Young Men Coming 21 Must Register June 5

All Who Are 21 Years Old Between June 5, 1917 and June 5, 1918 to Register

Hours 7:00 a.m. to 9:00 p.m.

Failure to Register Means Year in Prison or Perhaps Immediate Induction into Army

Are you a young man 21 years old?

Then don't forget to register on next Wednesday, June 5, or you will be considered a slacker from Uncle Sam's army and will be treated accordingly. And to be "treated accordingly" means either a year's imprisonment in a government prison or sent immediately to the army. This new order includes all young men who were not 21 on June 5th last year when the first registration was made but who have since become 21 years old. In other words, if you were born between the dates of June 5, 1896 and June 6, 1897 you must register.

It is estimated that this registration of the boys coming 21 years old will add about a million men to the draft classes. Of this million perhaps one in four will be put in deferred classes for one reason or another and that will leave about three-quarters of a million men available for military service. These men will be put at the end of class one and will be called in turn.

Since this registration is a very important matter, the Republican gives the following brief statement of the registration rules.

Who Must Register: All male persons (citizens or aliens) born between June 6, 1896 and June 5, 1897, inclusive, except officers and enlisted men of the regular army, navy and marine corps, and the national guard and naval militia while in federal service, and officers in officers' reserve corps and enlisted men in enlisted reserve corps, while in active service.

When: On Wednesday, June 5, 1918, between 7 a.m. and 9 p.m.

Where: At office of local board having jurisdiction where the person to be registered permanently resides or other place designated by that local board.

How: Go in person on June 5 to your registration place. If you expect to be absent from home on June 5, go at once to the office of the local board where you happen to be. Have your registration card filled out and certified. Mail it to the local board having jurisdiction where you permanently reside. Enclose a self-addressed, stamped envelope with your registration card for the return of your registration certificate. Failure to get this cretficate may cause you serious inconvenience. You must mail your registration card in time to reach your home local board on June 5. If you are sick on June 5 and unable to present yourself in person send some competent friend. The clerk may deputize him to prepare your card.

Information: If you are in doubt as to what to do or where to register consult your local board.

Penalty for Not Registering: Failure to register is a misdemeanor punishable by imprisonment for one year. It may result in loss of valuable rights and privileges and immediate induction into military service.

--The Grundy Republican (Grundy Center, Iowa), 30 May 1918, pg 1

Registration Is Low

Not As Many As Expected Came Of Draft Age

Registrants Given Their Registration Numbers. Serial No. Later

Grundy County's registration of boys who became 21 during the past year has not been as heavy as anticipated. We list below the names of registrants, giving their registration numbers. The boys will be given their serial numbers later.

