Wellsburg Reformed Church

October 1896 marks the foundation of the Wellsburg Reformed Church. Until this time, no church had been established within Wellsburg. The population was mainly Eastfriesens who were very strong in their faith and depended upon the Presbyterians to the southeast and northwest and the Christian Reformed church west of Wellsburg for their spiritual guidance. With the influx of population, the Pleasant Prairie Classis of the Reformed Church in America saw the need for a ministry within the town. Rev. Geert Veenker, a classical missionary, was the progenitor of this church and had a great following. On June 2, 1897, the Wellsburg Reformed Church's petition for organization was granted. There were 42 charter members with the consistory of Jacob Peters and Jurgen Lutterman, elders; and Koene Reiter, Claas Primus and Fred B Hook, deacons.

Not until June 1898 did the members build the first church. Until this point, regular preaching was done in the Wellsburg schoolhouse and the Lutterman schoolhouse, which was south of Wellsburg. In 1913, the church became too small to hold the ever growing congregation and a new church was built. In 1977, the third and present building, was erected.

The German language was preached upon its establishment. During World War I, the state's command was for sermons to be preached in English which was obeyed. However, at the completion of the war the congregation voted to return to the German language.

Other organizations which supported the church's efforts were the Ladies Aid Society which was organized in 1901. The Guild for Christian Service was established in 1960, which had its origin in the Dorcas Society which was organized in 1906. Rev. Landsiedel organized the Young Men's Club, now known as the Men's Brotherhood, in 1940. Other organizations are the Reformed Church Youth Fellowship, Couple's Club, and the various Choir groups.

Those who have led:
Rev. John Mueller (1897-1898)
Theology student J. G. Theilken (served during 1897-1898 vacation months)
Rev. J. G. Theilken (1899-1908) (1909-1914)
Rev. Wm. Landsiedel (1915-1946)
Rev. Edward Jurgens (1946-1953)
Rev. George C. Poppen (1954-1963)
Rev. Gideon Wolbrink (1963-
Pastor Emeritus
Rev. Roger Huitink
Rev. Verlyn Boone
Rev. Kevin Ver Hoeven
Rev. Todd Rempe