundy, Iowa3519 Dec 1883nativeFarmer
1021577Charles Reeves StubbsConrad, Grundy, Iowa4221 Sep 1875nativeFarmer
103590Jake PetersHolland, Grundy, Iowa2014 Oct 1898nativeFarming
104276Ontje WesselsAplington, Butler, Iowa1903 Dec 1898nativeFarm laborer
1051370George William CrowstonGrundy Center, Grundy, Iowa4219 Oct 1876citizen by father's naturalizationFarm hand
106330Tobias Louis OstendorfWellsburgh, Grundy, Iowa4211 Jun 1876alien/non-declaredFarm hand
107707Hilko VietGrundy Center, Grundy, Iowa1912 Jul 1899alien/non-declaredFarming
1081448Dohrman Jacob ArnoldEldora, Hardin, Iowa4511 Jan 1873nativeFarmer
1091438Lawrence James StambaughGrundy Center, Grundy, Iowa3208 Oct 1885nativeFarmer
110162John Johannes Woben ArendsDike, Grundy, Iowa4114 Nov 1876nativeFarmer
1111633Louie John GohnerConrad, Grundy, Iowa4503 Aug 1873nativeFarmer
112346Ben AbbasAckley, Hardin, Iowa3626 Mar 1882nativeFarmer
113758Fred Valentine PetersonHudson, Black Hawk, Iowa1700 Jan 1898nativeFarm laborer
114879Edward Henry WeikReinbeck, Grundy, Iowa3918 Sep 1878nativeBookkeeper
1151051Hugo KruegerReinbeck, Grundy, Iowa1911 Aug 1899nativeFarm laborer
1161181Vernon Herbert WilsonGrundy Center, Grundy, Iowa3512 Feb 1883nativeBanking
117695William Henry CopleyGrundy Center, Grundy, Iowa3424 May 1884nativeFarming
118469Joseph H. KelleyWellsburg, Grundy, Iowa3510 Mar 1883nativeProp. Pool Hall
119354Harm KruseAckley, Hardin, Iowa4331 Jul 1875nativeFarmer
1201549Alfred Morgan ChrismanWhitten, Hardin, Iowa2029 Aug 1898nativeFarmer
121249John SlightAplington, Butler, Iowa3224 May 1886nativeFarm laborer
122797Engelke H. EngelkesGrundy Center, Grundy, Iowa3428 Nov 1883nativeClerk
1231336Noah Ward McKinneySolo, Texas, Missouri3322 Jun 1885nativeFarming
124534Coono StohrGrundy Center, Grundy, Iowa3616 Aug 1882nativeFarmer
1251William John BossCedar Falls, Grundy, Iowa4306 Jul 1875nativeFarm laborer
126473Charley Jasper EygabroadWellsburg, Grundy, Iowa4027 Jul 1878nativeLaborer
1271243Lewis Downey CoffmanGrundy Center, Grundy, Iowa4414 May 1874nativeFurniture Dealer
1281388Fritz Herman LuikenGrundy Center, Grundy, Iowa4520 Sep 1872naturalizedRailroad laborer
129682George Frost TracyGrundy Center, Grundy, Iowa1803 Sep 1900nativeFarmer and Student
130790Peter Jensen RasmussenDike, Grundy, Iowa3317 Aug 1885alien/non-declaredLaborer
1311167Ray Elmore ThompsonGrundy Center, Grundy, Iowa4216 Jun 1876nativeMerchant
132205Fritz Henry HenzeStout, Grundy, Iowa3824 Feb 1880naturalizedFarmer
1331021Emil WillerReinbeck, Grundy, Iowa2027 Apr 1898nativeFarm laborer
134113Alrich BrandtStout, Grundy, Iowa4327 Feb 1875naturalizedFarming
135597Johannes Albert SiefkenHolland, Grundy, Iowa2015 Mar 1898nativeFarming
136997James Lowerance LovellReinbeck, Grundy, Iowa4214 Oct 1875nativeFarmer
137762Burritt Leevane WeaverDike, Grundy, Iowa3514 Jan 1883nativeMinister/Dike M E Church
138182Herman AllspachParkersburg, Butler, Iowa2017 Jul 1898nativeFarmer
139115Byron T. SolesStout, Grundy, Iowa4114 Apr 1877nativeButtermaker
140895Robert Holmes CarrollReinbeck, Grundy, Iowa3527 Aug 1883nativeR.F.D. Mail Carrier
1411140John NelsonGrundy Center, Grundy, Iowa3702 May 1881naturalizedFarming
14287Sam CirksenaDike, Grundy, Iowa3622 Feb 1882nativeFarmer
143867John Henry McKinderDike, Grundy, Iowa3929 Dec 1878citizen by father's naturalizationBarber
144770Fred Dewey RobertsDike, Grundy, Iowa1914 Aug 1899nativeFarm laborer
1451480Douglas Oscar RollEldora, Hardin, Iowa3306 Sep 1885nativeFarmer
146926George M. SaulReinbeck, Grundy, Iowa4429 Nov 1873nativeReal Estate Dealer
147931James Hamilton CreswellReinbeck, Grundy, Iowa4211 Feb 1876nativeFarmer
148302Jerry H. LindemanAplington, Butler, Iowa4223 Dec 1875nativeFarmer
149646Johann Frederich HempenDike, Grundy, Iowa4021 Apr 1878citizen by father's naturalizationFarming
150897Henry William OhrtReinbeck, Grundy, Iowa4318 May 1875nativeFarmer
151747Gerlow L. JensenDike, Grundy, Iowa3506 Feb 1883naturalizedJeweller
152734Herman HoepnerReinbeck, Grundy, Iowa4428 Dec 1873nativeFarming
1531624Howard Lindsey UptonConrad, Grundy, Iowa3806 Nov 1879nativeMacine Expert
1541557Guy Willson VanVoorhiesConrad, Grundy, Iowa3828 Feb 1880nativeFarmer
155604Harmanus Frerichs StahlHolland, Grundy, Iowa1907 Jul 1899nativeFarming
156981Mettoni HenningsenReinbeck, Grundy, Iowa3524 Mar 1883alien/declaredLaborer
157865Otto Alfred WendelbornDike, Grundy, Iowa3413 Jun 1884nativeLaborer
158631John William FletcherHolland, Grundy, Iowa1920 Oct 1899nativeFarming
159481Siedo HeerkesWellsburg, Grundy, Iowa3512 Sep 1883alien/non-declaredLaborer
1601165Fred W. MainGrundy Center, Grundy, Iowa3404 Nov 1883nativeMechanic
1611232George Herman MeierGrundy Center, Grundy, Iowa4212 Sep 1876nativeBuilding Contractor
162983Fred Thomas FletcherReinbeck, Grundy, Iowa3525 Feb 1883nativeFarming
163550Cornelius Otto DirksHolland, Grundy, Iowa3417 Jul 1884nativeFarmer
164458Hildert PrimusWellsburg, Grundy, Iowa3830 Jun 1880nativeFarmer
165704Mike Thomas McGrawDike, Grundy, Iowa4228 Mar 1876nativeLaborer
1661607Harold Gordon GallowayConrad, Grundy, Iowa1910 Mar 1899nativeFarm laborer
167194George ArendsDike, Grundy, Iowa3311 Dec 1885nativeFarming
16879Harry Richard ChristiansenDike, Grundy, Iowa3917 Jul 1879alien/declaredFarmer
169697Johannes Harry GruessingGrundy Center, Grundy, Iowa3730 May 1881naturalizedMinister of the Gospel
1701137William Homer StoutMorrison, Grundy, Iowa2026 May 1898nativeLaborer
1711086George RohwederMorrison, Grundy, Iowa2004 Aug 1898nativeFarming
172900Henry WillertReinbeck, Grundy, Iowa4515 Apr 1873citizen by father's naturalizationMason and Town Marshall/Reinbeck
172.51755Thomas Walter FordGrundy Center, Iowa2812 Oct 1889nativeChaeffer
173665Harm Harms3931 Dec 1878alien/non-declaredLaborer
174176John Benard MillerStout, Grundy, Iowa3314 Feb 1885nativeFarmer
175629Rudolph Harm HookGrundy Center, Grundy, Iowa4027 Feb 1878nativeFarmer
176782Walter Carl BauerReinbeck, Grundy, Iowa1808 Aug 1900nativeFarm laborer
177647Charles H. PetersenGrundy Center, Grundy, Iowa4401 Apr 1874nativeFarmer
1781064Fred Albert ShoemakerReinbeck, Grundy, Iowa4026 Oct 1877nativeFarmer
179960Ralph BlockReinbeck, Grundy, Iowa3323 Feb 1885nativeFarmer
180891Paul Atwood StewartReinbeck, Grundy, Iowa1919 Nov 1898nativeStudent
181806James Wilbert PetersonHudson, Grundy, Iowa4530 Oct 1872nativeFarmer
1821691Lewis Elbert DingmanBeaman, Grundy, Iowa3526 Feb 1883nativeFarmer
1831120Emil Johannes SchlichtGrundy Center, Grundy, Iowa1812 May 1900alien/non-declaredFarming
184369Jacob KoppedrayerAckley, Hardin, Iowa3305 Jan 1885nativeFarmer
185160John SeehusenDike, Grundy, Iowa3615 Oct 1881naturalizedFarming
1861325John SmithGrundy Center, Grundy, Iowa1806 Mar 1900nativeFarm laborer
187842L. C. GutknechtCedar Falls, Grundy, Iowa3622 Apr 1882nativeFarmer
188543Robert Berthold BullemerHolland, Grundy, Iowa3503 Apr 1883nativeRailway Station Agent
1898George Magnus HansenCedar Falls, Grundy, Iowa2028 Oct 1897nativeFarm laborer
19046George JensenStout, Grundy, Iowa3504 Jun 1883nativeFarm laborer
1911719Gustave AstBeaman, Grundy, Iowa3705 Oct 1880nativeFarmer
192521Charles Coleman GrahamWellsburg, Grundy, Iowa3303 Mar 1885nativeVeterinarian
1931518Samuel Martin MeyersWhitten, Hardin, Iowa3918 May 1879nativeFarmer
19454William Charles HeislerDike, Grundy, Iowa3527 Oct 1882nativeFarmer
195792John Otto NielsenDike, Grundy, Iowa3907 Mar 1879citizen by father's naturalizationGarage business
196568Barney KrugerHolland, Grundy, Iowa3301 Apr 1885nativeFarmer
1971378Charles Augustus MooreGrundy Center, Grundy, Iowa4002 Jun 1878nativeButcher
19830Niels Jorgen BoysenDike, Grundy, Iowa4020 May 1878nativeFarmer
1991718George Alvin AllenBeaman, Grundy, Iowa3408 Oct 1883nativeVeterinary
200786William Thomas MurphyReinbeck, Grundy, Iowa3220 Apr 1886nativeFarmer
2011693Wilton Ross WallaceBeaman, Grundy, Iowa4229 Jul 1876nativeFarmer
202531Jurgen NeelandHolland, Grundy, Iowa4022 Feb 1888naturalizedFarming
203804George F. HummelDike, Grundy, Iowa4506 Apr 1873nativeClerk
2041481Robert Stewart SmithEldora, Hardin, Iowa1809 Apr 1900nativeFarmer
205683Ben WumkesGrundy Center, Grundy, Iowa3627 Sep 1881nativeFarmer
206385Hannes Ben JanssenAckley, Hardin, Iowa1817 Apr 1900nativeFarm hand
2071338Elmer Elliott HoffaGrundy Center, Grundy, Iowa3805 Jun 1880nativeFarmer
2081422David ZinggGrundy Center, Grundy, Iowa3415 Jun 1884nativeFarming
209339Fredrick LudemannAckley, Hardin, Iowa4004 Nov 1877nativeFarmer
210853Charles Wesley WoodmanDike, Grundy, Iowa4230 Jan 1876nativeFarmer
21132Ray Sanford ThompsonDike, Grundy, Iowa3723 Jun 1881nativeFarmer
212232Hans MullerParkersburg, Butler, Iowa4426 Apr 1874naturalizedFarmer
213759George Arthur GilbertReinbeck, Grundy, Iowa3529 May 1883nativeFarm laborer
2141030Albert Karl GuhlReinbeck, Grundy, Iowa4108 Sep 1877naturalizedSection hand
2151547Lonzo FryConrad, Grundy, Iowa3211 Feb 1886nativeFarmer
2161588Orin William BakerConrad, Grundy, Iowa4026 Jun 1878nativeDrayman
217696Oscar Ukke Oltmann LupkesStout, Grundy, Iowa3410 Oct 1884nativeFarmer
2181408Will R. HaldenGrundy Center, Grundy, Iowa4401 Oct 1874nativeDruggist
2191670George Ausborn DraperConrad, Grundy, Iowa1804 Jan 1900nativeStudent/Iowa State University
220223Otto RenkenParkersburg, Butler, Iowa4208 Feb 1876nativeFarmer
2211292Thomas Edward ConnellConrad, Grundy, Iowa3727 Mar 1881nativeFarmer
222144John VietParkersburg, Butler, Iowa1912 Jul 1899alien/declaredFarmer
2231252Brodie Thomas SmithGrundy Center, Grundy, Iowa2016 Jan 1898nativeFarming
2241156Lewis Fredric MeierGrundy Center, Grundy, Iowa4419 Apr 1874nativeCarpenter
225536John BuskohlHolland, Grundy, Iowa3518 Feb 1883nativeFarmer
226277John WoltersAplington, Butler, Iowa3908 Nov 1878citizen by father's naturalizationFarmer
227185Benhard EngelkesParkersburg, Butler, Iowa2021 Sep 1897nativeFarmer
228429Henry J. LuttermanWellsburg, Grundy, Iowa4224 Dec 1875nativeFarmer
229714John StorkGrundy Center, Grundy, Iowa2002 Jul 1898nativeFarming
2301368Fritz Diedrick GraffeGrundy Center, Grundy, Iowa4209 Dec 1875naturalizedLaborer
231325William Frank YounkerAckley, Hardin, Iowa3522 May 1883nativeFarmer
232947Charles Garfield SlessorReinbeck, Grundy, Iowa3608 Dec 1881nativeCarpenter
233450Albert Carl NederhoffGrundy Center, Grundy, Iowa1914 Feb 1899nativeFarming
234204Ben J. ArendsStout, Grundy, Iowa4223 May 1876nativeFarming
2351493Ray G. ShellerGrundy Center, Grundy, Iowa4021 Aug 1878nativeFarmer
2361585George Herman RoseConrad, Grundy, Iowa4527 Aug 1873nativeFarm laborer
2371301William HardieGrundy Center, Grundy, Iowa4329 Aug 1875nativePainter and Paper Hanger
238384Guy Esdert LauterbachAckley, Hardin, Iowa1830 Jan 1900nativeFarm hand
2391589Verner Lee WileyConrad, Grundy, Iowa4023 Dec 1877nativeMason
2401358Edward Charles KerrGrundy Center, Grundy, Iowa3831 Jul 1880nativeFarmer
2411653Walter Clifford ThomasConrad, Grundy, Iowa2024 Dec 1897nativeFarm laborer
242485Jacob LuttermanWellsburg, Grundy, Iowa3511 Sep 1883nativeDruggist
243801John C. HerbisonHudson, Black Hawk, Iowa3617 Dec 1881alien/declaredFarming
244409Obbo MennengaSteamboat Rock, Hardin, Iowa4209 Feb 1876nativeFarmer
245799George BalmerDike, Grundy, Iowa1814 Apr 1900nativeFarming
246241Will MeesterParkersburg, Butler, Iowa4031 Oct 1877nativeFarmer
2471524Elva Jones HudspethConrad, Grundy, Iowa2008 Aug 1898nativeFarmer
2481599Nick KowalchikConrad, Grundy, Iowa3301 Sep 1885alien/non-declaredSection laborer
249645Philip H. MeisingerGrundy Center, Grundy, Iowa3909 Dec 1878nativeFarmer
250273Herman Henry HookWellsburg, Grundy, Iowa2018 Dec 1898nativeFarm laborer
251588Cornelius Hilko DirksHolland, Grundy, Iowa2015 Jul 1898nativeFarming
2521572Anton Frank KatzerConrad, Grundy, Iowa4129 Dec 1876naturalizedFarmer
2531305Frank Dorman HardieGrundy Center, Grundy, Iowa1908 Mar 1899nativeFarming
254158Cornelious Frank HaackStout, Grundy, Iowa4126 Apr 1877citizen by father's naturalizationFarmer
2551150Herbert William LynchGrundy Center, Grundy, Iowa3411 Nov 1883nativeFarming
256788Barnum J. PeckDike, Grundy, Iowa4107 Sep 1877nativeLumber and Coal Dealer
2571174Robert Simon PlagerGrundy Center, Grundy, Iowa3314 Nov 1884nativeFarming
258403Camp C. Reiter3816 Sep 1879citizen by father's naturalizationContractor and builder
25984James Arthur ThomasDike, Grundy, Iowa4222 Sep 1876nativeFarmer
260963William Samuel MillerReinbeck, Grundy, Iowa3327 May 1885nativeSuperintendent of Schools
2611168Alfred John JohnsonGrundy Center, Grundy, Iowa1913 Sep 1898citizen by father's naturalizationFarm laborer
26262Martin JensenCedar Falls, Grundy, Iowa3315 Mar 1885alien/non-declaredFarm laborer
263545Jacob Jacobs WiltsHolland, Grundy, Iowa4225 Aug 1876naturalizedLaborer
2641160Otto Charles WagnerGrundy Center, Grundy, Iowa4029 Jun 1878nativeCigar Mfg.
26592Elso Epke DecknadelDike, Grundy, Iowa4106 Aug 1876nativeFarmer
266902Wallace Edward PorterReinbeck, Grundy, Iowa2004 Sep 1898nativeTelephone lineman
267444Peter B. EekhoffWellsburg, Grundy, Iowa2028 Nov 1887nativeFarming
2681123Detlef Henry StrahlendorfGrundy Center, Grundy, Iowa1801 Nov 1899alien/declaredFarmer
269402Albert J. LuttermanWellsburg, Grundy, Iowa3612 Oct 1881nativeFarmer
2701504Walter Alvin HaskinWhitten, Hardin, Iowa3529 Nov 1882nativeFarmer
271230Nan WaltersWellsburg, Grundy, Iowa4328 Feb 1875citizen by father's naturalizationThreshing
2721603Ole ThorsrudConrad, Grundy, Iowa3923 Nov 1878nativeBlacksmith and Welder
2731674Thomas William SimmsBeaman, Grundy, Iowa3818 Sep 1880nativeWorking ?
