The Christian Reform Church, Lincoln Township
by Jurgen Bruns

from Atlas of Grundy County, Iowa, 1911, pg 99

Commonly known as "Lincoln Center Church," was organized on the 26th of May, 1884. The first membership of the church was as follows: Fred Niewald, John W. Bakker, Harm W. Bakker, Geerd Bulthuis, Jurgen Alberts, Menne Bakker, Christian Pabst, Roelf Pabst, Herman Koobs, Franz Bakker, Helmer Bakker, H. Van Ellen, Jacob Meyer, L. Beckmann, B. Beckmann, John Niewland, John Stork, Mrs. Kobbs, and Mrs. Reins. Among the first members were, of course, the wives and families of all the men who were married at that time.

The first elders were: Fred Niewald, John W. Bakker. The first deacons were: Harm W. Bakker, Geerd Bulthuis; and the first trustees were: Jurgen Alberts, Menne Bakker, and Christian Pabst.

In the fall of 1884 the congregation sent a call to Rev. Johana Tiescher, of Ostfriesland, Germany, and the call was accepted, the first minister came to this country May 27, 1885, and preached the first sermon in the Lincoln Center school house. Rev. Tiescher stayed and worked with his people until early in the year of 1897, when he accepted a call from Parkersburg. In the year 1887 the society built a church on the three acres of land, on section 16 of Lincoln Township. This land was purchased from Wumke Wumkes. In August, 1897, the church was struck by lightning and burned to the ground. This did not discourage the congregation and they raised funds at once and built a new building the same year. During the time the new church was being built the society sent a call to Rev. J. H. Schultz, of Minnesota. This call was also accepted in November, 1897. The new church was dedicated in the spring of 1898. Rev. Schultz stayed, as pastor of the church until 1909, when he resigned and went back to Minnesota. Since that time there has been no regular pastor, but meeting is held every Sunday and the pulpit is filled by different ministers. This church has always been a big factor in the upbuilding of the neighborhood, in which it is located, and has on its church books the names of the representative families of the community. The present officers of the church are: Elders: Jurgen Alberts, H. Beninga, and Jurgen Bruns; Deacons: H. Hempen, John Greve and Walter Bakker; Trustees: Henry Tjepkes, Jurgen Bruns and Martin Sweeerin.