Tuesday, June 5th, Is The Registration Day

President Wilson Issues Proclamation Appointing Day for War Registrations

Ages Are From 21 To 31 Years

Heavy Penalty Attaches to Those Who Neglect or Refuse to Register June 5th

June 5th is registration day. And the publication of the president's proclamation is all the legal notice you have, if within the legal age, that you must register, the failure to do which carries with it a heavy sentence and punishment.

You will be asked and must answer the following questions:
1. Your name in full and your age on June 5, in years only.
2. Place of your permanent home, not the place where you work.
3. You must have the exact date of your birth on a slip of paper which you will hand to the registrar.
4. You must be prepared to state whether you are a natural-born citizen, a naturalized citizen, an alien, or whether you have declared your intention of becoming a citizen.
5. Town, state and county of your birth.
6. If you are an alien you must give the name of your country.
7. The exact nature of your present trade, occupation or office.
8. Name and location of the firm by which you are employed.
9. You must state whether you have a father, mother, wife, child under 12, or a sister or brother under 12 who are solely dependent upon you for support.
10. Are you married or single?
11. Name of your race.
12. Complete details of any military service you have had.
13. If you claim exemption you must specify the grounds. Because you claim exemption, it by no means follows that you are exempt, according to the formal instructions from Washington.

That part of Pres. Wilson's proclamation dealing directly with the registration is given below:
Now, therefore, I, Woodrow Wilson, president of the United States, do call upon the governor of each of the several states and territories, the board of commissions of the District of Columbia and all officers and agents of the several states and territories, of the District of Columbia, and of the counties and municipalities therein to perform certain duties in the execution of the foregoing law, which duties will be communicate to them directly in regulations of even date herewith.

And I do further proclaim and give notice to all persons subject to registration in the several states and in the District of Columbia in accordance with the above law, that the time and place of such registration shall be between 7 a.m. and 9 p.m. on the 5th day of June, 1917, at the registration place in the precinct wherein they have their permanent homes. Those who shall have attained their twenty-first birthday and who shall not have attained their thirty-first birthday on or before the day herein named are required to register, excepting only officers and enlisted men of the regular army, the navy, the marine corps and the national guard, and navy militia while in the service of the United States and officer in the officer's reserve corps and enlisted men in the enlisted reserve corps while in active service.

In the territories of Alaska, Hawaii and Puerto Rico, a day for registration will be named in a later proclamation.

And I do charge those who through sickness shall be unable to present themselves for registration that they apply on or before the day of registration to the county clerk of the county where they may be for instructions as to how they may be registered by agent.

Those who expect to be absent on the day named from the counties in which they have their permanent homes may register by mail, but their mailed registration cards must reach the places in which they have their permanent homes by the day named herein. They should apply as soon as practicable to the county clerk of the county wherein they may be for instructions as to how they may accomplish their registration by mail. In case such persons as, through sickness or absence, may be unable to present themselves personally for registration shall be sojourning in cities of over 30,000 population, they shall apply to the city clerk of the city wherein they may be sojourning rather than to the clerk of the county.

The clerks of counties and of cities of over 30,000 population in which numerous applications from the sick and from non-residents are expected, are authorized to establish such sub-agencies and to employ and deputize such clerical force as may be necessary to accommodate these applications.

The power against which we are arrayed has sought to impose its will upon the world by force. To this end it has increased armament, until it has changed the face of war. In the sense in which we have been wont to think of armies there are no armies in this struggle. There are entire nations armed. Thus, the men who remain to till the soil and man the factories are no less a part of the army that is in France than the men beneath the battle flags.

It must be so with us. It is not an army that we must shape and train for war; it is a nation. To this end our people must draw close in one compact front against a common foe. But this cannot be if each man pursues a private purpose. All must pursue one purpose. The nation needs all men; but it needs each man, not in the field that will most please him, but in the endeavor that will best serve the common good.

Thus, though a sharpshooter pleases to operate a trip hammer for the forging of great guns, and an expert machinist desires to march with the flag, the nation is being served only when the sharpshooter marches and the machinist remains at his levers. The whole nation must be a team in which each man shall play the part for which he is best fitted.

To this end, congress has provided that the nation shall be organized for war by selection and that each man shall be classified for service in the place to which it shall best serve the general good to call him.

The significance of this cannot be overstated. It is a new thing in our history and a landmark in our progress. It is a new manner of accepting and vitalizing our duty to give ourselves with thoughtful devotion to the common purpose of us all.

It is in no sense a conscription of the unwilling; it is rather, selection from a nation which has volunteered in mass. It is no more a choosing of those who shall march with the colors than it is a selection of those who shall serve an equally necessary and devoted purpose in the industries that lie behind the battle line.

The day here named is the time upon which all shall present themselves for assignment to their tasks. It is for that reason destined to be remembered as one of the most conspicuous moments in our history. It is nothing less than the day upon which the manhood of the country shall step forward in one solid rank in defense of the ideals to which this nation is consecrated. It is important to those ideals no less than to the pride of this generation in manifesting its devotion to them, that there be no gaps in the ranks.

It is essential that the day be approached in thoughtful apprehension of its signigeance and that we accord to it the honor and the meaning that it deserves. Our industrial need prescribes that it be not made a technical holiday, but the stern sacrifice that is before us, urges that as a great day of patriotic devotion and obligation when the duty shall lie upon every man, whether he is himself to be registered or not, to see to it that the name of every male person of the designated ages is written on these lists of honor.

In witness whereof I have hereunto set my hand and caused the seal of the United States to be affixed.

Done at the City of Washington, this 18th day of May in the year of Our Lord one thousand nine hundred and seventeen and of the Independence of the United States of America, the one hundred and forty-first.
By the president:
Secretary of State

--The Grundy Republican (Grundy Center, Iowa), 24 May 1917, pg 1, 8

Government Gives Last Call On Registration

Registration Day is Next Tuesday and Prison Faces Those Who Fail to Register.

Seven Points To Be Remembered

Don't Worry About the Exemptions, Uncle Sam Will Announce That Part Later

If you are a male person, 21 years or over on next Tuesday, June 5th, and not yet 31 years old, you must register for the military conscription even if deaf, dumb, blind, minus a leg, arm, foot, both eyes, or any other way physically unfit. And the failure to register means a prison sentence. There are some exemptions as to military service, but none as to the registration and the government has issued a warring saying "Don't worry about the exemptions. Do your duty by registering and at the proper time you can present your claims for exemption from the draft."

In order that there may be no misunderstanding as to the registration part the government has issued the final word covering the seven cardinal points to be remembered by all who must register. The registrations will be held at the usual voting places in Grundy county and the seven cardinal points are as follows:

One--There is only one day for registrations--June 5, 1917.

Two--The only exemptions are persons in the military or naval service of the United States, which includes the enlisted men of the regular army, the regular army reserve, the officers' reserve corps, the enlisted corps, the national guard and national guard reserve, recognized by the militia bureau of the war department, the navy, the marine corps, the coast guard, and the naval militia, the naval reserve force; the marine corps reserve, and the national volunteers recognized by the navy department.

Three--Registration is distinct from draft. No matter what just claim you have for exemption you must register.

Four--Registration is a public duty. For those not responsive for this duty the penalty of imprisonment, not fine, is provided for the draft act.

Five--Those who thru sickness shall be unable to register shall cause a representative to apply to the county or city clerk for a registration card. The clerk will give instructions as to how this card shall be made out. The card should then be mailed by the sick person or delivered by the agent to the registrar of his home district. The sick person will enclose a self-addressed stamped envelope for return to him of his registration card.

Sixth--Any person who expects to be absent from his voting precinct on registration day should apply as soon as possible for a registration card from the county clerk where he may be stopping, or if he is in a city of over 30,000 to the city clerk. The clerk will record the answer on the card. The absentee shall mail this card to the registrar in his district so that it shall reach that official by registration day. A self address stamped envelope should be enclosed.

Seven--Registration booths will be open from 7 a.m. to 9 p.m. on registration day, June 5, 1917.

--The Grundy Republican (Grundy Center, Iowa), 31 May 1917, pg 1

Register Next Tuesday

Don't Try To Dodge The Registration

Government Will Make Rigid Investigation to Catch Those Evading the Requirement

If there are persons between the ages of 21 and 31 years in Grundy county who are of the opinion that they will be able to evade the responsibility of registering for "select service" on June 5, they may find themselves viewing the outside world thru prison bars.

The government intends to institute rigid investigation into the ages of every man who is not on the registration list, especially of those who have the appearance of being within the age limits. Those who are found to have evaded will be dealt with severely. The federal authorities have perfected a system whereby every man who is not registered can be detached if he is guilty of evasion.

The penalty for failing to register is one year in jail and after completion of the sentence, the individual is subject to draft. There is no alternative such as paying a fine.

Given a Certificate

When each man registers June 5th he will be given a certificate of registration. Section 16 of the registration regulations reads: "Police officers may require any person subject to registration to exhibit his registration certificate." Throughout the country on and after June 5th the police officers of the state, nation and municipalities will spread a drag net to ensnare those who have failed to register.

Upon demand every man must display his registration card to a police officer. If he cannot show it the police are authorized to hold the individual for investigation. If, after due investigation has been made, it is found that the man in question is duly registered, he will be released. Otherwise, no time will be lost in imprisoning him. Much inconvenience will thus be saved if every registered man carries his registration certificate with him at all times.

--The Grundy Democrat (Grundy Center, Iowa), 31 May 1917, pg 1

Volunteers Wanted

When the registration cards are returned it will be necessary to copy them, duplicate lists, and quite a number have suggested they are willing to "do their bit" by volunteering for an hour or two or three for this work.

If any girls or women who write a good hand are willing to serve their country in this work they can do that duty by seeing G. L. Eggleston, the county auditor.

--The Grundy Republican (Grundy Center, Iowa), 31 May 1917, pg 1

Grundy County Registration

Exemptions Aliens Alien
Fairfield 94 1 39 14 3
Beaver and Stout 97 51 3
Pleasant Valley 82 18 9 3
German 78 7 27 5 3
Shiloh and Wellsburg 99 46 7
Colfax and Holland 82 1 36 1 4
Lincoln 72 33 5 5
Grant and Dike 91 40 16 6
Black Hawk and Reinbeck 185 1 90 13 6
Washington and Morrison 73 33 3 7
Palermo and Grundy Center 196 6 87 10 7
Melrose 61 42 3 2
Felix 69 43 3 1
Clay-Conrad 54 1 33 1
Clay-Beaman 58 31 3 1
---- ---- ---- ---- ----
Total 1391 17 649 88 56

Source: The Grundy Democrat (Grundy Center, Iowa), 14 June 1917

How The Selective Draft Will Work

Local Boards Have Received Instructions

Names Will Be Drawn In Washington

When is the drawing of names of men to serve in the army to begin and how is it going to be done?

It is understood that the drawing of names of those registered on the 5th of last June will begin on or about the 15th of this month and that it will continue until probably a million names are drawn, as it is expected that out of a million names 600,000 will be fit for army service and not subject to exemption.

Every county or city over 30,000 will be known as one district. There are 4,900 districts in the country. Every time a name is drawn in Washington 4,900 men or one from each district will be called on to serve.

The jury wheel system will be used in drawing names of registered men. The drawing will be done at Washington. If the first number drawn should be No. 10 all of the number 10s in the country have been called upon to serve. There as many No. 10s in the country as there are voting districts.

As soon as the numbers are drawn, the men whose names correspond to them are notified. They must next report to the county exemption board for exemption whether they may wish to make claim for exemption or not. If the local board's examination shows that the man drawn is physicially unfit to serve he is excused.

No men are exempted from service as a class. Only those able bodied men drawn who are able to show that they have a family absolutely dependent upon them for support can be exempted from service. Those not satisfied with the decision of the local exemption board may appeal to the state board.

The local boards are only a part of a machine whose duties and responsibilities will be so clearly defined that there will be one course for them to follow and they will be relieved of the burden of actually sending men to war or of ordering them to stay at home.

It is the general understanding that any man drawn who is physically fit will have to present a good cause to the state boards before his appeal for exeption is granted. It is not at all likely that any who have no families actually dependent upon them for support will be excused from duty. Single men will stand a very small chance of getting relieved from duty no matter what business they may be engaged in and it is not at all likely that, knowing the very stringent rules adopted by the government, many men passed by local boards will go before the state boards to make a plea for exemption from duty.

The men who are drawn can go on about their business until they are called into training which will probably be in September.

--The Grundy Democrat (Grundy Center, Iowa), 5 July 1917, pg 1

Exemption Board Has Organized

The exemption board for Grundy county consists of sheriff Wm. Bockes, Auditor G. L. Eggleston and Dr. W. O. McDowell, received their instructions on Tuesday and because much of their work has to be done within the first week it was necessary for them to organize at once. Sheriff Bockes will be chairman of the board and Auditor Eggleston clerk. The board is hampered somewhat in their work that they must do this week on account of the absence of one member, Dr. McDowell, who is away from home and who did not receive official notice of his appointment before he left.

The new and additional steps required by the provost marshal general of the local exemption board will require much clerical work and speed. It is expected that the board will have its work done by Saturday night.

The first duty of the board was to take possession of the registration cards and the copies that have already been made.

The fist work required for which clerical help will be employed, is to number the original cards and the copies. Starting with the first name in the township, the cards and the copy of each are to be numbered serially, beginning with No. 1, and continuing the numbers without a break thru the entire list. The townships will be arranged in alphabetical order.

When the cards and the copy of each has been numbered, all the copies must be signed as being "a true copy" by a member of the exemption board.

Four lists of the names as numbered in sequence must then be prepared. The board will keep one list, one is to be offered to the press for publication, another is to be posted in a public place for inspection, and the fourth is to be sent to the provost marshal general at Washington.

The provost marshal has issued instructions that the work must be completed by next Saturday night and it is expected that enough clerical help can be employed to number the cards and prepare the lists by that time.

--The Grundy Democrat (Grundy Center, Iowa), 5 July 1917, pg 1

Order In Which Men Will Be Drawn

All Registered Men in Grundy County Classified in Order Drawn

Country Takes Keen Interest In Drawing

First 250 Men Drawn Needed On First Draft

Every man who registered on June 5th has been given another number. The new number is his call number. The number indicates the order in which he was drawn last Friday and the order in which he will be called for service. We have 1391 registered men in this county and each has a call number. The first man drawn for service in this county was Jens Petersen from Black Hawk township. His call will be No. 1 and he will be the first man called to be examined by the exemption board. George Purvis of Colfax township was the second man drawn and his call number is No. 2 and so on down the list. The last man on the list is George W. Hildebrand of Black Hawk township. He will be the last man of the 1391 men who will be called.

This county must furnish 109 men on the first draft. It is estimated that 250 of the men first drawn will have to be called before the 109 men needed are secured. It may take the first 300 to get the 109 able bodied men not subject to exemption to make up our first quota.

Every registered man in the county is very anxious to know what place has been given him in the draft. The Democrat has made a list of all of the registered men in this county and it publishes the names below in the order in which the men will be called for service.

The first 300 names or those who will likely be called on for examination on the first draft are printed by townships. The number before the name is the registration number. The number back of the name indicates the order in which the men will be called.

Numbers beginning with 300 are not arranged by townships. They are arranged in groups of 50. For instance No. 301 is Jack Ross whose registration number is 332. No. 349 is Otto Blakely whose registered number is 1121.

It is estimated that 300 men in this county will be called on the first draft. That the numbers from 300 to 600 will probably be called to make up the second draft which it is predicted may be made within a few months. From 600 to 900 would include the men who would be called on the third draft and so on down the list.

These list of names mean a good deal and it is advisable for every reader of this paper to preserve this copy of the paper for future reference.

(The actual list from the newspaper is not reprinted here.)

