The Church of God
by E. C. Allen

from Atlas of Grundy County, Iowa, 1911, pg 101

A pioneer organization of this county was organized in 1867 by Rev. J. M. Klein. For about eight years, meetings were conducted in the Solomon Wilhelm schoolhouse, which was then located one-half mile southeast of where the church now stands.

In 1868, they held in this schoolhouse, what was termed, a great revival, resulting in the conversion of a small army of workers, who immediately set forth with great zeal and earnestness to build up a Christian community, whose influence might go far towards molding the lives and characters of the incoming settlers; and their efforts accomplished great good.

May 30, 1874, the members then numbering about sixty, met in the old schoolhouse and launched the project, which resulted in the erection of the once new Bethel. At this meeting, a building committee was chosen, namely: J. M. Klein, J. H. Lighter and J. R. Lynn. J. H. Lighter and J. R. Lynn, were chosen also, as a soliciting committee; to receive subscriptions and contributions for the new building.

Early in the year 1875, the church was dedicated by Rev. A. X. Sumaker. The first regularly elected officers of this society were: John W. Klein and J. H. Lighter, as Elders, and David Gallagher and Solomon Lighter, as Deacons.

The building has twice been remodeled since its dedication; in 1882 it was enlarged; and in 1906 more than two thousand dollars were spent in modernizing the old building.