2741381George F. SchlueGrundy Center, Iowa3313 Apr 1885nativeMerchant
2751260Royal Everett JohnsonGrundy Center, Grundy, Iowa2030 Jun 1898nativeFarming
276626Jurren D. DiekenHolland, Grundy, Iowa4031 May 1878nativeFarmer
277794Frits Laurits Nekoly ThedsenCedar Falls, Grundy, Iowa3907 Jul 1879alien/non-declaredCarpenter
278367John Dirks AukesWellsburgh, Grundy, Iowa3223 Oct 1885nativeFarmer
279807Henry LarsenDike, Grundy, Iowa3728 Jun 1881nativeFarming
280905Julius BernReinbeck, Grundy, Iowa3323 Aug 1885nativeFarmer
281449John H. KuperWellsburg, Grundy, Iowa1915 Mar 1899nativeFarming
282656Jake William StickfortGrundy Center, Grundy, Iowa1816 Nov 1899nativeFarmer
28338Georg CramerStout, Grundy, Iowa3723 May 1881citizen by father's naturalizationFarmer
284909Samuel Elmer RaberReinbeck, Grundy, Iowa4404 Nov 1873nativeStation Agent
285942George Wesley HooperReinbeck, Grundy, Iowa3905 Jun 1879nativeFarming
286375John RiebkesAckley, Hardin, Iowa1910 Feb 1899nativeFarm hand
2871125Andrew Grant FowlerGrundy Center, Grundy, Iowa4502 Dec 1872nativeFarm laborer
28821Niels Chris SyndergaardCedar Falls, Grundy, Iowa4322 Apr 1875nativeFarmer
2891346Ernest WeatherlyGrundy Center, Grundy, Iowa1804 Apr 1900nativeFarming
2901729Milton Travis BraggBeaman, Grundy, Iowa4024 Feb 1878nativeFarm laborer
29142Ole Otto KrogCedar Falls, Grundy, Iowa3321 Jul 1885nativeFarmer
29248Walter Clyde WalkerNew Hartford, Butler, Iowa3706 Jan 1881nativeFarmer
293884Harvey George O'BrienReinbeck, Grundy, Iowa3805 Sep 1880nativeFarm laborer
2941435Martin Wallace SchwarckEldora, Hardin, Iowa1902 Aug 1899nativeFarmer
2951062Walter Earl MusserReinbeck, Grundy, Iowa4028 Dec 1877nativePlasterer
2961273Enno Ralph HaanGrundy Center, Grundy, Iowa1927 Aug 1899nativeStudent
297109Le-Roy WebsterNew Hartford, Grundy, Iowa1910 Aug 1899nativeFarm laborer
2981656Fred Arthur PrescottConrad, Grundy, Iowa4130 Aug 1877nativeImplement Dealer
2991476Charles Henry KlausWellsburg, Grundy, Iowa2011 Oct 1897nativeFarmer
300311Henry Winfield SchlamppAckley, Hardin, Iowa2004 Nov 1897nativeFarm hand
3011276Delbert Roscoe CoulsonGrundy Center, Grundy, Iowa3725 Dec 1880nativeTelephone Wire Chief
302599John GrooteHolland, Grundy, Iowa2008 Dec 1898nativeFarming
303746Adolph LeibsohnDike, Grundy, Iowa3515 Aug 1883naturalizedMerchant
304398Henry O. NederhoffWellsburg, Grundy, Iowa4211 Dec 1876nativeFarming
3051055Gustav William EhrigWaterloo, Black Hawk, Iowa2022 Dec 1897nativeFarm laborer
306151Clyde Gay ParkDike, Grundy, Iowa3721 Feb 1881nativeFarming
307152Fred Merton HerseyNew Hartford, Butler, Iowa4420 Jan 1874nativeFarming
308254Will Klaas HarkenWellsburg, Grundy, Iowa4119 May 1877nativeFarmer
309854John William AndorfHudson, Grundy, Iowa3627 Jun 1882nativeFarmer
310405Alfred W. FreerksenWellsburg, Grundy, Iowa3714 Feb 1881nativeProp. Billiard Hall
3111354John Lyle MetzgarGrundy Center, Grundy, Iowa3213 Sep 1885nativeClerk
312394Carl Louis BiebesheimerWellsburg, Grundy, Iowa1908 Oct 1898nativeStudent
313793Chris Hansen ChruseDike, Grundy, Iowa3928 Dec 1878alien/declaredCarpenter
3141177John ClarkGrundy Center, Grundy, Iowa3903 Dec 1878nativeRoad Work
315510John H. RuterSteamboat Rock, Hardin, Iowa4117 Apr 1877nativeFarmer
316374John TerHarkAplington, Butler, Iowa2025 Aug 1898alien/non-declaredFarm hand
317203David R. AswegenDike, Grundy, Iowa1806 May 1900nativeFarmer
3181313John NiehausGrundy Center, Grundy, Iowa4520 Nov 1872naturalizedFarmer
3191630William Allen KauffmanConrad, Grundy, Iowa4424 Jul 1874nativePhysician
320190John Henry AswegenParkersburg, Butler, Iowa3207 Oct 1885nativeFarmer
321418Claus B. PrimusWellsburg, Grundy, Iowa1920 Jan 1899nativeFarming
3221362Harvey Atherton MeyersGrundy Center, Grundy, Iowa2009 Nov 1897nativeFarmer
3231690Charles Humphrey StullBeaman, Grundy, Iowa3522 Oct 1882nativeFarmer
3241049Wilbur Garrett ByrnesReinbeck, Grundy, Iowa3327 Jul 1885nativeFarmer
3251330Glenn Clark ShearGrundy Center, Grundy, Iowa4124 Jul 1877nativeProp. Of Pool Hall
3261626John W. ConradConrad, Grundy, Iowa3405 Dec 1883nativeFarmer
327600Harm vonSittersHolland, Grundy, Iowa3923 Feb 1879citizen by father's naturalizationWell driller
328632Frank James NoelHolland, Grundy, Iowa3714 Oct 1880nativeFarm laborer
3291590Robert Ellis MorrisConrad, Grundy, Iowa4003 May 1878nativeSalesman
330424Henry KochWellsburg, Grundy, Iowa4212 Apr 1876nativeFarmer
3311263Orren MillerGrundy Center, Grundy, Iowa4414 Aug 1874nativeFireman
332117George DeGrootStout, Grundy, Iowa4307 Oct 1874naturalizedFarmer
333740Fred Raymond SheetzReinbeck, Grundy, Iowa1911 Apr 1899nativeFarm laborer
334279Ibe Harms-Jr.Wellsburg, Grundy, Iowa3909 Sep 1879nativeFarmer
335845John Ward RichardsHudson, Black Hawk, Iowa3614 Feb 1882nativeFarmer
3361479Jacob KirkdorfferEldora, Hardin, Iowa4412 Aug 1874nativeFarmer
337147Klaus WaltermanStout, Grundy, Iowa3722 Jan 1881nativeFarming
338155John RaskeStout, Grundy, Iowa4224 Aug 1876alien/declaredFarming
339838Peter Otto LudvigsenDike, Grundy, Iowa3401 Jun 1884alien/declaredMason
3401528Howard KlinefelterConrad, Grundy, Iowa3405 Sep 1884nativeFarmer
341725John L. MurphyReinbeck, Grundy, Iowa3309 Mar 1885nativeFarmer
342709Kasjan J. KramerDike, Grundy, Iowa3703 Oct 1880nativeFarmer
343141Jacob Jacob MeyerDike, Grundy, Iowa4115 Mar 1877nativeFarmer
344527Henry HarmsWellsburg, Grundy, Iowa3505 Jan 1882nativeCement Contractor
34558Hans Jensen LundCedar Falls, Grundy, Iowa4207 Apr 1876naturalizedFarmer
3461308Edwin Mace SliferGrundy Center, Grundy, Iowa4328 Aug 1875nativeCarpenter repair
3471364Benjamin DeJong-Jr.Perkins, Sioux, Iowa2031 May 1898nativeStudent
3481067Daniel C. RobbReinbeck, Grundy, Iowa1917 Jan 1899nativeDrug Store Clerk
3491644Willie FranzenburgConrad, Grundy, Iowa3809 Oct 1879naturalizedButcher
350834Jeppe Peter RasmussenDike, Grundy, Iowa2021 Jun 1898nativeFarm hand
351284John Everts MeesterParkersburg, Butler, Iowa3514 Apr 1883nativeFarmer
3521253Laurence William KerrGrundy Center, Grundy, Iowa2029 Jan 1898nativeStudent
353948Herman BoldtReinbeck, Grundy, Iowa3627 Oct 1882nativeDay laborer
354860Fred LubbertDike, Grundy, Iowa4208 Oct 1875nativeWell Driller
355837Miles Luther ArnoldDike, Grundy, Iowa3601 Nov 1881nativeFarmer
3561449Iver John HoffaGrundy Center, Grundy, Iowa4104 Jul 1877nativeFarmer
357815Jim Robert MillerPomona, Howell, Missouri1809 Feb 1900nativeFarmer
3581268George KnockGrundy Center, Grundy, Iowa3503 May 1883nativeFarming
359349Ben ThorneAckley, Grundy, Iowa2010 Oct 1897nativeFarming
360263Ricke Tonjes Buseman4427 Sep 1873naturalizedFarmer
361295George SietsemaWellsburg, Grundy, Iowa3831 Jan 1880citizen by father's naturalizationFarmer
3621031Charles BrummReinbeck, Grundy, Iowa3806 Jul 1880nativeFarming
36380Fred PetersenStout, Grundy, Iowa3310 Apr 1885alien/declaredFarmer
363.51757Carl Christian PetersenReinbeck, Grundy, Iowa3320 Nov 1884naturalizedFarm laborer
364775Bert HornerDike, Grundy, Iowa4422 Nov 1873nativeCarpenter
3651711Marion DewBeaman, Grundy, Iowa3711 Nov 1881nativeFarmer
3661044Henry Earl MintonReinbeck, Grundy, Iowa3627 Jan 1882nativeFarm Implements
366.51756Johnie SchultzDike, Grundy, Iowa3530 Aug 1883citizen by father's naturalizationFarmer
3671604Clinton George FritzelConrad, Grundy, Iowa3909 May 1881nativeFarming
368452Charles J. LuttermanWellsburg, Grundy, Iowa3921 Dec 1878nativeDruggist
369484Carl O. NederhoffWellsburg, Grundy, Iowa4526 Dec 1872nativeFarmer
370967Albert Edward MasonReinbeck, Grundy, Iowa3410 Jul 1884nativeDitcher
371985Fred Henry KittingerHudson, Black Hawk, Iowa3520 Feb 1883nativeR.R. Agent
3721373William Frank EisenhourGrundy Center, Grundy, Iowa3808 Dec 1879nativeThreshing
373260Heye Otto RenkenParkersburg, Butler, Iowa1905 Jan 1899nativeFarm laborer
374.5165Herman Eggo Johannes RewertsDike, Grundy, Iowa1814 Jun 1900nativeFarmer
3751517Ralph Byron DightonWhitten, Hardin, Iowa2024 Nov 1897nativeFarmer
376283Barney HookAplington, Butler, Iowa3515 Mar 1883nativeFarmer
377396John O. WiltsSteamboat Rock, Hardin, Iowa3516 Jul 1883nativeFarmer
3781215Antone Claassen MillerGrundy Center, Grundy, Iowa3330 Sep 1885nativeManager Grain Elevator
3791012Carl Freidrich StrohbehnReinbeck, Grundy, Iowa3324 Jul 1885nativeFarmer
3801679Fred Schafer-Jr.Beaman, Grundy, Iowa3823 Sep 1879nativeFarmer
381432Garnet Lee HazelwoodWellsburg, Grundy, Iowa3526 Sep 1882nativeCarpenter
382146William Jansen EtzenStout, Grundy, Iowa3709 Sep 1881naturalizedTiler
383641Charles KahleWellsburg, Grundy, Iowa1806 Jan 1900nativeFarm laborer
3841147Folkert FolkertsMorrison, Grundy, Iowa3422 Feb 1884nativeFarming
385852Arthur C. WoodReinbeck, Grundy, Iowa3630 May 1882nativeFarming
386679John JohnsonGrundy Center, Grundy, Iowa3306 Sep 1885nativeFarming
387927Raleigh RobertsonReinbeck, Grundy, Iowa3724 Aug 1881nativeFarmer
3881452William Orla PetersEldora, Hardin, Iowa3625 Nov 1881nativeFarmer
389352Jerry SpiekerAckley, Hardin, Iowa3221 Dec 1885nativeFarmer
3901372William BodeGrundy Center, Grundy, Iowa4307 Sep 1875nativeMinister of Gospel
3911658Bert Guy StricklerConrad, Grundy, Iowa3211 Oct 1885nativeMechanical Engineer
3921082Albert Grant MorrisonMorrison, Grundy, Iowa3314 Aug 1885nativeFarming
3931738Detlef WrageBeaman, Grundy, Iowa2027 Feb 1898nativeFarmer
3941277Rudolph Herman KlitzingGrundy Center, Grundy, Iowa3721 Apr 1881nativeMechanic
395705Fred P. GreenfieldGrundy Center, Grundy, Iowa4204 Jun 1876nativeFarming
396855Albert Lewis SmithCedar Falls, Grundy, Iowa3627 Jul 1882nativeFarmer
397846Nis N. KauDike, Grundy, Iowa4511 Feb 1873naturalizedTiler
398509Helmer D. KruseWellsburg, Grundy, Iowa4104 Apr 1877nativeFarmer
399140John Oltman AkkermanParkersburg, Butler, Iowa4130 May 1878nativeFarming
400308Jacob KloosterAplington, Butler, Iowa3605 May 1882alien/declaredFarmer
4011075Clarence Edgar CheesemanReinbeck, Grundy, Iowa4130 Sep 1876nativeFarmer
402721Uke LupkesDike, Grundy, Iowa4325 Dec 1874naturalizedFarmer
403240Renke RenkenAplington, Butler, Iowa4004 Jan 1878native
4041222John William CliniteGrundy Center, Grundy, Iowa3710 Apr 1881nativeFarmer
4051036Walter Clarence KenistonReinbeck, Grundy, Iowa3929 Mar 1878nativeSection Foreman
406335Martin MolendorpWellsburgh, Grundy, Iowa4218 Nov 1875nativeFarmer
4071008John Wesley HepperleReinbeck, Grundy, Iowa2027 May 1898nativeBank Clerk
408247Roelf DeBoerParkersburg, Butler, Iowa4504 Sep 1873alien/non-declaredLaborer
4091151George Bennett RobinsonGrundy Center, Grundy, Iowa3921 Jun 1879nativeInmate of Institute For Feeble Minded Children
41023Ippe Ralph DeVriesDike, Grundy, Iowa3830 Oct 1880nativeFarmer
4111270Abe CleveringGrundy Center, Grundy, Iowa3921 Mar 1879nativeTeaching/Christian Reform College
4121188Harm PenningGrundy Center, Grundy, Iowa4329 Oct 1874nativeFarmer
413929Claus William EhlersReinbeck, Grundy, Iowa3707 Nov 1881nativeGen. Mdse.
4141541John SalemWhitten, Hardin, Iowa43?*1875?*alien/non-declaredFarm laborer
415878Emil William OhrtReinbeck, Grundy, Iowa3707 Jun 1881nativeAuto Mch.
416571William Henry KesslerHolland, Grundy, Iowa4205 Aug 1876nativeFarm laborer
417875Thomas Adam MasonReinbeck, Grundy, Iowa4124 Feb 1877nativeFarmer
41898Carl Julius AndersenDike, Grundy, Iowa4527 Oct 1872alien/declaredFarmer
419434Onkie SherfieldAckley, Hardin, Iowa3411 Apr 1884nativeFarmer
420224Geert MulderAplington, Butler, Iowa4311 Nov 18--*alien/non-declaredFarmer
4211431Frank NewellGrundy Center, Grundy, Iowa3817 Nov 1879nativeFarmer
422135Herman Edward FroemmingStout, Grundy, Iowa3819 Feb 1880nativeMerchant
423453Peter Gerhard HoodjerWellsburg, Grundy, Iowa3911 Mar 1878alien/non-declaredLaborer
4241456Charles Elias DiehlGrundy Center, Grundy, Iowa3617 Mar 1882nativeFarmer
425411Henry DeNeuiWellsburg, Grundy, Iowa1814 Jun 1900nativeFarmer
4261296George HardieGrundy Center, Grundy, Iowa3702 Aug 1882nativePainter
4271542Fred Earl CoulterConrad, Grundy, Iowa3205 Apr 1886nativeFarmer
428455Peter Hemmo RuterWellsburg, Grundy, Iowa4415 Apr 1874nativeFarming
429139Milf Onno MilfsStout, Grundy, Iowa4403 Jan 1874citizen by father's naturalizationRoad Superintendent
430678Harry Walter PeaseGrundy Center, Grundy, Iowa3517 Apr 1883nativeFarmer
4311311Harris ThorntonGrundy Center, Grundy, Iowa4413 Mar 1874nativeFord Authorized agent
432414Geo. H. LindamanWellsburg, Grundy, Iowa3709 Oct 1880nativeLumber Merchant
433216Geo. J. KramerStout, Grundy, Iowa3504 May 1883nativeGarage Power Machiner
434766Wilhelm Henry DavidsDike, Grundy, Iowa4031 Mar 1878nativeCarpenter
4351509Fred HughesConrad, Grundy, Iowa3331 Jul 1885nativeFarm laborer
436890Ernest John HorstmanReinbeck, Grundy, Iowa3815 Jan 1880citizen by father's naturalizationFarmer
4371428James L. CoxEldora, Hardin, Iowa3327 Sep 1884nativeFarmer
438506Harm MeyerWellsburg, Grundy, Iowa1818 Sep 1899nativeFarming
4391266Jacob Odess AlbrightGrundy Center, Grundy, Iowa3424 Mar 1884nativeTeaming
4401462Frank Lewis St.JohnEldora, Hardin, Iowa4530 Apr 1873nativeFarmer
441356John SchreurAplington, Butler, Iowa4004 Feb 1878citizen by father's naturalizationFarmer
4421565James Thomas ClarkeWhitten, Hardin, Iowa3523 Aug 1883nativeFarmer
4431290Robert Eugene KaufmanGrundy Center, Grundy, Iowa3409 Oct 1883nativeCarpenter
444443Trieno J. RiekenaWellsburg, Grundy, Iowa3618 Nov 1881nativeFarmer
445547Weert H. FrerichsHolland, Grundy, Iowa3908 Mar 1879nativeFarming
4461326Harry Macy DiehlGrundy Center, Grundy, Iowa4129 Jan 1877native? Dealer
447148Earnest Judd BawnParkersburg, Butler, Iowa3727 Jul 1881nativeFarming
448915Leon Adam GreenReinbeck, Grundy, Iowa1907 Oct 1898nativeGrocer's Clerk
449976Arthur Hugo MoellerReinbeck, Grundy, Iowa3430 Aug 1884nativeLumber Coal and Grain Dealer
450906Gustav TreinerReinbeck, Grundy, Iowa4007 Mar 1878nativeFarmer and Stockman
451373Martin RiebkesAckley, Hardin, Iowa4422 Nov 1873nativeFarmer
452899August StangeReinbeck, Grundy, Iowa4001 May 1878nativeThresher and Silo filling
453738Alfred MaagDike, Grundy, Iowa3331 Mar 1885nativeLiveryman
454317Joe NeymeyerAplington, Butler, Iowa3427 Jun 1884nativeFarmer
4551562George Elroy GurnseyConrad, Grundy, Iowa2015 Oct 1897nativeFarmer
4561458Daniel Lewis TurnerEldora, Hardin, Iowa1813 Aug 1900nativeFarmer
457613Eilt SchierveldHolland, Grundy, Iowa4128 Nov 1876nativeFarmer
458392Paul FrielingWellsburgh, Grundy, Iowa3316 Jul 1885naturalizedFarmer
459805Timothy FlynnReinbeck, Grundy, Iowa4531 Jan 1872nativeFarming
460120George Freicksen BulthuisStout, Grundy, Iowa3829 Feb 1880nativeThrasher and Farm laborer
4611433Homer Bryan OverstreetGrundy Center, Grundy, Iowa1825 Jun 1900nativeFarmer
462658John StahlGrundy Center, Grundy, Iowa1915 Jun 1899nativeFarmer
4631124Oscar Godfrey OlsonGrundy Center, Grundy, Iowa3809 Sep 1880alien/declaredFarming
4641502Homer ThompsonConrad, Grundy, Iowa3608 Oct 1881nativeFarm laborer
4651218John Henry ReynoldsGrundy Center, Grundy, Iowa4424 Jan 1874nativeFarmer
466488Frank Lester LutzWellsburg, Grundy, Iowa3716 Jan 1881nativeFarmer
4671529Ralph Emerson KauffmanWhitten, Hardin, Iowa3424 Apr 1884nativeFarmer
468288Berend ThornWellsburg, Iowa3523 May 1883nativeFarmer
469314Anthony Paul KurtzAckley, Hardin, Iowa3311 Jul 1885nativeFarm laborer
4701201John SamoGrundy Center, Grundy, Iowa1907 Nov 1899nativeFarm laborer
471508Dick J. BevingWellsburg, Grundy, Iowa4106 Sep 1877nativeHardware and Implement dealer
472886John Edgar JohnsonReinbeck, Grundy, Iowa3919 Sep 1878nativeReal Estate Dealer
473389Menno KuperAckley, Hardin, Iowa4114 Sep 1876citizen by father's naturalizationFarmer
4741298Roy Sherman LewisGrundy Center, Grundy, Iowa3206 Feb 1886nativeLaborer
475191Charley Edward BeckerStout, Grundy, Iowa4521 Oct 1872nativeFarmer
4761750Eddie HarknessReinbeck, Grundy, Iowa3401 Jan 1884nativeDay laborer
477586Andrew EvertsHolland, Grundy, Iowa2028 Apr 1898nativeFarm laborer
478184Taleus Johannes AsweganStout, Grundy, Iowa2018 Oct 1897nativeFarmer
479107Earl Spencer SyndergardCedar Falls, Grundy, Iowa1814 Aug 1900nativeFarm laborer
4801306Charley Kyd DesmariasGrundy Center, Grundy, Iowa4121 Dec 1876nativeFarming
481243John VanMillWellsburg, Grundy, Iowa4511 Feb 1873citizen by father's naturalizationFarmer
482507Hieko ThorenWellsburg, Grundy, Iowa3313 Sep 1884nativeFarm laborer
483644Ejner Bernhard JacobsenGrundy Center, Grundy, Iowa2004 May 1898alien/non-declaredFarmer
484480Evert J. RiekenaWellsburg, Grundy, Iowa3528 Aug 1883nativeFarmer
485585Walter NeessenWellsburg, Grundy, Iowa3809 Apr 1880nativeFarmer
4861028James Emmett SlessorReinbeck, Grundy, Iowa3930 Jul 1879nativeLaborer
4871187Franklin Reed TrevillyanGrundy Center, Grundy, Iowa4330 Sep 1875nativePlumber
488281Mahlon Chris JohnsonParkersburg, Butler, Iowa1817 May 1900nativeFarm laborer
4891166Daniel Elias SmithGrundy Center, Grundy, Iowa3407 Feb 1884nativeFarm hand
4901011Garfield Glen VittumReinbeck, Grundy, Iowa3331 May 1885nativeSection laborer
491552Heiko Thomas NeessenHolland, Grundy, Iowa3404 Feb 1884nativeFarmer
49293Jens Jakob ChristensenCedar Falls, Grundy, Iowa4512 Apr 1873alien/declaredFarmer
493529John KrullWellsburg, Grundy, Iowa3624 Jan 1822*citizen by father's naturalizationLaborer
49476Ralph Waldo CrouseDike, Grundy, Iowa3627 May 1882nativeFarmer
495391Joe BoyengaAckley, Hardin, Iowa3307 Apr 1885citizen by father's naturalizationFarmer
4961041Johannes Friedrich HansenReinbeck, Grundy, Iowa4031 Jul 1878alien/declaredFarmer
497836Sigurd Emil LarsenDike, Grundy, Iowa2003 Jul 1898nativeFarmer
498693Joseph Herman UrbankMilwaukee, Wis.3307 Oct 1885nativeSalesman
4991556James Walter WilcoxWhitten, Hardin, Iowa3827 Sep 1879nativeFarmer
500343Seede VonHeidenAckley, Hardin, Iowa3530 Dec 1882nativeFarmer
50155Thomas Brandt NielsenStout, Grundy, Iowa4322 Nov 1874alien/non-declaredFarmer
502825John Henry SteinHudson, Grundy, Iowa4023 Sep 1877nativeFarmer
503814Ferdinand LohnkeDike, Grundy, Iowa3208 Jan 1886nativeMerchant
5041536Frank CrouseConrad, Grundy, Iowa4328 Aug 1875nativeFarmer
5051382William John ScottGrundy Center, Grundy, Iowa4512 Dec 1872nativeLumber Dealer
5061357Frank B. SeveranceGrundy Center, Grundy, Iowa3311 Jan 1885nativeFarming
5071390Herman Burdette MeindersGrundy Center, Grundy, Iowa2004 Jan 1898nativeClerk
508591Ben VanDeestGrundy Center, Grundy, Iowa4210 May 1876nativeFarmer
5091220Dick FrerichsGrundy Center, Grundy, Iowa4127 Sep 1877alien/declaredFarming
5101095James Taylor ElliottMorrison, Grundy, Iowa4412 Jun 1874nativeBlacksmith
5111581Walter VintonWhitten, Hardin, Iowa1830 Dec 1899nativeFarmer
512542John HoodjerHolland, Grundy, Iowa4213 Jan 1876alien/non-declaredFarmer
5131641George Earl ShepardConrad, Grundy, Iowa4221 Aug 1876nativeContractor
5141420Edgar Henry NewtonGrundy Center, Grundy, Iowa4320 Jun 1875nativeMachinist
515251Ayelt Albers KrullParkersburg, Butler, Iowa3718 Sep 1880alien/declaredFarmer
51647Clarence JohnsonCedar Falls, Grundy, Iowa2017 Mar 1898nativeFarm laborer
5171401Robert Roy LennoxGrundy Center, Grundy, Iowa3412 Dec 1883citizen by father's naturalizationFarm laborer
518605Mainard Rhodes BrownGrundy Center, Grundy, Iowa1921 Feb 1899nativeFarming
519910Elmer Glen JordanNorwalk, Grundy, Iowa1820 Aug 1900nativeOperator
5201657William Emil TaddikenConrad, Grundy, Iowa4130 Sep 1877nativePainter
521217Arthur Hemmerling WrightDike, Grundy, Iowa3516 Feb 1883nativeFarmer
5221052Edwin Elmer CheesemanReinbeck, Grundy, Iowa3631 Mar 1882nativeFarmer
5231043Roscoe Ray ReedyReinbeck, Grundy, Iowa3617 Aug 1882nativeGarage
524956William Harry EasterdayHudson, Black Hawk, Iowa2130 Aug 1897nativeFarm laborer
5251108Dick NiehausGrundy Center, Grundy, Iowa3326 Dec 1884citizen by father's naturalizationFarmer
526200John Henry OelmannParkersburg, Butler, Iowa3221 Dec 1885nativeFarmer
5271278John HartmanGrundy Center, Grundy, Iowa3218 Apr 1886nativeFarming
528932William C. GuhlReinbeck, Grundy, Iowa4312 Jan 1875naturalizedCommon Laborer
5291664James Richard HigorConrad, Grundy, Iowa3319 Oct 1884nativeSection Laborer