--The Grundy Democrat (Grundy Center, Iowa), 26 July 1917, pg 1

Those Registered June 5th, 1917, In This County

1391 Are Within The Specified Age

Call#Registration#NameAddressAgeBirth DatePlace of BirthOccupationPrecinct
1258Jens Carl PetersenReinbeck, Iowa3021 Aug 1886Fakse, DenmarkFarm laborerBlack Hawk
2458George O. PurvisHolland, Iowa2320 May 1894Portland, OregonFarmingColfax
3854Marx JohnsGrundy Center, Iowa2518 Jun 1891Tama Co., IowaFarmingLincoln
41095John DeWitt RayburnGrundy Center, Iowa3012 May 1887Aswego, KansasCookPalermo
5783Henry William WiebenHudson, Iowa2212 Nov 1894Traer, IowaFarmerGrant
61117Lee TravisGrundy Center, Iowa2401 Apr 1893Grundy Center, IowaPainterPalermo
7837Enno StorkGrundy Center, Iowa2227 Dec 1894Lincoln twp., Grundy Co., IowaFarmingLincoln
8337Lee Omer NielsonReinbeck, Iowa2228 May 1895Reinbeck, IowaStudentBlack Hawk
9676Fred W. UkroAckley, Iowa2817 Aug 1888German twp., IowaFarmerGerman
10275Edward James HornigReinbeck, Iowa2530 Aug 1891Sunman, Ind.DraymanBlack Hawk
11509Axel R. MadsenStout, Iowa2130 Apr 1896Asnas, Sjolland, DenmarkFarm handFairfield
121185Harm KramerAplington, Iowa2510 Mar 1892Oudeyk, HollandFarm laborerPleasant Valley
13564Rasmus TonnesenDike, Iowa2625 Nov 1890Orby, Samso, DenmarkFarm handFairfield
14945William Frederick LeschGrundy Center, Iowa3030 May 1887Chicago, Ill.JewelerPalermo
15596Frank Reo DigginsLiscomb, Iowa3019 Aug 1886Melbourne, IowaFarmerFelix
161267Johannes HeinrichWellsburg, Iowa2225 Nov 1894Blair, Ill.FarmingShiloh
17536Wilbert PetersenCedar Falls, Iowa2512 Dec 1891Dike, IowaFarmerFairfield
18548Albert JohnsonCedar Falls, Iowa2708 Nov 1889Swanton, IowaFarmerFairfield
19126Jasper VonDeesBeaman, Iowa2422 Oct 1892Weemir, Hanover, GermanyFarmerBeaman
201237Ben F. PetersWellsburg, Iowa3029 Mar 1887IowaFarmerShiloh
21784George Jurgen WiebenHudson, Iowa2414 Apr 1893Traer, IowaFarmingGrant
22755John E. ColvilleReinbeck, Iowa2629 Dec 1890Traer, IowaFarmerGrant
23107Eildert VryBeaman, Iowa2308 Mar 1894Weemir, Hanover, GermanyFarm laborerBeaman
241369Martin VesterbergGrundy Center, Iowa2917 Jan 1888Ystad, Onslmohuslan, SwedenFarmerWashington
25616Sylvester Leroy McCullochWhitten, Iowa2426 Jan 1893Tama City, IowaFarm laborerFelix
26373William Harris SimmsConrad, Iowa2902 Aug 1887Conrad, IowaFarmerClay Conrad
271266Daniel NederhoffWellsburg, Iowa2520 Jan 1892IowaFarmingShiloh
28775Adam F. DeadrickDike, Iowa2211 Apr 1895Grant twp., IowaFarm laborerGrant
29486Merritt E. WrightStout, Iowa2813 Jul 1888Stout, IowaFarmerFairfield
30692Will C. HuisingaAplington, Iowa2302 Nov 1893German twp., IowaFarm handGerman
31600Charles Macomb SondersGrundy Center, Iowa2928 Dec 1887Macomb, Ill.TeamsterFelix
32810William ShieldsLincoln Twp., Grundy Co., Iowa2505 Oct 1892Perry Co., Penn.FarmerLincoln
33507Laurits HansenStout, Iowa2630 Apr 1891Veddinge, Sjolland, DenmarkFarmerFairfield
34309Carl DoeblerReinbeck, Iowa2413 Nov 1892Reinbeck, IowaAuto RepairerBlack Hawk
35437Henry PetersHolland, Iowa2607 Oct 1890Holland, IowaFarmerColfax
361324Byron Cole HawnGrundy Center, Iowa2102 Dec 1895Forest City, IowaFarmerWashington
37604Ralph Wesley AlexanderConrad, Iowa2525 Apr 1892Conrad, IowaFarm laborerFelix
3843John D. HarbertsStout, Iowa2811 Sep 1888Grundy Center, IowaFarmerBeaver
391264Claus JanssenWellsburg, Iowa2111 Jun 1895IowaFarmingShiloh
401066Jacob SmitGrundy Center, Iowa2311 Oct 1893Oswald, Groningen, HollandFarm laborerPalermo
41924Lester Alvin HoffaGrundy Center, Iowa3011 Feb 1887Grundy Co., IowaFarmerMelrose
42420Andrew KrugerHolland, Iowa2216 Feb 1895Grundy Center, IowaFarmingColfax
431014Christjan Albert KrullGrundy Center, Iowa2230 Jun 1894Simonswolde, Ostfriesland, GermanyFarmingPalermo
441178John EllingrodParkersburg, Iowa2503 Dec 1891Groszoldendoph, GermanyFarm laborerPleasant Valley
45514George J. ThuesenCedar Falls, Iowa2914 Jul 1887Cedar Falls, IowaCarpenterFairfield
46433Weyo TackHolland, Iowa2503 Jun 1892Aplington, IowaFarmingColfax
471329George Clay MurphyMorrison, Iowa2316 Mar 1894Shade-gap, Penn.Farm laborerWashington
4810Hans C. LindbergStout, Iowa2608 Jan 1891Grundy Co., IowaFarmerBeaver
491045David Dale WoodmencyGrundy Center, Iowa2207 Dec 1894Grundy Center, IowaClerk in produce housePalermo
501031Purl FullerGrundy Center, Iowa2309 Jan 1894Clyde, KansasContractorPalermo
511331Frank Earl WallaceMorrison, Iowa2716 Nov 1889Morrison, IowaLaborerWashington
52487Luie HenningsenDike, Iowa2418 May 1893Dike, IowaFarm handFairfield
531282Claus W. RossWellsburg, Iowa2621 Nov 1890IowaAuto RepairingShiloh
541323William Edward HauseGrundy Center, Iowa2410 Jun 1892Linwiller, VirginiaFarm laborerWashington
55797Holger Otto LarsenDike, Iowa2408 Dec 1893Grant twp., IowaFarmerGrant
56140Edward StruweBeaman, Iowa2328 Mar 1894Durant, IowaFarm laborerBeaman
571236Meint H. TjadenWellsburg, Iowa3030 Sep 1886IowaGrain, Stock buyerShiloh
58432Herman HarrensteinHolland, Iowa2217 Apr 1895Holland, IowaFarmerColfax
5918Steno JunglingStout, Iowa2801 Mar 1889HollandFarmerBeaver
60652Harm DavidsAckley, Iowa2705 Oct 1889Emden, Hanover, GermanyFarm laborerGerman
61927Andrew John JanssenSteamboat Rock, Iowa3021 Aug 1886GermanyFarmerMelrose
62739Clarence Gilbert WallaceCedar Falls, Iowa2103 May 1896Sulvin Co., Mo.FarmerGrant
63601Leo Raymond LockardWhitten, Iowa2408 Jun 1892Whitten, IowaFarmerFelix
641322Jesse AllgoodGrundy Center, Iowa2905 Mar 1888Coal Station, Ill.Farm laborerWashington
651146John Peter HolmAplington, Iowa2927 Sep 1887Schleswig, GermanyFarm laborerPleasant Valley
661103Frank Elmer WernzGrundy Center, Iowa2720 May 1890Louisville, KentuckyGarage MechanicPalermo
67606John Abel StewartConrad, Iowa2917 Jul 1887Conrad, IowaFarmerFelix
68182Walter ThompsonReinbeck, Iowa2510 Jul 1891Uly, DenmarkLaborerBlack Hawk
69513James M. JuhlDike, Iowa2216 Aug 1894Cedar Falls, IowaFarm handFairfield
7046Peter PruisnerStout, Iowa2331 Dec 1893Puttman Co., Ill.TilingBeaver
711020Eugene Ernest WeatherlyGrundy Center, Iowa2331 Jul 1893Grundy Center, IowaFarmingPalermo
721099Robert Lincoln MorrisonGrundy Center, Iowa3022 Feb 1887Grundy Center, IowaFarmingPalermo
73223Henry William RamseyReinbeck, Iowa2810 Jan 1892Reinbeck, IowaFarmerBlack Hawk
74117Chas. Thomas WhorrallBeaman, Iowa2901 Oct 1887Vienna twp., Marshall Co., IowaFarmerBeaman
75602Joseph Lyle ViersLiscomb, Iowa2202 Mar 1895Swan, IowaFarm laborerFelix
76390Alba Herman BarnesConrad, Iowa2930 Nov 1887Conrad, IowaFarmerClay Conrad
7775Adam G. PoppenStout, Iowa2822 Apr 1889Holland, IowaGeneral Farm BlacksmithBeaver
78772Earnest H. StarkHudson, Iowa2512 Feb 1892Wellingdorf, Kiel, GermanyFarm laborerGrant
79721Jens Albert HansenDike, Iowa2621 Mar 1891Asnees, DenmarkRestaurant BusinessGrant
80786Emil Gus BauerDike, Iowa2331 Mar 1894Hudson, IowaButcherGrant
81280Walter JuhlReinbeck, Iowa2512 Nov 1891Cedar Falls, IowaFarm laborerBlack Hawk
821292Dick W. RiekenaWellsburg, Iowa2115 Jul 1895IowaFarmingShiloh
83972Ivan Luther MastGrundy Center, Iowa2725 Jun 1889Beaman, IowaFarmerPalermo
84983Harold Kepford WilsonGrundy Center, Iowa2123 Aug 1895Grundy Center, IowaFarm laborerPalermo
85757Lee Jarvey DeaconDike, Iowa2127 Feb 1896Dike, IowaImplementGrant
86966Ross Allen LongGrundy Center, Iowa2721 Apr 1890Pleasant View, Pa.FarmerPalermo
87868Andrew Ludwig BrunsGrundy Center, Iowa2109 Dec 1895Lincoln Twp, Grundy Co., IowaFarmingLincoln
88332John Howard StewartReinbeck, Iowa2724 Mar 1890Reinbeck, IowaFarmerBlack Hawk
89379Edwin O. EcklundConrad, Iowa2914 Jun 1887Moline, Ill.Banker (cashier)Clay Conrad
90542Marinus B. OsterCedar Falls, Iowa2401 Feb 1893Cedar Falls, IowaFairfield
91194Clarence Webber StewartReinbeck, Iowa2216 Jul 1894Primgar, IowaClerkBlack Hawk
92874Vern WebrandDike, Iowa2710 Nov 1889Bunde Ostfriesland, GermanyFarmingLincoln
93552Clinton E. NorthCedar Falls, Iowa2517 May 1892Cedar Falls, IowaFarmerFairfield
941300Johannes SnaterGeneva, Iowa2423 Jan 1893Winschoten, HollandFarmingShiloh
95298John Nicholas JacobsenReinbeck, Iowa2708 Mar 1890Reinbeck, IowaDistrict manager Life Ins.Black Hawk
96675Henry H. JohnsAckley, Iowa2519 May 1892Fort Morgan, ColoradoFarm handGerman
971294Wert H. BehrendsWellsburg, Iowa2109 Dec 1895IowaFarmingShiloh
981148John LuchtenburgAplington, Iowa2802 Dec 1889Wedde, HollandFarmerPleasant Valley
991354Claus Johannes Frederich DressenGrundy Center, Iowa2224 Jun 1894Bucholz, GermanyFarmerWashington
100343Beherrell HuntConrad, Iowa2704 Sep 1889Rigdon, Ind.ElectricianClay Conrad
101982Vincent Daniel PetersenGrundy Center, Iowa2531 Dec 1891Moline, Ill.Ice Plant employeePalermo
102726Niels Juel NielsenDike, Iowa2928 Feb 1888Asnos, DenmarkCarpenterGrant
10315Dan AndreessenStout, Iowa2619 Sep 1890Parkersburg, IowaFarmerBeaver
104905Josiah Bryan SmithEldora, Iowa2101 May 1896Ogle Co., Ill.FarmerMelrose
105933Elsie Worth CasstevensEldora, Iowa2231 Jul 1894Yadkin Co., N.C.FarmerMelrose
1061288Claus Christoph NeessenWellsburg, Iowa2415 Jan 1893Wellsburg, IowaFarmingShiloh
107452Fred SmithGrundy Center, Iowa2102 Oct 1895Clinton, IowaFarmingColfax
108355Josiah GivenConrad, Iowa2113 Aug 1895Des Moines, IowaMedical Student (Vet)Clay Conrad
109530Arthur R. CurrierDike, Iowa2724 Oct 1889Dike, IowaFarm handFairfield
110809Burt GoodellGrundy Center, Iowa2521 May 1892Cedar Rapids, IowaFarmerLincoln
1111114John NahrgangGrundy Center, Iowa2724 Jun 1889Calvin, Austria HungaryAutomobile MechanicPalermo
112645Claas WillemsAckley, Iowa2415 Aug 1892German, IowaFarmerGerman
113218Carl BrandtReinbeck, Iowa2614 Sep 1891Reinbeck, IowaPainterBlack Hawk
114620Leroy Eldon DayConrad, Iowa2428 Mar 1893Conrad, IowaFarmerFelix
1151334Oran Russell BrastedGrundy Center, Iowa2701 Jan 1890Grundy Center, IowaFarmerWashington
116550Harold M. BockesNew Hartford, Iowa2110 Feb 1896Beaman, IowaFarm handFairfield
117574Fenton ParmenterConrad, Iowa2630 Apr 1891Huston, Mo.Farm laborerFelix
11831Hans BeckStout, Iowa2215 Jan 1895DenmarkFarmerBeaver
119981Joseph Rudolph CmelikGrundy Center, Iowa3015 Mar 1887Toledo, IowaLaborerPalermo
120770Cornelius James MurphyReinbeck, Iowa2701 Aug 1890Grant twp., IowaFarmerGrant
121882Alonzo Lymon SchwarckEldora, Iowa2223 Aug 1895Grundy Co., IowaFarmerMelrose
122677Jake H. LindamanWellsburgh, Iowa2417 Feb 1893German twp., IowaFarm handGerman
123749Frank GadeCedar Falls, Iowa24 May 1891Chicago, Cook Co., Ill.FarmerGrant
1241211Arthur Victor NelsonParkersburg, Iowa3010 Oct 1886New York, New YorkFarm laborerPleasant Valley
125525Peter LarsenDike, Iowa2527 Sep 1891Sylland, DenmarkFarm handFairfield
126760Wilhelm ThomsReinbeck, Iowa2612 Aug 1890St. Mergaraten, Holstein, GermanyFarmerGrant
127183Henry Robert JansReinbeck, Iowa2520 Jul 1891Reinbeck, IowaFarm laborerBlack Hawk
12856Richard SchmidtStout, Iowa2520 Oct 1891GermanyBlacksmithBeaver
1291276Peter P. EekhoffWellsburg, Iowa2925 Feb 1888IowaFarmingShiloh
130792J. A. FrerichsHolland, Iowa2427 May 1893Holland, IowaTraveling SalesmanGrant
1315Ben DirksStout, Iowa2513 Dec 1892Grundy Co., IowaHardware and ImplementBeaver
132350Archie SwanConrad, Iowa2617 Aug 1890Harrison Co., IndianaBarberClay Conrad
13354Harm G. SeehusenDike, Iowa2103 Jun 1896GermanyFarmerBeaver
134870Sam L. HayesDike, Iowa2307 Jun 1893Barotede, Ostfriesland, GermanyFarmingLincoln
135549Harvey AndersenStout, Iowa2301 Dec 1893Stout, IowaFarmerFairfield
1361132John Patrick ConnellGrundy Center, Iowa2314 Jun 1893Grundy Center, IowaStudent/Dubuque, IowaPalermo
137440Cornelius E. DirksHolland, Iowa2515 May 1892Holland, IowaTemporary MailcarrierColfax
138741Charles H. McKinderDike, Iowa2610 Jan 1891Lucas Co., IowaBarberGrant
1391054Franklin Frederick ClausenGrundy Center, Iowa2905 Apr 1888Davenport, IowaLaborerPalermo
1401275James deNeuiWellsburg, Iowa2106 Apr 1896IowaFarmingShiloh
141711Rube SchultzAckley, Iowa2928 Jun 1887Washington twp., IowaFarmerGerman
1421022William Emil BeckmanGrundy Center, Iowa3009 Aug 1886Grundy Center, IowaFarmerPalermo
143841Fred D. ShoupDike, Iowa2905 Mar 1888Rochester, Ind.FarmingLincoln
144638Reiner H. ReiherWellsburgh, Iowa2518 Jul 1891Butler, IowaFarmerGerman
1451032John Augustus BeckmanGrundy Center, Iowa2501 Aug 1891Grundy Center, IowaFarmingPalermo
146623Walter W. LongConrad, Iowa3016 Sep 1886Winside, Neb.FarmerFelix
147269Noah Hugo DaltonReinbeck, Iowa2216 Aug 1894Monticello, KentuckyFarm laborerBlack Hawk
148685Henry W. LindamanWellsburgh, Iowa2604 Dec 1890German twp., IowaFarmerGerman
1491141Hilko vanDykWellsburg, Iowa2227 Nov 1895Nieuwe, HollandLaborerPleasant Valley
1501314Hildbrand J. RindelsSteamboat Rock, Iowa3021 Feb 1887GermanyFarmingShiloh
1511016John Gregory KellyGrundy Center, Iowa2415 Feb 1893Chicago, Ill.ClerkPalermo
152335James O'BrienReinbeck, Iowa2513 Jul 1892Oklahoma City, OklahomaPainterBlack Hawk
153493Sam ChristensenCedar Falls, Iowa2729 Jan 1890Jylland, DenmarkFarmerFairfield
1541358Earnest William SteffenGrundy Center, Iowa2631 Jan 1891Grundy Center, IowaFarmerWashington
155923Vernon Louie HessGrundy Center, Iowa2312 Sep 1893Grundy Co., IowaFarmerMelrose
1561305Anton BoelkesWellsburg, Iowa2617 Jun 1891Bunde, Hanover, GermanyNone at presentShiloh
157341Elmer Lenord SchultzConrad, Iowa2311 Dec 1893LaPorte City, IowaLumber Yard HelperClay Conrad
1581007Herman Fredrick SchaferGrundy Center, Iowa2901 Mar 1888Hampton, IowaCarpenterPalermo
159391Eugene Frederick GierConrad, Iowa2616 Jun 1890Conrad, IowaArchitectClay Conrad
1601366Leslie Cyrus ByrnesGrundy Center, Iowa2428 Aug 1892Grundy Center, IowaFarmerWashington
161353Andrew O'ConnorConrad, Iowa2321 Sep 1893Conrad, IowaPainterClay Conrad
162970Glenn Vaughan GrayGrundy Center, Iowa2721 Nov 1889Whitten, IowaLife Insurance SalesmanPalermo
163637Helmuth M. AukesWellsburgh, Iowa2621 Sep 1890German twp, IowaCarpenterGerman
164360William Shirlie MessickConrad, Iowa2618 Sep 1890Ardale Co., N.C.FarmerClay Conrad
1651217Ole Dick NiehuisWellsburg, Iowa2311 Mar 1894Aplington, IowaFarmerPleasant Valley
166571Eugene RichardsonWhitten, Iowa2420 Jun 1892Ethel, Mo.Farm laborerFelix
167488Leo R. KrumlindeDike, Iowa2423 Apr 1893Cedar Falls, IowaRoad SuperintendentFairfield
168704Herman GruisAplington, Iowa2919 Mar 1888Armhem, Gelderlans, NetherlandFarm handGerman
16972Eltjo KlapStout, Iowa2903 Jul 1887Kingdom of HollandFarmerBeaver
170356Ralph J. BowersConrad, Iowa3029 Oct 1886Grundy Co., IowaFarmerClay Conrad
171112Roy Frank WilsonBeaman, Iowa2622 Dec 1890Roanoke, IllinoisDitch TillerBeaman
1721067Lee WicalGrundy Center, Iowa2213 Oct 1894Botkins, OhioFarm laborerPalermo
173128Earle Griffin MerrillBeaman, Iowa3019 Dec 1886Edmonds Co., South DakotaFarmerBeaman
174679John J. LindamanWellsburgh, Iowa2225 Dec 1894Colfax twp., IowaFarm handGerman
175805Robert Frederik KnudsenDike, Iowa3002 Mar 1887Copenhagen, DenmarkCarpenterGrant
17611Lawrence JuhlStout, Iowa2118 Mar 1895Grundy Co., IowaFarmerBeaver
177900Ezra SmithEldora, Iowa2425 Oct 1893Clay Co., Ind.FarmerMelrose
178363John Edwin PoeConrad, Iowa2805 Jan 1889Beaman, IowaRail Way Mail ClerkClay Conrad
1791287John Joseph ChukkerWellsburg, Iowa2911 Jul 1887West Bend, IowaStation Agent and TelegrapherShiloh
1801142Henry Hook-Jr.Wellsburg, Iowa3011 Aug 1886Holland, IowaFarmerPleasant Valley
1816Theodorus KleinDike, Iowa2914 Sep 1887Kingdom of HollandFarmerBeaver
182327Lynn GrantwithReinbeck, Iowa2717 Sep 1889Reinbeck, IowaClerkBlack Hawk
183664Willie VanderWerfWellsburgh, Iowa2324 Nov 1893German twp., IowaFarmerGerman
18493Henry RaskeDike, Iowa2903 Jul 1887GermanyFarmerBeaver
185957John Clyde SmithGrundy Center, Iowa3019 Jul 1886Grundy Center, IowaFarmerPalermo
1861112Earl Milton WicalGrundy Center, Iowa2823 Apr 1889Botkins, OhioFarm laborerPalermo
187345Raymond Arthur BelzConrad, Iowa2724 Aug 1889Conrad, IowaLumber, Grain and CoalClay Conrad
1881355Charles William MootyGrundy Center, Iowa2503 Sep 1891Morrison, IowaFarmerWashington
189103Benjamin Warren HarrisonBeaman, Iowa2802 May 1889Minden, NebraskaFarm laborerBeaman
1901221William JanssenWellsburg, Iowa2505 Mar 1892IowaFarmerShiloh
1911102Raymond Wilburt HawnGrundy Center, Iowa2828 May 1889Marble Rock, IowaMechanic at GaragePalermo
192556Oluf HansenCedar Falls, Iowa2615 May 1891Kolsrup, Slesrig, GermanyTeamsterFairfield
193154Max Welton OviattBeaman, Iowa2723 Nov 1889Chatfield, Minn.CarpenterBeaman
1941281Chauncy L. FutheyWellsburg, Iowa2927 Mar 1888Peoria, Ill.PainterShiloh
19551Will AdamsStout, Iowa2222 Jan 1895Kingdom of HollandFarmerBeaver
196717William Henry MurphyDike, Iowa2912 May 1888Cedar Falls, IowaMetal PolisherGrant
1971057Chauncey C. DeWaldGrundy Center, Iowa2904 Oct 1887Pendleton, OregonPrinterPalermo
1981256Harm HarmsSteamboat Rock, Iowa2922 Apr 1888Wemeer, Aurich, GermanyFarmingShiloh
1991073Charles Elmer MertzGrundy Center, Iowa2208 Aug 1894Grundy Center, IowaCommon LaborerPalermo
20030Johnnie ChristensenStout, Iowa2523 Sep 1892IowaFarmerBeaver
201199Charles Oscar HubbardReinbeck, Iowa2816 Jun 1888Houston, MissouriClerk in RestaurantBlack Hawk
202388Gurnie S. MackieConrad, Iowa2320 Apr 1894Yadinville, N.C.FarmerClay Conrad
203773Chris Jakob ChristensenReinbeck, Iowa2310 Jun 1893Kristransfield Aller, GermanyFarm laborerGrant
204608Gerald Clare HiattConrad, Iowa2103 Feb 1896Elwood, Ind.FarmerFelix
205406Bert HarrensteinWellsburg, Iowa2629 Jan 1891Wellsburg, IowaFarmerColfax
206519Frank E. BurinskiDike, Iowa2316 Dec 1894LaCrosse, Wis.Farm handFairfield
20725Ray S. HuntleyStout, Iowa2821 Jan 1889New Hartford, IowaFarmerBeaver
208392Sam EnnengaHolland, Iowa2712 Sep 1889Grundy Center, IowaPainterColfax
209889Frank Monroe PettyEldora, Iowa2218 Jan 1895Eldora, IowaFarmingMelrose
210383Lloyd Marlowe HannaConrad, Iowa2224 Jan 1895Beaman, IowaHigh School InstructorClay Conrad
2111166Will OldenbergerAplington, Iowa2909 Sep 1887HollandFarmerPleasant Valley
212588Charles Frank McCloudWhitten, Iowa2727 Dec 1889Clifton, Kan.FarmerFelix
213856Myron Robert BromleyGrundy Center, Iowa2827 Aug 1888KansasFarmerLincoln
214705David George BergMadrid, Iowa2806 Apr 1889Stranburg, So. DakotaInstructorGerman
2151346Glenn Roy DewGrundy Center, Iowa2217 Nov 1894Grundy Center, IowaFarm laborerWashington
216576Clairen Laben WinslowWhitten, Iowa2422 Jun 1892Bangor, IowaFarmerFelix
217944Oscar F. YoungGrundy Center, Iowa2925 Nov 1887Newtown, Ill.BaggagementPalermo
218122Emil Francis VintBeaman, Iowa2814 Oct 1888Irwin, Barton Co., MissouriFarmerBeaman
219642Charles MarquardWellsburg, Iowa2510 Apr 1892New York City, New YorkWorking on the farmGerman
220939Orville Christopher MillsGrundy Center, Iowa2230 Nov 1895Nox Co., Mo.FarmerMelrose
221222John Carson StrohbehnReinbeck, Iowa2108 Apr 1896Reinbeck, IowaFarmerBlack Hawk
222906Thomas Ottis ProbascoConrad, Iowa2901 Jul 1887Mendola, MissouriFarmerMelrose
2231337Earl Phillip GordonGrundy Center, Iowa2823 Mar 1889Peoria, Ill.Farm laborerWashington
224700Jacob H. MillerAplington, Iowa2418 Apr 1893German twp., IowaFarmerGerman
2251250John Lenton FischerWellsburg, Iowa2322 Jul 1893IowaClerk in Hardware StoreShiloh
2261195William Jacob BestWellsburg, Iowa2329 Sep 1893Golden City, MissouriFarm laborerPleasant Valley
227297Fred BeckmanReinbeck, Iowa3024 Dec 1886Reinbeck, IowaEngine repairmanBlack Hawk
228321George DoeblerReinbeck, Iowa2626 Jun 1890Reinbeck, IowaGarage RepairmanBlack Hawk
229736James Christian AagardDike, Iowa3024 Oct 1887Dike, IowaClerk/A. Leibsohn Co.Grant
230707John J. FrerichsAustinville, Iowa2303 May 1894German twp., IowaFarmerGerman
2311002Benjamin ClaassenGrundy Center, Iowa2612 Dec 1890Grundy Center, IowaMerchantPalermo
2321151Harm VanHauenParkersburg, Iowa3030 Nov 1886Parkersburg, IowaFarmerPleasant Valley
2331101Victor HensonGrundy Center, Iowa3030 Mar 1887Williamsport, MarylandLaborerPalermo
234368Warren Melvin StoverConrad, Iowa2119 Jun 1895Grundy Co., IowaFarmerClay Conrad
