Page No. 434
Schedule 1. - Free Inhabitants in Black Hawk Township in the County of Grundy State of Iowa enumerated by me, on the twenty sixth day of July 1860.  H Mullasky
Ass't Marshal 
Post Office Cedar Falls Iowa.

    The Name of Every Person whose usual place of abode, on the first day of June 1860, who was in this family Age Sex Color Profession, occupation or Trade of each person, male or female, over 15 Value of Real Estate Value of Personal Estate Place of Birth Naming State, Territory or County Married in Yr Attend School in Yr Person over 20 cant read or write Whether deaf, dumb, blind, Insane, idiotic, pauper or convict
1 1 John C. F. Lusch 61 M   Farmer 7000 1000 Sleswick Holstein        
    Henrietta Lusch 45 F         Wurtenberg Schw??        
    John Lusch 21 M   Farmer     Sleswick Holstein        
    Adolph Lusch 19 M          do        
    Henrietta Lusch 14 F          do   /    
    Louisa Lusch 12 F          do   /    
    Henry Lusch 10 M          do   /    
    Theodore Lusch 7 M          do   /    
    Timothy OConnor 22 M   Farm Laborer     Ireland        
2 2 Alexander Grant 30 M   Farmer 1000 350 Scotland        
    Margery Grant 23 F         Ohio        
    Elizabeth Grant 9/12 F         Iowa        
3 3 August Kahli 32 M   Farm Laborer   100 Hanover        
    Mary Kahli 20 F         Mecklenburg Schw??        
    Sarah Kahli 1 F         Iowa        
    John C. Boucke 50 M         Mecklenburg Schw??        
    Sophia Boucke 50 F          do        
4 4 Emil H. Beckman 26 M   Farmer 500 300  do        
    William Meissner 29 M    do 2500 1500 Prussia        
    Elfrida Meissner 20 F         Mecklenburg Schw??        
    Ernst Meissner 7/12 M         Iowa        
    George M Blood 21 M   Farm Laborer     New York        
5 5 Anson B. Whitney 26 M   Farmer 400 250 Indiana        
    Lavinia Whitney 27 F          do        
    Adelia Whitney 3 F         Iowa        
6 6 Joel Sherwod* 43 M   Farmer 2000 500 New York        
    Barnet Shenod 15 M          do        
    Mary E. Shernod 12 F          do        
    William H. Shewod 10 M          do        
    Shottle P. Shenod 8 M          do        
    Charlotte O. Sherwood? 5 F          do        
    Clarissa M. Sherwod 11/12 F         Iowa        
    *Surname unclear                      
	Transcribed by Karen De Groote-Johnson on 4/25/08 for use of Grundy County Iowa GenWeb