5301559William N. TincherConrad, Iowa4023 Jul 1878nativeFarmer
531383Haje KruseAckley, Hardin, Iowa4501 May 1873nativeFarmer
532350Harmans WildeboerAckley, Hardin, Iowa4526 Mar 1873alien/non-declaredFarm laborer
533892Ray Edward RamseyReinbeck, Grundy, Iowa1921 Oct 1898nativeFarming
534470Christoph MillerWellsburg, Grundy, Iowa4208 Jan 1876nativeFarmer
53591Wm Lorue JeppersonNew Hartford, Grundy, Iowa3704 Mar 1881nativeFarming
5361457T. Everett BrownGrundy Center, Grundy, Iowa3529 Aug 1883nativeFarmer
537863Herman F. VolberdingDike, Grundy, Iowa4201 Jul 1876nativeLaborer
538567Harm Jacob JaspersWellsburg, Grundy, Iowa3302 May 1885nativeFarmer
539253Sam Luppen ClaassenWellsburg, Grundy, Iowa4124 Sep 1876nativeFarmer
5401643Edward Franklin WillardConrad, Grundy, Iowa3711 Sep 1881nativeDay laborer
541122Henry Fred WiltfangStout, Grundy, Iowa3424 Aug 1884nativeFarmer
542935John DirksReinbeck, Grundy, Iowa4310 Jan 1875citizen by father's naturalizationStock Buyer
543504Fred TerfehnWellsburg, Grundy, Iowa3923 Aug 1879nativeFarmer
5441473John Hewson CallawayEldora, Hardin, Iowa4204 Nov 1875nativeFarmer
5451550Benjamin Chase StewartConrad, Grundy, Iowa2003 Jan 1898nativeFarmer
5461423Harry Elmer NewtonGrundy Center, Grundy, Iowa3901 Apr 1879nativeFarmer
5471554John Martin PhillipsConrad, Grundy, Iowa4531 Oct 1872nativeFarmer
548446Ausbrand Johann JanssenWellsburg, Grundy, Iowa4510 Apr 1873alien/declaredFarmer
549386Louie RiebkesAckley, Hardin, Iowa1812 Aug 1900nativeFarm hand
550592George HookWellsburg, Grundy, Iowa4208 Mar 1876nativeFarmer
5511464William Walter StoverGrundy Center, Grundy, Iowa3824 Aug 1880nativeFarmer
5521748Sam P. BettengaHolland, Grundy, Iowa4101 Jan 1878nativeFarmer
553467Dick DeNeuiWellsburg, Grundy, Iowa4526 Apr 1873nativeFarmer
5541478Frank Olin ShellerGrundy Center, Grundy, Iowa4409 Sep 1874nativeFarmer
5551319David Earl HasbrouckGrundy Center, Grundy, Iowa3307 Dec 1884nativeCarpenter
55612Clifford Calvin HuntleyStout, Grundy, Iowa2110 Sep 1897nativeFarmer
557791John E. HausosDike, Grundy, Iowa3325 Mar 1884alien/non-declaredRailroad laborer
5581744Walter MarshallBeaman, Grundy, Iowa3222 Dec 1885nativeCarpenter
5591342Henry L. LuitjensGrundy Center, Grundy, Iowa3603 Jul 1882nativeFarming and Dairy
560553Andrew StahlHolland, Grundy, Iowa3420 Jan 1884nativeFarmer
561282Ford Franklin EberlineWellsburg, Grundy, Iowa1806 Feb 1900nativeFarm laborer
562420Fred RuterWellsburg, Grundy, Iowa1908 May 1899nativeFarm laborer
563370Claas Isebrand HarkenAckley, Hardin, Iowa4314 Apr 1875nativeFarmer
564145Harold William HenningParkersburg, Butler, Iowa1909 May 1899nativeFarmer
565206Herman LumkenParkersburg, Butler, Iowa3803 Jun 1880naturalizedFarming
5661146Henry J. JohnsonGrundy Center, Iowa3424 Jan 1884nativeFarmer
567745Ole Jurgen Andreas Tonnesen3523 Jul 1883naturalizedBlacksmith
568448Edward SwansonWellsburg, Grundy, Iowa4130 Jun 1877naturalizedProp. Of Restaurant
5695Jens Jensen AagaardStout, Grundy, Iowa4108 Jan 1877alien/declaredFarming
570912George Bertran WatsonReinbeck, Grundy, Iowa1930 Sep 1899nativeFarmer
571819Theodore KochDike, Grundy, Iowa3710 Jul 1881nativeFarmer
5721079Earl Joseph DiamondMorrison, Grundy, Iowa3405 Mar 1884nativeFarming
5731736Carroll Wilson ButlerBeaman, Grundy, Iowa3625 Dec 1881nativeMasonry
574936Harry James SchelhornReinbeck, Grundy, Iowa1901 Feb 1899nativeFarmer
575126Onno H. KlosterboerStout, Grundy, Iowa1929 Dec 1898alien/non-declaredTruck driver for Merchants
576222Dave Henry AswegenStout, Grundy, Iowa3807 Jan 1880citizen by father's naturalizationFarming
57788Walter Louis HansenCedar Falls, Grundy, Iowa1801 Jul 1900nativeFarm laborer
578299Friederick Henderiekus SchrieverWellsburg, Grundy, Iowa3506 Dec 1883alien/declaredFarm laborer
579490John M. MeyerWellsburg, Grundy, Iowa3710 Sep 1881nativeButcher
58045William Alex McDowellStout, Grundy, Iowa3619 Jun 1882alien/declaredFarmer
581197John George EllingerStout, Grundy, Iowa3912 May 1879nativePost Master/Stout
582236George Frank JohnsonParkersburg, Butler, Iowa2024 Apr 1898nativeFarmer
58350William Henry WilsonNew Hartford, Butler, Iowa3530 Dec 1882nativeFarmer
5841566Ralph Elmer KlinefelterConrad, Grundy, Iowa3715 Oct 1880nativeFarmer
585323Clarence Ulfers2009 Mar 1898nativeFarm hand
5861441William Chester BachmanEldora, Hardin, Iowa3717 Feb 1881nativeFarmer
587743Christian AndersonDike, Grundy, Iowa3202 Jan 1886alien/declaredSteam Engineer
5881185Manton Fred PalmerGrundy Center, Grundy, Iowa3503 Nov 1882nativeCity Delivery
5892Soren Knudsen OstergaardCedar Falls, Grundy, Iowa3703 Aug 1881nativeFarmer
59096Frank Haven CrouseDike, Grundy, Iowa3910 Dec 1878nativeFarming
591258Heine Klaas MullerParkersburg, Butler, Iowa3620 Jun 1882nativeFarmer
592181Harm RademakerStout, Grundy, Iowa2005 Sep 1898nativeFarmer
5931172Everett ThorenGrundy Center, Grundy, Iowa1819 Jul 1900nativeLaborer
5941414Christ John PabstGrundy Center, Grundy, Iowa4017 Aug 1878citizen by father's naturalizationFarming
5951698Foster WakefieldBeaman, Grundy, Iowa3310 Mar 1885nativeFarmer
596802Nicolas George NpophilesMilwaukee, Wisconsin3618 Mar 1882alien/non-declaredRailroad laborer
597669George M. BakkerGrundy Center, Grundy, Iowa3728 Dec 1880nativeFarmer
598989Samuel Robert NeilReinbeck, Iowa3506 Feb 1883nativeRetired farmer
599688Ross Devore Johnson1804 Jan 1900nativeFarming
600297Christ. Fredrick DoescherParkersburg, Butler, Iowa3321 Dec 1884nativeFarmer
6011583Charles Lewis CreceliusConrad, Grundy, Iowa3518 Oct 1882nativeBarber
602532James Andrew SmithHolland, Grundy, Iowa3925 Oct 1878nativeLaborer
603563John Jacob AbelsHolland, Grundy, Iowa3909 Feb 1879nativeFarmer
6041704Roy Prellar FollansbeeBeaman, Grundy, Iowa3614 Nov 1882nativeAsst Manager/Beaman Elevator Company
605733Dirk C. PabstDike, Grundy, Iowa4430 Mar 1874nativeFarmer
6061131John Gustav BoegeGrundy Center, Grundy, Iowa3615 Jan 1882citizen by father's naturalizationFarming
60765Ejnar Viggo ThodeCedar Falls, Grundy, Iowa1927 Dec 1898alien/non-declaredFarm laborer
6081591Tony PawlovichConrad, Grundy, Iowa3918 May 1879alien/non-declaredSection laborer
609267Martin Brunke MeindersAplington, Butler, Iowa2019 May 1898nativeFarm laborer
6101231Diedrich Hinrich KrommingaGrundy Center, Grundy, Iowa3820 Oct 1879citizen by father's naturalizationMinister
611992Harley Everett BeanReinbeck, Grundy, Iowa3707 Sep 1881nativeTeamster
6121001John BrauerReinbeck, Grundy, Iowa4525 Aug 1873naturalizedFarmer
613566John NeessenHolland, Grundy, Iowa3302 Jul 1885nativeGrain dealer
6141539William Jacob YoungWhitten, Hardin, Iowa4326 Mar 1875nativeFarmer
6151161John VanderwickenGrundy Center, Grundy, Iowa4208 Nov 1875nativePostmaster
6161484Fred Jacob DelpEldora, Hardin, Iowa3509 Apr 1883native
617167Frank Reynold PanzerParkersburg, Butler, Iowa1929 Nov 1898nativeFarming
61810Knud Christian NielsenCedar Falls, Grundy, Iowa3715 Oct 1880naturalizedFarmer
619440Jurgen J. LuttermanWellsburg, Grundy, Iowa4421 Jan 1874nativeLaborer
620406Claus HoodjerSteamboat Rock, Hardin, Iowa3723 Apr 1881naturalizedFarming
621735Carl Christian ChristiansenCedar Falls, Grundy, Iowa3820 Sep 1879nativeFarmer
62264Jens Jensen MolbeyStout, Grundy, Iowa4226 Apr 1876naturalizedFarmer
623546Herman MeyerHolland, Grundy, Iowa4210 Oct 1876naturalizedFarmer
624179George AswegenDike, Grundy, Iowa2013 Jun 1898nativeFarmer
625690Claus WesemanGrundy Center, Grundy, Iowa3215 May 1886nativeFarming
6261413Thomas Joseph NorrisGrundy Center, Grundy, Iowa4025 Jun 1878naturalizedMinister of Gospel
627861Hans Jensen KnudsenDike, Grundy, Iowa4201 Oct 1875naturalizedHarness maker
628380Ubbe HarkenAckley, Hardin, Iowa3326 Sep 1884nativeFarmer
629844Charles Daniel PloogReinbeck, Grundy, Iowa3421 Jun 1884nativeFarmer
6301144Ernst Hermann StrahlendorfGrundy Center, Grundy, Iowa3921 Oct 1878alien/declaredFarming
631465Jerry H. WilliamsWellsburg, Grundy, Iowa3911 Dec 1879citizen by father's naturalizationFarmer
6321467Robert Thomas SchwarckEldora, Hardin, Iowa4404 Sep 1874nativeFarmer
6331152Cornelius QuinbyGrundy Co., Iowa4121 Sep 1876nativeInmate of Institute For Feeble Minded Children
63415Hans Kelsen PedersenCedar Falls, Grundy, Iowa3123 Oct 1886alien/non-declaredFarm laborer
635372Ubbe BevingAckley, Hardin, Iowa4320 Jan 1875nativeFarmer
636722Ralph D. PabstGrundy Center, Grundy, Iowa3406 Oct 1883nativeFarmer
6371525John Lund-Jr.Cedar Rapids, Linn, Iowa1819 Apr 1899nativeFarmer
638292George DeBoerParkersburg, Butler, Iowa1810 Jan 1900alien/non-declaredFarm laborer
6391096John Actison GillilandReinbeck, Grundy, Iowa4011 May 1878nativeFarming
640382Martin KruseWellsburgh, Grundy, Iowa3925 Jul 1879nativeFarmer
641511Bernard H. LindamanWellsburg, Grundy, Iowa3921 Nov 1878nativeLumber Merchant
642752Christian Kalsgaard NielsenDike, Iowa3814 Aug 1880alien/declaredPainter
6431730Frank Lee MillerBeaman, Grundy, Iowa4014 Jun 1878nativeFarmer
644300Reinder Jacob RindelsAplington, Butler, Iowa4201 Jul 1876naturalizedFarmer
645355Georg DeBoer WubbensWellsburgh, Grundy, Iowa4304 Apr 1875naturalizedLaborer
6461065Jakob HirthReinbeck, Grundy, Iowa4126 May 1877alien/declaredLaborer
647464Henry HauptWellsburg, Grundy, Iowa3803 Dec 1879alien/declaredFarm laborer
648577Lewis GerloffHolland, Grundy, Iowa4204 Jan 1896nativeFarmer
649736Peter Emil JensenDike, Grundy, Iowa4010 Aug 1878alien/declaredMason
650338Andrew Edward MillerCleves, Hardin, Iowa1929 Mar 1899nativeFarm hand
651266Ludwig CordesParkersburg, Butler, Iowa4417 Feb 1874citizen by father's naturalizationFarmer
6521348Harvey Milton BockesBeaman, Grundy, Iowa4516 Jun 1873nativeFarming
653211Reinhard DruivengaParkersburg, Butler, Iowa3414 May 1884alien/declaredFarming
6541514Roy Allison ClarkWhitten, Hardin, Iowa3323 Nov 1884nativeFarmer
65599Samuel Walker HemenwayCedar Falls, Grundy, Iowa4501 Jul 1873nativeFarmer
6561058Henry David StephensReinbeck, Grundy, Iowa3611 Dec 1881nativeErecting Silos/Farm laborer
657924Edward Christian SchuknechtReinbeck, Grundy, Iowa3926 Apr 1879nativeCommission Merchant
658293Koert OudekerkAplington, Butler, Iowa3320 Jul 1885alien/non-declaredTiler
6591445Clyde Irvin KinneyWhitten, Hardin, Iowa3304 Jul 1885nativeFarmer
6601258Harry SteignerGrundy Center, Grundy, Iowa3912 Jul 1879nativeFarmer
6611312Christ Jurgens SparenborgGrundy Center, Grundy, Iowa4330 Aug 1875citizen by father's naturalizationLaborer
6621269Claus Dennis StachourGrundy Center, Grundy, Iowa3822 Oct 1879citizen by father's naturalizationMerchant
663574Creno Peter BettengaHolland, Grundy, Iowa4210 Oct 1875nativeEngineer
664750Carl ChristensenDike, Grundy, Iowa3828 Jan 1880alien/declaredFarmer
6651611Rollin Leslie BairdConrad, Grundy, Iowa2016 Mar 1898nativeStudent: S.A.T.C.
666642John PetersHolland, Grundy, Iowa1811 Dec 1900nativeFarming
667231Eilt Luppen ClaassenWellsburg, Grundy, Iowa4306 Jun 1875nativeFarm laborer
6681083Peter Jurgen Andreas MeinertGrundy Center, Grundy, Iowa3304 Jun 1885alien/declaredFarming
669237John VanHeidenAplington, Butler, Iowa4006 Sep 1878nativeFarmer
6701143Bror Emil OlsonGrundy Center, Grundy, Iowa3809 Sep 1880alien/declaredFarmer
671761Fred John WoodReinbeck, Grundy, Iowa3512 Oct 1882nativeFarmer
672611John Calvain AbelsHolland, Grundy, Iowa3830 Apr 1880nativeFarmer
673887Richard John ClaussenReinbeck, Grundy, Iowa3915 May 1879nativeCothing merchant
6741118Ralph Ingram HostetterGrundy Center, Grundy, Iowa1910 May 1899nativeFarming
6751552Joel Asa WheelockLiscomb, Marshall, Iowa4413 Jul 1874nativeFarmer
6761377George Homer SchellingGrundy Center, Grundy, Iowa4005 Mar 1878nativeLaborer
677287Jans GroeneveldAplington, Butler, Iowa1827 Apr 1900nativeFarm laborer
6781353Clayton Gordon RalstonGrundy Center, Grundy, Iowa2130 Aug 1897nativeFarm hand
6791025Samuel ThompsonReinbeck, Grundy, Iowa3900 Nov 1878alien/declaredTeamster/Farm laborer
6801723James Frank GroesbeckBeaman, Grundy, Iowa3922 Apr 1879nativeDrayman
681169Chris JohnsonDike, Grundy, Iowa3628 Nov 1881alien/declaredFarming
682903Earl Dewey StraleyThayer, Union, Iowa2025 Aug 1898nativeTelegrapher
6831164Elmer G. YeagerGrundy Center, Grundy, Iowa3409 May 1884nativeEngineer
684327August Herman WesselsAckley, Iowa2002 Nov 1898nativeStudent/Dubuque College and Seminary
685787James Christian JensenReinbeck, Grundy, Iowa3505 Apr 1883alien/declaredFarmer
686512Julius J. Heikens-Jr.Wellsburg, Grundy, Iowa3312 Mar 1885nativeFarmer
68751Carl Marnus HenningsenDike, Grundy, Iowa3312 Dec 1884nativeFarmer
6881182Harry Harrison CliftGrundy Center, Grundy, Iowa3518 Apr 1883nativeRailroad man
689125Joe ArenholzStout, Grundy, Iowa1904 Sep 1899citizen by father's naturalizationFarming
690538Dirk WerkmanHolland, Grundy, Iowa3326 Jan 1885alien/declaredSection Foreman
691136Harry WiltfangStout, Grundy, Iowa4316 Jan 1875nativeFarmer
69275Frederick EiklenborgStout, Grundy, Iowa1906 Feb 1899nativeFarm laborer
6931485Charles LeRoy SewardEldora, Hardin, Iowa3515 Aug 1883nativeFarmer
6941097Herbert C. SchwyhartGrundy Center, Grundy, Iowa4215 Feb 1876nativeFarming
695795Paul Merritt Paulson4001 Apr 1878nativeMason Tender
6961119Edwin James PeckGrundy Center, Grundy, Iowa1908 Mar 1899nativeFarming
6971212Edward John GieseyGrundy Center, Grundy, Iowa3317 May 1885nativeBarber and Real Estate
698172Ray Orval BrownParkersburg, Butler, Iowa3107 Jun 1887nativeFarming
6991349John Henry MurphyGrundy Center, Grundy, Iowa3228 Feb 1886nativeConductor
700209Martin ReinickeStout, Grundy, Iowa3510 Nov 1882citizen by father's naturalizationFarmer
701530Luurt SchweertmannSteamboat Rock, Hardin, Iowa3926 Apr 1879alien/non-declaredFarmer
7021122Jake Clinton PlumMorrison, Grundy, Iowa4326 Jul 1875nativeLaborer
7031002Cobus KochReinbeck, Grundy, Iowa4527 Nov 1872naturalizedFarming
704561Ed Adam LingelbachHolland, Grundy, Iowa3410 Jan 1884nativeGeneral Merchant
705174Henry Lutjen BeenkenParkersburg, Butler, Iowa3308 Nov 1884nativeFarmer
7061725Frank Lester CrowderBeaman, Grundy, Iowa3604 Aug 1882nativePop-corn and Peanut stand
707110Clifford Arthur AllenParkersburg, Butler, Iowa3817 Sep 1879nativeFarming
7081307Herman AbelsGrundy Center, Grundy, Iowa4115 Feb 1877nativeFarming
709332Helmer MolendorpWellsburgh, Grundy, Iowa3828 Sep 1879nativeFarmer
7101648Elmer Oliver CarnesConrad, Grundy, Iowa3804 Oct 1879nativeAg't Std Oil Co
711589Gosso Buss Rindels4409 Sep 1874citizen by father's naturalizationFarming
712408Diedrich MullerWellsburg, Grundy, Iowa3706 Oct 1880nativeFarmer
7131483David Swartz RhineConrad, Grundy, Iowa3412 Jul 1884nativeFarmer
714104Leo Oscar KnudsenCedar Falls, Grundy, Iowa1823 Jun 1900nativeFarm laborer
715651Albert H. TjepkesDike, Grundy, Iowa2018 Feb 1898nativeFarming
716156Jacob MullerDike, Grundy, Iowa3718 Dec 1880nativeFarmer
7171407Clarence Frederick HummelGrundy Center, Grundy, Iowa3905 May 1879citizen by father's naturalizationBarber
718716Harm SparenborgGrundy Center, Grundy, Iowa3213 Mar 1886nativeFarmer
7191425John Vail GilmourGrundy Center, Grundy, Iowa3209 Apr 1886nativeMechanic
720560Henry SchulteWellsburg, Grundy, Iowa3408 Mar 1884nativeFarmer
721655Menno BuskohlDike, Grundy, Iowa4117 Dec 1876nativeFarming
7221677George William LamkenBeaman, Grundy, Iowa3504 May 1883nativePrinter
7231149J. Bert ThompsonGrundy Center, Grundy, Iowa3405 Mar 1884nativeFarming
7241103Henry BarfelsGrundy Center, Grundy, Iowa3728 Jul 1881nativeFarming
725868Jim AhrendtDike, Grundy, Iowa4406 Mar 1874citizen by father's naturalizationFarming
726239Ebe SentsWellsburg, Grundy, Iowa3623 Jun 1882nativeFarmer
727701Oscar Gustav WalterDike, Grundy, Iowa2008 Sep 1898nativeFarming
728796Arthur Warder HinsonHudson, Grundy, Iowa3418 Dec 1883nativeFarmer
729779Morrison CroweDike, Grundy, Iowa4024 May 1878alien/declaredFarm laborer
7301009Elmer Ferdinand Charles LentheReinbeck, Grundy, Iowa2021 Oct 1897nativeFarm laborer
731320Fredrick MeyerAplington, Butler, Iowa4505 Jan 1873nativeFarmer
7321196John Oscar Fritzel-Jr.Grundy Center, Grundy, Iowa1809 Apr 1900nativeFarm hand
7331247Clyde Stanley MartzGrundy Center, Grundy, Iowa4230 Aug 1876nativeFarmer
73411Charles MaxwellCedar Falls, Grundy, Iowa2013 Jul 1898nativeFarm laborer
735627Theodore BottemaHolland, Grundy, Iowa4120 Nov 1876alien/declaredFarmer
736873John Bunyan McCullochReinbeck, Grundy, Iowa3909 Sep 1878nativeFarm laborer
7371608Willard Lynn CrossConrad, Grundy, Iowa1913 Jun 1899nativeFarming at home
738541Meint LupkesWellsburg, Grundy, Iowa4001 Sep 1878naturalizedFarmer
739857Thorwald PetersenDike, Grundy, Iowa3618 Aug 1882naturalizedBlacksmith
7401667Eric Carl Reinhart JordanConrad, Grundy, Iowa3325 Jan 1885nativeSuperintendent of Schools/Conrad
7411282Hedde Johnson BoyengaGrundy Center, Grundy, Iowa3223 Jan 1886alien/declaredAuto mechanic
7421522Edward Clem BurnellConrad, Grundy, Iowa3707 Jul 1881nativeFarm laborer
743652Vernon Henry SteffenDike, Grundy, Iowa2027 Oct 1897nativeFarmer
7441267Gay Edward PalmerGrundy Center, Grundy, Iowa3513 Feb 1883nativeFarmer
745593Albert Stephen CowieHolland, Grundy, Iowa4114 Mar 1877nativeFarmer
746202John K. DirksDike, Grundy, Iowa3227 Jan 1886nativeFarming
7471193August AndersonGrundy Center, Grundy, Iowa4204 Oct 1875alien/declaredCarpenter
748851Hans Marius HansenDike, Grundy, Iowa3501 Oct 1882Carpenter
74928George Kyd CowieStout, Grundy, Iowa3201 Mar 1886nativeFarming
750198Bernhardt Peter NelsonParkersburg, Butler, Iowa1813 Jul 1900nativeFarming
751291Bulo Jahn Westermann4204 Jun 1876alien/non-declaredFarmer
7521116Oscar Merton DowneyMorrison, Grundy, Iowa4202 Apr 1876nativeBarber
753305Herman SiemersAckley, Hardin, Iowa2021 Apr 1898nativeFarm hand
7541302George Washington MastinGrundy Center, Grundy, Iowa2023 Oct 1897nativeDay Laborer
755525Joe B. RiekenaWellsburg, Grundy, Iowa4128 Nov 1876nativeFarmer
756637John John KruseHolland, Grundy, Iowa3931 Jan 1879nativeFarmer
757270Jerry FreyWellsburg, Grundy, Iowa2025 Sep 1899nativeFarm laborer
7581511Benjimin MorrisonConrad, Grundy, Iowa3912 Jun 1879nativeFarmer
7591297Herbert Sherman SlinkerGrundy Center, Grundy, Iowa3224 Dec 1885nativeFarming
7601038Charles William RunftReinbeck, Grundy, Iowa4306 Mar 1875nativeFarmer
761994Albert Alexander MooreReinbeck, Grundy, Iowa4123 Jul 1877nativeHardware Merchant
7621088Dalph McKinneyMorrison, Grundy, Iowa3527 Jan 1883nativeLaborer
763301Ben Rudolf HookParkersburg, Butler, Iowa4218 Oct 1875naturalizedFarmer
7641023Ben Henry BulthuisReinbeck, Grundy, Iowa1806 Mar 1900nativeFarm laborer
7651440Orla S. DinnesEldora, Hardin, Iowa3315 Mar 1885nativeFarmer
7661126Edward Milton BeckwithMorrison, Grundy, Iowa3822 Dec 1879nativeCarpenter
767594Ralph Dirk HarbertsGrundy Center, Grundy, Iowa4111 May 1877nativeFarmer
768763John S. O'ConnorReinbeck, Grundy, Iowa3508 Jul 1883nativeFarming
769607William KochWellsburg, Grundy, Iowa3825 Dec 1879nativeFarmer
770476Ed MeyerWellsburg, Grundy, Iowa3214 Mar 1886nativeExperienced Lumberman
7711046Theodore BrandtReinbeck, Grundy, Iowa3607 Sep 1882nativePool Hall
77226Soren Jensen LangeStout, Grundy, Iowa4318 Aug 1875naturalizedFarm laborer
773358Harm HayengaWellsburgh, Grundy, Iowa4107 Sep 1877nativeFarmer
7741444John Jowhones SliferGrundy Center, Grundy, Iowa3824 Mar 1880alien/non-declaredFarmer
775248Dick JohnsonAplington, Butler, Iowa3218 Feb 1886naturalizedFarmer
7761741William Augustus CrowderBeaman, Grundy, Iowa4126 Feb 1877nativePainter
7771510Chester Thompson EmmertWhitten, Hardin, Iowa3830 Aug 1880nativeFarmer
778482Charles ZechWellsburg, Grundy, Iowa4230 Jul 1876nativeCarpenter
77997Jacob Jensen DallDike, Grundy, Iowa4128 Jan 1877nativeFarmer
7801241David Riley EarlGrundy Center, Grundy, Iowa4408 Nov 1873nativeCounty School Supt/Grundy County
7811197John Joseph SouersGrundy Center, Grundy, Iowa1812 Jan 1900nativeStudent
7821189Konrad J. KruseGrundy Center, Grundy, Iowa4327 Sep 1874nativeFarm laborer
783192John William CirksenaStout, Grundy, Iowa4509 Apr 1873nativeManager for Grain and Lumber Co.