235974Robert PlattGrundy Center, Iowa2512 Aug 1891Londendary, IrelandLaborerPalermo
236320Carl JensenReinbeck, Iowa2229 Nov 1894Holbak, DenmarkFarm laborerBlack Hawk
237950Ralph J. RyderGrundy Center, Iowa2606 Jul 1890Rowan, IowaBridge BuilderPalermo
238926Henry Cornelius ClaassenEldora, Iowa2808 Sep 1888Campen, GermanyFarmerMelrose
2391010Clinton Fulbert RaderGrundy Center, Iowa2822 Oct 1888Aledo, Ill.GaragePalermo
240919Glenn Lohr ShellerEldora, Iowa2514 Jul 1891Grundy Center, IowaFarmerMelrose
241656Ralph FrerichsAckley, Iowa2322 Feb 1894Monroe Twp., IowaFarm laborerGerman
2421339Carl MulderMorrison, Iowa2307 Aug 1893Grundy Center, IowaClerkWashington
243814Charles LazenbyTysona, Oklahoma3018 Jul 1887Knoxville, IowaFarmingLincoln
2441175Harry KlosterboerParkersburg, Iowa2816 Sep 1888Bunde, GermanyFarmerPleasant Valley
2451070Charles Marion HairGrundy Center, Iowa3025 Oct 1886Ft. Pierre, North DakotaFarmingPalermo
246738Leslie Arthur WoodDike, Iowa3022 Mar 1887Butler Co., IowaDrug ClerkGrant
2471167Peter TjaberingAplington, Iowa2509 Aug 1891Ackley, IowaFarmerPleasant Valley
2481097Albert MiendersGrundy Center, Iowa2823 Aug 1888?, Ostfriesland, GermanyCommon LaborerPalermo
2491191Albert Martin DoescherParkersburg, Iowa2625 Dec 1890Parkersburg, IowaFarmerPleasant Valley
2501234Otto TjadenWellsburg, Iowa2920 Sep 1888IowaFarmerShiloh
2511360Harry AlbertReinbeck, Iowa2307 Apr 1894Reinbeck, IowaFarmerWashington
252848Mark McGrawDike, Iowa2725 Nov 1889Lincoln twp., Grundy Co., IowaFarmingLincoln
2531118Jim HasbrouckGrundy Center, Iowa2308 Sep 1893Grundy Center, IowaCarpenterPalermo
254121John Wesley WatkinsBeaman, Iowa2601 Sep 1890Ellijay, GeorgiaFarm laborerBeaman
255221Herman Rudolph ThedeReinbeck, Iowa2214 Apr 1895Reinbeck, IowaFarm laborerBlack Hawk
256292Fred CordReinbeck, Iowa2806 Oct 1888Omaha, NebraskaBakerBlack Hawk
257822Frank Ethan RobertsDike, Iowa2515 Aug 1891Mindoro, Wis.FarmingLincoln
258504Albert NiemannStout, Iowa2211 May 1895Parkersburg, IowaFarm handFairfield
2591064Walter C. MorrisonGrundy Center, Iowa3015 Aug 1887Morrison, IowaBankerPalermo
2601205Harry MeesterParkersburg, Iowa2427 Dec 1892Parkersburg, IowaFarmerPleasant Valley
2611091George HartmanGrundy Center, Iowa2913 Jul 1887Harbor, Ill.FarmerPalermo
262470Conrad AbelsHolland, Iowa2227 Apr 1895Holland, IowaStudentColfax
263312Cenus Antonieus SommerlundReinbeck, Iowa2118 Sep 1895Hurup, Schlegwig, GermanyFarm laborerBlack Hawk
2641284Tade BoomgaardenWellsburg, Iowa2427 Feb 1893Grotehouse, GermanyAutomobile MechanicShiloh
26590Hildert J. EngelkesParkersburg, Iowa2205 Sep 1895Grundy Co., IowaFarm laborerBeaver
266191Iwar Oscar JacobsenReinbeck, Iowa3001 May 1887Reinbeck, IowaDruggistBlack Hawk
267477Christian V. DanielsenCedar Falls, Iowa2910 Mar 1888Abildore, Sjoland, DenmarkFarmerFairfield
2681187Glenn Hartman SchuckParkersburg, Iowa2317 Mar 1894Parkersburg, IowaFarmerPleasant Valley
2691179Reako JohnsonParkersburg, Iowa2820 Oct 1888Parkersburg, IowaFarmerPleasant Valley
270753Fred JacobsenDike, Iowa2203 Jan 1895Aarhus, DenmarkChaffeurGrant
271130Clare Orion MyersBeaman, Iowa2611 Nov 1890Ogle Co., IllinoisFarmerBeaman
272858Henry Chris BrunsDike, Iowa2305 Jan 1894Dike, IowaFarmerLincoln
273168Sieba MennengaReinbeck, Iowa2210 Dec 1894Reinbeck, IowaLaborerBlack Hawk
2741023Horace P. TravisGrundy Center, Iowa2608 Jul 1891Grundy Center, IowaFarmingPalermo
275424Henry RoemelingHolland, Iowa2424 Oct 1892Oostwold, Groeningen, NetherlandsFarmingColfax
276840Andrew AndersonGrundy Center, Iowa2518 Jun 1891Beaver twp, Grundy Co., IowaFarmingLincoln
2771347John EwoldtGrundy Center, Iowa2514 Jan 1892Gladbrook, IowaFarmerWashington
2781188Earl Adam SchuckParkersburg, Iowa2518 Feb 1892Parkersburg, IowaFarmerPleasant Valley
279657John KoppedrayerAckley, Iowa3021 Sep 1886Pleasant Valley twp., IowaFarmerGerman
280175George Riley HildebrandReinbeck, Iowa2603 Feb 1891Grundy Co., IowaLivery laborerBlack Hawk
281300John Herman FietReinbeck, Iowa2524 Jun 1891Reinbeck, IowaFarm laborerBlack Hawk
282278Frank Grant MasonReinbeck, Iowa3020 Apr 1887Dinsdale, IowaLaborerBlack Hawk
2831240Bernardus C. KoolmanWellsburg, Iowa2426 Feb 1893Wellsburg, IowaAuto Dealer and Buying CreamShiloh
284524Herbert L. BoysenDike, Iowa2302 Oct 1893Dike, IowaFarmerFairfield
285911Herman BoikeEldora, Iowa2909 Jun 1887Grundy Co., IowaFarmerMelrose
2861172Will Reint BoelmanAplington, Iowa2910 Sep 1887GermanyFarmerPleasant Valley
287532Chris A. AndresenCedar Falls, Iowa2703 Nov 1889Cedar Falls, IowaFarmerFairfield
2881139Irl Hicks BausmanWellsburg, Iowa2303 Feb 1894Wellsburg, IowaCement workerPleasant Valley
2891214Jelsche Klaas MullerParkersburg, Iowa2830 Oct 1888Holland, IowaFarmerPleasant Valley
290336Henry Emil NissenReinbeck, Iowa2406 Mar 1893Elberon, IowaDruggistBlack Hawk
291212Jess Earl SpicherDike, Iowa2803 Mar 1889Shellsburg, IowaAutomobile MechanicBlack Hawk
2921357James Wesley MootyGrundy Center, Iowa2303 Aug 1893Grundy Center, IowaFarmerWashington
29349Fred EngelkesParkersburg, Iowa2414 Feb 1893Parkersburg, IowaFarmerBeaver
2948Jesse Hansen LindbergStout, Iowa2122 Nov 1895IowaFarmerBeaver
2951160Mont BakerAplington, Iowa2325 Mar 1894Ethel, MissouriLaborerPleasant Valley
2961192Sicko LuchtenburgWellsburg, Iowa2203 May 1895Wedde, HollandFarm laborerPleasant Valley
297305Wayne Allison WelchReinbeck, Iowa2114 Oct 1895Scott, IowaPlumber and TinnerBlack Hawk
2981143Rudolph HookWellsburg, Iowa2820 Nov 1888Breda, IowaFarmerPleasant Valley
299557Bernhard AndersenCedar Falls, Iowa2801 Apr 1889Frederickshom, Jylland, DenmarkMachinistFairfield
300622Lester Charles QuigleyWhitten, Iowa3008 Nov 1886Osbourn, KansasFarm laborerFelix
301585Ezra Alvey HiestandWhitten, Iowa2304 Oct 1893Henryville, Tenn.Farm laborerFelix
3021257Reynold HarmsSteamboat Rock, Iowa2121 Mar 1896Wemeer, Aurich, GermanyFarmingShiloh
3031077Oscar J. BockesGrundy Center, Iowa2212 Sep 1894Conrad, IowaFarmingPalermo
304781Lauritz Lorensen HenningsenDike, Iowa2915 Sep 1888Grundy Co., IowaAuto MechanicGrant
3051035Daniel KlunderGrundy Center, Iowa2724 Oct 1890Parkersburg, IowaFarmingPalermo
306958James PulfordGrundy Center, Iowa3001 Aug 1887Tillmon, MinnesotaFarm laborerPalermo
307323Jack RossReinbeck, Iowa2105 Apr 1896Venable, MissouriFarm laborerBlack Hawk
3081343Albert BeeGrundy Center, Iowa3006 Sep 1886Clinton Falls, IndianaFarm laborerWashington
309857Charlie DeBergDike, Iowa2627 Aug 1889Dike, IowaFarmerLincoln
3101303Menno WiltsWellsburg, Iowa2226 May 1895IowaFarmingShiloh
311963William JohnsonGrundy Center, Iowa2824 Dec 1888Freeport, Ill.LaborerPalermo
312438D. D. DiekenGrundy Center, Iowa2902 May 1888Grundy Center, IowaFarmerColfax
313878Claude Emanuel StoverConrad, Iowa2929 Jan 1888Marshall Co., IowaFarmerMelrose
3141059Henry F. SpragueGrundy Center, Iowa2801 Feb 1889Grundy Center, IowaIce manufacturingPalermo
315441Fred P. BoltHolland, Iowa2615 May 1891Riley, KansasFarmerColfax
316880Orville Simon DaggettEldora, Iowa2622 Nov 1890Grundy Co., IowaFarmerMelrose
317357Jay Morton RhineConrad, Iowa2418 Feb 1893Junita Co., PennsylvaniaFarmerClay Conrad
31823Herman VanHauenParkersburg, Iowa2201 Sep 1894Parkersburg, IowaFarmerBeaver
3191173George BoelmanAplington, Iowa2316 Dec 1893Aplington, IowaFarmerPleasant Valley
320331Clyde Randolph McClureReinbeck, Iowa2422 Jul 1892Albia, IowaPrinterReinbeck
3211108George Edward ConnellGrundy Center, Iowa2307 Jan 1894Grundy Center, IowaFarm laborerPalermo
322492Oluf K. JensenCedar Falls, Iowa2603 Jul 1890Copenhagen, Sjolland, DenmarkFarmerFairfield
3231201Clarence Gilbert NelsonAplington, Iowa2412 Jan 1893Emmetsburg, IowaButtermakerPleasant Valley
324565Peter Martin RasmussenNew Hartford, Iowa2411 Oct 1892Herdsund, Jylland, DenmarkFarm handFairfield
325800Charles Edward O'ConnerReinbeck, Iowa2411 Feb 1893Grant twp., IowaFarmerGrant
3261049Charles Harry ReedGrundy Center, Iowa2501 Oct 1891Andersonburg, Penn.MerchantPalermo
327715Will J. LynnDike, Iowa2404 Aug 1892Reinbeck, IowaDraymanGrant
328961Arthur John BroderickGrundy Center, Iowa2616 Oct 1890Rockwell, IowaPainterPalermo
329539Carl M. PetersenCedar Falls, Iowa2424 Aug 1892Cedar Falls, IowaFarmerFairfield
330349Roy Wilson UptonConrad, Iowa2321 Dec 1893Bond Co., Ill.PlumberClay Conrad
331562Henry H. ChristensenCedar Falls, Iowa2423 Mar 1893Rodvig, Jylland, DenmarkFarm handFairfield
332501Earl J. ByrneMinneapolis, Minn.2224 Sep 1894Sioux Falls, S. DakotaFarm handFairfield
333102Ross Lynn OglesbyBeaman, Iowa2517 Jan 1892McLeansboro, Ill.Railroad Agent and OperatorBeaman
334875Otto Dirks-Jr.Grundy Center, Iowa2914 Sep 1887Colfax twp., Grundy Co., IowaFarmerLincoln
335714John Waldo SchlamppAckley, Iowa2217 Mar 1895Ackley, IowaDental StudentGerman
33686Martin H. TjepkesDike, Iowa2721 Dec 1889Grundy Co., IowaFarmerBeaver
3371024James Gibson DalzellGrundy Center, Iowa2913 Feb 1888Whithom, Wagtonshire, ScotlandChiropractorPalermo
3381291Will W. RossWellsburg, Iowa2304 Jul 1893IowaFarmingShiloh
339871Jake AlbertsDike, Iowa2113 Jul 1895Grundy Co., IowaFarmingLincoln
3401341Noah Arch WilkinsGrundy Center, Iowa2525 Nov 1891McDonald Co., Mo.Farm laborerWashington
3411043Jake VanDeckGrundy Center, Iowa2511 Jan 1892Oeswald, Oldmant, HollandFarm laborerPalermo
34271Carl JohnsonStout, Iowa2505 Dec 1892Butler Co., IowaFarmerBeaver
3431156Harm FrielingWellsburg, Iowa2914 Dec 1887Bunde, GermanyFarmerPleasant Valley
344555Andrew M. HansenCedar Falls, Iowa2611 Jun 1890Dike, IowaCream HaulerFairfield
345978Clarence Ivan AlbrightGrundy Center, Iowa2803 Jan 1889Mt. Carroll, Ill.MasonPalermo
3461260Louis Henry WulfWellsburg, Iowa2911 Oct 1887IowaClerk in Impl and Hdw StoreShiloh
347506Andreas JorgensenCedar Falls, Iowa2217 Oct 1894Hassellager, Jylland, DenmarkFarm handFairfield
3481391Harley Henry DothagerGrundy Center, Iowa2211 Mar 1895Pleasant Mound, Ill.Tractor EngineerWashington
3491272Weert W. RiekenaWellsburg, Iowa2608 Dec 1890IowaFarmingShiloh
350877William Henry KruseGrundy Center, Iowa2616 Nov 1890Emmetsburg, IowaFarmerLincoln
351435Alfred PetersHolland, Iowa2210 Mar 1895Holland, IowaFarmerColfax
352681Hie J. LindamanWellsburgh, Iowa2414 Nov 1892Colfax twp., IowaFarm handGerman
353713Henry H. Dekker-Jr.Ackley, Iowa2113 Jul 1895Chicago, Ill.Farm laborerGerman
354935Chas. Edgar ThompsonEldora, Iowa2809 Apr 1889Rokingham Co., VaFarmerMelrose
3551121Otto BlakleyGrundy Center, Iowa2414 Jan 1893Sidney, OhioFarm laborerPalermo
3561150Dexter RiemannAplington, Iowa2918 Jun 1887Selbyville, Ill.FarmerPleasant Valley
357450Andrew FrankenGrundy Center, Iowa2725 Feb 1890Holland, IowaFarmerColfax
3581390Hannes Otto JohannsenGrundy Center, Iowa2426 Jan 1893Marne Holstein, GermanyFarmerWashington
359113Homer Claiton RussieBeaman, Iowa2925 Oct 1887Vienna twp., Marshall Co., IowaLaying drain tileBeaman
360725Henry WebrantDike, Iowa2503 Jan 1892Conrad, IowaFarmerGrant
3611004Fred MiddletonGrundy Center, Iowa2526 Oct 1892Beaman, IowaVeterinarianPalermo
362156Lester Verne RobinsonReinbeck, Iowa2405 Mar 1893Reinbeck, IowaPlumber and Steam HeaterBlack Hawk
3631034Clifton Harold HumphreysGrundy Center, Iowa2227 Nov 1894Elmwood, Ill.Garage EmployeePalermo
364808Album M. PatteeGrundy Center, Iowa2506 Nov 1892Kimball, South DakotaFarmerLincoln
365780Julius August HenningsenDike, Iowa3020 Jul 1886Grundy Co., Iowanot anyGrant
3661183John KuperAplington, Iowa2124 Sep 1895Ackley, IowaFarm laborerPleasant Valley
367267Harvey J. DodsonReinbeck, Iowa2313 Jun 1893Buck Grove, KentuckyTeamsterBlack Hawk
368567Herman B. HenningsenDike, Iowa2523 Aug 1891Grundy Co., IowaFarmerFairfield
3691218Ben TjabringAplington, Iowa2227 Mar 1895Aplington, IowaFarm laborerPleasant Valley
370421Henry StiekemaHolland, Iowa2516 May 1892Groningen, NetherlandFarmerColfax
371940Freeman J. HayesGrundy Center, Iowa2610 Feb 1891Dumas, Mo.MechanicPalermo
3721232Peter M. BakkerWellsburg, Iowa2603 Oct 1890IowaFarmerShiloh
3731254William U. JuttingWellsburg, Iowa2623 Jul 1890IowaFarmingShiloh
374169Jefferson Cyrus HildebrandReinbeck, Iowa2311 Sep 1893Wright Co., IowaLaborerBlack Hawk
375436Anton VenengaWellsburg, Iowa2607 May 1891Wellsburg, IowaFarmerColfax
376396Herbert VanDeestGrundy Center, Iowa3015 Dec 1886Colfax twp., IowaFarmerColfax
377989Elgin Charles BienfangGrundy Center, Iowa2614 Mar 1891Jefferson, WisconsinFarm laborerPalermo
3781304Geo. H. GeerdesWellsburg, Iowa3009 Oct 1886IowaBankerShiloh
3791107George W. CampbellGrundy Center, Iowa2820 Apr 1889Newport, Penn.FarmerPalermo
3801270Henry OlthoffWellsburg, Iowa2503 Feb 1892IowaFarmingShiloh
381862Simon WesemannGrundy Center, Iowa2105 Dec 1895Grundy Co., IowaFarmingLincoln
382257Martin Frank TschirgiReinbeck, Iowa3028 Jun 1886Reinbeck, IowaClothing and Shoe StoreBlack Hawk
3831109Dirk Heiko BovenGrundy Center, Iowa2831 May 1889Grundy Center, IowaFarmerPalermo
384155Milow Duncan MillerBeaman, Iowa2506 Aug 1891Messina, IowaFarm laborerBeaman
385284Ernest Otto SchmidtReinbeck, Iowa2530 Jun 1891Valleaan, GermanyLaborerBlack Hawk
386133Ira Albert SandersonBeaman, Iowa3012 Mar 1887Franklin Co., Penn.FarmerBeaman
387807Ernest W. BuchanGrundy Center, Iowa2523 Aug 1892Morrison, Washington Twp, IowaFarmerLincoln
388867Henry William SchultaGrundy Center, Iowa2513 Sep 1891Grundy Co., IowaFarmingLincoln
389930Oscar Raymond SliferConrad, Iowa3011 Dec 1886Grundy Co., IowaFarmerMelrose
390185Herman August StrohbehnReinbeck, Iowa2923 Feb 1888Reinbeck, IowaFarmerBlack Hawk
391265Carl Herman MoellerReinbeck, Iowa2712 Jun 1889Reinbeck, IowaLumber Coal and Grain DealerBlack Hawk
392285John Carl RamseyReinbeck, Iowa2301 Feb 1894Reinbeck, IowaFarmerBlack Hawk
3931313William B. PrimusWellsburg, Iowa2121 Oct 1895IowaFarmingShiloh
3941119Joseph Earl KingGrundy Center, Iowa2626 Mar 1891Grundy Center, IowaCarpenterPalermo
3951051Wayne Harold CliniteConrad, Iowa2922 Mar 1888Grundy Center, IowaFarmerPalermo
396560Ole J. JohnsonCedar Falls, Iowa2720 Aug 1889Cedar Falls, IowaFarmerFairfield
397303Rudolph HoepnerReinbeck, Iowa2524 Mar 1892Reinbeck, IowaFarmerBlack Hawk
398563George W. JohnsonCedar Falls, Iowa2128 Feb 1896Cedar Falls, IowaFarmingFairfield
399211Jens Engen OlsenReinbeck, Iowa2103 Oct 1895Lillestrom, NorwayFarm laborerBlack Hawk
4001163Hilko KolthoffWellsburg, Iowa2930 Oct 1887New Shans, HollandFarm laborerPleasant Valley
401146Rudolph UntiedtBeaman, Iowa2716 Nov 1889Toledo, IowaFarmerBeaman
402843John GroenwoldDike, Iowa2906 Apr 1888Pleasant Valley twp., Grundy Co., IowaFarmingLincoln
4031050Asa Jackson ShirkGrundy Center, Iowa2124 Oct 1895Grundy Center, IowaFarmerPalermo
4041376Harry Clay LakinMorrison, Iowa2619 Mar 1891Morganville, KansasFarmerWashington
4051379Henry William SaakReinbeck, Iowa2830 Jun 1888Reinbeck, IowaFarmerWashington
4061008Floyd Abner StevensGrundy Center, Iowa2428 Feb 1893Conrad, IowaFarm laborerPalermo
407229Alfred Emil SiehReinbeck, Iowa2909 Jul 1887Reinbeck, IowaFarmerBlack Hawk
408410Uffie MeentsHolland, Iowa2720 Nov 1889Holland, IowaFarmerColfax
409299Earl Francis Ingamells2517 Aug 1891Dinsdale, IowaCarpenterBlack Hawk
4101075Joseph William AlbrightGrundy Center, Iowa2219 Oct 1894Grundy Center, IowaFarmerPalermo
4111189Claude Dewayne SchuckParkersburg, Iowa2122 Oct 1895Parkersburg, IowaFarmerPleasant Valley
412750Willie Fredrick FrahmReinbeck, Iowa2502 Jan 1892Reinbeck, IowaFarmingGrant
41358Jake B. MillerStout, Iowa2105 May 1896Grundy Co., IowaFarmerBeaver
414150Elmer ThompsonBeaman, Iowa2922 Oct 1887Pollock, MissouriFarm laborerBeaman
41519Henry EiklenborgDike, Iowa3010 Nov 1886GermanyFarmerBeaver
416400Philip TackHolland, Iowa2721 Nov 1889GermanyFarmerColfax
4171320Jackson Lander AdamsMorrison, Iowa2905 Feb 1888Lebanon, IndianaLaborerWashington
4184John H. EtzenStout, Iowa2612 May 1891GermanyFarmerBeaver
419115Bert Leroy LynchBeaman, Iowa2217 Dec 1894Palermo twp., Grundy Co., IowaFarmerBeaman
420832Carl McAllisterNeoga, Illinois2329 Oct 1894Shelby Co., Ill.FarmingLincoln
4211180Jacob EvertsParkersburg, Iowa2116 May 1896Parkersburg, IowaFarm laborerPleasant Valley
422206Charles Edward DixonReinbeck, Iowa3014 Jan 1887Wyoming, Ill.Harness MakerBlack Hawk
423228George Ferdinand PloogDike, Iowa2303 Mar 1894Reinbeck, IowaProprietor GarageBlack Hawk
424136Henry Christian HenningsenBeaman, Iowa2416 Nov 1892Gladbrook, IowaFarmerBeaman
425872Swier CannegieterGrundy Center, Iowa2213 Aug 1894Groningen, HollandFarmingLincoln
426430John FlaterGrundy Center, Iowa2524 Aug 1891Grundy Center, IowaFarmerColfax
427328John Edgar GethmannReinbeck, Iowa2524 Nov 1892Gladbrook, IowaAsst. managerBlack Hawk
428965John Edward ChapmanGrundy Center, Iowa2819 Jun 1888Wyoming, Ill.Telegraph OperatorPalermo
42996Miner HaackStout, Iowa3009 Nov 1886Parkersburg, IowaMerchantBeaver
430896Alvin Ira LewisEldora, Iowa2815 Mar 1889Hardin Co., IowaFarmingMelrose
4311098Isaac Franklin HartmanGrundy Center, Iowa2912 Oct 1887Livermour, IowaBlacksmithPalermo
432624Alva VintonWhitten, Iowa2722 Jul 1889Whitten, IowaFarm laborerFelix
433570Leo Arthur SchneiderWhitten, Iowa2521 Nov 1891Hardin, Mo.FarmerFelix
434544L. Emil HenriksenStout, Iowa2609 Jul 1890Golstrup, Sjolland, DenmarkFarmerFairfield
4351021Adolph H. HippenGrundy Center, Iowa2505 Jan 1892Stout, IowaCommon LaborerPalermo
436747Henry Carl BrandhorstCedar Falls, Iowa2607 Apr 1891Hille, Westfall, GermanyFarmerGrant
4371269Herman H. EckhoffSteamboat Rock, Iowa2523 Feb 1891IowaFarmingShiloh
4381258Mason Elvin WilsonSteamboat Rock, Iowa2627 Jun 1890Steamboat Rock, IowaFarmingShiloh
439929Eddie EverettWhitten, Iowa2219 Jan 1895Addair Co., Mo.FarmerMelrose
4401194Jacob HippenWellsburg, Iowa2127 Aug 1895Wellsburg, IowaFarm laborerPleasant Valley
441138Albert C. RohwerGrundy Center, Iowa2323 Feb 1894Gladbrook, IowaFarmerBeaman
4421199Walter DeVriesAplington, Iowa2924 Apr 1887Aplington, IowaFarmerPleasant Valley
44391Peter SikkemaStout, Iowa2908 May 1888Kingdom of HollandFarmerBeaver
444838Fred Claasen RewertsDike, Iowa2422 Jun 1892Lincoln twp., Grundy Co., IowaFarmingLincoln
445635John T. NaumannWhitten, Iowa2913 Apr 1888Woonsocket, So. DakotaThreshing Machine mechanicFelix
446861Frank WesemanGrundy Center, Iowa2318 Aug 1893Grundy Co., IowaFarmingLincoln
447633Glenn A. RalstonConrad, Iowa2826 Jun 1888Conrad, IowaFarmerFelix
4481326Detlef Gustav WieseGrundy Center, Iowa2324 Jun 1893Buckholc, Holstein, GermanyFarmerWashington
449712Charley W. SchultzAckley, Iowa2325 Jan 1894Washington twp., IowaFarmerGerman
45017Ernest F. AlterStout, Iowa2512 Jun 1891Grundy Center, IowaFarmerBeaver
451802Fred D. BernhardtDike, Iowa2304 Aug 1894Orbisona, Penn.Auto mechanicGrant
4521255Henry P. EekhoffWellsburg, Iowa2411 Sep 1892Wellsburg, IowaFarmerShiloh
453691Bouko F. OstercampAplington, Iowa2802 Nov 1888Pleasant Valley twp., IowaFarmerGerman
454378Irvin L. GierConrad, Iowa2225 Jun 1894Conrad, IowaLaborerClay Conrad
4551083John William BushGrundy Center, Iowa2429 Jul 1892Winchester, KentuckyFarmingPalermo
456237Algo SaakReinbeck, Iowa2414 Aug 1892Churdan, IowaFarm laborerBlack Hawk
457422August J. SiefkenHolland, Iowa2402 Aug 1892Holland, IowaFarmerColfax
458619Fred ZeltmanConrad, Iowa2725 Jul 1889New York City, N.Y.FarmerFelix
4591058George Alexander BuchanGrundy Center, Iowa2207 May 1895Grundy Center, IowaFarm laborerPalermo
460344Charles Henry TranbargerConrad, Iowa2416 Aug 1893Franklin, Ill.FarmerClay Conrad
461824David MarksDike, Iowa3012 Apr 1887Lincoln twp., Grundy Co., IowaFarmingLincoln
462442Will HindersHolland, Iowa2409 Jun 1893Grundy Center, IowaFarmingColfax
4631213Beene Rudolf JunkerAplington, Iowa2615 Sep 1890Aplington, IowaFarmerPleasant Valley
464202Joe HolubReinbeck, Iowa2103 Jul 1895Dilly, WisconsinFarmerBlack Hawk
465164William LuedrsReinbeck, Iowa2903 Aug 1886Reinbeck, IowaFarmerBlack Hawk
