Pleasant Valley Church
by D. E. Aukes

from Atlas of Grundy County, Iowa, 1911, pg 102

The history of the Pleasant Valley church, situated in the southwest corner of Pleasant Valley township, Grundy County, Iowa, is as follows:

Rev. Sweeden, a local preacher of the Evangelical association from Abbott, Hardin County, in the summer of 1870, started first to preach the gospel in the school house No. 9, in said township. As several families, M. Bentz, Kents, Geiter, Hiller and Philips, etc. arrived and settled down in this neighborhood and same time being members of said above named church in Illinois, this and the sound preaching of the gospel soon brought forth good fruit, thirty, sixty and one hundred fold, and a gracious revival, not of a week or two but for years duration, was the blessing to this community. A good Sunday school was started at once and the attendance was great. John Goetting donated three acres of land, situated on the northwest quarter of Section 31, for church and a graveyard. Not a more beautiful or nice location can be found than this one.

The congregation soon was incorporated, as the Pleasant Valley church of the Evangelical association of North America; and soon steps were taken for building of a church, which was erected in the spring of 1873, and stood until April 14th, 1902, when in the noon hour, a fire got started in the road near by, and by a very strong wind, fire was carried over to the church and graveyard and destroyed the whole building and contents. This was a very hard blow for the small congregation, but the same year a new little church was erected, serving the cause fully.

In the beginning, over forty years ago, and later on, only the German language was used, but today it is changing fast to the English language, for the charter members have nearly all crossed over to their reward, and that the Lord may be with our children and grandchildren, as He was with the old pioneers in starting this good cause in this neighborhood, is the wish and prayer of the only left charter members over forty years past.

The following preachers have served the field connected with Abbott all those years past: Wm. Reinke, Geo. Youngblood, J. H. Pippert, H. Althouse, H. Kleinsorge, L. Reep, M. Knoll, J. H. Pippert, J. J. Miller, F. Loelile, P. Held, P. Schott, W. F. Meither, C. F. Hillmann, J. H. Sievert, W. Werfield, C. F. Hillmann, J. H. Engel and C. S. Lang.