784363Kasper BoelmanAckley, Hardin, Iowa3610 Apr 1882naturalizedFarmer
7851645Thomas Cowan GrahamConrad, Grundy, Iowa3827 Mar 1880nativeFarm laborer
7861538James Thomas MooreWhitten, Hardin, Iowa3217 Sep 1885nativeFarmer
787608Henry George FlaterGrundy Center, Grundy, Iowa4122 Jul 1877nativeFarmer
7881733Paul Jonas LundbergBeaman, Grundy, Iowa4104 Jan 1877naturalizedFarmer
7891334George Francis WelchGrundy Center, Grundy, Iowa3630 May 1882nativeFarm hand
790869James SaulReinbeck, Grundy, Iowa4123 Feb 1877nativeFarming
7911068William Herbert MeissnerReinbeck, Grundy, Iowa1915 Jan 1899nativeFarm laborer
7921314Peter Ernest MuhringGrundy Center, Grundy, Iowa4324 Jul 1875citizen by father's naturalizationImplement Dealer
793996Jens Peter JensenReinbeck, Grundy, Iowa4214 Jun 1876alien/declaredDitcher
793.51754Christian Henry LarsonDike, Grundy, Iowa3404 Jul 1885naturalizedEngineer
794749Anders Petr AndersenReinbeck, Grundy, Iowa3225 Sep 1885alien/non-declaredFarmer
795410William GarlWellsburg, Grundy, Iowa3810 Sep 1878nativeDrayman
79622Peter JensenDike, Grundy, Iowa4324 Sep 1874naturalizedFarmer
79771George LarsenDike, Grundy, Iowa4515 May 1873nativeFarmer
7981482Wilfred William NeffWhitten, Hardin, Iowa1815 Mar 1900nativeFarmer
799870Joseph Martin CondonDike, Grundy, Iowa4111 Sep 1877nativeRoad Superintendent/Grant Township
8001045George Allen BiebesheimerReinbeck, Iowa3616 Jul 1882nativePhysician and Surgeon
8011734Albert Carl KaufmannBeaman, Grundy, Iowa2020 Mar 1898nativeFarm laborer
8021254Heye HeronimusHolland, Grundy, Iowa4201 Sep 1876nativeFarmer
8031612Kenneth C. C. LarsonConrad, Grundy, Iowa2016 Nov 1897nativeClerk
80437Sam Floyd BallhaganCedar Falls, Grundy, Iowa3625 Jan 1882nativeFarmer
80518Peter Alfred JohansenStout, Grundy, Iowa2029 Oct 1897alien/non-declaredFarm laborer
806153Dick HesseniusStout, Grundy, Iowa4421 Sep 1874nativeLaborer
807486Otto J. PaterniWellsburg, Grundy, Iowa1931 Jul 1899nativeFarmer
8081418John Silas PriceGrundy Center, Grundy, Iowa4304 Feb 1875nativeFarming
8091567Elmer KlinefelterConrad, Grundy, Iowa3531 Aug 1883native
8101446David Lawrence BartonEldora, Hardin, Iowa3319 Mar 1885nativeFarmer
811757LeRoy Henry ReisingerGrundy Center, Grundy, Iowa1921 Aug 1899nativeFarm laborer
812812Mads H. ChristiansenDike, Grundy, Iowa4111 Jul 1877alien/non-declaredCarpenter
813447Theodore HuismanWellsburg, Grundy, Iowa1924 Oct 1898nativeFarmer
8141488Peter K. AlbrightEldora, Hardin, Iowa4417 Mar 1874nativeFarmer
815309Ben StubbeAckley, Hardin, Iowa3420 Feb 1884naturalizedFarmer
8161091Earl Elton HawnGrundy Center, Grundy, Iowa2010 Mar 1898nativeLaborer
81790Clarence Harvey NorthCedar Falls, Grundy, Iowa3703 Oct 1880nativeFarmer
81895Harry JohnsonCedar Falls, Grundy, Iowa1822 Dec 1899nativeFarm laborer
819896Peter Paul WeaverReinbeck, Grundy, Iowa4328 Jun 1875nativeFarmer
8201563Orva VintonWhitten, Hardin, Iowa2020 Oct 1897nativeFarm laborer
821954Claude Clifford LynchReinbeck, Grundy, Iowa1931 May 1899nativeFarm laborer
8221622Mac Dowell HughesConrad, Grundy, Iowa3730 Oct 1880nativeFarmer
8231105Gus William MoellerGrundy Center, Grundy, Iowa1921 Nov 1898nativeFarming
824128Burdette Blaine DillyStout, Grundy, Iowa3423 Mar 1884nativeRestaurant Prop.
8251365Herman Henry SchultzGrundy Center, Grundy, Iowa3227 May 1886citizen by father's naturalizationDivinity Student
826702Ethan Allen RobertsDike, Grundy, Iowa3830 Aug 1880nativeFarming
8271394Fred Otis ThompsonGrundy Center, Grundy, Iowa4117 Mar 1877nativeAuto Salesman
8281450Pearl E. BowersConrad, Grundy, Iowa4124 May 1877nativeFarmer
829764Harold HansenDike, Grundy, Iowa1928 Apr 1899nativeFarm hand
830596Charles Louis ConradiHolland, Grundy, Iowa4107 Jul 1877nativeDruggist
8311175Edward WieseGrundy Center, Grundy, Iowa3917 Nov 1879nativeAuctioneer
832437John HarmsWellsburg, Grundy, Iowa4509 Jan 1873nativeFarmer
833988George John SchildrothReinbeck, Grundy, Iowa3528 Jan 1883nativeFarmer
834913Henry Warren BieberReinbeck, Grundy, Iowa1920 May 1899nativeFarm helper/School student
8351339John Arends CramerGrundy Center, Grundy, Iowa3812 Apr 1880nativeMechanic
8361472Johann C. BungerWellsburg, Grundy, Iowa4131 May 1877nativeFarmer
8371616Frank W. CartwrightConrad, Grundy, Iowa4320 Jan 1875nativeMerchantalize
8381018Robert Bruce FergusonReinbeck, Grundy, Iowa3601 Nov 1881nativePhotographer
839719William Johann RewertsDike, Grundy, Iowa1912 Feb 1899nativeFarming
840920William Alexander BeanReinbeck, Grundy, Iowa3925 Sep 1879nativeLaborer
841754Hans NielsenDike, Grundy, Iowa4020 Jun 1878alien/non-declaredCarpenter
8421487Simon William KinneyWhitten, Hardin, Iowa3521 May 1883nativeFarmer
8431194William John Itzen4412 Mar 1874citizen by father's naturalizationFarming
844975Michael Philip DellesReinbeck, Grundy, Iowa3414 Jul 1884nativeCarpenter
845961William Henry WhiteReinbeck, Grundy, Iowa4031 Aug 1878nativeFarmer
846558John BettengaHolland, Grundy, Iowa4404 Jan 1874nativeFarmer
847614Peter BrowerHolland, Grundy, Iowa1904 Sep 1899nativeFarm laborer
8481284Charlie Emery DunhamGrundy Center, Grundy, Iowa3912 Sep 1879nativeLaborer
8491206Thomas James SullivanGrundy Center, Grundy, Iowa4130 Mar 1877nativeFarm hand
8501687Otto Herman C. HoeppnerBeaman, Grundy, Iowa1913 Mar 1899nativeFarm laborer
8511443Stanley Stanton MeyersEldora, Hardin, Iowa4527 Mar 1873nativeFarmer
8521350Grover Cleveland MastinGrundy Center, Grundy, Iowa3201 Jun 1886nativeCarpenter
853781Samuel MillerReinbeck, Grundy, Iowa2029 Jan 1898alien/non-declaredFarm laborer
854742Charlie Frederick KnudsenDike, Grundy, Iowa2027 Jun 1898nativeR.R. Work in Depot
855427Peter B. RiekenaWellsburg, Grundy, Iowa4326 Feb 1875nativeFarmer
856196George HempenStout, Grundy, Iowa3417 Nov 1883citizen by father's naturalizationFarmer
8571048Nickolas RohwerReinbeck, Grundy, Iowa3314 Mar 1885nativeFarm laborer
8581056William Christopher RunftReinbeck, Grundy, Iowa3604 Jun 1882nativeFarmer
859880Casper StirlerReinbeck, Grundy, Iowa3804 Aug 1880naturalizedFarmer
860999Robert J. CreswellReinbeck, Grundy, Iowa3513 Apr 1883nativeEngineer Thresher
8611129Rudolf Ernest HanischGrundy Center, Grundy, Iowa4303 Jan 1875naturalizedFarming
862514William Fredrich HarmsWellsburg, Grundy, Iowa1828 Sep 1899nativeFarmer
8631393Oden Benedict EellsGrundy Center, Grundy, Iowa4124 Nov 1876nativeProp. Of Billiard Hall
8641662George BrownBeaman, Grundy, Iowa4011 Oct 1877nativeLightning Rod Agent
8651054Lester Froklin ThurmonReinbeck, Grundy, Iowa2027 Nov 1897nativeFarming
8661257Henry Charles WaldGrundy Center, Grundy, Iowa3930 Oct 1878nativeLaborer Engineer
867460John M. BakkerWellsburg, Grundy, Iowa3215 Dec 1885nativeFarmer
8681225William Hayes KinsingerGrundy Center, Grundy, Iowa4203 Nov 1875nativeCare of Mother
869780Hans SorensenDike, Grundy, Iowa3306 Sep 1885alien/declaredFarm hand
87070Albert Erik ThuesenCedar Falls, Grundy, Iowa1905 Jul 1899nativeFarm laborer
8711629Roy Ezra RomigConrad, Grundy, Iowa3926 Apr 1879nativeMerchant
872730Johannes GrunnetDike, Grundy, Iowa3219 Jan 1886alien/declaredButcher
873235Henry Christ ConradiHolland, Grundy, Iowa4511 Jun 1873nativeFarmer
874576Jessie Lee SweetHolland, Grundy, Iowa3928 Feb 1879nativeFarmer
875491Ede C. ChristiansSteamboat Rock, Hardin, Iowa4107 Jul 1877citizen by father's naturalizationFarmer
876269Kobus FechtParkersburg, Butler, Iowa3612 Dec 1882nativeFarmer
877919Frank George SaulReinbeck, Iowa1805 Feb 1900nativeStudent
8781237Otto Eugene FrahmGrundy Center, Grundy, Iowa3915 Apr 1879nativeMerchant
8791309Ralph Ells MetzgarGrundy Center, Grundy, Iowa4313 Jul 1875nativeMason
8801195John Matthew SenenfelderGrundy Center, Grundy, Iowa4503 Sep 1873nativeSection Foreman
881823Percy I. LyonDike, Grundy, Iowa4301 Mar 1875nativePrinter Editor Newspaper
882492Harry MaasWellsburg, Grundy, Iowa3526 Mar 1883nativeFarmer
8831224Louis MitchellGrundy Center, Grundy, Iowa4221 Jun 1876nativeRailroad laborer
8841694William EberhardtBeaman, Grundy, Iowa4217 Jul 1876nativeMerchant
8851512Charles Cleveland BowersWhitten, Hardin, Iowa3308 Sep 1885nativeFarmer
886316Harm HayengaWellsburgh, Grundy, Iowa3314 Aug 1885nativeThresher
8871135Francis Wayne DewGrundy Center, Grundy, Iowa2030 Jul 1898nativeFarming
888986Hans George WestergaardGladbrook, Tama, Iowa2002 Mar 1898citizen by father's naturalizationFarming
8891702Clarence William StullBeaman, Grundy, Iowa3327 Jul 1885nativeFarmer
890289Art HutingParkersburg, Butler, Iowa3619 Oct 1881nativeFarmer
891998Fred DavisReinbeck, Grundy, Iowa4229 Jan 1876nativeTinner
8921110Charles LorenzMorrison, Grundy, Iowa3315 Apr 1885nativeFarming
8931451William Adra WaltonWhitten, Hardin, Iowa3613 Dec 1881nativeFarmer
8941356Ira Abraham BaughmanGrundy Center, Grundy, Iowa4510 Mar 1873nativeFarmer
89525Hans Peter HolmCedar Falls, Grundy, Iowa4411 Apr 1874naturalizedFarmer
896188Frerich Claasen RewertsDike, Grundy, Iowa2007 Jun 1898nativeFarmer
897731Arnold Carl AndersenCedar Falls, Grundy, Iowa1909 Jan 1899nativeFarming
89816John JorgensenCedar Falls, Grundy, Iowa3226 Feb 1886nativeFarmer
8991468John Dirk BlokzylWhitten, Hardin, Iowa1931 Jul 1899nativeFarmer
9001109Edward Jerry ElliottGrundy Center, Grundy, Iowa3301 Feb 1885nativeFarming
9001219Carl FrerichsGrundy Center, Grundy, Iowa4124 Dec 1876alien/declaredFarming
901362Henry Dirksen ReysackWellsburgh, Grundy, Iowa3822 Apr 1880naturalizedFarmer
902673Dick D. HarbertsGrundy Center, Grundy, Iowa3509 Oct 1883nativeFarming
9041405Wellington Whitaker ScottGrundy Center, Grundy, Iowa2008 Aug 1898nativeStudent
905344Siemen Dirks AukesWellsburgh, Grundy, Iowa3621 Jan 1882nativeFarmer
90636Wileholm Joseph LechnerCedar Falls, Grundy, Iowa3203 May 1885nativeFarmer
9071593Frank William BowersConrad, Grundy, Iowa4414 Feb 1874nativeFarmer
908328Eilbertus KannegieterAckley, Hardin, Iowa4417 Apr 1874naturalizedFarmer
909621Weert BuusHolland, Grundy, Iowa4030 May 1878nativeFarmer
9101669William Homer BowersConrad, Grundy, Iowa3825 May 1880nativeFarmer
9111527Robert VintonWhitten, Hardin, Iowa3709 Feb 1881nativeFarmer
9121654Horace Leslie DraperConrad, Grundy, Iowa2024 Jan 1898nativeStudent/Iowa State University
9131490Ernest Joseph GohnerEldora, Hardin, Iowa3531 Aug 1883nativeFarmer
914161Menno VanHauenParkersburg, Butler, Iowa3418 Jan 1884nativeFarming
915280John John MeyerWellsburg, Grundy, Iowa1818 Jun 1900nativeFarm laborer
916894Wilson James MasonReinbeck, Grundy, Iowa3506 Sep 1883nativeAuctioneer
917175Fred HelmersStout, Grundy, Iowa3317 Sep 1884nativeFarmer
918430Edward S. AshingWellsburg, Grundy, Iowa2111 Sep 1897nativeMeat cutter
9191533Delbert Orvil SweetConrad, Grundy, Iowa3716 Mar 1881nativeFarmer
920737Christian Peter ChristiansenDike, Grundy, Iowa4031 Oct 1877alien/declaredCarpenter
921404Rieke W. RossWellsburg, Grundy, Iowa3329 May 1885nativeAuto Mechanic
9221259Theodore MiendersGrundy Center, Grundy, Iowa3618 Aug 1882alien/non-declaredFarm laborer
9231093Martin Luther HostetterGrundy Center, Grundy, Iowa3902 Aug 1879nativeFarming
924978Ben Louie BuhrmannReinbeck, Grundy, Iowa3528 Sep 1882citizen by father's naturalizationFarm laborer
925103Jorgen Peter MadsenDike, Grundy, Iowa3411 Dec 1883alien/declaredFarmer
926667Ernest William HasbrouckGrundy Center, Grundy, Iowa4311 Apr 1875nativeFarming
927615Simon SchmidtHolland, Grundy, Iowa1917 Mar 1899nativeFarm laborer
928717Fred StahlGrundy Center, Grundy, Iowa4501 Sep 1873citizen by father's naturalizationFarmer
9291613Ned KlunderConrad, Grundy, Iowa2002 Feb 1898nativeFarm laborer
930726William Nelson MoffettDike, Iowa4425 Jul 1874nativePhysician and Surgeon
931582Harm SchulteHolland, Grundy, Iowa3331 Dec 1885nativeFarming
9321530William Dempster DightonWhitten, Hardin, Iowa3521 Dec 1882nativeFarmer
9331274Raymond Elmer MertzGrundy Center, Grundy, Iowa1908 Jul 1899nativeClerk
934918Ernest EwoldtReinbeck, Grundy, Iowa1802 Jan 1900nativeFarm laborer
935643George RandDike, Grundy, Iowa1812 Feb 1900alien/non-declaredFarming
9361666Elzy Pearl SmithConrad, Grundy, Iowa3328 Jul 1885nativeFarmer
937859John C. O'ConnorReinbeck, Grundy, Iowa1813 Nov 1899nativeFarm laborer
9381183John Carl NickersonGrundy Center, Grundy, Iowa3523 Apr 1883nativeAuto Dealer and Repairer
939847Archie McClurgDike, Grundy, Iowa3923 Feb 1879nativeFarm laborer
9401199Albert KruseGrundy Center, Grundy, Iowa1912 Aug 1899nativeStudent of Ministry
9411497Harry Wales CakericeEldora, Hardin, Iowa3703 Dec 1881nativeFarmer
9421700James Alexander AbneyBeaman, Grundy, Iowa3329 Nov 1884nativeLaborer on railroad
943233George NaberAplington, Iowa2015 Nov 1898nativeFarm laborer
9441153Jesse HarmonGrundy Co., Iowa4100 Jan 1877nativeInmate of Institution For Feeble Minded Children
945980Sherman William DeWolfReinbeck, Grundy, Iowa4314 Nov 1874nativeLawyer
946610Ben Paul HeronimusHolland, Grundy, Iowa3817 Oct 1879nativeFarmer
947142Gerhard BeenkenStout, Grundy, Iowa4018 Sep 1877naturalizedFarmer
94853Murray William RoadmanDike, Grundy, Iowa4001 Feb 1878nativeFarmer
949565Peter Arend MeyerHolland, Grundy, Iowa4307 Apr 1875nativeFarmer
9501685Harry StruweBeaman, Grundy, Iowa1907 Aug 1899nativeStudent/Gates Business College
951439John W. StoehrWellsburg, Grundy, Iowa4428 Mar 1873nativeFarmer
9521063William James CameronReinbeck, Grundy, Iowa4014 Jan 1878nativeMason
953617Oltman KiewietHolland, Grundy, Iowa3823 Jan 1880nativeFarmer
95456John MarksStout, Grundy, Iowa3912 Dec 1878nativeFarmer
9551699Theodore Herman KuhlBeaman, Grundy, Iowa3322 Apr 1885nativeFarmer
956515Alex TjadenWellsburg, Grundy, Iowa3423 Jan 1884citizen by father's naturalizationCarpenter
9571035William Fredrick SamoReinbeck, Grundy, Iowa3815 Feb 1880nativePainter
9581114Benjiman Bethual BeckwithMorrison, Grundy, Iowa4002 Nov 1877nativeCarpenter
9591396George Earl CanfieldGrundy Center, Grundy, Iowa3425 Mar 1884nativeLaborer
9601560Commadore Stockton FallowfieldWhitten, Hardin, Iowa4020 Oct 1877nativeFarmer
961606Ontje Andrew OntjesHolland, Grundy, Iowa4131 May 1877nativeBank Cashier
9621470Calvin Arthur MackieEldora, Hardin, Iowa1928 Feb 1899nativeFarmer
963526William Orville MacumberWellsburg, Grundy, Iowa3418 Aug 1884nativeCarpenter
9641053George Uhlderk TjadenReinbeck, Grundy, Iowa2030 Sep 1887nativeTelegraph Operator
96552Axel Sam DammStout, Grundy, Iowa1901 Sep 1899nativeFarm laborer
9661374Henry KlunderGrundy Center, Grundy, Iowa3310 May 1885citizen by father's naturalizationAuto Mechanic
967830William Fred VolberdingReinbeck, Grundy, Iowa3409 Feb 1884nativeFarming
9681216Milton Lamson KlinefelterGrundy Center, Grundy, Iowa3302 Oct 1885nativeFarmer
9691498Daniel D. ShellerEldora, Hardin, Iowa3724 Nov 1880nativeFarmer
9701077Otto AlbertReinbeck, Grundy, Iowa4110 Nov 1876nativeFarmer
971412Henry BakkerSteamboat Rock, Hardin, Iowa4205 Sep 1876nativeFarmer
972618Lupke Harm HookWellsburg, Grundy, Iowa3722 Nov 1880nativeFarmer
9731050William Henry WeikReinbeck, Grundy, Iowa1818 Nov 1899nativeRail road helper
9741380Samuel HohenbergerGrundy Center, Grundy, Iowa3208 Apr 1886nativeFarm hand
9751315George Daniel KlippingGrundy Center, Grundy, Iowa3308 Jan 1885nativeCarpenter
9761010Will WieseReinbeck, Grundy, Iowa2001 Mar 1898nativeFarm laborer
9771369John Emmen Itzen4224 Jul 1876citizen by father's naturalizationFarmer
978979Daniel Watson CampbellReinbeck, Grundy, Iowa4321 Aug 1875nativeFarmer
979686Gus Johann SchnedenGrundy Center, Grundy, Iowa4230 May 1876citizen by father's naturalizationFarming
980425Gustav HeinrichWellsburg, Grundy, Iowa1818 Mar 1900nativeFarming
981494Luur G. BakkerSteamboat Rock, Hardin, Iowa3722 Nov 1880citizen by father's naturalizationFarmer