--The Grundy Democrat (Grundy Center, Iowa), 6 June 1918, pg 1

Call#Registration#NameAddressAgeBirth DatePlace of BirthOccupation
110Charley AlbertReinbeck, Iowa2107 Aug 1896Grundy Co., Iowamyself
229Harm DiekmanWellsburg, Iowa2103 Nov 1896Grundy Co., Iowa
317Dick Frederick RewertsDike, Iowa2121 Jul 1896Lincoln twp., Grundy Co., Iowa
474Mertie Charles MurphyDike, Iowa2121 Apr 1897Grundy Co., Iowa
557Kobus MennengaReinbeck, Iowa2130 Mar 1897Reinbeck, Iowa
676August Lewis FritzelHolland, Iowa2103 Aug 1896German twp., Iowa
778Cornelius H. KuperWellsburg, Iowa2127 Jul 1896Grundy Co., Iowa
8122Edward Thomas CullinanGrundy Center, Iowa2125 Jan 1897Delavan, Ills.
987Fred Bruce AndersonLiscomb, Iowa2118 Aug 1896Marshall Co., Iowa
104Edward BaldwinGrundy Center, Iowa2129 Jul 1896native
11130Riebke RiebkesAckley, Iowa2106 Sep 1896German twp., Grundy Co., Iowa
1270John Rudolf JunkerAplington, Iowa2108 Aug 1896Grundy Co., Iowa
13108Ralph F. DeVriesStout, Iowa2115 Dec 1896Grundy Co., Iowa
1428John StahlHolland, Iowa2121 Sep 1896Grundy Co., Iowa
1589Chester Lee PrescottBeaman, Iowa2116 Jul 1896Waterloo, Iowa
1690Forrest Robson MeyersGrundy Center, Iowa2107 May 1897Grundy Co., Iowa
1765Edward Eugene O'ConnorReinbeck, Iowa2102 Jul 1896Grundy Co., Iowa
18125Henry Jake LindemanWellsburg, Iowa2127 Nov 1897Colfax twp., Grundy Co., Iowa
1945George Gibert SmithMorrison, Iowa2107 Feb 1897Bloomington, Illinois
2072Sam KonkenStout, Iowa2121 Aug 1896Grundy Co., Iowa
2161Gerhard August SiefkenGrundy Center, Iowa2115 Nov 1896Holland, Iowa
2291Claire Elmer MorrisonGrundy Center, Iowa2116 Nov 1896Grundy Co., Iowa
2351Charles John ChalupskyReinbeck, Iowa2110 May 1897Tama Co., Iowa
2463George L. MeintsSteamboat Rock, Iowa2128 Aug 1896Grundy Co., Iowa
2541George Sherl ClapsaddleLiscomb, Iowa2127 Aug 1896Liscomb twp., Marshall Co., Iowa
2684Ben Wayne FrederickConrad, Iowa2109 Aug 1896Fort Dodge, Iowa
2732William M. RossWellsburg, Iowa2109 Feb 1897Grundy Co., Iowa
2866Fred William GettingWellsburg, Iowa2102 Feb 1897Little Rock, Iowa
2916Harm StorkGrundy Center, Iowa2115 Oct 1896Lincoln twp., Iowa
3082Christen JensenDike, Iowa2109 Jun 1896Viborg, Denmark
3155Authur William RunftReinbeck, Iowa2102 Oct 1896Tama Co., Iowa
3233Jacob H. KruseAckley, Iowa2118 Jun 1896Grundy Co., Iowa
3356Herbert Alexander WalkerReinbeck, Iowa2103 Dec 1896Chula, Missouri
34102Leslie Franklin LillibridgeGrundy Center, Iowa2116 Mar 1897Whittemore, Iowa
3548John Carl SchmidtWellsburg, Iowa2103 Dec 1896Grundy Co., Iowa
3613Dial SalisburyBeaman, Iowa2102 Jan 1897Floyd Co., Kentucky
373Bryan Bland BausmanWellsburg, Iowa2128 Jun 1896native
3864Herman John MoellerGrundy Center, Iowa2124 May 1897Grundy Co., Iowa
3911John Harold MillerGrundy Center, Iowa2107 Apr 1897Grundy Co., Iowa
4069Ira Allen SchwabWhitten, Iowa2127 Sep 1896Jewell Co., Kansas
4135Frank Tracey GemeinhardtGrundy Center, Iowa2121 Nov 1896Columbus, Ohio
42113Adolph DetersWellsburg, Iowa2116 Feb 1897Ackley, Iowa
4362Fred Frederick SchmidtGrundy Center, Iowa2103 Jan 1897Colfax twp., Iowa
4418Frank Wallace AikenConrad, Iowa2119 Mar 1897Melrose twp, Iowamyself
4554Arthur Minor SchildrothReinbeck, Iowa2112 Dec 1896Dysart, Iowa
4681Henry J. SchaferWellsburg, Iowa2122 Apr 1897Grundy Co., Iowa
