353rd Aero Squadron Artillery Observation


Can you identify any of the airmen in the photo?  If you can please email me the name and location in the photo.

Note: The photo shown below is very large in it's original form (20" x 6").  It has been "divided" into three sections for easier opening and viewing.  To see a full size view of any section just click anywhere on the photo above the "Section" number and it will open in a new window.  

Men from Iowa who were members of the 353rd Aero Squadron
Axel Anderson Harlan (2nd row leftmost)
Carl M. Condon Waterloo
Fred G. Allai What Cheer
Francis Henderson Winterset
Paul W. Hurley 415 5th St, Mason City
Louis J. Koenig 1611 Lake Port St. Sioux City
"Just Back From France", the 353rd Aero Squadron, 1919.
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"Just Back From France", 353rd Aero Service Squadron, 1919
[banner for the 353rd Aero Squadron photo]

"Just Back From France", 353rd Aero Service Squadron 1919
[hand written note under the squadron banner in the photo below.]
"353rd Aero Squadron Artillery Observation, 1919.
"Just back from France"
1st LT. Carl H. Starrett, Com"n"g,   1st LT. Ernest C. Muchmore"

~ source: Roster and photo were contributed by Matt Anderson  
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