98235Samuel Edgar SchmittStout, Grundy, Iowa3627 Dec 1881nativeFarmer
9831139Reuben Washington SchildrothGrundy Center, Grundy, Iowa3413 Mar 1884nativeFarming
984306Jan WaalkensAplington, Butler, Iowa3702 Aug 1881alien/non-declared
9851145John Wilson FlemingGrundy Center, Grundy, Iowa4406 Oct 1873nativeFarming
986720Heye DiekenGrundy Center, Grundy, Iowa1923 Nov 1898nativeFarming
9871061Ezra Alexander MilliganReinbeck, Grundy, Iowa4526 Nov 1872nativeSection hand
988871John Maehrlein-Jr.Reinbeck, Grundy, Iowa1830 Oct 1899nativeBook Keeper
989580Henry R. DeVriesHolland, Grundy, Iowa3309 Feb 1885nativeFarmer
9901475Millard Emil FreedGrundy Center, Grundy, Iowa1921 Oct 1898nativeFarmer
9911200Arthur Max ElderGrundy Center, Grundy, Iowa1906 Jun 1899nativeLaborer
9921251Roy Arthur ScottGrundy Center, Iowa2016 Mar 1898nativeFarmer
99357Emil Edward George ClausenDike, Grundy, Iowa4205 Aug 1876alien/declaredFarm laborer
9941460Charles Henry WareGrundy Center, Grundy, Iowa3425 Nov 1883nativeFarmer
995620Henry John SmitHolland, Grundy, Iowa1903 May 1899nativeFarming
996364Raymond Clarence JanssenAckley, Hardin, Iowa2028 Aug 1898nativeFarm hand
9971005Fred Warren RobinsReinbeck, Grundy, Iowa3208 Apr 1886nativeFarming
9981013Ray Arthur GangeReinbeck, Grundy, Iowa1830 Jan 1900nativeStudent
9991571Forney Allen KlinefelterConrad, Grundy, Iowa4116 Mar 1877nativeFarmer
10001158Claus DeVriesGrundy Center, Grundy, Iowa1915 Jul 1899nativeStudent/Christian Ref College
10011352Charlie Franklin WhitmireGrundy Center, Grundy, Iowa2125 Aug 1897nativeFarming
10027Johannes Meyer BergmannNew Hartford, Grundy, Iowa2018 Apr 1898nativeFarm laborer
1003157Peter Petersen HolmNew Hartford, Butler, Iowa3608 May 1882naturalizedFarming
1004728William George DreherDike, Grundy, Iowa3828 Aug 1880nativeCarpenter
1005303Dick HuismanWellsburg, Grundy, Iowa4010 Sep 1878nativeFarmer
1006340Fred Gabbrand FluthAckley, Hardin, Iowa4020 Aug 1888nativeFarmer
10071463Bruce Willard AlbrightGrundy Center, Grundy, Iowa1816 Jun 1900nativeFarmer
10081594Henry Gustave TaddikenConrad, Grundy, Iowa4330 Nov 1874nativeFurnace machanic
10091535Irvin Elmer MillerConrad, Grundy, Iowa3513 Sep 1882nativeFarmer
1010822Henry E. StruntzeDike, Grundy, Iowa4312 Feb 1875nativeClerk
10111235William Elmer JohnsonGrundy Center, Grundy, Iowa3723 Jun 1881nativeU.S. Mail Carrier
10121039Carl Rudolph BackensReinbeck, Grundy, Iowa3825 Dec 1879nativeFarmer
1013436Albert E. RossWellsburg, Grundy, Iowa1816 Mar 1910*nativeFarmer
10141375James Jeremiah ConnellGrundy Center, Grundy, Iowa3309 Dec 1884nativeFarming
10151059George PlaehnReinbeck, Grundy, Iowa4529 Dec 1872nativeFarmer
10161355John Jackson WillardGrundy Center, Grundy, Iowa4515 Mar 1873nativeFarmer
10171465Alfred Sylvester MoatsEldora, Hardin, Iowa3929 Dec 1878nativeFarmer
10181495Alvin John KlineConrad, Grundy, Iowa4102 Dec 1876nativeFarmer
1019114Conrad WeberStout, Grundy, Iowa4301 Aug 1875naturalizedFarming
10201621George Elmer JonesConrad, Grundy, Iowa3712 Aug 1881nativeMechanic
1021168Lutjen Lutjen BeenkenParkersburg, Butler, Iowa3602 Jan 1882citizen by father's naturalizationFarmer
10221361Albert JensenGrundy Center, Grundy, Iowa3609 Oct 1881alien/declaredCarpenter
1023333Jacob Jans EildersCleves, Hardin, Iowa4425 May 1874naturalizedDay labor
1024916Herman Fredrick FrahmReinbeck, Grundy, Iowa1924 Sep 1898nativeFarm hand
10251740John Lewis JohnstonBeaman, Grundy, Iowa3226 May 1886nativeFarm laborer
10261154James BuchanGrundy Center, Grundy, Iowa1913 Aug 1899nativeRunning tractor
10271598Fred OlmsteadConrad, Grundy, Iowa4001 Sep 1878nativeSection laborer
1028111Charles Oscar StowStout, Grundy, Iowa4220 Aug 1876nativeDray
1029315Albert JohnsAckley, Hardin, Iowa3319 Apr 1885nativeFarm hand
10301138Thomas Wayne FrazierMorrison, Grundy, Iowa1816 Jan 1900nativeElevator Employee
10311477Elka Herman HenrichsGrundy Center, Grundy, Iowa2028 Jan 1898nativeFarmer
1032238Johannes Daniel MeesterHolland, Grundy, Iowa4030 Nov 1877nativeFarmer
1033208John Godfrey VanHauenParkersburg, Butler, Iowa3422 Jan 1884nativeFarming
10341703Ralph Homer BerryBeaman, Grundy, Iowa3317 Aug 1885nativeFarmer
10351159Harold William KromeGrundy Center, Grundy, Iowa1922 Nov 1898nativeStudent
10361366Thomas J. JohnsonGrundy Center, Grundy, Iowa3306 Oct 1884nativeMerchant
10371410William Thomas BarnesGrundy Center, Grundy, Iowa3214 Feb 1886nativeOn farm
10381486Reuben Walter BultonEldora, Hardin, Iowa3514 May 1883nativeFarmer
1039744Niels Chris JensenDike, Grundy, Iowa3309 Apr 1885alien/declaredWell driller
10401600Nick TubichConrad, Grundy, Iowa3310 Apr 1885alien/non-declaredSection laborer
1041624Ubbe DeVriesWellsburg, Grundy, Iowa3719 Dec 1881alien/declaredFarmer
10421642Benjamin Franklin Marion FlandersConrad, Grundy, Iowa4210 Feb 1876nativeMechanic
1043360Thee FrerichsAustinville, Butler, Iowa3606 Apr 1882nativeFarmer
1044454Christian HarmsSteamboat Rock, Hardin, Iowa2024 Jul 1898alien/non-declaredFarmer
1044.51751Murdock John MathesonReinbeck, Iowa3522 Apr 1883nativeTeamster
1045415Alle A. EertmoedWellsburg, Grundy, Iowa2320 Oct 1884nativenone
1046428Richt RindelsWellsburg, Grundy, Iowa4415 Mar 1874naturalizedLaborer
10471271Orval Earl CliniteGrundy Center, Grundy, Iowa3201 Dec 1885nativeFarmer
10481132Edward Leroy BookGrundy Center, Grundy, Iowa3601 Dec 1881nativeFarmer
10491409John Jacob WoodGrundy Center, Grundy, Iowa4430 Jan 1874nativePainter
1050829Oscar Earl YorkDike, Grundy, Iowa3306 May 1886nativeVet Surgeon
1051201Oscar Hemke MeyerStout, Grundy, Iowa1820 Dec 1899citizen by father's naturalizationFarmer
10521543Leroy Omer MitchellWhitten, Hardin, Iowa3505 Feb 1883nativeFarmer
1053941Soren Peter SorensenReinbeck, Grundy, Iowa3421 Jan 1884alien/non-declaredFarmer
10541203John Albert ConeGrundy Center, Grundy, Iowa4104 Apr 1877nativeFarmer
10551496Lewis Sayre GeorgeGrundy Center, Grundy, Iowa3707 Feb 1881nativeFarmer
1056943Jesse Lyman BronsonReinbeck, Grundy, Iowa3901 Nov 1878nativeDentist
1057548Peter Harm KnockHolland, Grundy, Iowa3519 Nov 1882nativeFarmer
1058426John HookWellsburg, Grundy, Iowa3213 Dec 1885nativeFarmer
10591087Edward J. StoutGrundy Center, Grundy, Iowa3502 Apr 1883nativeFarming
1060993Alfred DirksReinbeck, Grundy, Iowa3923 Jun 1879citizen by father's naturalizationFarmer
10611746Emil Theodor SchmidtReinbeck, Grundy, Iowa3417 Sep 1883nativeLaborer
10621515Henry Columbus HudspethConrad, Grundy, Iowa4501 Mar 1873nativeFarmer
1063826Theodore SchaaDike, Grundy, Iowa4013 Feb 1877nativeFarmer
1064213Ben Frank HesseniusStout, Grundy, Iowa3522 May 1883nativeFarm laborer
10651281Bert ReynoldsGrundy Center, Grundy, Iowa3714 Jan 1881nativeFarmer
1066952Lloyd Elmer RunftReinbeck, Grundy, Iowa1906 Nov 1898nativeFarmer
1067598Omke HarrensteinHolland, Grundy, Iowa2018 Jan 1898nativeFarm laborer
10681340Jesse Joseph WellsGrundy Center, Grundy, Iowa3621 Mar 1882nativeDraying
1069755Frank Pierce PipherDike, Grundy, Iowa3929 Nov 1887nativeLaborer
1070681Albert Rudolf HanischGrundy Center, Grundy, Iowa3611 Mar 1882alien/declaredFarmer
1071800Nels AhrendtDike, Grundy, Iowa3608 May 1882citizen by father's naturalizationCity Marshall/Town of Dike
10721037John Christian CookReinbeck, Grundy, Iowa4327 Jul 1875nativeFarming
10731602John Francis SherbonConrad, Grundy, Iowa2029 Jun 1898nativeFarm laborer
10741070Floyd Alvin CreswellReinbeck, Grundy, Iowa1910 Feb 1899nativeFarm laborer
10751279John Herman GravesGrundy Center, Grundy, Iowa3907 Jul 1879nativeLaborer in Implement Shop
1076533Jacob StahlHolland, Grundy, Iowa3621 Aug 1882nativeFarming
1077264Cornelius John JunglingParkersburg, Butler, Iowa4020 Apr 1878naturalizedFarmer
1078528Maurice GladstoneWellsburg, Grundy, Iowa3628 Oct 1881naturalizedClerk
10791739Raymond Hugh ColeBeaman, Grundy, Iowa2029 Nov 1897nativeFarm laborer
1080368John NeymeyerAplington, Butler, Iowa3314 Feb 1885nativeFarmer
1081934Louis Fred VolberdingReinbeck, Grundy, Iowa4030 Apr 1878nativeFarming
10821623George CrouseConrad, Grundy, Iowa3908 Sep 1879nativeFarming
10831007Henry Samuel BertramReinbeck, Grundy, Iowa3303 Aug 1885naturalizedSchool teacher
1084803Hans H. BoegeReinbeck, Grundy, Iowa4125 Jun 1877citizen by father's naturalizationFarmer
10851627Ralph Raymond FinkConrad, Grundy, Iowa3406 Dec 1883nativeFarmer
10861519Charles Albert StanbroughWhitten, Hardin, Iowa3606 Dec 1881nativeFarmer
10871727Oscar Emery NicholsBeaman, Grundy, Iowa2004 Jun 1898nativeFarm laborer
10881221Alex PatulloGrundy Center, Grundy, Iowa3604 Oct 1882alien/declaredPlumber
1089337Arend KannegieterAckley, Hardin, Iowa1913 Apr 1899nativeFarm hand
1090461Herman HarrensteinWellsburg, Grundy, Iowa3224 Dec 1885nativeFarmer
10911226Oliver Sylvester PenticoffGrundy Center, Grundy, Iowa4215 Aug 1876nativeCarpenter
1092268Heite John PetersParkersburg, Butler, Iowa3626 Mar 1882nativeFarmer
1093286Henry Jerry LindemanAplington, Butler, Iowa1809 Jan 1900nativeFarm laborer
1094661Frank David ReisingerGrundy Center, Grundy, Iowa4506 Sep 1873nativeFarmer
10951318John James SpinkGrundy Center, Grundy, Iowa3802 Aug 1881nativeFarming
1096938Lloyd Henry OhrtReinbeck, Grundy, Iowa1902 Aug 1899nativeFarm laborer
1097662Ben BuskohlDike, Grundy, Iowa3304 Apr 1885nativeFarmer
109866Peter Anton ChristiansenCedar Falls, Grundy, Iowa3605 Jul 1882alien/non-declaredFarmer
109973John Taylor NielsenDike, Grundy, Iowa3529 Sep 1883nativeFarmer
11001671Fredrick Bruce HutchensBeaman, Grundy, Iowa1827 Nov 1899nativeFarmer
1101917Veron DyLey WagnerReinbeck, Grundy, Iowa1913 Oct 1898nativeBank Clerk
11021453Sandford Sidney GloreEldora, Hardin, Iowa3805 Jan 1879nativeFarmer
1103462John GladstoneWellsburg, Grundy, Iowa3315 Oct 1884naturalizedMerchant
11041128Delbert Tracey JonesMorrison, Grundy, Iowa3808 Dec 1879nativeFarmer
1105477Ibeling George HarmsWellsburg, Grundy, Iowa2020 Dec 1897nativeFarmer
1106183Andrew AndersonDike, Grundy, Iowa3617 Nov 1881nativeFarming
110741Ralph Dickinson WhitneyStout, Grundy, Iowa3313 Dec 1884nativeFarm laborer
1108313Cornelius KruseAckley, Hardin, Iowa1906 Nov 1898nativeFarm hand
1109601Henry GeskingWellsburg, Grundy, Iowa3806 Nov 1879citizen by father's naturalizationFarmer
1110393Richard TackWellsburgh, Grundy, Iowa3307 Sep 1885naturalizedFarmer
1111584Albert LootsWellsburg, Grundy, Iowa3222 Apr 1886nativeFarmer
11121134Herman John SchlichtGrundy Center, Grundy, Iowa2024 Aug 1898alien/non-declaredFarming
11131595Paul Oscar LarsonConrad, Grundy, Iowa1824 Apr 1900nativeClerk
11141404Joseph Cameron CurryGrundy Center, Grundy, Iowa4315 Apr 1875naturalizedPastor/First Baptist Church
1115520Abraham DeNeuiWellsburg, Grundy, Iowa2016 Apr 1898nativeFarmer
1116207Fred BolhuisStout, Grundy, Iowa3406 Feb 1884alien/non-declaredFarming
11171385Lawrence Charles PutneyCedar Falls, Black Hawk, Iowa1803 Nov 1899nativeFarmer
1118555Charley VantigerHolland, Grundy, Iowa3402 Oct 1883nativeFarmer
11191261David Leroy LongneckerGrundy Center, Grundy, Iowa1802 Jun 1900nativeFarmer
1120760Peter Johanes HenningsenDike, Grundy, Iowa3526 Jan 1883nativeMerchant
11211283Newton Corbin RewGrundy Center, Grundy, Iowa4324 Sep 1875nativeCarpenter
1122724Adam ZapfGrundy Center, Grundy, Iowa3504 Nov 1882nativeFarming
11231668Ernest Lovejoy PiperConrad, Grundy, Iowa3409 Jul 1884nativeVetenery
11241684Wesley Herman BeinBeaman, Grundy, Iowa1904 Apr 1899nativeFarm laborer
1125930Oscar F. TaylorReinbeck, Grundy, Iowa4211 Mar 1876nativeRestaurant Keeper
1126939William Glen WatsonReinbeck, Grundy, Iowa1904 Sep 1899nativeFarm laborer
1127170Ben Franklin WhitneyStout, Grundy, Iowa3613 Aug 1882nativeFarming
11281474Samuel Elias MoatsConrad, Grundy, Iowa4204 May 1876nativeFarming
11291605John Harold ElwickConrad, Grundy, Iowa1928 Nov 1898nativeHigh School Student
1130973Rolland Dewett BrynerMorrison, Grundy, Iowa1831 May 1900nativeFarm laborer
1131883Raymond C. ShoupReinbeck, Grundy, Iowa3811 Sep 1880nativeFarmer
1132214Edzard Heeren Bonno TapperStout, Grundy, Iowa3427 Jan 1884alien/declaredFarmer
1133321Herwart Ernest MuellerAckley, Hardin, Iowa3717 Oct 1880nativeMinister of the Gospel
113434Carl Christian Martin NielsenDike, Grundy, Iowa3202 Jun 1886naturalizedFarmer
11351099Herman BarfelsGrundy Center, Grundy, Iowa3512 Jan 1883nativeFarming
113689Ernest LehmannCedar Falls, Grundy, Iowa1822 Nov 1899nativeFarm laborer
11371513James ReavisConrad, Grundy, Iowa3304 Apr 1885nativeFarmer
1138977John BlohmReinbeck, Grundy, Iowa3521 Mar 1883naturalizedFarmer
1139318Venno JanssenAckley, Hardin, Iowa4010 Dec 1877nativeFarmer
1140483Henry PetersWellsburg, Grundy, Iowa4512 Dec 1872nativeLaborer
1141666John KruseGrundy Center, Grundy, Iowa1819 Nov 1899nativeFarmer
1142193John DeGrootParkersburg, Butler, Iowa3901 May 1879naturalizedFarmer
1143186Henry George DoedenDike, Grundy, Iowa2025 Apr 1898nativeFarmer
1144898Henry BrandtReinbeck, Grundy, Iowa4419 Oct 1873citizen by father's naturalizationPool Hall
1145234Frank RenkenAplington, Butler, Iowa4501 Oct 1872nativeFarmer
11461236Frank Moffett KeiterGrundy Center, Grundy, Iowa3712 Aug 1881nativeMerchant
1147245Ralph SlightAplington, Butler, Iowa2017 Dec 1898nativeFarm laborer
11481682Giles Robert HawleyBeaman, Grundy, Iowa1827 Mar 1900nativeFarm laborer
11491737Herman LedtjeBeaman, Grundy, Iowa1808 Nov 1899citizen by father's naturalizationFarm laborer
11501659John Cleveland DorseyConrad, Grundy, Iowa3204 Oct 1885nativeMechanic
11511417Dwight Lyman MootyReinbeck, Grundy, Iowa2004 Feb 1898nativeLaborer
11521072William George BarkerReinbeck, Grundy, Iowa3824 Aug 1880nativeFarmer
1153177Peter August DeBeerStout, Grundy, Iowa2008 Sep 1898nativeStudent/Dubuque College
1154959James Henry SellReinbeck, Grundy, Iowa3317 Dec 1884nativeFarmer
11551387Charles Elmer CreesGrundy Center, Grundy, Iowa3301 Jun 1885nativeBookkeeper
1156524Herman MolendorpWellsburgh, Grundy, Iowa4129 Aug 1877nativeLaborer
11571678Charles Otho BuryBeaman, Grundy, Iowa3816 Jun 1880nativeMerchant/out of business at current
1158294Seben HagenParkersburg, Butler, Iowa3322 Jul 1885nativeFarmer
1159557Jacob Thomas MeesterHolland, Grundy, Iowa4517 Oct 1872nativeFarmer
1160466Menne G. BakkerWellsburg, Grundy, Iowa3930 Oct 1878citizen by father's naturalizationFarmer
1161603Joe Fredrick AbelsHolland, Grundy, Iowa1927 Oct 1898nativeFarmer
1162159Herman Ubie HempenStout, Grundy, Iowa4127 Mar 1877citizen by father's naturalizationFarming
11631526Tully Cicero BeeghlyConrad, Grundy, Iowa4526 Apr 1873nativeFarmer
1164154Renke Lumken TammenParkersburg, Butler, Iowa4016 Jan 1878nativeFarmer
1165501Joe M. RossWellsburg, Grundy, Iowa1931 Dec 1898nativeFarmer
1166663Parker H. FearerGrundy Center, Grundy, Iowa4502 Jan 1873nativeFarmer
11671652Arthur Lee FieldsConrad, Grundy, Iowa4114 May 1877nativeFarmer
11681004William ThiesenReinbeck, Grundy, Iowa4522 Sep 1872citizen by father's naturalizationLaborer
11691328William Aaron KinsingerGrundy Center, Grundy, Iowa1801 Feb 1900nativeFarm hand
1170753Abraham AndersonReinbeck, Grundy, Iowa3325 Feb 1885alien/declaredFarmer
1171112Nikles FreeseDike, Grundy, Iowa4218 Oct 1875nativeFarmer
1172138Ubbe ReiterDike, Grundy, Iowa4411 Jun 1874citizen by father's naturalizationFarming
1173495Ben Harm HookWellsburg, Grundy, Iowa4418 Jun 1874nativeFarmer
11741171Bliss Edwin SliferGrundy Center, Grundy, Iowa1901 Sep 1899nativeFarm laborer
1175435William LandsiedelWellsburg, Grundy, Iowa4017 Jul 1878naturalizedMinister of Gospel
1176554Paul HeronimusHolland, Grundy, Iowa3416 Nov 1883nativeFarmer
11771712Thomas Leslie EvansBeaman, Grundy, Iowa3711 Sep 1881nativeBanker
1178958Roy Christian HolckReinbeck, Grundy, Iowa3328 Aug 1885nativeGarage Prop.