4788Ernest Dedrich OelmanAckley, Iowa2118 Feb 1897Grundy Co., Iowa
48114Melvin Klug FletcherWellsburg, Iowa2123 Jul 1896Reinbeck, Iowa
4939Remmer PaternaWellsburg, Iowa2119 Dec 1896Shiloh twp., Grundy Co., Iowa
5030Edwin Merle StoverConrad, Iowa2113 Jun 1896Grundy Co., Iowa
51119John BockesConrad, Iowa2112 May 1897native
5298Hubert John HarenGrundy Center, Iowa2112 Jul 1896Grundy Co., Iowa
5349Albert Edward SchmidtMorrison, Iowa2121 Jul 1896Janesville, Iowa
5425Henry Arend EckhoffWellsburg, Iowa2123 Mar 1897Butler Co., IowaRural Mail Carrier
5558John David CordesParkersburg, Iowa2116 May 1897Grundy Co., Iowa
5612Walter John JensenMorrison, Iowa2103 Jan 1897Denmark
5734Lester Slifer SmithBoonsboro, Maryland2121 Oct 1896Boonsboro, Maryland
58112Edison Thomas MootyGrundy Center, Iowa2128 Jul 1897Washington twp., Grundy Co., Iowa
592Hans RasmussenCedar Falls, Iowa2114 Sep 1896Fairfield twp., Grundy Co., Iowa
6095John FranzenStout, Iowa2104 Jan 1897Grundy Co., Iowa
6177William Henry ConradiHolland, Iowa2110 Nov 1896Grundy Co., Iowa
6246Samuel James ElderHudson, Iowa2105 Jun 1897Ireland
638Daniel Joseph ConnellGrundy Center, Iowa2107 Aug 1896Grundy Co., Iowa
64107Henry BoelmanCedar Falls, Iowa2117 Jul 1896Gromenger, Holland
6593Claus Elmer MillerCleves, Iowa2108 Jan 1897Grundy Co., Iowa
6699Henry M. DeBergGrundy Center, Iowa2129 Nov 1896Grundy Co., IowaDay labor
67131John KannegieterAckley, Iowa2103 Mar 1897German twp., Grundy Co., IowaFarming
68123Jake BoomgardenWellsburg, Iowa2103 Jul 1896Grundy Co., Iowa
69120Henry J. JanssenAckley, Iowa2121 Oct 1896German twp., Grundy Co., Iowa
7094Jacob Meester BergmannCedar Falls, Iowa2104 Aug 1896native
7167Sander DeNeuiWellsburg, Iowa2116 Aug 1896Hardin Co., Iowa
7240Walter StruweBeaman, Iowa2111 Jun 1896Scott Co., Iowa
7338George Albert RollWhitten, Iowa2123 Oct 1896Moniteau, Missouri
747George Rytter MikkelsenDike, Iowa2104 Jul 1896Denmark
7527Warren Newel MitchellGrundy Center, Iowa2119 Sep 1896Quincy, Kansas
761Carl Francis PettitWellsburg, Iowa2131 Aug 1896Vinton, Iowa
7752John WieseReinbeck, Iowa2120 Sep 1896Reinbeck, Iowa
786Theron Henry EricksonReinbeck, Iowa2121 Nov 1896Grundy Co., Iowa
7924Jake Peters HarrensteinHolland, Iowa2118 Aug 1896Grundy Co., Iowa
8014Otto Bernhart SchoemanCedar Falls, Iowa2107 Dec 1896Grundy Co., Iowa
8171Jake J. RindelsAplington, Iowa2114 Aug 1896Shiloh twp., Grundy Co., Iowa
8219Ray Wesley FreedGrundy Center, Iowa2101 Oct 1896Grundy Co., Iowamyself
8359Ernest Fred SoltauReinbeck, Iowa2105 Nov 1896Tama Co., Iowa
8437Robert J. SharpBeaman, Iowa2112 Mar 1897Clay twp., Grundy Co., Iowa
8536Ben Peter GoldensteinDike, Iowa2101 Jan 1897Germany
8668Dick DiekmanWellsburg, Iowa2103 Nov 1896Colfax twp., Grundy Co., Iowa
8785Fred Joe AbelsGrundy Center, Iowa2127 Sep 1896Grundy Co., Iowaself
8883William Peter ChristensenCedar Falls, Iowa2108 Oct 1896Cedar Falls, Iowa
8944Conrad MolendorpAplington, Iowa2116 Jun 1896German twp., Iowa
90116John Henry WierengaGrundy Center, Iowa2108 Oct 1896Veendam, Holland
9192Hannes WillemsAckley, Iowa2113 Aug 1896Grundy Co., Iowa
92128Albert Henry AshingWellsburg, Iowa2104 Jul 1896nativeStudent at State University
93103Gerald Dick JanssenEldora, Iowa2126 Feb 1897Augustfehn, Germany
9479William Franklin LewisReinbeck, Iowa2109 Mar 1897Index, Kentucky
