Honor Roll of Boys who Died Going Over 


Thomas E. Langan


Sergeant, Company L




      Died November 27, 1918 at Base Hospital No. 19. 

      Langan was a wonderful soldier.

      Besides physical strength and military bearing he had an active military mind. 

      In our last advance he was slightly wounded and while in the hospital contracted pneumonia and died about three weeks later. 

      Langan was to have been commissioned but died several days before he was to have taken the oath of office. 

      (He) was awarded Distinguished Service Cross. 

      Emergency address, Mrs. James Langan, Council Bluffs, Iowa


Peter A. Gartner


Private, Company E


       Home address, St. Ansgar, Iowa. 

       Private Gartner died back at the hospital from wounds received in action. 

       We were not able to get any definite information concerning Gartner's death. 

       One of his comrades having sent us his picture which is shown here.  Private Gartner enlisted with Company E when the first call for men was made by the National Guard.


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~ scanned and submitted by Cay Merryman