11791455William Austin BerrierEldora, Hardin, Iowa3602 Feb 1882nativeFarmer
11801057Henry TankReinbeck, Grundy, Iowa3626 Jun 1882nativeFarmer
1181129Elvis Roy WorleyStout, Grundy, Iowa3402 Mar 1884nativeBanking
1182329Richard BackermanAckley, Hardin, Iowa3330 Aug 1885alien/non-declaredPainter
1183475Carl Jerold JaspersWellsburg, Grundy, Iowa1929 Apr 1899nativeFarmer
11841179John Emmen HarenGrundy Center, Grundy, Iowa3921 Jun 1879nativeR.F.D. Mail Carrier
1185649Walter H. BakkerGrundy Center, Grundy, Iowa3817 Sep 1879nativeFarmer
1186908Benhard Renandes BoldtReinbeck, Iowa4401 Jan 1874nativeLaborer
1187127Henry MulderParkersburg, Butler, Iowa1914 Feb 1899alien/non-declaredFarmer
11881320Charles Sumner HardieGrundy Center, Grundy, Iowa4404 Apr 1874nativeMason Plasterer
1189769Chris JensenCedar Falls, Grundy, Iowa4001 Jun 1878naturalizedFarmer
1190703Ben J. HeronimusGrundy Center, Grundy, Iowa4420 Sep 1873naturalizedLaborer
11911262John Dirk ArendsGrundy Center, Grundy, Iowa4302 Jan 1875nativeAuto mechanic
11921244William C. LadageGrundy Center, Grundy, Iowa4431 Jul 1874nativeDruggist
11931665Frank Lester JonesConrad, Grundy, Iowa3321 Jun 1885nativeCarpenter
11941239Jacob Seben StumbergGrundy Center, Grundy, Iowa4122 Jun 1877citizen by father's naturalizationReal Estate Ins.
1195984John Edwin CarrollReinbeck, Iowa1821 Apr 1900nativeFarm laborer
1196471Harold Frank BiebesheimerWellsburg, Grundy, Iowa1816 Aug 1900nativeScholar
1196.51752Emil Joseph SiehReinbeck, Iowa4024 Mar 1878naturalizedLaborer
1197809Erwin Anton DietrickCedar Falls, Grundy, Iowa3207 Oct 1885nativeFarmer
1198583John Saathoff DirksHolland, Grundy, Iowa3220 Mar 1886nativeFarmer
1199401Menne C. BungerWellsburg, Grundy, Iowa3710 Jun 1881nativeFarmer
12001130Lewis Simon KlippingGrundy Center, Grundy, Iowa3529 Jan 1883nativeFarming
1201498John Barney FreeseWellsburg, Grundy, Iowa1926 Oct 1898nativeFarmer
12021637John Edmund PattersonConrad, Grundy, Iowa3915 Mar 1879nativeFarmer
12031347William Ernest SchmoranzGrundy Center, Grundy, Iowa1803 May 1900nativeFarming
12041191Edgar Henry GunnarsonGrundy Center, Grundy, Iowa2027 Jan 1898nativeThreshing
12051019Herman Henry ManlickReinbeck, Grundy, Iowa2007 Feb 1898nativeFarm laborer
1206307Eppo Eppo BultenAckley, Hardin, Iowa3809 Mar 1880alien/non-declaredFarmer
12071663Lewis Calvin HorningConrad, Grundy, Iowa3804 Jun 1880nativeFarm laborer
1208715Menne M. BakkerGrundy Center, Grundy, Iowa3226 Sep 1885nativeFarmer
12091500Emmert G. BrewerWhitten, Grundy, Iowa2022 Apr 1898nativeFarming
1210274Clarence Crosby SchultzParkersburg, Butler, Iowa2028 Nov 1897nativeFarm laborer
12111367Herman Okko HarringaHolland, Grundy, Iowa3302 Feb 1885nativeFarmer
1212304John VanderWerfWellsburgh, Grundy, Iowa1831 Dec 1899nativeFarm hand
1213433John FreerksenWellsburg, Grundy, Iowa3509 Feb 1883nativeLaborer
12141564John Preston DoddConrad, Grundy, Iowa3515 Jan 1883nativeFarmer
1215921Arnold Otto BraaschReinbeck, Grundy, Iowa3519 Sep 1882nativeLaborer
1216660John DiekenGrundy Center, Grundy, Iowa4530 Sep 1872nativeFarmer
1217990Cloyd Daniel FreyReinbeck, Grundy, Iowa3511 Feb 1883nativeFarmer
1218831Chris F. DufelHudson, Grundy, Iowa3427 Oct 1883citizen by father's naturalizationFarmer
1218974Wesley Fred KochReinbeck, Grundy, Iowa1821 Nov 1899nativeSchool Student and Farm helper
12191217Adam George MesserGrundy Center, Grundy, Iowa4414 Dec 1873nativeFarming
12201416Fritz KlunderConrad, Grundy, Iowa4410 Apr 1874alien/non-declaredFarmer
1221882Nicholas John BuhrmanReinbeck, Grundy, Iowa3813 Feb 1880citizen by father's naturalizationFarm laborer
1222522Fred H. EitenWellsburg, Grundy, Iowa1813 Sep 1900nativeFarmer
12231461James William BalesEldora, Hardin, Iowa4505 Jan 1873nativeFarmer
1224687Julius PedersenDike, Grundy, Iowa3704 Apr 1881naturalizedFarmer
1225694James J. KnudsonGrundy Center, Grundy, Iowa3328 Apr 1885nativeFarmer
12261190Harm H. GroenwoldGrundy Center, Grundy, Iowa4312 Oct 1875nativeLaborer
12271720James Daniel CunningBeaman, Grundy, Iowa3808 Aug 1880nativeFarmer
1228675Thomas Aldermon JohnsonGrundy Center, Grundy, Iowa4324 May 1875nativeFarmer
12291155John HeronimusGrundy Center, Grundy, Iowa1929 Oct 1898nativeStudent
1230250Gezinus MulderAplington, Butler, Iowa3711 Aug 1881alien/non-declaredFarmer
12311391Charles William ReynoldsGrundy Center, Grundy, Iowa2004 Apr 1898nativeFarmer
12321227Joseph Fredrick HummelGrundy Center, Grundy, Iowa4430 Aug 1874nativeMerchant
1233564Johannes A. MeesterHolland, Grundy, Iowa4308 May 1875nativeFarmer
1234227Eilert WaltersWellsburg, Grundy, Iowa3825 Oct 1879citizen by father's naturalizationFarmer
1235390John Jan BevingWellsburgh, Grundy, Iowa3706 Mar 1881nativeFarmer
12361576Claude VintonWhitten, Hardin, Iowa3221 Sep 1886nativeFarmer
1237149Luke MarksStout, Grundy, Iowa1914 Apr 1899nativeFarming
1238818Wayland Roberts GrayDike, Grundy, Iowa3206 Oct 1885nativePharmacist
12391489Erville Orben SliferConrad, Grundy, Iowa4414 Jan 1874nativeFarmer
12401716Adam Bilbert NabloBeaman, Grundy, Iowa3421 May 1884nativeFarmer
12411111Jesse Calvin CripeGrundy Center, Grundy, Iowa4230 Oct 1875nativeFarmer
12421707Daniel Quillis ManleyBeaman, Grundy, Iowa4302 Jun 1875nativeFarmer
12431323Leon R. BigelowGrundy Center, Grundy, Iowa1818 Jul 1900nativeStudent
12441024George UilkReinbeck, Grundy, Iowa4020 May 1878citizen by father's naturalizationFarm laborer
1245664Eugene Vincent BryantGrundy Center, Grundy, Iowa4507 Dec 1872nativeFarmer
12461040Calvin Luther YohnReinbeck, Grundy, Iowa3824 Nov 1879nativeFarm laborer
1247653Rudolph C. PabstGrundy Center, Grundy, Iowa4026 Mar 1878nativeFarming
12481676Clyde Archibald WinslowBeaman, Grundy, Iowa3525 Feb 1883nativeFarmer
12491112Charlie Fred EwoldtGrundy Center, Grundy, Iowa3910 May 1879nativeFarming
12501537Lester Charles QuigleyWhitten, Hardin, Iowa3208 Nov 1885nativeThreshing, Shelling, Sawing, etc.
1251633John Bael KiewietHolland, Grundy, Iowa4019 May 1878nativeFarmer
1252199Fritz Frederick WiltfangStout, Grundy, Iowa1807 Jul 1900nativeLaborer in Elevator and Lumber Yard
12531439Irven Jasper SmithGrundy Center, Grundy, Iowa3215 Feb 1886nativeFarmer
1254622John John KramerHolland, Grundy, Iowa4028 Dec 1877nativeFarm laborer
1255835Mortimer Joseph O'ConnorReinbeck, Grundy, Iowa2006 May 1898nativeFarming
12561434Leo Wesley FreedEldora, Hardin, Iowa1919 Feb 1899nativeFarmer
1257833Fritz Henry NoltensmeierReinbeck, Grundy, Iowa2011 Aug 1898nativeFarming
12581681Mathew SandstoeBeaman, Grundy, Iowa3912 May 1879naturalizedRailroad Section Foreman
1259312Fred DeVriesWellsburgh, Grundy, Iowa1828 Mar 1900nativeFarm hand
1260817George Henry WittHudson, Grundy, Iowa3229 Jan 1886nativeFarm Manager
126113Walter Stevens HuyckStout, Grundy, Iowa4303 Jul 1875nativeFarmer
12621192Charles Frederick MesserGrundy Center, Grundy, Iowa4231 May 1876nativeFarmer
12631264Faike Walter SaathoffGrundy Center, Grundy, Iowa3929 Oct 1875alien/declaredFarmer
12641714Harry Presley HainesBeaman, Grundy, Iowa3410 Dec 1883nativeMerchant
126594Hans Soren FrandsenCedar Falls, Grundy, Iowa4515 Nov 1872naturalizedFarmer
12661026Ralph SoltauReinbeck, Grundy, Iowa1817 Nov 1899nativeFarm laborer
12671250Daniel Orrie MillerGrundy Center, Grundy, Iowa3911 Mar 1879nativeFarmer
1268676Dieke H. DiekenDike, Grundy, Iowa4331 Mar 1875nativeFarmer
12691148Samuel Edgar FrakesGrundy Center, Grundy, Iowa4527 Sep 1872nativeFarmer
12701337William Emery SliferGrundy Center, Grundy, Iowa3631 May 1882nativeFarmer
12711034James Thompson FlemingReinbeck, Grundy, Iowa3814 Oct 1879nativeFarmer
12721505Clark H. BrindleConrad, Grundy, Iowa1824 Apr 1900nativeFarmer
1273252Ontje Rudolf HookAplington, Butler, Iowa4119 May 1877citizen by father's naturalizationFarmer
12741066Nicholas Ernest WaltersReinbeck, Grundy, Iowa4128 May 1877nativeStationary Engineer
1275710Joe FrikkenGrundy Center, Grundy, Iowa3206 Jan 1886alien/non-declaredFarmer
127624Henry Patrick ClarkNew Hartford, Butler, Iowa4402 May 1874nativeFarm laborer
12771609Joseph Francis ClemensConrad, Grundy, Iowa3526 Jul 1883nativeFarmer
1278922Peter PlaehnReinbeck, Grundy, Iowa3907 Aug 1878nativeFarmer
12791202William Tobias HausmanGrundy Center, Grundy, Iowa3329 Jan 1885nativeCarpenter foreman
12801089George William LynchMorrison, Grundy, Iowa3513 Aug 1883nativeFarming
12811432Henry Francis JacobsonEldora, Hardin, Iowa3303 Jun 1885nativeFarmer
12821351Carl MulthaufGrundy Center, Grundy, Iowa3210 Jan 1886nativeDitching
1283609Conrad William BerendsWellsburg, Grundy, Iowa1824 Sep 1899alien/declaredFarm laborer
1284748John Edward SquiresDike, Grundy, Iowa3820 Jan 1879nativeJanitor School House/Dike
1285671Tom Henry GravesGrundy Center, Grundy, Iowa3519 Dec 1883nativeFarmer
1286445Diedrich ClaassenWellsburg, Grundy, Iowa4124 Oct 1876naturalizedCashier
1287285Ibeling George RewertsParkersburg, Butler, Iowa3514 Feb 1883nativeFarmer
12891532Riley Augustes McKibbenLiscomb, Marshall, Iowa4506 Sep 1873nativeFarmer
12901726Loyd Bastle GroesbeckBeaman, Grundy, Iowa1925 Mar 1899nativeTeamster
12911106Owen William EisenhourMorrison, Grundy, Iowa1913 Mar 1899nativeFarming
1292487Siebe H. MeyerSteamboat Rock, Hardin, Iowa3514 Aug 1883nativeFarmer
1293351Berend Jacob LindamanWellsburgh, Grundy, Iowa3224 May 1886nativeFarm hand
129467Jens TonnesenCedar Falls, Grundy, Iowa3316 Aug 1885alien/declaredFarmer
1295275John Arthur ConradiHolland, Grundy, Iowa1901 May 1899nativeFarm laborer
12961398William Oscar MillerGrundy Center, Grundy, Iowa3410 Apr 1884nativeCarpenter
129760Andrew Jensen JuhlStout, Grundy, Iowa4412 Aug 1874alien/non-declaredFarmer
1298619Ben SonnenbergHolland, Grundy, Iowa4101 Jun 1877nativeGeneral Merchant
1299885Henry Berend LauterbachReinbeck, Grundy, Iowa3921 May 1879naturalizedButcher
13001640Johnny Eugene SchryverConrad, Grundy, Iowa4322 Apr 1875nativeLaborer Grain Elevator
13011647Mark Elwood RalstonConrad, Grundy, Iowa3916 Feb 1879nativeFarmer
13021379George Clarence PettitGrundy Center, Grundy, Iowa4324 Aug 1875nativeMerchant
1303173Isaac NiemannDike, Grundy, Iowa2031 Dec 1897nativeFarming
13041209Lucas AbelsGrundy Center, Grundy, Iowa4304 Jul 1875nativeFarmer
13051210Robert Wright PageGrundy Center, Grundy, Iowa4523 Jun 1873nativeReal Estate Agt.