9515Harm Dick FeldhoffWellsburg, Iowa2124 Feb 1897Ost Friesland, Germany
9626Arthur David SpessardGrundy Center, Iowa2111 Mar 1897Smithsburg, Maryland
97110Rex Leroy MintonReinbeck, Iowa2129 Mar 1897Grundy Co., Iowa
98104Robert KopsaBeaman, Iowa2109 Sep 1896Rockinite, Bohemia
9931Ailt BunkGrundy Center, Iowa2102 Sep 1896Grundy Co., Iowa
10096Albert Heand FrankenHolland, Iowa2118 Sep 1896Grundy Co., Iowa
101124Joe Wesley CobieAckley, Iowa2124 Mar 1897Hardin Co., IowaFarming
10253Henry John OelmannParkersburg, Iowa2125 Jun 1896Beaver twp., Grundy Co., Iowa
10343Emil Henry William KroegerReinbeck, Iowa2124 Apr 1897Scott Co., Iowa
104106John MillerStout, Iowa2104 Oct 1896Lincoln twp., Grundy Co., Iowa
10580Shirley Lyman DillyRockwell City, Iowa2110 Jun 1896Grundy Co., Iowa
106127Henry FreyWellsburg, Iowa2103 Nov 1896Ackley, Iowa
107101John BovenGrundy Center, Iowa2106 Mar 1897Grundy Co., Iowa
10823Ernest Charles LedtjeBeaman, Iowa2115 Feb 1897Schleswig Holstein, Germany
10922Henry G. DirksGrundy Center, Iowa2101 Feb 1897Grundy Co., Iowa
11021August Lammbert SteinmeyerGrundy Center, Iowa2107 Nov 1896Lincoln twp., Grundy Co., Iowa
11175Lornan Thomas WoodReinbeck, Iowa2121 Oct 1896Grundy Co., Iowa
11250George Daniel CatherwoodMorrison, Iowa2122 Sep 1896Moville, Ireland
11347Oliver Ralph TaylorReinbeck, Iowa2111 Jan 1897Grundy Co., Iowa
114126George Wieb MeyerWellsburg, Iowa2118 Mar 1897Shiloh twp., Grundy Co., Iowa
11586Albert Alzo FisherWellsburg, Iowa2109 Oct 1896Sioux Co., Iowa
11660Harold Andrew AndersonCedar Falls, Iowa2108 Apr 1897Black Hawk Co., Iowa
117129Roy Henry FrickenGrundy Center, Iowa2119 Oct 1896Grundy Center, Iowa
11873Guy Raymond LongneckerGrundy Center, Iowa2102 Sep 1896Grundy Co., Iowa
119111George G. GeerdesSteamboat Rock, Iowa2128 Apr 1897Shiloh twp., Grundy Co., Iowa
1209Hie BuskohlHolland, Iowa2102 Apr 1897Grundy Co., Iowa
12120Eldrick MeyerGrundy Center, Iowa2107 Sep 1896Holland, Iowa
122100John Lingelbach DirksHolland, Iowa2118 Oct 1896Grundy Co., Iowa
123115Fred AswegenDike, Iowa2108 Aug 1896Beaver twp, Grundy Co., Iowa
124109Oren Frederick ChrismanWhitten, Iowa2114 Aug 1896Emmett Co., Iowa
1255John E. AckermanAplington, Iowa2108 Sep 1896nativemyself
126117Linn Ferderick DoakGrundy Center, Iowa2107 Jan 1897Melrose twp., Grundy Co., Iowa
127133William MasselinkGrundy Center, Iowa2115 Feb 1897Meservey, IowaDivinity Student
128105William HartmanBeaman, Iowa2114 Jul 1896Clay twp., Grundy Co., Iowa
12942Nicklaas Gerhard Bernhard WiltfangGrundy Center, Iowa2116 Jul 1896Emden, Germany
130121Ben EitenWellsburg, Iowa2111 May 1897Shiloh twp., Grundy Co., Iowa
131132John BuchanGrundy Center, Iowa2111 Oct 1896Grundy Co., Iowa(A. O. Kern, Dougherty, Iowa)
132118Samuel Leslie ProctorSidney, Iowa2108 Jun 1896Sidney, Iowa
13397Clarence Elmer AndersonBeaman, Iowa2105 Mar 1897Marshalltown, IowaChicago North Western Ry

Transcribed from Source: U.S., World War I Draft Registration Cards, 1917-1918 [database on-line]. Provo, UT, USA: Operations Inc, 2005.
Original data: United States, Selective Service System. World War I Selective Service System Draft Registration Cards, 1917-1918. Washington, D.C.: National Archives and Records Administration. M1509, 4,582 rolls. Imaged from Family History Library microfilm.