Beaman M. E. Church
by C. W. Carver

from Atlas of Grundy County, Iowa, 1911, pg 96

The class organized in 1868 by Rev. W. Dudley with the following charter members: Charles Jones (leader) and wife, John VanNess and wife, James Wyley and wife, and Mrs. Mary Sharp.

The charge was first called the Albion circuit, the Grundy Center circuit and after this the Salt Creek circuit.

In 1866 there were five appointments, namely: Grundy Center, Beaman, Conrad's Grove, Hudson, and Carry's school house which was within five miles of Cedar Falls. Rev. W. F. Dove was the pastor.

The building of a parsonage was commenced by Rev. George B. Crinklaw in the year of 1878 and was completed by the Rev. J. J. Littler the following year.

The building of a church was also commenced by J. J. Littler in 1880, but was not completed until the following year by the Rev. J. H. Hoskyn, and the then Presiding Elder, John Bowman, was the officiating minister at the dedication.

Consecutively we give the names of the fourteen Presiding Elders and thirty-eight pastors.

Presiding Elders; D. N. Holmes, 1864; J. B. Taylor, 1868; S. C. Freer; Elias Skinner; S. A. Lee; John Bowman; William Lease; F. C. Wolf; E. L. Miller; J. C. Magee; J. T. Cripper; J. B. Albrook; W. F. Pitner; T. E. Fleming.

Pastors: William Dudley, 1863; William Fawcet; O. D. Boles; W. F. Dove; John Haymand; Isaac D. Barnard; John Montgomery; A. J. Woods; T. M. Dort; Uriah Eberhart; Henry Bargelt; O. H. Sproul; T. M. Elliott; Thomas Harrison; L. U. McKee; George B. Crinklaw; John J. Littler; J. H. Hoskyn; J. H. Hayward; John Haymand; W. F. Dove; O. R. Newell; J. R. Cameron; Enoch Will; C. B. Wright; James Ballz; L. C. Clark; J. H. Thompson; Henry Baily; C. C. Longsdon; Edward Lee; W. J. Stanton; H. W. Kuhlman; John W. Peterson; G. E. Maxfield; A. W. Gillihan; J. B. Metcalf; Asa N. Conklin, and Aaron L. Rucker.