466268Carl Victor TschirgiReinbeck, Iowa2306 Mar 1894Reinbeck, IowaFarm laborerBlack Hawk
467272John Francis WarehamReinbeck, Iowa2802 Mar 1889Elkader, IowaLife Insurance AgentBlack Hawk
4681198Harry Elwin WilsonParkersburg, Iowa2812 Jul 1888Parkersburg, IowaFarmerPleasant Valley
4691248Edward George EygabroadWellsburg, Iowa3019 Jan 1887IowaFarmingShiloh
4701174Edd FingerAplington, Iowa2317 Sep 1893Ackley, IowaFarmerPleasant Valley
471964Charles G. SpessardGrundy Center, Iowa2622 Mar 1891Smithburg, MarylandFarm laborerPalermo
472866John RandDike, Iowa2231 May 1895Ole Dyk, HollandFarm handLincoln
473593William Robert BavenderWhitten, Iowa2618 Jan 1891Yadkinville, N.C.FarmerFelix
474407William StickfortWellsburg, Iowa2223 Jun 1894Oldenburg, GermanyFarmerColfax
475262George Thomas SmithReinbeck, Iowa2613 Feb 1891Reinbeck, IowaVeterinary SurgeonBlack Hawk
476886David Truman WaltonEldora, Iowa2509 Dec 1892Grundy Co., IowaFarmerMelrose
4771373Rudolph WanitschkeGrundy Center, Iowa2112 Sep 1895Roditnite, Ritschra, OstriaFarmerWashington
478883James William PrescottEldora, Iowa2401 Jul 1893Larimy, Wy.FarmingMelrose
4791161Charles PriceAplington, Iowa2818 Oct 1889Sheridan, IowaLaborerPleasant Valley
480769John Daily MurphyDike, Iowa2919 Nov 1887Grant twp., IowaFarmerGrant
4811152George Johnson MehmenParkersburg, Iowa2328 Jan 1894Parkersburg, IowaFarm laborerPleasant Valley
482776Frederik C. WeltzDike, Iowa2128 Dec 1895Kolding, DenmarkHwd. ClerkGrant
4831380John Max SchlichtGrundy Center, Iowa2216 Jan 1895Marne, Holstein, GermanyFarmerWashington
4841293John Snittjer-Jr.Wellsburg, Iowa2606 Dec 1890IowaButcher, Stock DealerShiloh
485566Jens G. ThuesenCedar Falls, Iowa2630 May 1891Cedar Falls, IowaFarmerFairfield
486581Harry Wallace MervineConrad, Iowa2121 Aug 1895Berlin, Pa.Farm laborerFelix
487311August Fredrick ThedeReinbeck, Iowa2913 Nov 1887Reinbeck, IowaFarmerBlack Hawk
4881227Ebbo HeikensWellsburg, Iowa2826 Dec 1888IowaFarmingShiloh
489124Walter McCroryBeaman, Iowa2308 Mar 1894Hutsonville, Ill.Farm laborerBeaman
490481Thorvald ThomsenNew Hartford, Iowa2312 Dec 1892Barlase, Fyn, DenmarkFarm handFairfield
491895Ihne SchoolmanWellsburg, Iowa2820 Feb 1889GermanyFarmerMelrose
492744Mark C. SmithDike, Iowa2715 Apr 1890Bremer Co., IowaDentistGrant
493979Victor Frank SieverdingGrundy Center, Iowa2301 Feb 1894Bellevue, IowaLawyerPalermo
494582Harrison Burdette BueghlyConrad, Iowa2702 Aug 1889Liscomb, IowaFarmerFelix
4951367Earnest AndersonGrundy Center, Iowa2523 Mar 1892Ojstad, Malmohuslan, SwedenFarmerWashington
496829Harvey R. SchultaGrundy Center, Iowa2703 Nov 1889Lincoln twp., Grundy Co., IowaFarmingLincoln
497240George Ward MaehrleinReinbeck, Iowa2627 Oct 1891Reinbeck, IowaDraymanBlack Hawk
4981028Harm KrullGrundy Center, Iowa2513 Apr 1892Ostfriesland, GermanyFarmerPalermo
499499Claude J. HuntleyStout, Iowa2604 Dec 1890Oklahoma City, Okla.FarmerFairfield
5001011Alva Oscar HeltibridleGrundy Center, Iowa2931 Jul 1887Tipton, IowaFarmingPalermo
501590Adolf HellmichConrad, Iowa2604 Jul 1890Eichnald, Bohmen, AustriaFelix
5021105George S. ChungGrundy Center, Iowa2122 Jun 1895See Kuea, Canton, ChinaLaundrymanPalermo
503444Albert J. KrugerHolland, Iowa2719 Dec 1889Holland, IowaFarmerColfax
504636Earl Francis MinardConrad, Iowa2907 Oct 1887Plankington, So. Dak.FarmerFelix
505735James Floyd LeeDike, Iowa2401 Jan 1893Bonesteel, S. DakotaBarberGrant
506634Benjamin Harrison LongWhitten, Iowa2826 Nov 1888Beaman, IowaR.R. ClerkFelix
507326Ernest Frank LauerReinbeck, Iowa2906 Feb 1888Reinbeck, IowaCarpenterBlack Hawk
508447Henry HenzeStout, Iowa2414 Apr 1893Holland, IowaFarmerColfax
50976Edward A. JohnsonStout, Iowa2503 Sep 1891Oakland, Cal.Stallions GroomBeaver
5101319William Alfred DickinsonMorrison, Iowa2810 Oct 1888Whitehouse, OhioFarm laborerWashington
511672Albrecht KruseWellsburg, Iowa2417 Sep 1892German twp., IowaFarmerGerman
5121363James Wilson RheaGrundy Center, Iowa2602 Feb 1891Blain, Penn.FarmerWashington
513949Frank Hamilton FrostGrundy Center, Iowa2614 Nov 1891Huston, MissouriBridge builderPalermo
5141350John BoikeGrundy Center, Iowa2807 Jan 1889Conrad, IowaFarm laborerWashington
515393Tonjes HindersHolland, Iowa2631 Mar 1891Holland, IowaFarmerColfax
516993Harold C. WatkinsGrundy Center, Iowa2722 Jun 1889Grundy Center, IowaFarm laborerPalermo
5171306Harm H. RustWellsburg, Iowa2420 Apr 1893Wellsburg, IowaFarmingShiloh
5181048Ralph Victor SuttmanGrundy Center, Iowa2104 Sep 1895Grundy Center, IowaCommon LaborerPalermo
5191065Heiko Jacob DeVoogdGrundy Center, Iowa2315 Nov 1893NetherlandsBridge BuilderPalermo
520851Ila SchotzbergGrundy Center, Iowa2725 Mar 1890Grundy Co., IowaFarmingLincoln
5211181Thomas NeessenWellsburg, Iowa2208 Nov 1895Holland, IowaFarmerPleasant Valley
522158Arthur SassReinbeck, Iowa3024 Dec 1886Davenport, IowaMason TenderBlack Hawk
523778William O. EspeHudson, Iowa2402 Nov 1893Lhor, IowaGrain buyerGrant
5241Andrew VanEllenParkersburg, Iowa2903 Aug 1887IowaFarmerBeaver
525187George JargstorfReinbeck, Iowa2925 Oct 1887Reinbeck, IowaFarm laborerBlack Hawk
52652Rolla HurlbutStout, Iowa2529 Dec 1891New Hartford, IowaFarmerBeaver
527105Curtis Kynette SmithBeaman, Iowa2322 Nov 1893Center Junction, IowaElectricianBeaman
528650Georg M. AbbasAckley, Iowa3001 Aug 1886German twp, IowaFarmerGerman
529836Peter WumkesGrundy Center, Iowa2216 Jan 1895Lincoln twp., Grundy Co., IowaFarming and Stock raisingLincoln
53036Harm Aswegen-Jr.Dike, Iowa2211 Oct 1894Grundy Co., IowaFarmerBeaver
5311387John Isder2423 Jul 1892Conrad, IowaFarm laborerWashington
532985Charles Bernard HummelGrundy Center, Iowa2522 Jun 1891Grundy Center, IowaDrug ClerkPalermo
533352Clifford Alva BoyleConrad, Iowa2103 Apr 1896Tama, IowaStays at homeClay Conrad
534418Carl FreeseWellsburg, Iowa2130 Nov 1895Prov. Hannover, GermanyFarmingColfax
535920Herman WarrenEldora, Iowa2802 Oct 1888LaPlatte, MissouriFarmingMelrose
536456William CooperHolland, Iowa2516 Aug 1892Springfield, Ill.FarmerColfax
537806Birtus CopleyGrundy Center, Iowa2226 Nov 1894Hudson, IowaFarmerLincoln
5381176Harm GoldensteinParkersburg, Iowa2821 Jul 1888Groathuisen, GermanyFarm laborerPleasant Valley
539416Jacob MeintsWellsburg, Iowa2423 Feb 1890Ackley, IowaFarmerColfax
540617Louie Frank LambWhitten, Iowa2830 May 1889Osgood, Ind.Farm laborerFelix
541526Niels K. KristiansenCedar Falls, Iowa2325 Jul 1893Agersted, Jylland, DenmarkFarm handFairfield
542609Andrew Jackson Harrison BottlesConrad, Iowa2313 May 1894Corydon, Ind.Farm laborerFelix
543613Eugene Homer StoverConrad, Iowa2422 Nov 1892Conrad, IowaFarmerFelix
544316Christ JacobsReinbeck, Iowa2526 Jul 1891Ditz Varlat, Hanover, GermanyFarm laborerBlack Hawk
545274Herman Arthur EhlersReinbeck, Iowa2821 Feb 1888Dinsdale, IowaBilliard ParlorBlack Hawk
546948Philo C. LaybournGrundy Center, Iowa2627 Jul 1890Grundy Center, IowaGarage DealerPalermo
5471283Heye BoomgaardenWellsburg, Iowa2521 Jun 1891Grotehusen, GermanyClerk and Mechanic in implement shopShiloh
548968John C. RabenbergGrundy Center, Iowa2516 Aug 1891Grundy Center, IowaLaborerPalermo
5491353William John BarfelsGrundy Center, Iowa2824 Jun 1888Durant, IowaFarmerWashington
550546Carl C. PaulsenDike, Iowa2308 Jun 1894Faxe, Sjolland, DenmarkFarm handFairfield
5511154Carl SlightAplington, Iowa2204 Jun 1895Aplington, IowaFarm laborerPleasant Valley
552766Hans Edward KnudsenDike, Iowa2603 Jun 1891Perham, Minn.FarmerGrant
553734Geo. E. BroseDike, Iowa2906 Feb 1888Sheffield, IowaSupt of school/DikeGrant
5541072Alfred Carl BienfangGrundy Center, Iowa2328 Jun 1893Jefferson, WisconsinFarm laborerPalermo
555511Harry W. PetersenCedar Falls, Iowa2713 Mar 1890Dike, IowaFarmerFairfield
556205John William KellyReinbeck, Iowa3010 Nov 1886Algona, IowaShoe CobblerBlack Hawk
557913Roy Allen BrownEldora, Iowa2515 Jan 1892Grundy Co., IowaFarmerMelrose
558342Ralph Emery ArmstrongConrad, Iowa2516 Feb 1892Des Moines, IowaTrack laborerClay Conrad
559860Okke WesemannGrundy Center, Iowa2707 Sep 1889Ogle Co., Ill.FarmerLincoln
560934Harry Grattan RobinsonEldora, Iowa2110 Jul 1895Rockingham Co., Va.FarmerMelrose
561460Sam HeronimusHolland, Iowa2918 Mar 1888Holland, IowaFarm laborerColfax
562427Claus BehrendsHolland, Iowa2116 Jan 1896Aplington, IowaFarmingColfax
563666Henry C. JanssenAplington, Iowa2218 Aug 1894German twp., IowaFarm handGerman
564241William NissenReinbeck, Iowa2814 Nov 1889Keystone, IowaRestaurantBlack Hawk
56540Clarence L. CardParkersburg, Iowa2418 Aug 1892Grundy Co., IowaFarmerBeaver
566572Samuel Spurgeon BentonConrad, Iowa2215 Sep 1894Jonesville, N.C.Farm laborerFelix
567100James Reynolds HeryfordBeaman, Iowa2611 Dec 1890Greensburg, MissouriManager-Lumber YardBeaman
5681076Jacob Roy AlbrightGrundy Center, Iowa2130 Mar 1896Hansell, IowaFarmerPalermo
5691138Lee Lincoln BausmanWellsburg, Iowa2627 Aug 1890Wellsburg, IowaCarpenterPleasant Valley
570157Arthur Jay HowardReinbeck, Iowa2928 Aug 1887Ashton, IowaRailroad TelegrapherBlack Hawk
571236Henry Richard FreiReinbeck, Iowa2128 Jun 1895Reinbeck, IowaFarmBlack Hawk
5721309Aise RustWellsburg, Iowa2605 Apr 1891IowaFarmingShiloh
5731168Edd Fred MahankeParkersburg, Iowa2512 Nov 1891Parkersburg, IowaFarmerPleasant Valley
574214Hadley Harry PetersonReinbeck, Iowa2929 Jul 1887Lohrville, IowaTelephone ManagerBlack Hawk
575629Irwin Albert YandellConrad, Iowa2528 Mar 1892Marion, KentuckyFarm laborerFelix
576647George G. BleekerAckley, Iowa2223 Nov 1894German twp, IowaFarmerGerman
577864Charles Raymond ElliottGrundy Center, Iowa2318 Jul 1893Grundy Co., IowaFarmingLincoln
57829Chas. JuelStout, Iowa2927 May 1888Parkersburg, IowaCarpenterBeaver
579918Ward Iven SherbonEldora, Iowa2812 May 1889Grundy Co., IowaFarmerMelrose
580533Peter H. AndreasenCedar Falls, Iowa2502 Oct 1891Cedar Falls, IowaFarmerFairfield
5811159Edmond Earl GreanyAplington, Iowa2713 May 1890Centralia, KansasFarmerPleasant Valley
5821370Elmer Noah BarkeyMorrison, Iowa2801 Jan 1889Sprucecreek, Penn.LaborerWashington
583114Peter Hans StaackBeaman, Iowa2122 Sep 1895Clark twp., Tama Co., IowaFarm laborerBeaman
584151Henry Charles KitzmanBeaman, Iowa2903 Jan 1888Malcolm, Poweshiek Co., IowaFarmerBeaman
5851336Leroy Edword FranzGrundy Center, Iowa2831 Oct 1889Beaman, IowaFarmerWashington
5861359Henry AlbertsReinbeck, Iowa2529 Jun 1891Reinbeck, IowaFarm laborerWashington
58761Dick MulderParkersburg, Iowa2623 Feb 1891Kingdom of HollandFarmerBeaver
588603Harold Asa MooreWhitten, Iowa2429 Dec 1892Whitten, IowaFarmerFelix
589618William ZeltmanConrad, Iowa2602 May 1891New York City, N.Y.Farm laborerFelix
590986LeRoy Lafayette PurvisGrundy Center, Iowa2501 Feb 1892Pokatello, IdahoRestaurant employeePalermo
591209Thomas Parks BoyleReinbeck, Iowa3027 Jul 1886Oakdale, Ill.Employed on dairy farmBlack Hawk
5921110Jacob VeldGrundy Center, Iowa2626 Jun 1890Midwolda, Groningen, HollandFarm laborerPalermo
593777Dirk C. BrunsDike, Iowa2804 Apr 1889Grundy Co., IowaFarmerGrant
59433Herman HansenStout, Iowa2113 Feb 1896DenmarkFarmerBeaver
59532Otto HamstraParkersburg, Iowa2528 Oct 1892Kingdom of HollandFarmerBeaver
596954Leslie E. StarkGrundy Center, Iowa3026 Nov 1886Holabird, South Dak.Station AgentPalermo
5971071Ralph VanDerveenGrundy Center, Iowa2824 Jan 1889Rotterdam, HollandFarmerPalermo
5981348Hans Richard SiemsenGrundy Center, Iowa2110 Nov 1895Berlin, IowaFarm laborerWashington
59963John BussParkersburg, Iowa2227 Jan 1895Parkersburg, IowaFarmerBeaver
600994Harry A. WatkinsGrundy Center, Iowa2822 Jun 1889Grundy Center, IowaFarmerPalermo
601758Tony BillmanDike, Iowa2518 Dec 1891Grant twp., IowaFarmerGrant
6021278Chas. L. MeintsWellsburg, Iowa2207 Nov 1894IowaFarmingShiloh
603362Arch Ross MaulsbyConrad, Iowa2925 Oct 1887Prairieville, IowaSuperintendent of Schools/ConradClay Conrad
6041170Henry TjaberingAplington, Iowa2421 Feb 1893Ackley, IowaFarm laborerPleasant Valley
605816George Arthur PierceGrundy Center, Iowa2312 Jun 1894Mattoon, Ill.FarmingLincoln
606371George Roy SimmsConrad, Iowa2307 Jul 1893Conrad, IowaFarmerClay Conrad
607529Peter Kelsen PedersenDike, Iowa2726 Nov 1889Randers, Jylland, DenmarkFarm handFairfield
60864Louis JohnsonGrundy Center, Iowa2128 Nov 1896Grundy Co., IowaFarmerBeaver
609382William Thomas EvansBeaman, Iowa2408 Apr 1893Beaman, IowaFarm handClay Conrad
610224John Martin SchroederReinbeck, Iowa2504 Apr 1892Dixon, IowaDay laborerBlack Hawk
611818Henry O. DirksGrundy Center, Iowa2215 Feb 1895Colfax twp., Grundy Co., IowaFarmingLincoln
612762Carl Fred NielsenDike, Iowa2506 Dec 1892Independence, IowaFarmerGrant
613931Roy Carl LambEldora, Iowa2617 Dec 1891Osgood, Ind.FarmerMelrose
6141013Peter Thile HuismannGrundy Center, Iowa2322 Mar 1894Parkersburg, IowaFarmerPalermo
6151042Henry Claus HarenGrundy Center, Iowa2813 Jan 1889Grundy Center, IowaFarmerPalermo
616449Henry Dirks-Jr.Holland, Iowa2616 Sep 1890Holland, IowaFarmingColfax
6171241Henry A. GeerdesWellsburg, Iowa3006 Apr 1887IowaLumber DealerShiloh
61841James FrueParkersburg, Iowa2410 Sep 1892Cincinnati, OhioFarmerBeaver
61948Theron Pitt BeringerIowa Falls, Iowa2809 Feb 1889Hampton, IowaBarberBeaver
62038Grant C. PalmerParkersburg, Iowa2315 Dec 1893Parkersburg, IowaFarmerBeaver
621742Carl Conrad NielsenDike, Iowa2631 Aug 1890Thisted, DenmarkFarmerGrant
622640John FreyWellsburgh, Iowa2211 Oct 1894Ackley, IowaWorking on a farmGerman
623127Fred Elmer BeinBeaman, Iowa2131 Mar 1896Berlin, IowaFarm laborerBeaman
6241086Jacob Daniel HoffaGrundy Center, Iowa2721 Apr 1890Sanborn, IowaFarmingPalermo
625668Fred A. SentsAplington, Iowa2825 Jun 1888German twp., IowaFarmerGerman
62688Omko J. EngelkesParkersburg, Iowa2627 Jan 1891Grundy Co., IowaFarm laborerBeaver
6271074Bert Elmer BockesGrundy Center, Iowa2724 Aug 1889Conrad, IowaFarmingPalermo
628743Peder Nikoloj PedersenDike, Iowa2827 Feb 1889Sjoving Sogn, DenmarkFarmingGrant
629827John WalbaumGrundy Center, Iowa2806 Apr 1889Butler Co., IowaFarmingLincoln
6301242Earl W. NeessenWellsburg, Iowa2512 Jan 1892Steamboat Rock, IowaPost MasterShiloh
6311038Geo. B. RobinsonGrundy Center, Iowa2620 Aug 1890West Bend, IowaBankerPalermo
6321386Edward Mitchell Innes2818 Jun 1888Reinbeck, IowaFarmerWashington
633976James Roy CoxGrundy Center, Iowa2813 May 1889Green Ridge, Mo.BarberPalermo
634473Hans TreumerCedar Falls, Iowa2315 Feb 1894Tyler, Minn.Farm handFairfield
635287Arthur AltenburgReinbeck, Iowa2122 Sep 1895Burg, GermanyFarm laborerBlack Hawk
636586Glenn William VintonWhitten, Iowa2108 Aug 1895Grundy Center, IowaFarm laborerFelix
637260James Spurgeon TaylorReinbeck, Iowa2524 Jan 1892Reinbeck, IowaManager Livery BarnBlack Hawk
638527Harold HenningsenDike, Iowa2108 Dec 1895Dike, IowaFarmerFairfield
639254Herbert Henry EdlerReinbeck, Iowa2109 Aug 1895Reinbeck, IowaPainterBlack Hawk
640446James SmithHolland, Iowa2616 Aug 1888Dubuque, IowaFarmingColfax
64189John L. AswegenStout, Iowa2417 Aug 1892Grundy Center, IowaFarmerBeaver
6421197Fritz ThorenWellsburg, Iowa2625 Mar 1891Wellsburg, IowaFarm laborerPleasant Valley
643932Alfred John Otto ZiesmanGrundy Center, Iowa2629 May 1891Hardin Co., IowaFarmerMelrose
6441204Daniel Jacob MeesterParkersburg, Iowa3001 Dec 1886Parkersburg, IowaFarmerPleasant Valley
6451377Glen John StewartMorrison, Iowa2611 Dec 1891Primgar, IowaFarmerWashington
646863John RedeniusDike, Iowa2403 Feb 1893Grundy Co., IowaFarmingLincoln
647358James O'ConnorConrad, Iowa2504 Aug 1891Conrad, IowaWell Driller helperClay Conrad
648451Grady L. SmithHolland, Iowa2624 Jun 1890Houston, Mo.BarberColfax
649745Alfred AagaardDike, Iowa2321 Mar 1894Fredsville, IowaClerk/Dike Drug Co.Grant
650573Charles CrouseConrad, Iowa2823 Oct 1889Conrad, IowaFarmerFelix
6511137George H. MasselinkGrundy Center, Iowa2104 Jul 1917*Meservey, IowaMiner ProspectorPalermo
6521106Glenn Harley SandersGrundy Center, Iowa2506 Apr 1892Lone Tree, IowaDry Cleaner and BushelmanPalermo
653308Clyde Mathias AgyReinbeck, Iowa2228 Dec 1894Grinnell, IowaFarm laborerBlack Hawk
654429Henry BerendsHolland, Iowa2428 May 1893Ostfriesland, GermanyFarmerColfax
6551383Herman Emil DelfsGrundy Center, Iowa2909 Jun 1887Gladbrook, IowaFarmerWashington
6561055John Henry PitcherGrundy Center, Iowa2819 May 1889Easten, MinnesotaCommon LaborerPalermo
6571225Frederick Paul RiantWellsburg, Iowa2522 Mar 1892Hubbard, IowaCarpenterShiloh
658394Christ SchulteWellsburg, Iowa2311 Jan 1894Sibley, IowaFarmerColfax
6591025Reinard DekkerGrundy Center, Iowa2614 Apr 1891Klosterboer, Groningen, HollandFarmingPalermo
660417Henry P. SmitHolland, Iowa2423 Oct 1892Holland, IowaFarmerColfax
661354Henry Charles EimersConrad, Iowa2125 Jun 1895Beaman, IowaMachinistClay Conrad
662445August HenzeStout, Iowa2608 Mar 1891Holland, IowaFarmerColfax
663217Elliott Fred KohtReinbeck, Iowa2121 Jan 1896Reinbeck, IowaStenographerBlack Hawk
664259Martin JuhlReinbeck, Iowa2929 Sep 1887Cedar Falls, IowaMerchant and RepairmanBlack Hawk
6651295Henry George MommerWellsburg, Iowa2801 May 1889Cedar Falls, IowaButcher and Meat CutterShiloh
6661068Harry Morse ShirkGrundy Center, Iowa3026 Oct 1886Grundy Center, IowaFarmerPalermo
6671374Richard HanischGrundy Center, Iowa2611 Mar 1891Nedardorf, Sanstenbarg, GermanyFarm laborerWashington
6681268Berend BehrendsWellsburg, Iowa2904 Jul 1887Rysum, GermanyFarmingShiloh
669322Samuel Nealy AndersonReinbeck, Iowa2513 Apr 1892Ballymena, IrelandFarm laborerBlack Hawk
6701120Ray Clinton MorrisonGrundy Center, Iowa2318 Sep 1893Grundy Center, IowaFarmerPalermo
6711365James Orlen StoutGrundy Center, Iowa3014 Jan 1887Kirksville, Mo.FarmerWashington
672242Erwin Merle RobinsonReinbeck, Iowa2405 Oct 1892Reinbeck, IowaAutomobile DealerBlack Hawk
6731333John Vincil WhitingGrundy Center, Iowa2109 Oct 1895St. Louis, Mo.Farm laborerWashington
674702Ait LauterbachAplington, Iowa2504 Apr 1892Pleasant Valley twp., IowaFarmerGerman
675232Roscoe David HallReinbeck, Iowa2806 Aug 1888Gladbrook, IowaFarmerBlack Hawk
676597Edmund KeoppelConrad, Iowa2615 Sep 1891St. Anthony, IowaFarmerFelix
677694Jacob S. MullerAckley, Iowa2419 May 1893German twp., Grundy Co., IowaFarmerGerman
678198John Henry HoltonBolliver, Missouri2329 Mar 1894Bolliver, MissouriFarm laborerBlack Hawk
6791318Pearl Alma LoweWellsburg, Iowa3011 Jun 1886MissouriLaborerShiloh
6801018George KamarasGrundy Center, Iowa2700 Mar 1890Ahrohorion, Massiues, GreeceJunk DealerPalermo
681799Joe BibaHudson, Iowa2701 Mar 1890Morravec, Austria, HungaryFarmerGrant
682671Meint U. MeindersWellsburgh, Iowa2221 Apr 1895Pleasant Valley twp., IowaFarm handGerman
683561Robert JohnsonCedar Falls, Iowa2304 May 1894Cedar Falls, IowaFarmerFairfield
684195Herman LauterbachReinbeck, Iowa2818 Sep 1888Hanover, Hanover, GermanyHarness makerBlack Hawk
6851061Thomas Fenton LynnGrundy Center, Iowa2617 Feb 1891Grundy Center, IowaFarmerPalermo
686145George Hale ListerBeaman, Iowa2422 Dec 1892Conrad, IowaFarmerBeaman
6871310Jannes OhlingWellsburg, Iowa2602 Jul 1890Westerhusen, GermanyFarmingShiloh
68898George Ross ElliottBeaman, Iowa2709 Sep 1889Green Mountain, IowaMerchantBeaman
6891053Ernest Everell MerrittGrundy Center, Iowa2903 Aug 1887Grundy Center, IowaFarmerPalermo
6901184John GroeneveldAplington, Iowa2302 Apr 1894Aplington, IowaFarmerPleasant Valley
691801Edward Nelson OveDike, Iowa2601 Jan 1891Aalborg, DenmarkMason, Bridge BuilderGrant
692286Jake GruisReinbeck, Iowa2406 Dec 1893Rosemont, NebraskaFarm laborerBlack Hawk
693990Herman StahlGrundy Center, Iowa3010 Mar 1887Grundy Center, IowaFarmingPalermo
69444Albert H. TjepkesParkersburg, Iowa2802 Dec 1888Butler Co., IowaFarmerBeaver
695226Elmer Fred GaugerReinbeck, Iowa2127 Apr 1896Reinbeck, IowaFarmerBlack Hawk
6967Nanno AndreessenStout, Iowa2420 Oct 1892Grundy Co., IowaFarmerBeaver
697846Charles WillysAllensville, Illinois2418 Dec 1892Marion Co., IllinoisFarmingLincoln
