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USS Leviathan, Troop Transport

     This is the troopship Leviathan during a post WWI and after the Great War it had a re-conversion to a passenger liner.

      Leviathan was built in 1913 as SS Vaterland, Germany's largest passenger liner. The big liner was lying in a US port in 1917, and was seized by the US Shipping Board upon the US entry into WWI. She was turned over to the Navy, converted into a troopship and placed in service as USS Leviathan. Her name was doubtless a reference to her great size - at over 58,000 tons displacement, she was a very large ship by any standard. After 10 trips carrying troops to Europe, and 9 trips returning the troops home postwar, she was decommissioned in 1919 and returned to the Shipping Board.