First Presbyterian Church
by Rev. L. P. Krome

from Atlas of Grundy County, Iowa, 1911, pg 92

The First Presbyterian Church of Grundy Center, Iowa, was organized in October, 1869, by C. H. Chatteron, with a membership of ten. R. W. Pitkin, James Ralston, and William Smith were the first elders. Rev. C. W. French was the first pastor. Services were first held in the school house and then in the court house. Rev. S. W. James was the second pastor as supply, preaching alternate Lord's days with Steamboat Rock. He remained until 1877. He was succeeded by Rev. J. W. Hanna. Under him the first church was built at a cost of about $2,000.00. It was dedicated the second Sunday in May, 1878, with sixty-six members. Rev. Hanna resigned the pastorate in June, 1882. Rev. Bryant was called in 1883. It was while he was pastor that the manse was built at a cost of about $1,500.00, and the membership increased from 56 to 156. On January 1, 1888, Rev. S. W. McLain preached a trial sermon,and received a call to the pastorate. He accepted and continued pastor until 1894. Rev. C. G. Jordan preached three months of that year, and was followed by Rev. W. J. Palm who remained one year. He was followed by Rev. W. H. Jordan, who took up the work in the winter of 1896.

It was during the pastorate of Rev. Jordan that the church structure now in use was built. The building committee associated with the energetic pastor in this achievement were R. M. Finlayson, chairman, G. N. Stark, S. R. Raymond, Dr. E. A. Crouse, and G. A. Shurtleff. The church was built at a cost of between twelve and thirteen thousand dollars. The building is still well adapted to serve its purpose as the church home of a flourishing congregation. It was dedicated January 1, 1899, Rev. Willis G. Craig, D. D., of Chicago, preaching the sermon.

The long and successful pastorate of Rev. W. H. Jordan came to its close during the summer of 1901. Rev. E. E. Hastings was instsalled November 13, 1901, and continued the efficient pastor of the church until November, 1907. Many marks of the good work of this pastor are in evidence.

The present pastor is Rev. L. P. Krome, who entered upon the work in May, 1908.

The church is well organized in all departments, is growing steadily and serving the spiritual interests of a membership of about 250 besides a goodly number of adherents. Among the Christian religious forces of the community, this church has been through the years, and is still exercising no small degree of influence for good. The officers of the church at present are: Elders, G. A. Shurtleff, Dr. E. A. Crouse, G. N. Stark, James Black, C. T. Rogers, and W. G. Kerr. The trustees are W. C. Sargent, E. H. Dodd, William Benz, J. W. Lamar, John Dalgliesh, and Josiah Mast.