698398Sydney CooperGrundy Center, Iowa2124 Nov 1895New Sharon, IowaFarmerColfax
699216William Frank HolubReinbeck, Iowa2526 May 1892Dilly, WisconsinFarmerBlack Hawk
700847Geerd SchillerStout, Iowa2221 Oct 1894Neermor, Ostfriesland, GermanyFarmingLincoln
701302William Claus RamundtReinbeck, Iowa2304 Jul 1894Reinbeck, IowaFarm laborerBlack Hawk
70226Nanke ArendsDike, Iowa2524 Mar 1892Grundy Co., IowaFarmerBeaver
7031123Cameron Mortimor BruardGrundy Center, Iowa3016 May 1887Kaukauna, Wis.FarmerPalermo
704662John A. SchuettlerWellsburgh, Iowa2214 Feb 1895Pekin, Ill.Farm handGerman
705475Clarence C. FredericksenCedar Falls, Iowa2520 Feb 1892Cedar Falls, IowaFarmerFairfield
706641George S. DiekmannWellsburgh, Iowa2519 May 1892Colfax twp., Grundy Co., IowaFarmerGerman
7071104Tom GueyGrundy Center, Iowa2406 Jan 1893MyKroongLee, ChinaLaundrymanPalermo
708239Charles Lee OwenReinbeck, Iowa2629 Sep 1890Toledo, IowaDry CleanerBlack Hawk
709852Edward Benjamin SchwenkPeoria, Ill.2723 Mar 1889Woodford Co., Ill.FarmingLincoln
710942Henry C. SchaferGrundy Center, Iowa2613 May 1891Grundy Center, IowaJewelerPalermo
7111145Lester Leroy EberlineWellsburg, Iowa2211 Aug 1894Wellsburg, IowaFarm laborerPleasant Valley
712975John KellyGrundy Center, Iowa2507 Feb 1892Woodstock, Ill.Common LaborerPalermo
7131274Alfred VonTerschWellsburg, Iowa2314 May 1894Harlan, IowaSupt Public Schools/WellsburgShiloh
71482Luke Aswegen-Jr.Stout, Iowa2929 Jul 1887Grundy Center, IowaHardware and Implement dealerBeaver
715478Aage WilliamsenCedar Falls, Iowa2303 Apr 1894Abildore, Sylland, DenmarkFarm handFairfield
716479Hons C. LausenCedar Falls, Iowa2231 May 1895Cedar Falls, IowaFarm handFairfield
718592Alva Linnaus MillerWhitten, Iowa2709 Jan 1890Eldora, IowaFarm laborerFelix
71855Rieke SeehusenStout, Iowa2805 Nov 1888GermanyFarmerBeaver
719461Harm GrooteHolland, Iowa3007 Dec 1886Holland, IowaFarmingColfax
7201345Davidson Calvin KellerMorrison, Iowa2828 Mar 1889Loysville, Penn.Farm laborerWashington
721480Ernest A. LuckNew Hartford, Iowa2611 Feb 1891New Hartford, IowaFarm handFairfield
7221364Lawrence Ebert HostetterGrundy Center, Iowa3017 Jun 1886Blain, Penn.FarmerWashington
7231209Daniel BolhuisAplington, Iowa2829 Aug 1888Midwolden, HollandTilerPleasant Valley
7241127Robert Raymond WilliamsonGrundy Center, Iowa3013 Oct 1886Grundy Center, IowaCivil EngineerPalermo
725674Edward L. CoordesAckley, Iowa2706 Apr 1890Aetna twp., IowaFarmerGerman
726372William Henry KailConrad, Iowa2729 Oct 1889Conrad, IowaFarm handClay Conrad
72742Menno M. JohnsonParkersburg, Iowa2424 Jun 1892Parkersburg, IowaFarmerBeaver
728431Christian FlaterGrundy Center, Iowa2922 Mar 1888Grundy Center, IowanoneColfax
729106Lewis Jefferson LynchBeaman, Iowa2418 Nov 1892Palermo twp., Grundy Co., IowaFarmerBeaman
730639Benjamin H. AukesWellsburgh, Iowa2805 Feb 1889German twp, IowaFarmerGerman
731425Edmund A. CowieHolland, Iowa3013 Oct 1886Holland, IowaFarmerColfax
7321230Albert MeyerWellsburg, Iowa2509 Jun 1891IowaFarmerShiloh
7331092Charlie Adelbert JontzGrundy Center, Iowa2924 Nov 1887Princeton, Ill.TinnerPalermo
73421Harry C. AllenStout, Iowa2221 Oct 1894Austinville, IowaStation agentBeaver
735423Simon D. SiefkenHolland, Iowa2126 Jul 1895Holland, IowaFarmerColfax
7361144Ernest HookWellsburg, Iowa3011 Aug 1886Holland, IowaLaborerPleasant Valley
7371216Minert Dick NiehuisAplington, Iowa2713 Jul 1889Aplington, IowaFarmerPleasant Valley
738462Dick BrowerHolland, Iowa2728 Jun 1890Holland, IowaFarm laborerColfax
7391299Odie OlthoffWellsburg, Iowa2428 Jan 1893IowaFarmerShiloh
740238John Walter SnyderReinbeck, Iowa2514 Jul 1891Coffey, MissouriFarmerBlack Hawk
7411080Harry Landis HeltibridleGrundy Center, Iowa2417 Sep 1893Tipton, IowaFarmingPalermo
7421226Charles Ray NicholsWellsburg, Iowa2731 Mar 1890IowaAutomobile DealerShiloh
7431338Arthur RobinsGrundy Center, Iowa2223 Jan 1895Grundy Center, IowaFarmerWashington
744176Noah Elsworth RitcheyReinbeck, Iowa3013 Aug 1886Irene, South DakotaPainterBlack Hawk
745415Harm J. MeyerWellsburg, Iowa2127 Jul 1895Holland, IowaFarmerColfax
746409Fred KochWellsburg, Iowa2918 May 1888Wellsburg, IowaFarmerColfax
747453George GravesHolland, Iowa2918 Mar 1888Grundy Center, IowaFarmerColfax
748973Jay Marble HawnGrundy Center, Iowa2607 Apr 1891Marble Rock, IowaTeamingPalermo
749890Frank MorleyEldora, Iowa2711 Feb 1890Ray Co., MissouriFarmerMelrose
750294Watson Thornburg RouthReinbeck, Iowa2523 May 1892Losantville, IndianaFarm laborerBlack Hawk
751408Henry H. MeesterHolland, Iowa2309 Dec 1893Holland, IowaFarmerColfax
7521231John W. LindamanWellsburg, Iowa2104 Feb 1896IowaFarmingShiloh
753804Geo. E. ParkReinbeck, Iowa2327 Feb 1894Paye, NebraskaFarm laborerGrant
754230Elwood James WatsonReinbeck, Iowa3010 Nov 1886Reinbeck, IowaRestaurantBlack Hawk
755271John William ShultzReinbeck, Iowa3003 Jun 1887Decatur, Ill.Yard and Elevator overseerBlack Hawk
756375James Clay YandellConrad, Iowa3018 Feb 1887Marion, KentuckyFarm handClay Conrad
75765Folkert HippenDike, Iowa2101 May 1896Grundy Co., IowaFarmerBeaver
758282Claus BlohmReinbeck, Iowa2919 Sep 1887Foekbek, GermanyFarm laborerBlack Hawk
7591158Louie Jacob GroenAplington, Iowa2406 Jun 1892Parkersburg, IowaFarm laborerPleasant Valley
760988Fritz Otto BeckmanGrundy Center, Iowa2805 Jul 1888Grundy Center, IowaFarmerPalermo
7611069Herman DekkerGrundy Center, Iowa2330 Jul 1893Warffum, Groningen, HollandFarm laborerPalermo
762751George FrasherReinbeck, Iowa2526 Oct 1891Marrietta, IowaFarmerGrant
7631046George Alfred CarlsonGrundy Center, Iowa2609 Sep 1891Sibley, IowaPlumberPalermo
764615Frank J. RalstonConrad, Iowa2704 May 1890Conrad, IowaFarmerFelix
7651029Tom DreesmanGrundy Center, Iowa2819 Sep 1888GermanyFarmingPalermo
766455Albert M. RossWellsburg, Iowa2427 Feb 1893Wellsburg, IowaFarmingColfax
767833Herman Leurtens BeenkenGrundy Center, Iowa2802 Aug 1889Lincoln Twp, Grundy Co., IowaFarmingLincoln
768483Fred Eiklenborg-Jr.Stout, Iowa2614 Feb 1891Steamboat Rock, IowaFarmerFairfield
769881Fred Marvin VintonWhitten, Iowa3008 May 1887Grundy Co., IowaFarmerMelrose
7701087Elko KampmannGrundy Center, Iowa2925 May 1888Rorichum, Ostfriesland, GermanyTheological StudentPalermo
771346Obie Sylvester ModlinConrad, Iowa2513 Aug 1891Grundy Co., IowaOil SalesmanClay Conrad
7721251Harm J. FrerichsWellsburg, Iowa2921 Oct 1887IowaCashier Farmers and Merchants Savings BankShiloh
773457Eilt EnnengaHolland, Iowa2913 Dec 1888Grundy Center, IowaFarmingColfax
7741262Soeke TjadenWellsburg, Iowa2908 Dec 1887Lubbertsfeld, GermanyBlacksmithShilioh
77562Heiko DeLangeStout, Iowa2409 Apr 1893Kingdom of HollandFarmerBeaver
776207Thomas Joseph EmmettReinbeck, Iowa2208 Sep 1894Tama Co., IowaAssistant Postmaster/ReinbeckBlack Hawk
77767George J. PetersStout, Iowa2826 Feb 1889Holland, IowaFarmerBeaver
778646Heye J. MillerAckley, Iowa2418 Aug 1892German, IowaFarmerGerman
7791081Ray Lindsey ClappGrundy Center, Iowa2621 Apr 1891Wyoming, IowaRestaurant and bakeryPalermo
780528Ray N. BicknerDike, Iowa2228 Nov 1894New Hartford, IowaFarm handFairfield
781912Howard Franklin FreedGrundy Center, Iowa2122 Jul 1895Grundy Co., IowaRoad WorkMelrose
7821327Claus Daniel WieseGrundy Center, Iowa2627 Jun 1889Buckholc, Holstein, GermanyFarmerWashington
78377Joe ArendsParkersburg, Iowa2308 Dec 1893Grundy Co., IowaFarmerBeaver
784699Riebke VanLohAckley, Iowa2504 Jan 1892German twp., IowaFarmerGerman
785248Frank Henry RickertReinbeck, Iowa2307 Nov 1893Reinbeck, IowaFarmerBlack Hawk
786521George NewgardCedar Falls, Iowa2516 Aug 1891St. Paul, Minn.Farm handFairfield
787695Anton VanHeidenAplington, Iowa2712 May 1890German twp., IowaFarmerGerman
788947Edward Charles GradyGrundy Center, Iowa2616 Jul 1890Davenport, IowaPoultry and ProducePalermo
789614Dennis Emerson GriderConrad, Iowa2701 Jul 1889Greenfield, Mo.Farm laborerFelix
7901382John K. KruseGrundy Center, Iowa2910 Dec 1887Holland, IowaFarmerWashington
7911134Roy McCulloughGrundy Center, Iowa2901 Nov 1888Clinton, IowaPalermo
792160George Hiram ShatzerReinbeck, Iowa2805 Jun 1889Grundy Center, IowaLayer of tileBlack Hawk
7931252Tielko K. BungerWellsburg, Iowa2926 May 1888IowaLaborerShiloh
794283Louie Carl Max SchmidtReinbeck, Iowa2731 Mar 1890Rockford, Ill.LaborerBlack Hawk
7951027J. Earl OllerGrundy Center, Iowa3012 Feb 1887Winterset, IowaBarberPalermo
7961003Henry FrerichsGrundy Center, Iowa2725 Sep 1889Holland, IowaSquab FarmingPalermo
798817Sigfred StageNorre Nebel, Denmark2129 Oct 1895Norre Nebel, DenmarkWorking manLincoln
79859George EvertsStout, Iowa2502 Jan 1892Parkersburg, IowaFarmerBeaver
799815Harry HansonChicago, Illinois2613 May 1891Soenborg, DenmarkFarmingLincoln
8001126Henry John DoermannGrundy Center, Iowa2620 Oct 1890Hickory, North CarolinaSuperintendent of Schools/Grundy CenterPalermo
801612Jesse Miller SmithConrad, Iowa2118 Sep 1895Cabool, Mo.Farm laborerFelix
802869George Heis AlbertsDike, Iowa2501 Mar 1892Grundy Co., IowaFarmingLincoln
803764Niels C. PetersenHudson, Iowa2105 Jan 1896Kolding, DenmarkFarm laborerGrant
804359Harry RustConrad, Iowa2116 Aug 1895Fishersburg, IndianaBarberClay Conrad
805984Eldin A. HasbrouckGrundy Center, Iowa2105 Feb 1896Grundy Center, IowaFarmerPalermo
806724Ed FergusonDike, Iowa2325 Sep 1894Traer, IowaFarmerGrant
807938George Francis FindlingGrundy Center, Iowa2228 Apr 1895Adair Co., Mo.FarmerMelrose
8081317John DoyenWellsburg, Iowa2421 Apr 1893Wellsburg, IowaLicensed Embalmer and Clerk Hardware StoreShiloh
809497Jens PedersenCedar Falls, Iowa2919 Jan 1888DenmarkFarmerFairfield
810667John BoelmanAplington, Iowa2904 Sep 1887German twp, IowaFarmerGerman
8111037Bert E. DavidsonGrundy Center, Iowa3002 Oct 1886Grundy Center, IowaFarmerPalermo
812463Wessel BuskohlHolland, Iowa2910 Nov 1887Holland, IowaFarmerColfax
81384Engelke B. EngelkesStout, Iowa2414 Feb 1893Holland, IowaFarmerBeaver
814531Anton AndreasenCedar Falls, Iowa2311 Mar 1894Lemvig, Jylland, DenmarkFarmerFairfield
815468Jurgen BoldtHolland, Iowa2315 Mar 1894Holland, IowaPharmacistColfax
816859Wilbur L. SmithGrundy Center, Iowa2714 Dec 1889Grundy Center, IowaFarmerLincoln
817663Will WesselsAckley, Iowa2422 May 1893Wellsburgh, IowaFarm handGerman
818469Arthur Edwin DrakeHolland, Iowa2203 Mar 1895Sibley, IowaStudentColfax
819245Otto Bernard KnaackReinbeck, Iowa2808 Mar 1889Reinbeck, IowaFarmerBlack Hawk
820580Joshua David SonnerConrad, Iowa2119 Sep 1895New Amsterdam, Ind.FarmerFelix
821351Henry Arthur JeppConrad, Iowa3022 Feb 1887Conrad, IowaLaborerClay Conrad
8221200August VanHauenParkersburg, Iowa2125 Apr 1896Parkersburg, IowaFarm laborerPleasant Valley
82394Arend J. ArendsStout, Iowa2623 May 1891Grundy Co., IowaFarmerBeaver
8241297Thomas SchaferWellsburg, Iowa2312 Apr 1894IowaFarmingShiloh
825148Einar Christian HansonBeaman, Iowa2830 Apr 1889Coppenhagen, DenmarkBrick LayerBeaman
82614John DeBeerStout, Iowa2216 Aug 1894Parkersburg, IowaFarmerBeaver
827980Joseph Raymond AlbrightGrundy Center, Iowa3022 May 1887Mt. Carroll, Ill.DentistPalermo
828109Clarence June BowmanBeaman, Iowa3027 Jun 1886Beaman, IowaFarmerBeaman
829892W. Harlan SmithEldora, Iowa2322 Dec 1893Polo, Ill.MinisterMelrose
8301298Wiebe H. MeyerWellsburg, Iowa2819 Jul 1888IowaFarmingShiloh
831782Victor BulthuisReinbeck, Iowa2417 Jan 1893Wiebelsen, GermanyFarmingGrant
832251Ray RossReinbeck, Iowa2630 Sep 1891Houston, MissouriGarage EmployeeBlack Hawk
833180Bert Roy GarwoodReinbeck, Iowa2425 Apr 1893Lehigh, IowaTelegraph OperatorBlack Hawk
8341389Elmer Irvin SnowMorrison, Iowa2908 Nov 1887Morrison, IowaCarpenterWashington
835598Hans Christoffer Ebas JacobsenConrad, Iowa2513 Oct 1891Klaksvig, DenmarkTeamsterFelix
836825Edward Henry KappelmanLynn, Kansas2823 Mar 1889Lynn, KansasFarmingLincoln
837960Ernie Edward FrenchGrundy Center, Iowa2324 Dec 1894Allenville, Ill.Common LaborerPalermo
8381171Eilert Cornelius PruisHolland, Iowa2715 Oct 1889GermanyFarmerPleasant Valley
839658Fred G. GettingAckley, Iowa2430 Jan 1893Colfax twp., Grundy Co., IowaFarmerGerman
840941John H. TempleGrundy Center, Iowa2713 Nov 1889Mathon, IowaCommon LaborerPalermo
8411131Elwin E. GrayGrundy Center, Iowa2928 Feb 1888Ontario province, CanadaSalesmanPalermo
842631James Walter FlemingWhitten, Iowa2618 Jan 1891Yadkinville, N.C.Farm laborerFelix
8431040Hiko MiendersGrundy Center, Iowa2630 May 1891Beaman, IowaCommon LaborerPalermo
8441177George VietParkersburg, Iowa2130 Jan 1896Betha, HollandFarm laborerPleasant Valley
845879Henry KluverGrundy Center, Iowa2717 Nov 1889Clay Co., IowaFarmingMelrose
846746Christian Heinrich BrandhorstCedar Falls, Iowa2101 Jul 1895Hille, Westfall, GermanyFarmerGrant
847655William LangeAckley, Iowa2817 Apr 1889Cooperhill, WisconsinFarmerGerman
848583John Philip MarkwitzConrad, Iowa2925 Nov 1887Hervey City, Ill.FarmerFelix
849830Willie Emil WaltersDike, Iowa2211 Oct 1894Black Hawk Co., IowaFarmingLincoln
850995William C. BuchanGrundy Center, Iowa2828 Dec 1887Grundy Center, IowaMachinistPalermo
851914Arthur Moffett WoodConrad, Iowa2320 Jun 1893Grundy Center, IowaFarmerMelrose
852791Niels CarlsenDike, Iowa3004 Jan 1887Vangede P Gentifle, DenmarkFarm laborerGrant
85369Peter ArendsStout, Iowa3014 Sep 1886Grundy Co., IowaFarmerBeaver
8541116William LeRoy WhitingGrundy Center, Iowa2914 Feb 1888St. Louis, Mo.CarpenterPalermo
8551361Edward AlbertReinbeck, Iowa3013 Sep 1886Gladbrook, IowaFarmerWashington
856845Heinrich Rolfs AhrenholzStout, Iowa2828 Jul 1888Petkum, Ostfriesland, GermanyFarmingLincoln
8571129Evert Otto DirksGrundy Center, Iowa2702 Dec 1889Grundy Center, IowaStudent in SeminaryPalermo
858873Henry N. HayesDike, Iowa2819 Oct 1888Leer, Ostfriesland, GermanyFarmingLincoln
8591036Ralph Sylvester PhillipsGrundy Center, Iowa2229 Jan 1895Newberg, IowaFarmingPalermo
860790Irenius Hans HansenDike, Iowa2428 Sep 1892Faxe, Schalland, DenmarkFarmerGrant
8611155John WiltfangWellsburg, Iowa2601 Mar 1891Parkersburg, IowaFarm laborerPleasant Valley
8621210Sibrand OudekerkAplington, Iowa2531 Aug 1891Midwolden, HollandTilerPleasant Valley
863174Wendell John BiebesheimerReinbeck, Iowa2427 Sep 1893Reinbeck, IowaAssistant CashierBlack Hawk
864310Elijah Thomas BostReinbeck, Iowa2331 Jan 1894Latham, IllinoisFarm laborerBlack Hawk
865414John A. MeyerHolland, Iowa2427 Dec 1893Holland, IowaFarmerColfax
866763Peter Petersen DollCedar Falls, Iowa3019 Mar 1887Grant twp., IowaFarmerGrant
867307Herbert Cecil BeauchampReinbeck, Iowa2906 Dec 1888Santa Cruz, CaliforniaFarmerBlack Hawk
868991Otto Henry JohnsGrundy Center, Iowa2727 Nov 1889Gladbrook, IowaFarm handPalermo
8691302Berend J. GeerdesWellsburg, Iowa2623 Apr 1891IowaFarmingShiloh
870569Wayne Ernest KauffmanWhitten, Iowa2204 Jan 1895Whitten, IowaFarmerFelix
871553Albert KnudsenCedar Falls, Iowa2310 May 1894Cedar Falls, IowaFarmingFairfield
8721084Harold Beecher BrownGrundy Center, Iowa2321 Mar 1894Grundy Center, IowaFarmerPalermo
8731289John W. RossWellsburg, Iowa2110 Nov 1895IowaFarmingShiloh
874625James Albert HuntConrad, Iowa2716 Mar 1890Marion, KyFarm laborerFelix
875402Fred KiewietHolland, Iowa2124 Dec 1896Holland, IowaFarmingColfax
876459Harm BrowerHolland, Iowa2230 Sep 1895Holland, IowaFarmerColfax
877161Earl Dean WallaceReinbeck, Iowa3008 Jun 1886Morrison, IowaPainterBlack Hawk
8781009Harry Leon AdamsGrundy Center, Iowa3006 Mar 1887Vinton, IowaClerk of District CourtPalermo
879189Herbert Friedrich BraaschReinbeck, Iowa2623 Dec 1890Reinbeck, IowaBrick burnerBlack Hawk
880659Albert G. ZachariasAckley, Iowa2716 May 1890German twp., IowaPainterGerman
881361Eugene Miller StarkConrad, Iowa3013 Jul 1886Conrad, IowaBanker/CashierClay Conrad
882709John G. PlesscherAckley, Iowa2101 Dec 1895Lincoln twp., IowaStudent of DivinityGerman
883909Lloyd Elmer FreedGrundy Center, Iowa2308 Oct 1893Grundy Co., IowaFarmerMelrose
884129Benjamin Franklin CallahanBeaman, Iowa2330 Jan 1894Beaman, IowaTeamsterBeaman
8851153Seede MennenAplington, Iowa2113 Mar 1896Ackley, IowaFarm laborerPleasant Valley
8861222Jacob AscherWellsburg, Iowa2115 Nov 1895IowaFarmingShiloh
887213Geor JohnReinbeck, Iowa2705 Aug 1890Cocany, GreeceRailroad Section LaborerBlack Hawk
888465Henry BuskohlHolland, Iowa2304 May 1894Holland, IowaFarmingColfax
8891096Henry George PepplerGrundy Center, Iowa2505 Mar 1892New York, New YorkLabor on streetPalermo
890163Charlie Albert RhoadesReinbeck, Iowa2623 Oct 1890Liberty, Ill.FarmerBlack Hawk
891665Ben BoelmanWellsburgh, Iowa2210 Jan 1895German twp, IowaFarmerGerman
8921115Arthur James HasbrouckGrundy Center, Iowa3007 Mar 1887Grundy Center, IowaCarpenterPalermo
8931224John LoofWellsburg, Iowa2230 Oct 1894Clarion, IowaFarmingShiloh
894904John Iler ShellerEldora, Iowa2317 Jan 1894Grundy Co., IowaFarmingMelrose
8951202Thomas AckermanAplington, Iowa2421 Aug 1892Aplington, IowaFarm laborerPleasant Valley
8961015Albert KrullGrundy Center, Iowa2830 Nov 1888Simonswolde, Ostfriesland, GermanyFarm laborerPalermo
8971164George SmitParkersburg, Iowa2415 Dec 1892Bunde, GermanyFarmerPleasant Valley
898405Cono BrowerHolland, Iowa2613 Feb 1891Holland, IowaFarmerColfax
899250John Henry GrimmReinbeck, Iowa2214 Nov 1894Keystone, IowaProduce BuyerBlack Hawk
900885Walter Thomas DiehlWhitten, Iowa2414 Mar 1893McCoysville, PaFarmerMelrose
9011147Edd SlightAplington, Iowa2924 Dec 1889Aplington, IowaFarm laborerPleasant Valley
902959Ira E. GriffithGrundy Center, Iowa2627 Jan 1891Sorento, Ill.Farm laborerPalermo
903329Sherman R. CooperReinbeck, Iowa2314 Oct 1894Reinbeck, IowaBakerBlack Hawk
904628Robert George HessConrad, Iowa2417 Sep 1892Grundy Center, IowaFarmerFelix
905426Fred D. HarbertsHolland, Iowa3022 Feb 1887Holland, IowaFarmerColfax
906823John Charles CookDike, Iowa2810 Apr 1889Tama Co., IowaFarmerLincoln
907246William Harmon MartinReinbeck, Iowa2631 Dec 1890Lakefield, MinnesotaLumber Yard ManagerBlack Hawk
908731Raymond RemickReinbeck, Iowa2410 Apr 1893Canton, Minn.FarmerGrant
909682Meint HuismanWellsburgh, Iowa2830 Sep 1888Shiloh twp., IowaFarmerGerman
910768Raymond Earl MartinReinbeck, Iowa2425 Jul 1892Armington, Ill.FarmerGrant
9111215Lewis DeGroot-Jr.Parkersburg, Iowa2405 Jul 1892Drieberg, HollandFarmerPleasant Valley
912955Abraham Meints BoyengaGrundy Center, Iowa2201 Mar 1895Hamswehrum, Hanover, GermanyMechanicPalermo
9131315Chas. RhoadsWellsburg, Iowa2107 Apr 1896Des Moines, IowaFarmingShiloh
914627Vernon Russell HaxtonWhitten, Iowa2109 Oct 1895Whitten, IowaFarm laborerFelix
9151063Harry Harrison HarwoodGrundy Center, Iowa2816 May 1889Peoria, Ill.Auto LiverymanPalermo
91699Eugene Nickerson RoweBeaman, Iowa2705 Jan 1890Vienna twp., Marshall Co., IowaCarpenterBeaman
9171277Sanford O. WeddleWellsburg, Iowa2417 Feb 1893MissouriMechanicShiloh
918365Walter John MinnichConrad, Iowa2411 Jul 1892Carlisle, Penn.FarmerClay Conrad
919144Maurice Christian JensenGrundy Center, Iowa2923 Mar 1888Horn, Zutland, DenmarkFarmerBeaman
9201301Arie SchoonSteamboat Rock, Iowa3030 Jan 1887Pirschill, HollandTilingShiloh
9211136W. G. MorrisonGrundy Center, Iowa3019 Feb 1887Grundy Center, IowaFarmerPalermo
922551Carl TholenStout, Iowa2231 Dec 1894Wellsburg, IowaFarm handFairfield
9231285Henry W. RossWellsburg, Iowa2830 Nov 1888Shiloh twp., IowaAutomobile MechanicShiloh
924916William DekkerGrundy Center, Iowa2503 Oct 1891Warfun, Groningan, NetherlandFarmerMelrose
925756John H. DeBergDike, Iowa2630 Jun 1890Lincoln Twp, Grundy Co., IowaFarmerGrant
926428Henry B. EngelkesHolland, Iowa2230 Mar 1895Holland, IowaFarming with my fatherColfax
9271090Loran LillibridgeGrundy Center, Iowa2210 Feb 1895Whittemore, IowaLaborerPalermo
928821John H. BrownDike, Iowa2501 Sep 1891Bloomfield, Green Co., IndianaFarmerLincoln
929850Vance W. CoxGrundy Center, Iowa2306 Jun 1893Lincoln Twp, Grundy Co., IowaFarmingLincoln
9301280Kuno OhlingWellsburg, Iowa2926 Oct 1887Westerhusen, GermanyFarmerShiloh
