United Reformed Church
(formerly known as the Second Christian Reformed Church)

The Sunday School was organized 6 July 1919 to provide religious instruction in English. The church, with regular religious services, was later organized under the leadership of Rev. H. C. Bode on 9 October 1919 with 24 charter members. It was first named "The English Speaking Christian Reformed Church of Wellsburg".

Those who have led:

Professors and students of the Grundy College and Seminary ministered to the needs for the first two years (1919-1921)
Rev. Corneal Holtrop (1921-26) (The first regular pastor of the church)
Rev. Edward Boeve (1927-33)
Dr. John D. De Korne (1934-38)
Rev. Raymond H. Haan (1939-43)
Rev. John H. Rubingh (1943-49)
Rev. John Olthoff (1950-56)
Rev. C. J. Toeset (1957-64)
Rev. John H. Elenbaas (1966-83)
Rev. O. W. Duistermars (1984-87)
Rev. Charles Kooger (1988-92)
Rev. Douglas Holmes (1994-1999)
Pastor Harold Miller (2001-2008)
Pastor Matthew Nuiver (2009-present)