13061117Pearl Robert FrazierMorrison, Grundy, Iowa4321 May 1875nativeGrain and Coal Merchant
1307166Casper WaltermanStout, Grundy, Iowa4512 Sep 1873nativeFarming
1308423Jacob PetersWellsburg, Grundy, Iowa2012 Mar 1898nativeFarmer
1309549Dick William SprickWellsburg, Grundy, Iowa3504 Jun 1883nativeFarming
13101708Herman Chris Pete LedtjeBeaman, Grundy, Iowa4424 Apr 1874naturalizedFarmer
13111506Dewey Myo PriceWhitten, Hardin, Iowa1915 Feb 1899nativeFarmer
1312220Ben JunglingParkersburg, Butler, Iowa3315 May 1885citizen by father's naturalizationFarming
13131022James Garfield FletcherReinbeck, Grundy, Iowa3609 Sep 1882nativeHotel Clerk
13141570Judson Cory BristleyConrad, Grundy, Iowa4113 Jul 1877nativeFarmer
13151186Bert D. LaneGrundy Center, Grundy, Iowa3513 Nov 1882nativeAssistant Cashier Bank
1316858Anton Peter LorenzenDike, Grundy, Iowa3619 Jul 1882naturalizedLumber and Coal Dealer
13171198Harry Paul BelmontOmaha, Douglas, Nebraska2106 Sep 1897nativeLaborer
1318516John Gerriet BakkerWellsburg, Grundy, Iowa3505 Feb 1883citizen by father's naturalizationFarmer
1319953Roscoe Robert BrownReinbeck, Grundy, Iowa3320 Jan 1885nativeCarpenter
13201233Adrian D. CassadayGrundy Center, Grundy, Iowa4228 Oct 1875nativeBlacksmith
1321572John William LingelbachHolland, Grundy, Iowa4211 Feb 1876nativeLaborer
13221614Dewey Harold StevensonConrad, Grundy, Iowa2014 May 1898nativeStudent/I.S.C. Ames
1323163Henry Henry VanHauen-Jr.Parkersburg, Butler, Iowa4130 Dec 1876nativeFarmer
1324774Robert Henry FrasherReinbeck, Grundy, Iowa4321 Jul 1875nativeFarming
1325700John MiendersGrundy Center, Grundy, Iowa1928 Jan 1899nativeFarmer
1326442Peter H. EekhoffSteamboat Rock, Hardin, Iowa3606 Jun 1882nativeFarmer
1327123Henry VanEllen-Jr.Stout, Grundy, Iowa3418 Apr 1884nativeFarmer
13281211Iesrael SlutskyGrundy Center, Grundy, Iowa4325 Nov 1874naturalizedJunk business
13291610William George MockConrad, Grundy, Iowa3505 Sep 1883nativeLaborer
13301631George Dugan BortonConrad, Grundy, Iowa4427 Feb 1874nativeMason
13311620Clifford Clement AlexanderConrad, Grundy, Iowa3627 Aug 1882nativeFarmer
13321430Ernest OkkenConrad, Grundy, Iowa3802 May 1880nativeFarmer
13331228Charles H. JohnstonGrundy Center, Grundy, Iowa4413 May 1874nativeAmusement
13341531Charles Clarence NasonConrad, Grundy, Iowa2010 Aug 1898nativeFarmer
13351213Elmer Ellsworth EggertGrundy Center, Grundy, Iowa3302 Mar 1885nativeFarming
1336503Dick ThorenWellsburg, Grundy, Iowa3909 Oct 1878nativeFarmer
13371649Robert Thomas SpainConrad, Grundy, Iowa4206 Dec 1875nativePhysician
133863Charles Jacob YoungCedar Falls, Grundy, Iowa3604 Sep 1882nativeFarm laborer
13391606John StolarchikConrad, Grundy, Iowa3405 May 1884alien/non-declaredSection laborer
13401491Ernest DraperConrad, Grundy, Iowa2030 Sep 1897nativeFarmer
13411615Orville Dewey KellConrad, Grundy, Iowa2023 Apr 1898nativeFarm laborer
13421029Hugo Victor KahlerReinbeck, Grundy, Iowa4005 May 1878nativePhysician and Surgeon
1343261Peter HemmenWellsburg, Grundy, Iowa4020 Jan 1878alien/non-declaredFarmer
1344951Lyman Andrew McIntyreReinbeck, Grundy, Iowa3325 Dec 1884nativeFarmer
1345257Harm KuiperAplington, Butler, Iowa4420 Dec 1873naturalizedFarm laborer
13461424Frederick Warren BloxhamGrundy Center, Grundy, Iowa3923 Apr 1879nativeFarming
1347319Ben JanssenAckley, Hardin, Iowa4408 Jun 1874nativeFarmer
13481142Henry John AckermanGrundy Center, Grundy, Iowa3725 Jan 1881nativeFarmer
13491249Clyde V. WilhelmGrundy Center, Grundy, Iowa3904 May 1879nativeFarmer
1350366John CobieAckley, Hardin, Iowa4501 Dec 1872nativeFarmer
13511471David Warren ShockGrundy Center, Grundy, Iowa4101 May 1877nativeMinister
135214Michael MikkelsenCedar Falls, Grundy, Iowa3712 Aug 1881alien/declaredFarmer
1353397Henry M. AndersonWellsburg, Grundy, Iowa2001 Dec 1897nativeFarming
13541208Ira Bee RouseGrundy Center, Grundy, Iowa4328 Dec 1874nativeFarmer
13551675Harry Simon WattsBeaman, Grundy, Iowa3513 May 1883nativeFarmer
1356244Floyd Louis BausmanWellsburg, Iowa2015 Jul 1898nativeFarm laborer
13571499Curtis Elmer StarnEldora, Hardin, Iowa3719 Oct 1880nativeFarmer
1358928Albert Detlef StrohbehnReinbeck, Grundy, Iowa3709 Nov 1880nativeFarmer
1359215Coy Fredrick SansenbachParkersburg, Butler, Iowa3428 Nov 1883nativeFarming
13601180Naaman Wilber ReynoldsGrundy Center, Grundy, Iowa4208 Feb 1876nativeFarmer
1361732John Raymond MurphyReinbeck, Grundy, Iowa1913 Feb 1899nativeFarming
136249Hilko John ArendsStout, Grundy, Iowa3725 Jun 1881nativeFarmer
1363246Heiko KramerAplington, Butler, Iowa4127 Jul 1877citizen by father's naturalizationButtermaker
13641722Michael Avey ArtzBeaman, Grundy, Iowa3910 May 1879nativeLumberman
1365539Diettert GrimmiusHolland, Grundy, Iowa2030 Apr 1898alien/non-declaredRailroad laborer
13661672Harry Henry HarrisConrad, Grundy, Iowa3407 Aug 1884nativeFarmer
136739August WellmannCedar Falls, Grundy, Iowa4403 Feb 1874naturalizedFarmer
1368578Berend Harm JaspersHolland, Grundy, Iowa4222 Feb 1876nativeFarmer
13691204Archie P. McMillanGrundy Center, Grundy, Iowa3710 Feb 1881nativeClerk
1370798Leo Becker KnudsenDike, Grundy, Iowa1824 Jan 1900nativeDay laborer
13711081Hans Friedrich WieseGrundy Center, Grundy, Iowa3521 Jul 1883naturalizedFarming
1372634John DingelHolland, Grundy, Iowa3714 Jul 1881nativeLabor
13731548David Elmore BruceWhitten, Hardin, Iowa3314 Sep 1884nativeFarmer
13741003John William RohrReinbeck, Grundy, Iowa4528 Dec 1873naturalizedCommon Laborer
1375957Charles Clair CampReinbeck, Grundy, Iowa3701 Dec 1880nativeElectrician
13761223Charles Arthur BiebesheimerGrundy Center, Grundy, Iowa3801 Sep 1880nativeElectrician
1377342Thomas Arthur TreppAckley, Hardin, Iowa3808 Jan 1880nativeFarmer
1378417Trinus BoomgardenWellsburg, Grundy, Iowa1924 Nov 1898nativeFarm laborer
1379674Fred BrunsDike, Grundy, Iowa2025 Jul 1898nativeFarming
1380914Alfred AlbertReinbeck, Grundy, Iowa1905 Jul 1899nativestudent
13811291Harry Emery MorrisonGrundy Center, Grundy, Iowa3611 Feb 1882nativeClerk
1382573Birt HillygusHolland, Grundy, Iowa4207 Aug 1876nativeFarming
13831230Clarence E. FordGrundy Center, Grundy, Iowa3517 May 1883nativeFarmer
13841584William Clinton JohnsonConrad, Grundy, Iowa3505 Oct 1882nativePainter
1385828Peter Jens JohnsonDike, Grundy, Iowa4505 Mar 1873citizen by father's naturalizationLive Stock Dealer
1386569John Gerhardes MeesterHolland, Grundy, Iowa3327 Oct 1884nativeFarmer
1387856Hans KelsenDike, Grundy, Iowa3917 Mar 1879naturalizedMerchant
1387.51758Walter M. BakkerGrundy Center, Grundy, Iowa4527 Dec 1872nativeFarmer
1388272John Jacob Peters4003 Jun 1878nativeFarmer
1389341Jake RiekenAckley, Hardin, Iowa4105 Mar 1877nativeFarmer
13901573Warren Martin Earnest FiedlerLiscomb, Marshall, Iowa1829 Dec 1899nativeFarm laborer
1391691Joe Seben StumbergDike, Grundy, Iowa3216 Jan 1886nativeFarming
1392210Harm BoikeStout, Grundy, Iowa3516 Sep 1882citizen by father's naturalizationFarmer
13931205William Orrin McDowellGrundy Center, Grundy, Iowa4123 Nov 1876nativePhysician
13941286Hugh Dale MeyersGrundy Center, Grundy, Iowa2009 Nov 1898nativeFarming
13951713Charles EberhardtBeaman, Grundy, Iowa3708 Jun 1881nativeBlacksmith and Auto Repair
13961214Harry Fenton DeSeelhorstGrundy Center, Grundy, Iowa3303 Oct 1884nativeFarming
13971421William Henry LillibridgeGrundy Center, Grundy, Iowa3508 Dec 1882nativeTraveling Salesman
1398670Albert Jaxon PettitGrundy Center, Grundy, Iowa3810 Mar 1880nativeFarming
1399377Claus Christian JanssenAplington, Butler, Iowa1927 Sep 1898nativeFarm hand
1400331George FeldhoffWellsburgh, Grundy, Iowa1922 Mar 1899alien/non-declaredFarm hand
14011619John Lawrence BinderConrad, Grundy, Iowa3511 Oct 1882nativeDruggist
1402839Herman John MordhorstHudson, Grundy, Iowa2014 Dec 1897nativeFarm laborer
1403711Deddo MeyerGrundy Center, Grundy, Iowa4420 Oct 1873alien/non-declaredFarmer
14041540John Preston BrindleConrad, Grundy, Iowa4324 Dec 1874nativeFarmer
14051359Henry MeindersGrundy Center, Grundy, Iowa3612 Apr 1882alien/non-declaredCement Worker
1406132John John ArendsStout, Grundy, Iowa4322 Apr 1875nativeFarmer
1407965Bernhard BraaschReinbeck, Grundy, Iowa4425 Nov 1874citizen by father's naturalizationPainter
140883Hans JohnsonDike, Grundy, Iowa3320 Feb 1885nativeFarmer
14091304Clyde AshGrundy Center, Grundy, Iowa1928 Feb 1899nativeLaborer
14101400Asa Claude MiddletonGrundy Center, Grundy, Iowa4129 Jul 1877nativeVeterinarian
14111639Charles William ThomasConrad, Grundy, Iowa4327 Dec 1874nativeCarpenter
14121392Henry DeVoogdGrundy Center, Grundy, Iowa2012 May 1898nativeFarming
14131638William Gurusey LounsberryConrad, Grundy, Iowa4304 Jun 1875nativeMerchant
14141586William Horace DraperConrad, Grundy, Iowa4504 Sep 1873nativenone
14151360Willibald KatzerConrad, Grundy, Iowa3615 Jun 1882alien/non-declaredFarm hand
141617Peter Auge HenriksenStout, Grundy, Iowa2003 Mar 1898alien/declaredFarm laborer
14171104Rudolph WieseGrundy Center, Grundy, Iowa1929 Jul 1899alien/declaredFarmer
1418359Jacob ClausonWellsburgh, Grundy, Iowa4124 Nov 1876nativeFarmer
1419345Harm JanssenAplington, Butler, Iowa3602 Sep 1882nativeFarmer
14201275William Rhodes LynnGrundy Center, Grundy, Iowa4225 Nov 1875nativeDentist
1421587Olin Quincy KrenzHolland, Grundy, Iowa2008 Jan 1898nativeFarmer
14221728Charles Lester KitzmanBeaman, Grundy, Iowa2015 Apr 1898nativeFarm laborer
14231234Jacob Gilbert ChewConrad, Grundy, Iowa4421 Mar 1874nativeFarming
1424171Fred George CirksenaDike, Grundy, Iowa3331 Jul 1885nativeFarmer
14251343Samuel Sylvester NewtonGrundy Center, Grundy, Iowa3601 Apr 1882nativeTeamster
14261655Fred Lyle YounkerConrad, Grundy, Iowa3219 May 1886nativeAutomobile and Tractor Dealer
1427821Herman August RuthenbergDike, Grundy, Iowa4322 Sep 1875nativeFarming
1428966Peter JargstorfReinbeck, Iowa3406 Dec 1883nativeEngineer
1429672Guy Vennium BaileyGrundy Center, Grundy, Iowa3505 Oct 1882nativeFarmer
14301731Louis KuhlBeaman, Grundy, Iowa4006 Jan 1878nativeFarmer
14311568Harvey Elmer StricklerConrad, Grundy, Iowa3520 Sep 1882nativeFarmer
14321324Ebbo MaasGrundy Center, Grundy, Iowa3817 Feb 1880nativeFarming
1433226Frank Frederick HeislerParkersburg, Butler, Iowa3811 Dec 1879nativeFarmer
1434180Dick ArendsParkersburg, Butler, Iowa2003 Sep 1898nativeFarmer
14351397Herman Marten TysselingGrundy Center, Grundy, Iowa3411 Sep 1884nativeSalesman farm lighting plant
143627Carnot Jewett DunhamCedar Falls, Grundy, Iowa3222 Sep 1885nativeFarmer
14371085Thomas Jesse WhitingGrundy Center, Grundy, Iowa3522 Oct 1882nativeFarming
14381020Clark Bower RobinsonBlain, Perry, Penn.2026 Feb 1898nativeFarm laborer
1439497Leonard BoedekerWellsburg, Grundy, Iowa3708 Dec 1880nativeFarm laborer
14401293Martin Joseph ConnellConrad, Grundy, Iowa3727 Mar 1881nativeFarming
1441278George Henry JohnsonAplington, Butler, Iowa3903 Jun 1879naturalizedFarmer
1442131Dan BeelerStout, Grundy, Iowa4304 Jun 1875nativeRail Road Laborer
1443848Henry BruhnCedar Falls, Grundy, Iowa3919 Oct 1878nativeFarmer
14441545Lyle LoverinConrad, Grundy, Iowa3630 Jul 1882nativeFarmer
14451316Raymond Carl BienfangAurora, Buchanan, Iowa2028 Jul 1898nativeFarm hand
14461310Amos PabstGrundy Center, Grundy, Iowa4412 Dec 1873nativeTeaming
1447407Ford M. MullerWellsburg, Grundy, Iowa3730 Jun 1881nativeMail Carrier
14481363Jacob A. DeJongPella, Mahaska, Iowa2028 Jul 1898nativeStudent
14491078James Alton WhiteReinbeck, Grundy, Iowa3825 Mar 1880nativeCommon Laborer
14501100Daniel Rufus RichmondGrundy Center, Grundy, Iowa3518 Aug 1884nativeFarmer
1451451Joe O. NederhoffWellsburg, Grundy, Iowa4430 Aug 1874nativeFarmer
1452925Elias Paul BieberReinbeck, Grundy, Iowa4411 Jan 1874nativeBanker
14531242Calvin Henry WardGrundy Center, Grundy, Iowa4418 Dec 1873nativeAuto ? Dealer
145459Clarence Johansen SyndergaardStout, Grundy, Iowa1907 Jul 1899nativeFarm laborer
14551248Locke Houghton CarpenterGrundy Center, Grundy, Iowa4216 Mar 1876nativePhysician and Surgeon
1456668John D. WiebrondsDike, Grundy, Iowa1915 Jan 1899nativeFarming
14571617John Francis AlexanderConrad, Grundy, Iowa2025 Jun 1898nativeStudent
1458756James Jepsen DallCedar Falls, Black Hawk, Iowa3911 Feb 1879nativeFarmer
1459888Thomas John NielReinbeck, Grundy, Iowa4010 Apr 1878naturalizedFarm hand
14601102Coyle Lynn BarkeyMorrison, Grundy, Iowa1831 Jul 1900nativeLaborer
1461889Robert Augustus LonerganReinbeck, Grundy, Iowa4001 Jan 1878citizen by father's naturalizationPharmacist
14621141James William DrakeGrundy Center, Grundy, Iowa3731 Dec 1880nativeFarmer
14631721Emil HassBeaman, Grundy, Iowa3908 Feb 1879naturalizedFarmer
1464271William EvertsParkersburg, Butler, Iowa4013 Apr 1878nativeFarmer
14651042Ernest John BuhrmanReinbeck, Grundy, Iowa3306 Apr 1885nativeFarmer
1466783Willie Wilhelm NoltensmeierReinbeck, Grundy, Iowa1817 Jul 1900nativeFarm laborer
14671569Glenn Lloyd BartholomewConrad, Grundy, Iowa2027 Oct 1897nativeFarmer
1468229Walter Ralph GalpinWellsburg, Grundy, Iowa3525 Nov 1882nativeFarmer
1469937Henry August RamundtReinbeck, Grundy, Iowa1926 Jan 1899nativeFarm laborer
1470864Riender H. AalfsCedar Falls, Grundy, Iowa3423 Jan 1884nativeFarmer
1471431Peter A. EckhoffSteamboat Rock, Hardin, Iowa3516 Oct 1883nativeFarmer
14721521Jake DuffertWhitten, Hardin, Iowa3729 Oct 1880naturalizedFarmer
1473357Rotger RotgersAckley, Hardin, Iowa3713 Dec 1880citizen by father's naturalizationFarmer
1474493Ubbe H. ReiterWellsburg, Grundy, Iowa3719 Mar 1881citizen by father's naturalizationCarpenter
1475118Lewis L. AswegenStout, Grundy, Iowa3420 Feb 1884nativeHardware merchant
14761133Henry Lester AppelGrundy Center, Grundy, Iowa1922 Dec 1898nativeFarm laborer
14771272Sidney George SperryGrundy Center, Iowa1903 Feb 1899nativeFarm laborer
14781245Fred DenhoffGrundy Center, Grundy, Iowa3412 Aug 1884alien/declaredFarmer
1479575Eggo William StoehrGrundy Center, Grundy, Iowa3911 Jun 1879nativeFarmer
148069Carl William HughCedar Falls, Grundy, Iowa1903 Jun 1899nativeFarm laborer
14811389Troy Loyd HawkinsGrundy Center, Grundy, Iowa2031 Jul 1898nativeFarm laborer
14821399William Gustavus StrackGrundy Center, Grundy, Iowa3417 Apr 1884nativeLawyer
1483164Henry Peter PruisnerStout, Grundy, Iowa1907 Apr 1899nativeFarmer
14841331James J. DalglieshGrundy Center, Grundy, Iowa4105 May 1877nativeBanker
1485630Christian Henry HenzeStout, Grundy, Iowa1909 May 1899nativeFarm laborer
1486502Heiko H. DoyenWellsburg, Grundy, Iowa3930 Sep 1878nativeClerk
1487336John MillerAckley, Hardin, Iowa4220 Oct 1875nativeFarmer
1488595Dirk DreesmanHolland, Grundy, Iowa4214 Apr 1876citizen by father's naturalizationFarmer
14891575Ira Delbert BeemanConrad, Grundy, Iowa3809 Apr 1880nativeFarmer
1490472John T. FlessnerWellsburg, Grundy, Iowa4019 Feb 1878citizen by father's naturalizationMerchant
1491639Leroy Arend MeyerHolland, Grundy, Iowa1829 Mar 1900nativeFarming
1492441Hemmo LuppenWellsburg, Grundy, Iowa4208 Aug 1876citizen by father's naturalizationFarmer
1493556Henry John SnittjerHolland, Grundy, Iowa3901 Jan 1879nativeFarmer
14941288Galen Wayne AlbrightGrundy Center, Grundy, Iowa2008 Jan 1898nativeFarmer
1495712Charles Yoder3910 Jun 1879nativeFarmer
14961632Jesse Winfield MackieConrad, Grundy, Iowa4509 Jul 1873nativeFarm laborer
14971745Josef KalousBeaman, Grundy, Iowa3306 Sep 1885alien/declaredSection man
1498457Menno SnittjerWellsburg, Grundy, Iowa3814 Apr 1880nativeFarmer
1499310Richard LindamanAckley, Hardin, Iowa4118 Feb 1877nativeFarmer
15001073Bert Francis ShumwayReinbeck, Grundy, Iowa4527 Jul 1873nativeAss't Cashier
15011033James Newton MyersReinbeck, Grundy, Iowa3802 Apr 1880nativeFarmer
15021534Luthur Hadley ReeceConrad, Grundy, Iowa4021 Sep 1877nativeFarmer
15031578George Clarence McKibbenConrad, Grundy, Iowa4214 Jan 1876nativeFarmer
15041207Hugh Burns ScottGrundy Center, Grundy, Iowa1906 Sep 1899nativeStudent
15051469Arnold Noah ParvinEldora, Hardin, Iowa1907 Jul 1899nativeFarming
1506727Earl W. JewellDike, Grundy, Iowa3812 Mar 1880nativeHardware Merchant
1507421Wilhelm W. SandersWellsburg, Grundy, Iowa4405 Jan 1874alien/non-declaredFarmer
15081341Benjamin Lee HasbrookGrundy Center, Grundy, Iowa3303 Apr 1885nativeLather
1509972Aaron SchildrothReinbeck, Grundy, Iowa3211 Mar 1886nativeFarmer
15101071John Fredrick KnaackReinbeck, Grundy, Iowa3807 Feb 1880nativeFarm laborer
151131Anton SyndergardStout, Grundy, Iowa3702 May 1881nativeFarmer
15121724Earl Cecil SimmsBeaman, Grundy, Iowa3618 Oct 1881nativeFarmer
15131295Herbert Nathan WatkinsGrundy Center, Grundy, Iowa3301 Dec 1884nativeFarm laborer
151444Laurence Serenus HenningsenCedar Falls, Grundy, Iowa3720 Oct 1880nativeFarmer
15151384John PenticoffGrundy Center, Grundy, Iowa1818 Feb 1900nativeFarm laborer
1516813Harry Fremont MyersDike, Grundy, Iowa4019 Nov 1877nativeImplement Dealer
15171176Clyde Huber WorkmanGrundy Center, Grundy, Iowa3911 Jan 1879nativeSupt Public Schools/Grundy County
1518648George Arthur ReisingerGrundy Center, Grundy, Iowa3829 Mar 1880nativeFarming
1519562Ontje KnockHolland, Grundy, Iowa3305 Sep 1885nativeFarmer
15201546Joe NabloConrad, Grundy, Iowa3614 Apr 1882nativeFarmer
1521381Willem Harm BakkerAckley, Hardin, Iowa3721 Jul 1881alien/non-declaredFarm hand
15221743Henry August EssenBeaman, Grundy, Iowa4214 Oct 1875nativeFarm laborer
1523422Oddie WiltsWellsburg, Grundy, Iowa2003 Jun 1898nativeSalesman
1524971Charles Herbert WindsorReinbeck, Grundy, Iowa3412 Jan 1884nativeFarm laborer
15251503Carl ScottLiscomb, Marshall, Iowa3415 Mar 1884nativeFarmer
15261173George Maynard StevensGrundy Center, Grundy, Iowa1818 Nov 1899nativeClerk
1527843Jacob JacobsenDike, Grundy, Iowa3426 Mar 1884nativeStock Buyer
1528776John Morris CondonDike, Grundy, Iowa4424 Apr 1874nativeFarm laborer
15291321Thomas Sulbarger NeilsonGrundy Center, Grundy, Iowa3829 Jun 1880nativeBridge Builder
15301256George Garfield PlagerGrundy Center, Grundy, Iowa3519 May 1883nativeMerchant and Farmer
15311710Leonard BrummBeaman, Grundy, Iowa3611 Sep 1882nativeFarmer
15321661William Earl ClaymanConrad, Grundy, Iowa4014 Feb 1878nativeCarpenter
1533388Peter KannegieterAckley, Hardin, Iowa4513 Jun 1873citizen by father's naturalizationFarmer
1534602John Hero SchoonGrundy Center, Grundy, Iowa3326 Sep 1884citizen by father's naturalizationFarmer
15351383Jacob Heiko DeVoogdGrundy Center, Grundy, Iowa4507 May 1873alien/declaredRailroad laborer
1536785William Eugene MurphyReinbeck, Grundy, Iowa2104 Sep 1897nativeFarm laborer
15371169Earl Alex WeatherlyGrundy Center, Grundy, Iowa2016 Oct 1897nativeFarming
1538416Ebbo H. NederhoffWellsburg, Grundy, Iowa3827 May 1880nativeFarming
1539811Frank McLaughinReinbeck, Grundy, Iowa4109 Nov 1876alien/declaredFarm laborer
1540638John Jacob SealmannHolland, Grundy, Iowa1905 Sep 1899nativeFarm laborer
15411332Leroy Gregg ClayGrundy Center, Grundy, Iowa4002 Apr 1878nativeGrain Merchant
1542290Lynn Nicholas BausmanWellsburg, Grundy, Iowa1814 Feb 1900nativeFarm laborer
1543365Jans HuesmanAckley, Hardin, Iowa2017 Apr 1898nativeFarm hand
1544551George HarmsWellsburg, Grundy, Iowa3406 Sep 1884nativeFarmer
15451345Earl M. JohnsonGrundy Center, Grundy, Iowa3303 Jul 1885nativeBaker
1546713August FlaterHolland, Grundy, Iowa3921 Aug 1879nativeFarmer
15471016Ernest Charles FrenzenReinbeck, Grundy, Iowa1802 Feb 1900nativeFarm laborer
1548969Will Fredrich NissenReinbeck, Grundy, Iowa3418 Apr 1884nativeFarm laborer
15491696Cute Ingle4331 Jul 1875nativeLaborer
15501492William Clair St.JohnGrundy Center, Grundy, Iowa2018 Mar 1898nativeFarmer
15511060Henry Ed SweerinReinbeck, Grundy, Iowa4109 Nov 1876naturalizedLaborer
1552950John BarfelsReinbeck, Grundy, Iowa3304 Jan 1885nativeFarmer
1553581Eilert Harm KnockHolland, Grundy, Iowa3315 Nov 1884nativeFarmer
15541558Fred D. LongWhitten, Hardin, Iowa4016 Sep 1877nativeCarpenter
15551551Ora M. ThorenWhitten, Hardin, Iowa2010 Jun 1898nativeFarm laborer
15561701Orrin Andrew HammondBeaman, Grundy, Iowa3329 Apr 1885nativeLaborer
15571660Oliver StephensonConrad, Grundy, Iowa3829 Feb 1880nativeMinister
1558387Merle Floyd SchlamppAckley, Hardin, Iowa1809 Jan 1900nativeGoing to school at Ackley Iowa
1559718John Taylor JohnsonGrundy Center, Grundy, Iowa3420 Jul 1884nativeFarming
15601136Bert Allen FrazierMorrison, Grundy, Iowa2007 Jul 1898nativeLaborer
1561105Hillerd BergmanNew Hartford, Grundy, Iowa1824 Mar 1900nativeFarm laborer
1561570Will SmitHolland, Grundy, Iowa3322 Jan 1885nativeFarmer
15631084Earl Truman PatteeMorrison, Grundy, Iowa1814 Feb 1900nativeFarmer
15631402Ira Jacob KlinefelterGrundy Center, Grundy, Iowa3514 Jan 1883nativeFarming
1564379Fred Henry JansoniusAckley, Hardin, Iowa3704 Jun 1881nativeFarmer
15651285Frank KatzerConrad, Grundy, Iowa4421 Jan 1874naturalizedFarmer
1567262Louis FreesemanAplington, Butler, Iowa4015 Aug 1878alien/non-declaredFarmer
1568771Hans Peter AndersenCedar Falls, Grundy, Iowa1901 Jul 1899nativeFarming
15691596Daniel Clement BristleyConrad, Grundy, Iowa4325 Oct 1874nativeFarmer
15701184Raymond Scott TaftGrundy Center, Grundy, Iowa3518 Feb 1883nativeBanker
15711170Gus WieseGrundy Center, Grundy, Iowa4216 Dec 1875nativeFarm laborer
15721597James William PrimroseConrad, Grundy, Iowa4308 Apr 1875nativeMinister
157386Earnest Fred RoloffStout, Grundy, Iowa4205 Jan 1876nativeFarmer
1574334Henry Ben JanssenAckley, Hardin, Iowa2022 Dec 1897nativeFarm hand
1575106Arthur Peter ChristensenCedar Falls, Grundy, Iowa1829 May 1900nativeFarm laborer
1576970Alfred EdlerReinbeck, Grundy, Iowa3424 Apr 1884nativeMason Tender
15771246Joseph SchrafelGrundy Center, Grundy, Iowa3429 Jul 1884naturalizedFarm laborer
1578876William J. ClaussenReinbeck, Grundy, Iowa3704 Aug 1881nativeFarmer
15791650Bradie Cloyd KellConrad, Grundy, Iowa4120 Sep 1876nativeFarmer
1580723Ubbe G. PetersenGrundy Center, Iowa3924 Apr 1879nativeFarmer
1581816Arthur HansonDike, Grundy, Iowa1810 Apr 1900nativeFarm hand
15821582Oliver Columbus BlankenshipConrad, Grundy, Iowa3502 Sep 1883nativeFarmer
1583474Joseph Alfred UranWellsburg, Grundy, Iowa4003 Oct 1877nativeDoctor M.D.