931523Christian H. HansonCedar Falls, Iowa2610 Jun 1890Hudson, Wis.Farm handFairfield
9321111Isaac Cornelius BurdGrundy Center, Iowa2703 May 1890Elliottsburg, Penn.LaborPalermo
9331220Ben HoekstraWellsburg, Iowa2507 Oct 1891Madison, Ill.FarmerShiloh
934855Richard Walter KiewietHolland, Iowa2824 Oct 1888Ogle Co., Ill.FarmingLincoln
935902Fredric Algernon EssigEldora, Iowa2226 Jan 1895Grundy Co., IowaFarmerMelrose
936891Bror Jahan NelsenGrundy Center, Iowa2720 Apr 1890Kristianstadlad, SwedenFarmerMelrose
937669Eilerd SentsWellsburgh, Iowa2502 Jul 1891German twp., IowaFarmerGerman
9381030George Dirk HarbertsGrundy Center, Iowa2722 Sep 1889Grundy Center, IowaBankingPalermo
939104Julius KuhlBeaman, Iowa2917 Jan 1888Spring Creek twp., Tama Co., IowaFarm laborerBeaman
940540Edward B. OsterCedar Falls, Iowa2709 Jul 1889New Hartford, IowaFarm handFairfield
94179Otto WildebuerStout, Iowa2106 Jan 1896Allison, IowaFarmerBeaver
942579Charles ArnoldConrad, Iowa2523 Mar 1892Conrad, IowaFarmerFelix
9431228Henry HeikensWellsburg, Iowa2228 Feb 1895IowaFarmingShiloh
944740Elmer RathmanDike, Iowa2113 Dec 1895Dike, IowaFarm laborerGrant
94583William H. RottmeyerStout, Iowa2704 Jan 1890Fern, IowaFarmerBeaver
946142Albert Edward KitzmanBeaman, Iowa2402 Jul 1892Grinnell, IowaFarmerBeaman
947649John ElsingAckley, Iowa3027 Sep 1886Nieuw Beerta, Groningen, NetherlandFarmerGerman
948559William CraigDike, Iowa2820 Oct 1888Culleybackey, IrelandFarm handFairfield
949899Emery Myers SheafferGrundy Center, Iowa2318 Jan 1894Newport, Pa.FarmerMelrose
9501332Calvin Godfrey HayengaMorrison, Iowa3019 Apr 1887Stacyville, IowaOrdained Presby. MinisterWashington
9511149Ecko MennenAplington, Iowa2524 May 1892Ackley, IowaFarmerPleasant Valley
952788Leo C. MurphyReinbeck, Iowa2105 Sep 1895Grant twp., IowaFarmerGrant
953793Hans Peder HansenDike, Iowa2518 Jul 1891Corint, DenmarkMasonGrant
9541279Dick RoelfsWellsburg, Iowa2513 Aug 1891IowaFarmingShiloh
9551385Claus Henry HarenGrundy Center, Iowa3004 Nov 1886Grundy Center, IowaFarmerWashington
956534Henry C. LehnerCedar Falls, Iowa2309 Nov 1893Cartridge, Ill.Farm handFairfield
957119Samuel Watson BeckBeaman, Iowa2925 Aug 1887Kellogg, IowaFarmerBeaman
958630Chester James ColeWhitten, Iowa2323 Mar 1894Havelock, IowaFarm laborerFelix
9591321Lyle Cole HawnGrundy Center, Iowa2408 Jan 1893Marble Rock, IowaFarmerWashington
9601368James Ray RhinesmithGrundy Center, Iowa2603 Sep 1890Blain, Penn.Farm laborerWashington
961901Van Earl ShopeEldora, Iowa2129 Nov 1895Loysville, Pa.FarmingMelrose
9621052Harry Walker BurkeGrundy Center, Iowa2301 Dec 1893Grundy Center, IowaMechanicPalermo
9631311Hilbrand LooffWellsburg, Iowa2411 Oct 1892Wellsburg, IowaFarmingShiloh
964803John RussellReinbeck, Iowa2626 Oct 1891Cullaybackey, IrelandFarm laborerGrant
965135Arland Vernette StallBeaman, Iowa2607 Jan 1891Beaman, IowaFarmerBeaman
966648Lammert HemmenAckley, Iowa2705 Jul 1889Nieuwe, Beertha, NetherlandFarmerGerman
967643Jerry HartemaWellsburg, Iowa2115 May 1896Wymeer, Hanover, GermanyWorking on the farmGerman
9681212Albert Harm WillmsAplington, Iowa2318 Oct 1894Aplington, IowaFarmerPleasant Valley
9691000Elmer Wellington WhitmireGrundy Center, Iowa2809 Feb 1889Beaman, IowaFarmingPalermo
970946Theodore Mason AllisonGrundy Center, Iowa2528 May 1892Peterson, IowaAssistant County EngineerPalermo
971291Franklin Rudolph FackelReinbeck, Iowa2721 Aug 1889Crow Lake, South DakotaLocomotive EngineerBlack Hawk
9721012Bert WeatherlyGrundy Center, Iowa2110 Jul 1895Grundy Center, IowaFarmerPalermo
9731312Fritz TjadenWellsburg, Iowa2105 Dec 1895Lubbertsfeld, GermanyFarmingShilioh
974812Herbert SadlerVan Buren Co., Lick Creek twp., Birmingham, Iowa2125 Sep 1896Birmingham, IowaFarmerLincoln
975554Jens C. WolffStout, Iowa2827 Aug 1888Stout, IowaFarmerFairfield
976454Lester KahlHolland, Iowa2719 Oct 1889Brookville, Ill.FarmerColfax
9771079Earl GayConrad, Iowa2125 Nov 1895Colgate, OklahomaFarmerPalermo
978962Clinton Wallace ThompsonGrundy Center, Iowa2902 Feb 1888Union, IowaAutomobile businessPalermo
979953Oscar Harrison HooperGrundy Center, Iowa3003 May 1887Early, IowaElectricianPalermo
98013Joseph J. SchuckStout, Iowa2316 Oct 1893Grundy Co., IowaFarmerBeaver
98120Henry BehrendsStout, Iowa2921 Oct 1887Grundy Co., IowaFarmerBeaver
9821245Heiko Albertus NeessenWellsburg, Iowa2509 Jul 1892Wellsburg, IowaFarmerShiloh
983835Roy George PlaehnReinbeck, Iowa2219 Mar 1895Reinbeck, IowaFarmingLincoln
984467Otto G. PoppenHolland, Iowa2618 Mar 1891Holland, IowaStudent MissionaryColfax
985319John Henry GrothReinbeck, Iowa2105 Feb 1896Grundy Co., IowaFarm laborerBlack Hawk
986999Charles George WalkerGrundy Center, Iowa2422 Mar 1893Grundy Center, IowaMusic TeacherPalermo
987131Roy VintBeaman, Iowa2518 Oct 1891Barton Co., MissouriFarmerBeaman
98887Dave StrohParkersburg, Iowa2717 Sep 1889GermanyFarmerBeaver
989915Jacob DekkerGrundy Center, Iowa2817 Jul 1889Warfun, Groningan, HollandFarmingMelrose
990315Frank Ewing WestReinbeck, Iowa2808 Jan 1889Douglas Co., MissouriCarpenterBlack Hawk
991476Arthur G. LarsenCedar Falls, Iowa2705 Mar 1890Cedar Falls, IowaFarmerFairfield
9921196Henry Remmers AalfsWellsburg, Iowa2628 Mar 1891Wellsburg, IowaFarm laborerPleasant Valley
993313Lawrence Robert BrynerMorrison, Iowa2720 Aug 1889Monona, Ill.FarmerBlack Hawk
9941235Albert J. GeerdesWellsburg, Iowa3012 Jun 1886IowaFarmerShiloh
9951335Carl Henry SchneiderMorrison, Iowa2925 Jul 1887Kenton, OhioStation Agent and Ry TelegrapherWashington
9961325Claus Henry BuhmannMorrison, Iowa2715 May 1890Albersdorf, Holstein, GermanyFarm laborerWashington
997270Eugene Carson ColeReinbeck, Iowa2718 Apr 1890Popejoy, IowaSexton at Cemetery/ReinbeckBlack Hawk
998928Abel Everett PropstSteamboat Rock, Iowa2715 Oct 1889Pendleton Co., W. Va.FarmerMelrose
999543William JorgensenStout, Iowa2306 Feb 1894Cedar Falls, IowaFarmerFairfield
1000397Henry RustGrundy Center, Iowa3012 Feb 1884Wellsburg, IowaFarmerColfax
1001339Fred Steven BoydConrad, Iowa2207 Jul 1894Beaman, IowaDrug ClerkClay Conrad
10021207Daniel Almarin GalpinWellsburg, Iowa2803 Jan 1889Parkersburg, IowaFarmerPleasant Valley
1003348Charles Hutchens AxtellConrad, Iowa2916 Jun 1887Perry, New YorkMerchantClay Conrad
1004318William John EngelReinbeck, Iowa2523 Oct 1891Ashton, Ill.Farm laborerBlack Hawk
10051290Henry Harry AshingWellsburg, Iowa2229 Jul 1894Wellsburg, IowaMeat Cutter & ButcherShiloh
10061265Coert L. BungerWellsburg, Iowa2529 Jun 1891IowaFarmingShiloh
1007516Harry A. ThomasDike, Iowa2231 Oct 1894Norway, IowaFarm handFairfield
10081223William WulfWellsburg, Iowa2819 Mar 1889IowaCarpenterShiloh
1009491Freddie HughCedar Falls, Grundy, Iowa2128 Jun 1895Algona, IowaFarmerFairfield
1010720Elmer Preston TobiasDike, Iowa2626 Mar 1891Klinger, IowaAsst. CashierGrant
1011190Albert WeddleReinbeck, Iowa2114 Sep 1895Kansas City, KansasBarberBlack Hawk
1012279Otto JargstorfReinbeck, Iowa2504 Sep 1891Reinbeck, IowaFarm laborerBlack Hawk
1013844Arthur Elmer SimmsGrundy Center, Iowa2401 Apr 1893Cedar, IowaFarmingLincoln
1014716Gustav LindholmDike, Iowa2803 Apr 1889Toftlund, GermanyLaborerGrant
10151082Wilfred Christian BienfangGrundy Center, Iowa2115 May 1896Jefferson, WisconsinFarmingPalermo
10161243Earl Herbert EygabroadWellsburg, Iowa2619 Dec 1891Albion, IowaBarberShiloh
10171113Floyd Robert DeSeelhorstGrundy Center, Iowa2207 Nov 1894Grundy Center, IowaFarmerPalermo
1018887Henry PaternaConrad, Iowa2221 Mar 1895Grundy Co., IowaFarmerMelrose
101937John D. AswegenDike, Iowa2431 Aug 1892Beaver twp, IowaFarmerBeaver
1020910Millard Elsworth KishbaughGrundy Center, Iowa2527 Jul 1892Berwick, Pa.FarmerMelrose
1021413Eilert W. KnockHolland, Iowa2517 May 1892Holland, IowaFarmingColfax
10221033Lloyd Delmo BloxhamGrundy Center, Iowa2331 Jan 1894Grundy Center, IowaFarmingPalermo
10231378Frank Josef KopsaGrundy Center, Iowa2819 Feb 1889Rokitnitz, Bohemia, Austria HungaryFarmingWashington
10241349John DeBoerGrundy Center, Iowa2717 Oct 1890Grundy Center, IowaFarmerWashington
1025903Frank Joseph LambEldora, Iowa2225 Aug 1895Ripley Co., Ind.FarmerMelrose
1026697Luitjen VanLohAckley, Iowa2220 Dec 1894German twp., IowaFarm handGerman
1027210Herman Frederick RamundtReinbeck, Iowa2510 Nov 1891Reinbeck, IowaFarmerBlack Hawk
1028381Roy L. ClapsaddleConrad, Iowa3019 Feb 1887Marshall Co., IowaFarmerClay Conrad
1029594Avery H. NormanWhitten, Iowa2816 Mar 1889East Bend, N.C.FarmerFelix
1030494Henry KonkenDike, Iowa2820 Nov 1888Stout, IowaFarm handFairfield
103195Henry ArenholzStout, Iowa2830 Oct 1888GermanyFarmerBeaver
1032498Frank MathesCedar Falls, Iowa3009 Mar 1887Cedar Falls, IowaFarmerFairfield
1033545Robert B. HansenDike, Iowa2427 Jul 1892Svinninze, Sylland, DenmarkFarmerFairfield
103492Fred JuelStout, Iowa2303 Jan 1894Stout, IowaFarmerBeaver
1035831Ervie B. BauerDike, Iowa2110 Sep 1895Black Hawk Co., IowaFarmingLincoln
1036306William Henry FergusonReinbeck, Iowa2220 Nov 1894West Liberty, KentuckyFarm laborerBlack Hawk
1037998James Joe RourkeGrundy Center, Iowa3020 Nov 1886Columbus, OhioForeman Ford Paving Co.Palermo
1038317Josiah Foster MontgomeryReinbeck, Iowa2914 Jun 1887Reinbeck, IowaBlacksmithBlack Hawk
1039696Menno VanLohAckley, Iowa2106 Sep 1895German twp., IowaFarm handGerman
104050Earl J. BeckerStout, Iowa2108 Aug 1895Parkersburg, IowaFarmerBeaver
1041244Paul William ChalupskyReinbeck, Iowa2430 May 1893Elberon, IowaFarmerBlack Hawk
1042153Edward PrauseBeaman, Iowa2931 May 1888Rochanitz, Austria HungaryFarm laborerBeaman
10431017Otto Bismarck HarenGrundy Center, Iowa2204 Apr 1894Grundy Center, IowaPost Office ClerkPalermo
1044231Harold Sitzer MantorReinbeck, Iowa2422 Dec 1892Iowa Falls, IowaTicket AgentBlack Hawk
1045969Charles MillerGrundy Center, Iowa2620 Mar 1891Clarksville, IowaFarm laborerPalermo
104634William AllspachParkersburg, Iowa2516 Mar 1892Grundy Co., IowaFarmerBeaver
1047761Markus ThomsReinbeck, Iowa2806 May 1889N. Margarethen, GermanyFarmerGrant
10481190Cornelius Henry HookWellsburg, Iowa2423 May 1893Breda, IowaStudentPleasant Valley
1049787Roy Finly ParrottDike, Iowa2816 Oct 1889Campbill, KentuckyDay LaborerGrant
1050680Henry J. AkkermanWellsburg, Iowa2710 Jun 1889German twp, IowaFarmerGerman
105181Will R. EngelkesParkersburg, Iowa2821 Sep 1888Fern, IowaFarmerBeaver
1052288George Francis HombergerReinbeck, Iowa2516 Dec 1891Plymouth, Ill.FarmerBlack Hawk
10531186William HarmsWellsburg, Iowa3004 Jun 1887Wellsburg, IowaFarmerPleasant Valley
1054826Will WebrandGrundy Center, Iowa2308 Feb 1894Lincoln twp., Grundy Co., IowaFarmingLincoln
1055296Jacobus DeVriesReinbeck, Iowa2212 Oct 1894Reinbeck, IowaFarmerBlack Hawk
1056489Herbert F. LarsenDike, Iowa2412 Jun 1892Dike, IowaFarmerFairfield
10571381Peter Fredrick SchlichtGrundy Center, Iowa2128 Mar 1896Marne, Holstein, GermanyFarmerWashington
10581005Logan Horace KellyGrundy Center, Iowa3021 Aug 1887Reinbeck, IowaGrocery BusinessPalermo
1059380Elmer Fred ThormanConrad, Iowa2517 Mar 1892Benton Co., IowaMerchantClay Conrad
10601208John LuitjensParkersburg, Iowa2915 Oct 1887Cleves, IowaFarmerPleasant Valley
1061395Fred F. GettingWellsburg, Iowa2404 Aug 1893Holland, IowaFarmerColfax
106227Henry G. KappersStout, Iowa2403 Jun 1893Kingdom of HollandFarmerBeaver
1063547Hans Theodor JohansenDike, Iowa2329 Aug 1893Glostrof, Sylland, DenmarkFarm handFairfield
10641125Floyd PhilbrickGrundy Center, Iowa2422 Mar 1893Grundy Center, IowaSenior law studentPalermo
1065884Ralph John DinnesGrundy Center, Iowa2312 Aug 1893Grundy Co., IowaFarmerMelrose
1066943Henry SittersGrundy Center, Iowa2628 Jun 1890Holland, IowaCarpenterPalermo
1067798Christ James AschenbrennerHudson, Iowa2927 Aug 1887Dysart, IowaFarmerGrant
10681286Henry F. WeitkampWellsburg, Iowa2804 Apr 1888IllinoisDraymanShiloh
10691384Fredrick William SchultzGrundy Center, Iowa2229 Sep 1894Muskegon, Mich.FarmerWashington
1070132Fred Karl BrueneBeaman, Iowa2917 Apr 1888Gladbrook, IowaFarmerBeaman
10711233Harm M. BakkerWellsburg, Iowa2110 Nov 1896IowaFarmingShiloh
1072589Raymond M. ScovilleConrad, Iowa3016 Apr 1887Vinton, IowaFarmerFelix
1073834Eilert WumkesGrundy Center, Iowa2922 Nov 1887Lincoln twp., Grundy Co., IowaFarming and Stock raisingLincoln
10741238Wessel HaackWellsburg, Iowa2826 Mar 1889IowaCity Marshall and Mail Carrier/WellsburgShiloh
1075325Frank Emil LauerReinbeck, Iowa2830 May 1889Reinbeck, IowaCarpenterBlack Hawk
10761247Carl HeinrichWellsburg, Iowa2103 Mar 1896Blair, Ill.FarmingShiloh
10771296Andrew OlthoffWellsburg, Iowa2910 Oct 1888IowaFarmingShiloh
1078289Oscar Edward McMurryReinbeck, Iowa2216 Nov 1894Seymour, MissouriFarm laborerBlack Hawk
10791093Stanton Edwin TennantGrundy Center, Iowa2701 Oct 1889Delphos, IowaLinotype OperatorPalermo
1080443Ben M. GrimmiusWellsburg, Iowa2220 Jun 1894Ostwold, Groningen, NederlandFarmerColfax
108124Charley KalkwarfStout, Iowa2303 Feb 1894GermanyFarmerBeaver
1082951John Gillmore HartmanGrundy Center, Iowa2715 Oct 1889Robinson, IowaCommon LaborerPalermo
1083779Fred William DufelHudson, Iowa2624 May 1890Minden, Wesphlene, GermanyFarmerGrant
1084558Antonius JensenDike, Iowa2924 Mar 1888Slikeborg, Jylland, DenmarkFarm handFairfield
1085389David Earnest SquiresConrad, Iowa2419 Aug 1892Glidden, IowaFarm handClay Conrad
10861307Cornelius DuhnWellsburg, Iowa2601 Nov 1890Freepsum, GermanyFarmingShiloh
10871162Alfred MaynardAplington, Iowa2202 Jul 1894Liverpool, EnglandFarm laborerPleasant Valley
10881047Elmer Cecil AndersonGrundy Center, Iowa2401 Dec 1893Dows, IowaMachinist operatorPalermo
1089728William ClassenReinbeck, Iowa2902 Jan 1888Tama Co., IowaFarmerGrant
1090690Simon M. RossWellsburgh, Iowa2229 May 1895Shiloh twp., IowaFarmerGerman
10911133Frank R. RobinsGrundy Center, Iowa2611 Jun 1890Grundy Center, IowaFarm laborerPalermo
1092149John Struwe-Jr.Beaman, Iowa2424 Sep 1892Durant, IowaFarmerBeaman
1093482Fred J. WelkeCedar Falls, Iowa2826 May 1889Dumfries, IowaFarmerFairfield
109497Henry Marks-Jr.Stout, Iowa2207 Jan 1895Stout, IowaStudent of Theological SchoolBeaver
10951239William NeessenWellsburg, Iowa2629 Sep 1889IowaFarmingShiloh
1096219Otto BrandtReinbeck, Iowa2801 Aug 1888Reinbeck, IowaFarm laborerBlack Hawk
1097693Harm DeBuhrAckley, Iowa2309 Mar 1894German twp., IowaAutomobile repairerGerman
1098839Eggo RewertsDike, Iowa3022 Aug 1886Lincoln twp., Grundy Co., IowaFarmingLincoln
10991249Heiko G. NeessenWellsburg, Iowa2220 Mar 1895Wellsburg, IowaFarmerShiloh
11001094George Allison MeyersGrundy Center, Iowa2208 Apr 1895Grundy Center, IowaFarmingPalermo
110145Klaas K. MullerDike, Iowa2416 Aug 1892Grundy Co., IowaFarmerBeaver
1102605Charles Augustas DunnWhitten, Iowa3016 Aug 1886Whitten, IowaFarmerFelix
11031246Joseph Elbert EygabroadWellsburg, Iowa2408 Oct 1892Dumont, IowaFarmerShiloh
1104687Richard HartemaAckley, Iowa2619 Dec 1890Wymeer, Hanover, GermanyFarmerGerman
1105186James Arthur VanVlieteReinbeck, Iowa2601 Apr 1891Traer, IowaRestaurantBlack Hawk
11061135John B. FrerichsGrundy Center, Iowa2828 Nov 1888Holland, IowaTheological StudentPalermo
1107541J. August PetersenCedar Falls, Iowa2214 Aug 1894Cedar Falls, IowaMachinistFairfield
1108247Albert HoepnerReinbeck, Iowa2709 Dec 1889Reinbeck, IowaFarmerBlack Hawk
1109179Arthus Christian BraaschReinbeck, Iowa2931 May 1888Reinbeck, IowaButcherBlack Hawk
1110684Henry MolendorpAplington, Iowa2916 Jun 1887German twp., IowaFarm laborerGerman
1111997Arend C. SchaferGrundy Center, Iowa3014 Sep 1886Hampton, IowaMerchantPalermo
1112922William George KiehnaEldora, Iowa2105 Oct 1896Perry Co., Ill.FarmerMelrose
1113253Leroy Alven MoserReinbeck, Iowa2406 Apr 1893Albia, IowaPrinterBlack Hawk
11141273Roy Finster BeamsleySteamboat Rock, Iowa2215 Nov 1895Steamboat Rock, IowaHotel Keeper or Mgr, Primgar, IowaShiloh
1115263William Arthur StephensHudson, Iowa2301 Jan 1894Hudson, IowaFarmerBlack Hawk
1116577Harry Edwin SmallWhitten, Iowa2927 Nov 1887Burden, Kan.FarmerFelix
1117732Adolph NoltensmeierReinbeck, Iowa2728 Dec 1890Berleburg, GermanyFarmerGrant
1118661Fred E. ArendsAckley, Iowa2203 Apr 1895German twp, IowaFarm handGerman
1119727John Walter DackReinbeck, Iowa2921 Aug 1887Dallas Center, IowaFarmerGrant
1120584Elmer Rufus ReavisConrad, Iowa2216 Jul 1894Boonville, N.C.Farm laborerFelix
1121496Josef A. WihlmStout, Iowa2313 Jun 1894Orschoroliles, Alsace, GermanyFarm handFairfield
1122811Sam PatteeMorrison, Iowa2203 Sep 1895Chamberlain, So. Dak.FarmingLincoln
112312Henry AndreessenStout, Iowa2221 Nov 1894Parkersburg, IowaFarmerBeaver
1124897Melvin Edward LewisEldora, Iowa2512 Mar 1892Grundy Co., IowaFarmingMelrose
11251078Floyd Alfred PalmerGrundy Center, Iowa2431 Jan 1893Grundy Center, IowaFarmingPalermo
1126748Hugh MillerDike, Iowa2830 Apr 1889Cullybackey, IrelandFarmerGrant
1127108Herbert Lee HarrisBeaman, Iowa2709 Feb 1890Conrad, IowaPaper hanger and painterBeaman
1128178Willard Lee McCommonsReinbeck, Iowa2605 Jun 1891Brumley, MissouriBarberBlack Hawk
1129377Clifford Curtis BelzConrad, Iowa2912 May 1888Conrad, IowaPartner/Chas. Belz and SonClay Conrad
11309Harry John DeBeerStout, Iowa2424 Dec 1892Parkersburg, IowaFarmerBeaver
1131347Herbert Ward AlexanderConrad, Iowa2407 Oct 1892Conrad, IowaNews Paper PublisherClay Conrad
113270George H. JohnsonStout, Iowa2614 Jun 1890Parkersburg, IowaFarmerBeaver
113316Herman A. M. ReinickeStout, Iowa3013 Apr 1887Grundy Co., IowaFarmerBeaver
1134952John Cullinan-Jr.Grundy Center, Iowa2704 Mar 1888Delavan, Ills.ElectricianPalermo
1135595Ernest Martin HessConrad, Iowa2106 Sep 1895Grundy Center, IowaFarmerFelix
1136789Harry William SamoReinbeck, Iowa2221 Oct 1894Reinbeck, IowaFarmerGrant
1137849John Lawrence LefflerGrundy Center, Iowa2726 Jun 1890Peru, Ill.FarmingLincoln
1138134William Perry SmithBeaman, Iowa2212 Jul 1894Marshall, IllinoisLaborer on railway sectionBeaman
11391372James Allen MootyMorrison, Iowa2710 Feb 1890Morrison, IowaFarmerWashington
1140607Cleon Kenneth HiattConrad, Iowa2415 Aug 1892Elwood, Ind.FarmerFelix
11411344Arthur Jacob SiemsenGrundy Center, Iowa2307 Dec 1893Berlin, IowaFarmerWashington
1142374William David GibbonsConrad, Iowa2319 Oct 1893New German Town, Penn.Farm handClay Conrad
11431219John EvertsParkersburg, Iowa2323 Dec 1894Parkersburg, IowaFarm laborerPleasant Valley
1144925Cal Cornelius ClaassenEldora, Iowa2305 Aug 1893Grundy Co., IowaFarmingMelrose
1145173William Newton StewartReinbeck, Iowa3001 Feb 1887O'Brien Co., IowaFarmerBlack Hawk
1146184Henry JargstorfReinbeck, Iowa2726 Oct 1889Reinbeck, IowaFarm laborerBlack Hawk
1147819Peter Emil PetersenDike, Iowa2818 Jun 1888Black Hawk Co., IowaFarmerLincoln
1148166Herman Henry TetznerReinbeck, Iowa3009 Feb 1887Traer, IowaBrick SetterBlack Hawk
11491039Harry JohnsonGrundy Center, Iowa2614 Jun 1890Parkersburg, IowaPaintingPalermo
1150474Peter G. ThuesenCedar Falls, Iowa2420 Oct 1892Cedar Falls, IowaFarmerFairfield
115160Bert HeertsStout, Iowa2407 Jan 1893Grundy Co., IowaAutomobile RepairmanBeaver
1152518Lars PaulsenDike, Iowa2423 Jul 1892Gesinge, Taasinge, DenmarkDrainage workerFairfield
1153759Martin JacobsenCedar Falls, Iowa2917 Jul 1888Grundy Co., IowaFarmerGrant
1154208Henry Fredrick SnyderReinbeck, Iowa2425 Oct 1892Bicknell, IndianaFarm laborerBlack Hawk
1155293George August WilmesReinbeck, Iowa2614 Apr 1891Reinbeck, IowaFarmerBlack Hawk
1156771Warner SparenborgDike, Iowa2711 Feb 1890Florence, Ill.FarmerGrant
1157785Francis MaddenDike, Iowa2230 Nov 1894Buffalo, Ill.Manager ElevatorGrant
1158404Arend SchaferHolland, Iowa2605 Mar 1891Wellsburg, IowaFarmerColfax
1159137Joseph Marion KaleBeaman, Iowa2511 Jan 1892Decatur Co., KansasFarm laborerBeaman
11601362George GroenewaldGrundy Center, Iowa3010 Aug 1886Parkersburg, IowaFarmerWashington
1161369Guy Howard StoverConrad, Iowa2103 Nov 1895Conrad, IowaFarmerClay Conrad
1162575Leon Edward WilliamsConrad, Iowa3011 Feb 1887Jefferson, IowaFarmerFelix
1163277Charles Henry BartruffReinbeck, Iowa2914 Apr 1888Des Moines, IowaPhysician and SurgeonBlack Hawk
1164987Lewis Benjamin CanfieldGrundy Center, Iowa2815 Sep 1888Reinbeck, IowaGroceryPalermo
1165411Peter J. MeyerWellsburg, Iowa3019 Jan 1887Holland, IowaFarmingColfax
116680Engelke J. EngelkesParkersburg, Iowa3027 Jan 1887Aplington, IowaFarmerBeaver
1167266Ben Howard WheaterReinbeck, Iowa2409 Sep 1892Aplington, IowaGarage MachinistBlack Hawk
1168123Ralph Edwin JonesBeaman, Iowa2626 Mar 1891Jesup, IowaCommon LaborerBeaman
1169249James Robinson CarrollReinbeck, Iowa2312 Apr 1894Reinbeck, IowaFarm laborerBlack Hawk
1170204Franz FranzReinbeck, Iowa3003 Apr 1887Ober, Altstadt, Bohemia, AustriaTailorBlack Hawk
1171387Ray Maxwell StoverConrad, Iowa2318 May 1894Conrad, IowaFarmerClay Conrad
11721085James Lesse YoungGrundy Center, Iowa2808 May 1889Coneyville, KentuckyFarm laborerPalermo
1173921Mervin Elgar ShughartEldora, Iowa2413 Jan 1893Cumberland Co., Pa.FarmerMelrose
11741182Folkert KuperAplington, Iowa2825 Apr 1889Ackley, IowaFarmerPleasant Valley
1175139Frank Elias CampbellGrundy Center, Iowa2323 Sep 1893Newport, Penn.Farm laborerBeaman
117657Oscar AhrenholzStout, Iowa2618 Nov 1890GermanyFarmerBeaver
1177159Adolf Johannes WilkinsReinbeck, Iowa2722 Sep 1889Keil, Elleback, GermanyPainterBlack Hawk
1178419Henry NeesenHolland, Iowa2415 Jul 1892Holland, IowaFarmerColfax
1179197Guy LauterbachReinbeck, Iowa2911 Jul 1887Hanover, Hanover, GermanyHarness makerBlack Hawk
1180338William Henry Harrison HendershotConrad, Iowa2412 Aug 1892Radcliff, IowaGrain Elevator manClay Conrad
1181165Otto Gustav GrimmReinbeck, Iowa2415 Jun 1892Keystone, IowaHardware ClerkBlack Hawk
11821351Thomas Virgil MootyMorrison, Iowa2315 Apr 1894Morrison, IowaFarmerWashington
11831263Oldig NederhoffWellsburg, Iowa3021 Sep 1886Shiloh twp., IowaFarmingShiloh
1184767John Richard CookReinbeck, Iowa2214 May 1895Tama Co., IowaFarmerGrant
11851193John Herronimus GeikenWellsburg, Iowa2620 Sep 1890Holland, IowaFarmerPleasant Valley
1186334Bertie WilliamsReinbeck, Iowa2917 May 1888Cheltenham, Gloucestershire, EnglandFarmerBlack Hawk
1187386Orange A. StoverConrad, Iowa2225 Sep 1894Grundy Co., IowaFarm handClay Conrad
11881001Fred Levie ClarkGrundy Center, Iowa2611 May 1891Grundy Center, IowaFarmerPalermo
1189252Clarence Easton ArnesReinbeck, Iowa2427 Jan 1893Woodward, IowaMoving Picture TheaterBlack Hawk
119078Evert SchneidermannStout, Iowa2516 Apr 1892Aplington, IowaFarmerBeaver
1191703Johannes OelmannAckley, Iowa2215 Nov 1894German twp., IowaFarm handGerman
11921041Charley Blickensdefer CumminsGrundy Center, Iowa2110 Sep 1895Huston, MissouriLiverymanPalermo
11931229John HeikensWellsburg, Iowa3029 Mar 1887FarmerShiloh
1194644Louie G. SchultzAckley, Iowa2826 May 1889Washington, IowaFarmerGerman
1195683John H. LindamanWellsburgh, Iowa3023 Oct 1886German twp., IowaFarm handGerman
11961062John VorbaGrundy Center, Iowa2816 May 1889Traer, IowaGroceryPalermo
1197412Eilert J. MeyerWellsburg, Iowa2718 Dec 1889Wellsburg, IowaFarmingColfax
11981026William Joseph WilsonGrundy Center, Iowa2729 Aug 1889Grundy Center, IowaLaborerPalermo
1199996Rudolf ClaassenGrundy Center, Iowa2118 Apr 1896Campen, GermanyFarm laborerPalermo
1200301Harry Everett BrownReinbeck, Iowa2810 Jul 1888Strang, NebraskaRural Mail CarrierBlack Hawk
12011056John KorthousGrundy Center, Iowa3016 Sep 1886Birt, Groninger, HollandCommon LaborerPalermo
1202733Marius H. AndersenDike, Iowa2415 Apr 1893Cedar Falls, IowaRegistered Pharmacist/Dike Drug Co.Grant
12031044Thomas Leslie DeckerGrundy Center, Iowa2716 Sep 1889Lebanon, OhioMechanicPalermo
1204587Ray Young SmithWhitten, Iowa2314 Feb 1894Boonsboro, Md.FarmerFelix
1205828Cornelius Wm. EngelkesGrundy Center, Iowa917 Sep 1887Lincoln Twp, Grundy Co., IowaFarmingLincoln
1206937Frank Henry CmelikConrad, Iowa3403 Apr 1883Tama Co., IowaFarmerMelrose
1207490Carl W. JensenStout, Iowa2620 Dec 1890Stout, IowaFarmerFairfield
1208340William E. JeppConrad, Iowa2608 Sep 1890Conrad, IowaStraw-bailerClay Conrad
1209706Ray ToomsenAplington, Iowa2331 Mar 1894German twp., IowaFarm handGerman
1210729Carl NielsenReinbeck, Iowa3006 Jun 1886Sandby, DenmarkFarmerGrant
1211401George MeyerWellsburg, Grundy, Iowa2515 Oct 1891Shiloh twp., IowaFarmerColfax
1212719Horace B. GrimmDike, Iowa2702 Feb 1890Hudson, IowaMachinist in Auto and ImplementsGrant
1213515Werner LaggerStout, Iowa2218 Oct 1894Siders, Kt. Wallis, SwitcherlandStudent of Theological SchoolFairfield
12141100Ben H. FordGrundy Center, Iowa2429 Sep 1892Grundy Center, IowaLaborerPalermo
1215255Clarence Harry StephensHudson, Iowa2103 Apr 1896Hudson, IowaFarmerBlack Hawk
1216568James Franklin DoddConrad, Iowa2609 Jan 1891Liscomb, IowaFarm laborerFelix
1217538Alfred BehrensCedar Falls, Iowa2606 Sep 1890New Hartford, IowaFarmerFairfield
12181356Louis William StrosahlGrundy Center, Iowa2307 May 1894Moline, Ill.FarmerWashington
121922Orva M. E. ModlinParkersburg, Iowa2818 Sep 1888Grundy Co., IowaFarmerBeaver
1220171Emil Fredrick RunftReinbeck, Iowa2804 Sep 1889Reinbeck, IowaFarmerBlack Hawk
1221234Robert CatherwoodReinbeck, Iowa2803 Mar 1889Moville, IrelandFarm laborerBlack Hawk
122253Christ BoikeStout, Iowa2114 Jan 1896Grundy Co., IowaDraymanBeaver
12241371Herfred C. McKinneyGrundy Center, Iowa2329 Jun 1893Houston, Mo.Farm laborerWashington
1224276Harry Cold SmithReinbeck, Iowa2715 May 1890Berlin, IowaCarpenterBlack Hawk
1225774Jeppe T. HenningsenDike, Iowa2327 Dec 1893Fairfield twp., Grundy Co., IowaFarmerGrant
1226439Arthur GravensteinGrundy Center, Iowa2410 Mar 1893Stacyville, IowaFarmerColfax
1227820Evert CallahanGrundy Center, Iowa2728 Jan 1890Clay twp., Grundy Co., IowaFarmingLincoln
1228225Herbyn D. MaynardReinbeck, Iowa2120 Mar 1896Litchfield, MichiganSalesmanBlack Hawk
1229517Alfons FahrerCedar Falls, Iowa2813 Dec 1889Orschweibs, Alsace-Loraine, GermanyFarm handFairfield
12301122Dea Jonathan BrastedGrundy Center, Iowa2203 Mar 1895Grundy Center, IowaFarmingPalermo
123185Gabrand SlagterStout, Iowa3019 Aug 1886Kingdom of HollandFarmerBeaver
1232893Clarence O. SmithEldora, Iowa2202 Apr 1895Ogle Co., Ill.Laborer in GarageMelrose
123373Anton ReiterDike, Iowa2815 Apr 1889Grundy Co., IowaFarmerBeaver
1234610Davis Walter GriderConrad, Iowa2413 Jun 1892Greenfield, Mo.Farm laborerFelix
12351352William Henry SchroederReinbeck, Iowa2718 May 1890Reinbeck, IowaFarmerWashington
1236152Harry Edward KierBeaman, Iowa2117 Mar 1896Morrison, Ill.Farm laborerBeaman
1237520Veggo JohansenDike, Iowa2110 Sep 1895Glostrop, Sylland, DenmarkFarm handFairfield
1238967Lowell Thomas SmithGrundy Center, Iowa2226 Oct 1895Clinton, IowaClerkPalermo
123928Wobe ArendsDike, Iowa3017 Jul 1886Grundy Co., IowaFarmerBeaver
12401388Luther Adbert MorrillMorrison, Iowa2214 Feb 1895Belvedier, Neb.LaborerWashington
1241688John JohnsonAckley, Iowa2410 Nov 1892Nieuw Beerta, Groningen, NetherlandFarm handGerman
1242472Warren P. GemeinhardtHolland, Iowa2917 May 1888Columbus, OhioFarm laborerColfax
12431342Ben Godfrey WesterbergMorrison, Iowa2320 Jan 1894Ystard, SwedenFarmerWashington
12441308Paul HarmsWellsburg, Iowa2217 Apr 1895IowaFarmingShiloh
1245484Hans W. JensenDike, Iowa2927 Apr 1888Horsens, Jylland, DenmarkFarmerFairfield
1246722Harris LinesDike, Iowa2613 Feb 1891IowaGrain BusinessGrant
1247314Albert Theo. FrenzenReinbeck, Iowa2209 Sep 1894Morrison, IowaCarpenterBlack Hawk
1248162Hermann SchmidtReinbeck, Iowa2929 Aug 1887Walsleben, Brandenburg, GermanyLaborerBlack Hawk
12491006Ford Henry KlinefelterGrundy Center, Iowa2310 Jul 1893Mendota, Ill.FarmerPalermo
1250181Albert Clarence EddyReinbeck, Iowa2428 Feb 1893Sandwich, Ill.Registered PharmacistBlack Hawk
1251632Herbert Sides HambletonWhitten, Iowa3001 Nov 1886Drumore, Pa.Rural Mail CarrierFelix
1252599John L. ClarkeConrad, Iowa2428 Jun 1892Conrad, IowaFarmerFelix
12531375Harm VenengaGrundy Center, Iowa2703 Sep 1889Holland, IowaFarmerWashington
1254243Otto Henry SchnecklothReinbeck, Iowa2821 Jun 1889Ramsen, IowaFarmerBlack Hawk
12551206Andrew MeesterParkersburg, Iowa2111 Oct 1895Parkersburg, IowaFarmerPleasant Valley
1256686Harm BakkerAckley, Iowa2821 Jun 1888Finsterwolde, Groningen, NetherlandsFarm handGerman
1257170Arthur Joseph SavoyReinbeck, Iowa2718 Feb 1890Kimball, S.D.PlumberBlack Hawk
1258367Carl Herman LeibsleConrad, Iowa2714 Oct 1889Conrad, IowaMerchantClay Conrad
1259651Wilhelm SmidtAckley, Iowa2622 Jul 1890Stapelmoor, Hanover, GermanyFarm handGerman
1260324Elmer Carl RickertReinbeck, Iowa2501 Mar 1892Reinbeck, IowaFarmingBlack Hawk
1261502Sophus LehmanCedar Falls, Iowa2310 Dec 1893Cedar Falls, IowaFarmingFairfield
1262723Ernest August SellDike, Iowa2407 Feb 1893Grundy Co., IowaFarmerGrant
1263888Earl HutchensEldora, Iowa2902 Jun 1888Hardin Co., IowaFarmingMelrose
1264101Benjamin Harrison RoweBeaman, Iowa2812 Aug 1888Vienna twp., Marshall Co., IowaBarberBeaman
1265116John A. L. HotoppBeaman, Iowa2203 Sep 1894Vienna twp., Marshall Co., IowaFarmerBeaman
1266795George LupkesDike, Iowa3024 Sep 1887Franklin Co., IowaDraymanGrant
1267535Jim P. ChristoffersenCedar Falls, Iowa2426 Jun 1893Hojby, Jylland, DenmarkFarmerFairfield
1268193Alexandria NissenReinbeck, Iowa2901 Nov 1887Davenport, IowaFarm laborerBlack Hawk
1269333Richard DoehleReinbeck, Iowa2421 Sep 1893Reinbeck, IowaPainterVil, Claremont, Minn.
1270853Fred Albert FordGrundy Center, Iowa3007 Apr 1887Grundy Co., IowaFarmingLincoln
1271794Earl DietrickCedar Falls, Iowa2305 Oct 1893Grundy Co., IowaFarmingGrant
12721165John Kneppe-Jr.Aplington, Iowa2316 May 1894Parkersburg, IowaFarm laborerPleasant Valley
1273235George Edward O'BarReinbeck, Iowa2817 Nov 1888TexasCarpenterBlack Hawk
12741271Ben NeessenWellsburg, Iowa2828 Dec 1888Steamboat Rock, IowaClerk in General StoreShiloh
1275971Ralph Bryan CampbellGrundy Center, Iowa2124 Sep 1895Newport, Penn.FarmerPalermo
1276330Innes G. GardinerReinbeck, Iowa2312 Aug 1893Morrison, IowaFarm handBlack Hawk
1277147Harry Hans MoellerBeaman, Iowa2214 Nov 1894Grundy Center, IowaFarmerBeaman
127839Edmund C. PalmerParkersburg, Iowa3012 Sep 1886Beaver twp., IowaFarmerBeaver
1279653Arend K. ArendsAplington, Iowa2816 Oct 1888Washington, IowaFarmerGerman
1280273Harvy Raymond RobinsonReinbeck, Iowa2715 Jul 1889Emmettsburg, IowaBookkeeperBlack Hawk
1281670August SiebengaAckley, Iowa2530 Mar 1892Olde Kerk, Groningen, NetherlandFarm handGerman
1282510John M. MathesonDike, Iowa2223 Nov 1894Haugesund, NorwayFarm handFairfield
1283917Glenn Harold StricklerGrundy Center, Iowa2328 Sep 1893Grundy Co., IowaFarmerMelrose
128435Henry C. AswegenDike, Iowa2805 Jun 1889Grundy Center, IowaFarmerBeaver
12851316Freidrich L. FischerWellsburg, Iowa2103 Apr 1896Bremen, GermanyFarmingShiloh
1286765Edward Sorensen HolmCedar Falls, Iowa2816 Oct 1888Grant twp., IowaFarmerGrant
128747Tom FreeseStout, Iowa2428 Dec 1892Grundy Co., IowaFarmerBeaver
1288936Mervin AirreyEldora, Iowa2510 Mar 1892Rockingham Co., VaFarmingMelrose
1289111Herbert C. O. HarrisonBeaman, Iowa3006 Oct 1886Gladbrook, IowaFarmerBeaman
1290364Harry Kendig CriderConrad, Iowa2822 Dec 1888Union, IowaMechanic on Grader EngineerClay Conrad
1291125Henning Theodore HenningsenBeaman, Iowa2107 Dec 1895Lincoln twp., Tama Co., IowaFarm laborerBeaman
1292522Edward A. BoysenDike, Iowa2123 Aug 1895Dike, IowaFarmerFairfield
1293466Albert JohnsonHolland, Iowa2618 Oct 1890Dike, IowaLaborer on R.R. SectionColfax
129474Harvey DilgerStout, Iowa2318 Sep 1893Grundy Co., IowaAutomobile RepairmanBeaver
1295626Dewey Sampson AllenWhitten, Iowa2101 Apr 1896Beaman, IowaFarm laborerFelix
1296591Wenzel HellmichConrad, Iowa3004 Apr 1887Eichnald, Bohmen, AustriaFarm laborerFelix
1297503John DeBoerStout, Iowa2905 Nov 1887Grundy Center, IowaFarmerFairfield
1298295Floyd Nickolas VanDrewReinbeck, Iowa2104 Jun 1896Rock Falls, Ill.Farm laborerBlack Hawk
12991244Reibke FreezeWellsburg, Iowa2919 Sep 1887IowaFarmerShiloh
1300865Henry KlappGrundy Center, Iowa2602 Jan 1891HollandFarm handLincoln
1301177Karl KronborgColinton, Alberta, Canada2805 Jul 1888Tjerritoler, DenmarkFarmerBlack Hawk
1302167Edwin Reuben RobinsonReinbeck, Iowa2405 Oct 1892Reinbeck, IowaHardware ClerkBlack Hawk
13031340Menno Gerhard MammingaMorrison, Iowa2719 Apr 1890Ostfriesland, GermanyLaborerWashington
1304201Norman Vincent BowerReinbeck, Iowa2619 Sep 1890New Germantown, Pa.BarberBlack Hawk
1305141Willie MoellerBeaman, Iowa2104 Jun 1896Grundy Center, IowaFarm laborerBeaman
1306754Walter Fred JacobsenDike, Iowa2603 Jun 1891Grundy Co., IowaDraymanGrant
1307908Howard Revelle HauserWhitten, Iowa2324 Sep 1893Hardin Co., IowaFarmerMelrose
1308842Johann George AlbertsGrundy Center, Iowa2729 Dec 1889Lincoln Twp, Grundy Co., IowaFarmingLincoln
13091019George ClaassenGrundy Center, Iowa2524 May 1892Campen, GermanyLaborerPalermo
13101140Emil MillerWellsburg, Iowa2229 Aug 1895Cleves, IowaFarmerPleasant Valley
1311708Diedrich H. PlesscherAckley, Iowa2728 Aug 1889Lincoln twp., IowaMinister of the GospelGerman
1312992Rudolph J. KuehlGrundy Center, Iowa2517 Oct 1891Dysart, IowaBankerPalermo
1313495Gunner PedersenCedar Falls, Iowa2731 Jul 1889DenmarkFarmerFairfield
131468Arend GoldhornStout, Iowa2608 Oct 1891Grundy Co., IowaFarmerBeaver
1315654Harry K. ArendsAplington, Iowa2129 Dec 1895Washington, IowaFarm handGerman
1316366Menno KlunderConrad, Iowa2202 Feb 1895Grundy Co., IowaFarm handClay Conrad
13171261Leigh Daniel ReaganWellsburg, Iowa2409 Feb 1893Aurora, Ill.Automobile MechanicShiloh
1318537James Elmer DrennerCedar Falls, Iowa2621 Dec 1890Cumberland, IowaFarmerFairfield
131966Henry Aswegan-Jr.Stout, Iowa2118 Jan 1896Grundy Co., IowaButter makerBeaver
1320718Peter C. AndersenDike, Iowa2824 Feb 1889Skyhm, DenmarkTraveling SalesmanGrant
1321752William Anbrose MurphyDike, Iowa2502 Feb 1892Grundy Co., IowaFarmerGrant
1322227Albert Milton SchildrothReinbeck, Iowa2507 Mar 1892Dysart, IowaFarm laborerBlack Hawk
1323290Harrison Phillip HarganReinbeck, Iowa2824 Nov 1888Stithton, KentuckyFarm laborerBlack Hawk
1324399William D. MillerGrundy Center, Iowa3018 Nov 1886Plainfield, IowaFarmerColfax
13251328Albert LenchGrundy Center, Iowa2613 Nov 1891Britt, IowaFarmerWashington
1326281Sophus HermansenReinbeck, Iowa2919 Nov 1887Stedstrup, DenmarkFarmerBlack Hawk
1327448Martin HenzeStout, Iowa2218 Dec 1894Holland, IowaFarmerColfax
1328673George H. TjadenAplington, Iowa3019 Jun 1887Chapin, IowaFarmerGerman
1329464Elso GrooteHolland, Iowa2318 Mar 1894Holland, IowaFarmingColfax
1330730Axel TonnesenDike, Iowa2811 Jan 1889Orby, DenmarkBlacksmithGrant
13311128John Martin DeBergGrundy Center, Iowa2412 Nov 1892Grundy Center, IowaStudentPalermo
13321089Virgil Martin CumminsGrundy Center, Iowa2411 Feb 1893Houston, Mo.Restaurant employeePalermo
1333110Frank BrownBeaman, Iowa2704 Apr 1890Kenney, IllinoisFarm laborerBeaman
1334512Theodore J. ThuesenCedar Falls, Iowa2609 Sep 1890Cedar Falls, IowaFarmerFairfield
1335894Rolla Olin AikenGrundy Co., Iowa2931 Jan 1888Grundy Co., IowaFarmerMelrose
1336370Ernest Allen ArmstrongConrad, Iowa2304 Jul 1894Green Castle, IowaClerkClay Conrad
13371124John G. BrinkGrundy Center, Iowa2811 Dec 1888Hellsengborg, SwedenFarmerPalermo
1338898Charles Amazi ReisingerWhitten, Iowa2815 Aug 1888Carroll Co., IowaFarmerMelrose
13391259John J. SchaferWellsburg, Iowa2306 Jun 1893Wellsburg, IowaFarmingShiloh
13401253Harry George SchwagerWellsburg, Iowa2702 Mar 1890Sherburn, Minn.BarberShiloh
1341143Charles Miller RoweBeaman, Iowa2228 Oct 1894Vienna twp., Marshall Co., IowaFarm laborerBeaman
1342120Charles Albert SteppBeaman, Iowa2625 Oct 1890Singers Glen, VirginiaFarmerBeaman
1343434William TackHolland, Iowa2903 Dec 1888Weener, GermanyFarmerColfax
1344256Jens Kristian JacobsenReinbeck, Iowa2407 Aug 1892Skemmade, DenmarkFarm laborerBlack Hawk
1345621Clarence Berdet Ingham2713 Oct 1889Whitten, IowaFarmerFelix
1346660John UlfersAckley, Iowa2104 Dec 1895German twp., IowaFarm handGerman
13471060Maurice Earle PettitGrundy Center, Iowa2727 Sep 1889Valparaiso, Ind.ProfessorPalermo
13481203Charles AckermanAplington, Iowa3002 Nov 1886Aplington, IowaFarmerPleasant Valley
1349485Louie D. DammCedar Falls, Iowa2401 May 1893Cedar Falls, IowaFarmerFairfield
13502George RadeffDike, Iowa2825 Apr 1889Iwanke, BulgariaFarmerBeaver
1351264Peter JensenReinbeck, Iowa2716 Oct 1889Hee, Hee, DenmarkLayer of tileBlack Hawk
13521088Nels John JensenDike, Iowa2319 Aug 1893New Hartford, IowaCow Testing Ass'nPalermo
1353215William Francis GasserReinbeck, Iowa2627 Jun 1890Cedar Rapids, IowaBank ClerkBlack Hawk
1354500Hans C. LehmanCedar Falls, Iowa2630 Apr 1891Cedar Falls, IowaFarmerFairfield
1355385Charley SharpConrad, Iowa2327 Jun 1893Grundy Co., IowaFarmerClay Conrad
13561130Donald Charles ScottGrundy Center, Iowa2106 Jun 1895Grundy Center, IowaLaw studentPalermo
13573Arend PruisnerStout, Iowa2508 Jan 1892GermanyFarmerBeaver
13581157Henry John MeyerWellsburg, Iowa2101 Jul 1895Wellsburg, IowaFarm laborerPleasant Valley
1359710Tyle ToomsenAplington, Iowa2820 Dec 1888German twp., IowaFarm handGerman
1360678John J. GroeneveldWellsburg, Iowa2408 Aug 1892German twp., IowaFarmerGerman
1361118Vincent Edward SandersonBeaman, Iowa2226 Feb 1895New German Town, Penn.Farm laborerBeaman
1362701Arend OelmannAckley, Iowa2908 Dec 1887German twp., IowaFarmerGerman
1363508Harry E. ThuesenCedar Falls, Iowa2312 Nov 1893Cedar Falls, IowaFarmerFairfield
1364505Ray J. JensenCedar Falls, Iowa2613 Aug 1890Samso, DenmarkFarmerFairfield
1365737Hans C. HenningsenDike, Iowa2713 May 1890Dike, IowaGen. Mdse.Grant
1366220Almond Jay TerrallReinbeck, Iowa2727 Aug 1889Reinbeck, IowaFarmerBlack Hawk
1367813Oras S. LittleSeymour, Missouri2624 May 1891Batesville, ArkansasFarmingLincoln
1368304Henry DirksReinbeck, Iowa2530 Nov 1891Reinbeck, IowaFarm laborerBlack Hawk
13691169Siebo BulhuisParkersburg, Iowa2117 Sep 1895Osterwold, HollandFarm laborerPleasant Valley
1370876Ernest WumkesReinbeck, Iowa2717 Feb 1890Grundy Co., IowaFarmerLincoln
1371384Otto MillerConrad, Iowa2911 Feb 1888Saxony, GermanyFarm handClay Conrad
1372188Olin Adolph KoolReinbeck, Iowa2422 Aug 1892Morrison, Ill.Ball PlayerBlack Hawk
1373956Harlon Edgar BowersGrundy Center, Iowa2321 May 1894Eldora, IowaFarmerPalermo
1374471Frank BromleyHolland, Iowa2330 May 1894Conrad, IowaFarmerColfax
1375689George HayengaWellsburg, Iowa2616 Jul 1890Washington twp., IowaFarm handGerman
1376698Ailt BevingAckley, Iowa2613 Nov 1890German twp, IowaFarmerGerman
1377261Emil VolberdingReinbeck, Iowa2321 Jun 1893Reinbeck, IowaTeamsterBlack Hawk
1378907Benjamin Harrison SherbonConrad, Iowa2420 Sep 1893Grundy Co., IowaFarmerMelrose
13791330James Ellis CopleyMorrison, Iowa2410 Jun 1892Hudson, IowaFarmerWashington
1380172Harry Park MasonReinbeck, Iowa2820 Oct 1888Tama Co., IowaDelivery ManBlack Hawk
1381200Bruce Eugene OwenReinbeck, Iowa2325 Dec 1893Toledo, IowaClerk in RestaurantBlack Hawk
1382376James Wesley ListerBeaman, Iowa2907 Dec 1887Grundy Co., IowaFarmerClay Conrad
1383192James Peter JuhlReinbeck, Iowa2708 Sep 1889Cedar Falls, IowaMerchantBlack Hawk
1384233Ralph Peter SlessorReinbeck, Iowa2803 Sep 1888Reinbeck, IowaFarmerBlack Hawk
1385977Jasper W. MasonGrundy Center, Iowa2316 Aug 1893Grundy Center, IowaBus manPalermo
1386796Hugh M. AndersenDike, Iowa3012 Aug 1887Antriam, IrelandFarmerGrant
1387578Bert Rebert SissonConrad, Iowa2225 Sep 1894Conrad, IowaFarmerFelix
1388611Harry Leroy PoeConrad, Iowa2402 Apr 1893Conrad, IowaFarmerFelix
1388203John Russell EslingerReinbeck, Iowa2815 Nov 1888Sevierville, TennesseeFarmerBlack Hawk
1390403George WaldravenPfafftown, N. Caroline2614 Apr 1891Pfafftown, North CarolinaFarmerColfax
1391196Carl MayerEdson, Wisconsin3014 May 1887Edson, WisconsinFarm laborerBlack Hawk