15841555Warren Merchant StewartWhitten, Hardin, Iowa4501 Jan 1873nativeFarmer
1585505George A. GeerdesWellsburg, Grundy, Iowa3417 Oct 1884nativeFarmer
15861437Gilbert Dow WhisenandEldora, Hardin, Iowa2128 Aug 1897nativeFarmer
15871520Calvin CrouseConrad, Grundy, Iowa3618 Aug 1882nativeFarmer
1588347Peter Casjen VanderWerfWellsburgh, Grundy, Iowa2013 Jun 1898nativeFarm hand
15891017Newton Frank StephensReinbeck, Grundy, Iowa1817 Oct 1899nativeFarm laborer
15901574Lester Lee McKibbenLiscomb, Marshall, Iowa1815 May 1900nativeFarm laborer
1591729Roy M. CrouseDike, Grundy, Iowa3804 Jul 1880nativeDentist
1592100Ejner Larsen WindCedar Falls, Grundy, Iowa1808 Jan 1900nativeFarm laborer
15931695Edward Ruthford GodfreyBeaman, Grundy, Iowa4326 Aug 1875nativeFarm laborer
15941705Lewis Walter PlagerGrundy Center, Grundy, Iowa3619 Apr 1882nativeFarmer
15951265Robert DeWitt MastinGrundy Center, Grundy, Iowa3426 Jan 1884nativeIce Man
15961412Henry Jansen KrullGrundy Center, Grundy, Iowa4011 May 1878alien/declaredFarming
1597650Emery Earl DavisGrundy Center, Grundy, Iowa4007 Feb 1878nativeFarming
1598808Albert Ray FletcherDike, Grundy, Iowa3226 Oct 1885nativeFarmer
159919Fred Decker ShifletCedar Falls, Grundy, Iowa4025 Jul 1878nativeButtermaker
1600777Chris LarsenDike, Grundy, Iowa3502 Jan 1883nativeFarmer
16011178Arthur Reed TrevillyanGrundy Center, Iowa1818 Dec 1899nativeStudent
1602616George Albrecht SmithHolland, Grundy, Iowa1914 Sep 1898nativeFarmer
16031335Oscar August FritzelGrundy Center, Grundy, Iowa3329 Jan 1885nativeFire Insurance Solicitor
1604849Hans PetersenDike, Grundy, Iowa4208 Dec 1875naturalizedFarm laborer
1605361Will SiebengaAckley, Hardin, Iowa1920 Oct 1898alien/non-declaredFarm hand
160629Jens Adam HolstCedar Falls, Grundy, Iowa3813 Jan 1880naturalizedOrdained Minister
1607955Harry James OhrtReinbeck, Grundy, Iowa2130 Aug 1897nativeFarmer
1608523Peter RuterWellsburg, Grundy, Iowa1820 Jul 1900nativeFarmer
160940Otto Valdemar ChristiansenCedar Falls, Grundy, Iowa4404 Feb 1874alien/declaredFarmer
16101344Henry F. SinningGrundy Center, Grundy, Iowa3323 Aug 1885nativeMinister
1611296Reiner EllingrodParkersburg, Butler, Iowa3817 Sep 1879citizen by father's naturalizationFarmer
16121742Love Joy BrownConrad, Grundy, Iowa4121 Feb 1877nativeThresherman
16131686Emil WrageBeaman, Grundy, Iowa1910 Apr 1899nativeFarmer
1614212Geert MulderParkersburg, Butler, Iowa3511 May 1883alien/declaredFarmer
16151447Cara BrewerWhitten, Hardin, Iowa4509 May 1873nativeFarmer
1616640Paul AndreessenHolland, Grundy, Iowa1818 Nov 1899nativeFarm Manager
16171579James Richard EgglestonWhitten, Hardin, Iowa1831 Jan 1900nativeFarmer
1618150Earl SheltonGeff, Wayne, Ill.1918 Mar 1899nativeFarmer
1619102Alexander TorrieStout, Grundy, Iowa3402 Nov 1883alien/declaredFarm laborer
1620324Ahme HarkenAckley, Hardin, Iowa3513 Apr 1885nativeFarmer
1621923Frank B. GangeReinbeck, Grundy, Iowa3508 Feb 1883nativeMerchant Hardware and Furniture
1622933Paul Ennor KingsburyReinbeck, Grundy, Iowa4002 Aug 1878nativeBank Cashier
16236George William NowellNew Hartford, Grundy, Iowa4303 Nov 1874nativeFarmer
16241094Charles Freeman NashGrundy Center, Grundy, Iowa3222 Sep 1885nativeFarming
1625326Martin Julius ThomasWellsburgh, Grundy, Iowa3210 May 1886nativeFarmer
16261646Freddie Eugene ConradConrad, Grundy, Iowa3819 Jan 1880nativeFarmer
1627242Thomas Classen MeesterParkersburg, Butler, Iowa3610 May 1882nativeFarmer
16281047George Gerald GardinerReinbeck, Grundy, Iowa1805 Jun 1900nativeSchool student
1629820Anns PetersDike, Grundy, Iowa3727 Oct 1881nativeDrug
1630371Dick RiekensWellsburgh, Grundy, Iowa4326 Sep 1874nativeFarmer
1631376William Fredrick OelmannAckley, Hardin, Iowa1926 Jul 1899nativeFarm hand
1632298George HectorAplington, Butler, Iowa3501 Mar 1883alien/non-declaredFarm laborer
16331592Otto Rolland WagnerConrad, Grundy, Iowa1820 Mar 1900nativeLaborer
16341501George Samuel Guy CoulterConrad, Grundy, Iowa3630 May 1882nativeFarmer
1635499Henry AscherWellsburg, Grundy, Iowa3730 Nov 1880nativeFarmer
1636378Coart JanssenAckley, Hardin, Iowa4406 Dec 1873nativeFarmer
16371635Oliver Walter ClemensConrad, Grundy, Iowa3704 Dec 1881nativeFarmer
16381015Fred Philip SchmidtReinbeck, Grundy, Iowa3509 Jun 1883nativeFarmer
16391076Edward Albert HallReinbeck, Grundy, Iowa4122 Jul 1877nativeDentist
164074Frederik Holmsted JensenCedar Falls, Black Hawk, Iowa3419 Dec 1883alien/non-declaredFarm laborer
16411229Charles Leslie SlinkerGrundy Center, Grundy, Iowa3523 Mar 1883nativeFarm laborer
1642789Henry Nyboe ChristensenDike, Grundy, Iowa3312 Jun 1885alien/non-declaredFarmer
16431651Claude Leroy NickersonConrad, Grundy, Iowa4108 Jul 1877nativeMechanic (auto)
16441709Harm G. HertemaBeaman, Grundy, Iowa3413 Nov 1883alien/declaredFarmer
1645187Fred HeertsStout, Grundy, Iowa2001 Sep 1898nativeClerk
1646944Van Alfred FallReinbeck, Grundy, Iowa3824 Mar 1880nativeJeweler
164781Carl Peter MillerCedar Falls, Grundy, Iowa1831 Mar 1900nativeFarm laborer
16481115Harry Nelson WilhelmGrundy Center, Grundy, Iowa4407 Nov 1873nativeFarmer
16499Hans Lauritz ChristensenCedar Falls, Grundy, Iowa3718 Oct 1880naturalizedFarmer
1650518Ubbe PetersWellsburg, Grundy, Iowa3201 Nov 1886nativeFarmer
16511376Ethan John AkinGrundy Center, Grundy, Iowa3410 Mar 1884nativeFarmer
1652513Boyd EekhoffWellsburg, Grundy, Iowa4408 Apr 1874nativeFarmer
16531403John H. KuhlmanGrundy Center, Grundy, Iowa4320 Jan 1875naturalizedCoal and Feed Dealer
16541317Fritz Smith BeckmanGrundy Center, Grundy, Iowa3813 Jan 1880nativeDentist
16551494Avery Richard LoverinGrundy Center, Grundy, Iowa4115 Mar 1877nativeFarmer
1656708Harm BuskohlReinbeck, Grundy, Iowa3701 Mar 1881nativeFarmer
1657133Casper HesseniusStout, Grundy, Iowa3816 Jul 1880nativeGarage
1657874William Joseph ClausmanReinbeck, Grundy, Iowa3709 Jan 1881nativeFarmer
16591090Omar Dale ElliottMorrison, Grundy, Iowa2013 Apr 1898nativeMechanic
1660706James Armstrong TracyGrundy Center, Grundy, Iowa4226 Apr 1876nativeFarmer
1661968Conrad SchmittReinbeck, Grundy, Iowa3405 Sep 1884nativeManager General Merchandise
166285Hans Christian GuldagerCedar Falls, Grundy, Iowa1816 Sep 1899nativeEngineer
1663773John Clyde WilliamsHudson, Black Hawk, Iowa3507 Mar 1883nativeFarmer
16641092Vernon Keith MorrillMorrison, Grundy, Iowa2025 Dec 1897nativeLaborer
16651006John Winfield MaholmReinbeck, Grundy, Iowa3208 Apr 1886nativeJeweler
16663Jens Peter HolmCedar Falls, Grundy, Iowa3407 Aug 1884alien/declaredFarmer
1667540Benjamin Peter BoldtHolland, Grundy, Iowa2907 Dec 1888nativePost Master
16681101James Robert WatsonGrundy Center, Grundy, Iowa3516 May 1883nativeFarming
16691715John Henry CallahanBeaman, Grundy, Iowa3404 Sep 1884nativeFarmer
1670946Louis Frank RathmannHudson, Black Hawk, Iowa4504 Mar 1873nativeFarmer
1671459Evert J. RossWellsburg, Grundy, Iowa4010 Nov 1877citizen by father's naturalizationLaborer
1672579John MaasHolland, Grundy, Iowa4226 Dec 1875nativeFarming
1673119Owen Dow RickDike, Grundy, Iowa3810 Jul 1880nativeFarmer
1674689George Eilers1901 Sep 1899nativeFarmer
167568Olof Severin DanielsenCedar Falls, Grundy, Iowa3527 Jan 1883alien/declaredFarmer
16761587George Marvin HorningConrad, Grundy, Iowa3524 Jul 1883nativeFarm laborer
16771415George Lee CoxGrundy Center, Grundy, Iowa4430 Jul 1874nativeTeaming
1678517Claus Semans HeinkenWellsburg, Grundy, Iowa4518 Nov 1872naturalizedLaborer
167943Anton Fred SchultzDike, Grundy, Iowa4325 Apr 1875alien/non-declaredFarmer
16801069Clarence Richard OhrtReinbeck, Grundy, Iowa1916 Mar 1899nativeSchool Student and Farm helper
16811000Niels Peter PetersonReinbeck, Grundy, Iowa4521 Nov 1872naturalizedBlacksmith
1682767Richard Henry O'ConnorReinbeck, Grundy, Iowa3308 Feb 1885nativeFarm laborer
16831157Harry Ashton LynnGrundy Center, Grundy, Iowa4417 Oct 1873nativeFarmer
16841735Ennis Glen ElliottBeaman, Grundy, Iowa3613 Oct 1881nativeBanking
1685635Claas Luppe ClaassenHolland, Grundy, Iowa3708 Apr 1881nativeFarmer
16861014Hiram Joseph WatsonReinbeck, Grundy, Iowa3531 May 1883nativeFlorist
1687991Hans Christ MartinsReinbeck, Grundy, Iowa3810 Oct 1879alien/declaredEmployee in lumber yard
16881459Raymond Elias SnovelGrundy Center, Grundy, Iowa3423 Jul 1884nativeFarm laborer
1689881Johannes Nicholaus WieseReinbeck, Grundy, Iowa3828 Apr 1880naturalizedHorse buyer and Auctioneer
1690137Herman OstendorfStout, Grundy, Iowa4409 Sep 1874naturalizedFarmer
1691559Andrew Arend Meyer3423 Jun 1884nativeFarmer
16921107Solomon Ernest ManleyReinbeck, Grundy, Iowa1923 Mar 1899nativeFarming
16931238John TempleGrundy Center, Grundy, Iowa4101 Oct 1876naturalizedCommon Laborer
1694741Alfred Hjelmer JacobsenCedar Falls, Grundy, Iowa1912 Mar 1899citizen by father's naturalizationFarming
1695259Tammo M. BergmanWellsburg, Grundy, Iowa4411 May 1874naturalizedMerchant and Farmer
16961386Richard Ward NelsonGrundy Center, Grundy, Iowa1910 Feb 1899nativePost Office Clerk
16971163John Peter RoederGrundy Center, Grundy, Iowa3416 Sep 1883nativeBarber
1698982Fred SielskeReinbeck, Grundy, Iowa3512 Mar 1883alien/declaredFarm laborer
16991411Leon Berend BigelowGrundy Center, Grundy, Iowa4010 Dec 1877nativeMerchantalize
17001299Dick Lambert FrerichsGrundy Center, Grundy, Iowa3611 Jul 1882nativeFarm Overseer
1701698Chris Peter JuhlGrundy Center, Grundy, Iowa3208 Feb 1886nativeFarming
1702537Ausbrand MeyerHolland, Grundy, Iowa3512 Aug 1883nativeFarmer
17031618John PawlovichConrad, Grundy, Iowa3425 Jan 1884alien/non-declaredSection laborer
1704400Claus HarrensteinWellsburg, Grundy, Iowa3719 Mar 1882nativeFarmer
1705654Elso G. GrooteGrundy Center, Grundy, Iowa1927 Feb 1899nativeFarming
17061322Walter Arthur LynnGrundy Center, Grundy, Iowa3806 Mar 1880nativeFarming
17071287Guy Lester MastGrundy Center, Iowa2027 Apr 1898nativeFarm hand
1708810Charles E. ShearnReinbeck, Grundy, Iowa3219 Apr 1886nativeFarmer
1709519Louie KaiserWellsburg, Grundy, Iowa3307 Nov 1884citizen by father's naturalizationFarmer
17101544William Henry ClarkeConrad, Grundy, Iowa3626 Sep 1881nativeFarmer
17111454Merlin Arthur BrewerWhitten, Hardin, Iowa1809 Dec 1899nativeFarmer
1712419Else BerendsWellsburg, Grundy, Iowa4215 May 1876naturalizedFarming
1713772Hans Bruun ClausenDike, Grundy, Iowa3712 Jul 1881naturalizedCarpenter and Contractor
1714945Christian Rudolph RohlfsReinbeck, Iowa4529 Jul 1873nativeRetired
17151436John SnappEldora, Hardin, Iowa2024 Sep 1897nativeFarmer
1716218Elmer Theodor AndersonStout, Grundy, Iowa2022 Apr 1898nativeDepot agent
17171508Suttle Blane ReeceWhitten, Hardin, Iowa3302 Mar 1885nativeFarmer
1718841Edward Bertram YoungDike, Grundy, Iowa3605 Aug 1882nativeAgent
1719751Ernest RitcheyDelha, Delaware, Iowa2015 Jun 1898nativeFarm hand
17201634Willis Gaylord DaggettConrad, Grundy, Iowa4528 Aug 1873nativeFarming
17211113William Elmer McCurdyMorrison, Grundy, Iowa3929 Dec 1878nativeLaborer
172278Will OlsenNew Hartford, Butler, Iowa3626 Jul 1882nativeFarmer
1723479Dick J. WeichersWellsburg, Grundy, Iowa3720 May 1881nativeFarmer
17241747Jay Vankirk CoxWhitten, Iowa4116 Dec 1876nativeEngineer for SD Council of Defense
17251333George DiehlGrundy Center, Grundy, Iowa4029 Apr 1878nativeFarming
1726685Elso DoddemaDike, Grundy, Iowa4127 Jul 1877alien/non-declaredFarmer
17271127Walter Monroe MinorGrundy Center, Grundy, Iowa3823 Sep 1879nativeFarming
17281601Phillip DenikConrad, Grundy, Iowa3409 Jan 1885alien/non-declaredSection laborer
1729907William James LynchReinbeck, Grundy, Iowa4405 Jan 1874nativeFarmer
1730862William LarsenDike, Grundy, Iowa4208 Apr 1876nativeSchool Bus Driver
1731636John VanDeestGrundy Center, Grundy, Iowa3409 Jan 1881nativeFarmer
1732463William BakkerWellsburg, Grundy, Iowa3512 Dec 1882nativeFarmer
1733116Andrew Ubbe ReiterStout, Grundy, Iowa4204 Jan 1876citizen by father's naturalizationFarmer
1734692Henry GravesGrundy Center, Grundy, Iowa3229 Dec 1885nativeFarmer
1735195Harm DoedenDike, Grundy, Iowa3308 Aug 1885nativeFarming
1736221Joe HaackStout, Grundy, Iowa3824 Jan 1880citizen by father's naturalizationFarmer
1737265John KramerAplington, Butler, Iowa2025 Dec 1897alien/non-declaredFarm laborer
17381289Harry Raymond Arnold DittmerGrundy Center, Grundy, Iowa2005 Apr 1898nativeFarming
1739872Niels Peter Jensen BigumReinbeck, Grundy, Iowa4515 May 1873naturalizedWagon Cabinet Maker
1740987Wilmer Elwood BowerReinbeck, Grundy, Iowa2009 Nov 1897nativeTelephone Operator
1741824John FlynnReinbeck, Grundy, Iowa4012 Sep 1878nativeFarmer
17421080Richard SternborgGrundy Center, Grundy, Iowa3729 May 1881nativeFarming
17431683Stanley Ervin WalkerBeaman, Grundy, Iowa1806 Oct 1899nativeFarm laborer
1744840James Kinsella MurphyReinbeck, Grundy, Iowa3926 Dec 1879nativeFarming
17451395James Richard LynnGrundy Center, Grundy, Iowa3425 Nov 1883nativeFarmer
1746677Oltman Harbert Oltmans4405 Sep 1874naturalizedFarming
17471280Clinton Burton PriceGrundy Center, Grundy, Iowa3902 Dec 1878nativeMerchant
1748255Ben Henry DeVriesAplington, Butler, Iowa4102 Jun 1877nativeFarmer
1749353Henry CobieAckley, Hardin, Iowa3911 Feb 1879nativeFarmer
17501419Henry KruseGrundy Center, Grundy, Iowa4309 Feb 1875nativeFarmer

*Transcribed as listed on registration card

Transcribed from Source: U.S., World War I Draft Registration Cards, 1917-1918 [database on-line]. Provo, UT, USA: Operations Inc, 2005.
Original data: United States, Selective Service System. World War I Selective Service System Draft Registration Cards, 1917-1918. Washington, D.C.: National Archives and Records Administration. M1509, 4,582 rolls. Imaged from Family History Library microfilm.