*Transcribed as listed on registration card

Transcribed from Source: Ancestry.com. U.S., World War I Draft Registration Cards, 1917-1918 [database on-line]. Provo, UT, USA: Ancestry.com Operations Inc, 2005.
Original data: United States, Selective Service System. World War I Selective Service System Draft Registration Cards, 1917-1918. Washington, D.C.: National Archives and Records Administration. M1509, 4,582 rolls. Imaged from Family History Library microfilm.

Government Asks For A Draft Classification

Local Board Has Classified the Men Registered From Grundy County as Below

988 Of Registered Were Farmers

Government is Evidently Ready to Change the Workings of the Draft

The local exemption board received word last week to classify the Grundy county men registered in the draft last June under a number of different classes. They began work Saturday and Monday a telegram came telling the board to rush its work and send in the report at once. The report has been completed and forwarded to Washington and it contains the information outlined below.

One of the interesting facts brought out by the classification was that 988 boys out of the 1391 registered were farmers. From this it can readily be seen that to exempt boys on the farm, unless actual producers, would result in no army being secured. The governement also asked the local board for suggestions, or recommendations, as to the future work of the board and it is evident that something new is going to take place in handling the draft work in the future. Just what will be the regulations remains to be seen. Below are the various classifications and results of the draft, together with the occupations by classes.

Total number registered1391
Quota due109
Called for examination500
Failed to appear15
Accepted on physical examination265
Rejected on physical examination182
Certified to district board144
Ordered to camp50
Rejected at camp1
Claims filed181
Claims allowed158
Claims not allowed23
Claims allowed by district board122
Farmers exempted by district board17
Foreigners exempted17
Germans exempted18
Exemptions asked for dependents116

Animal husbandry2
Mechanics, etc.89
Brick and tile foremen3
Jewelers, etc.1
Electricians, etc.1
Road construction1
Telegraph & Telephone Men10
Bankers and Business Men54
Public Officials7
Professional Men43
Barbers, Restaurant Men, etc.64

--The Grundy Republican (Grundy Center, Iowa), 15 November 1917, pg 1