Walter Freiburghaus


The Elgin Echo
Elgin, Fayette Co., Iowa
December, 5, 1918

Who Died in France October 18,

Commended By His Captain and Comrade, Earl Randall.


Veterinary Hospital No. 10,

Advance Section, Service of Soppy,

A. E. F., France, A. P. O. 720.

Oct. 22, 1918

Mr. Gottlieb Freiburghaus, Ramona, S. Dak. --

It grieves me very much to inform you of the death of your son Walter, who died October 18 at camp hospital this station. He was in my command since July, 1918. He was a splendid soldier, always willing, and faithfully performed his duties. The officers, comrades and commanding officer send their heartfelt
sympathies and share with you our grief. Your son's death was due to cerebro spinal meningitis, contracted in the line of duty. The body received a military funeral at this station. His personal effects and records have been duly cared for. Trusting that these few lines will afford you some comfort. I was his commander. Capt. John R. Stffer.

~~~ Received November 13, 1913.

"Poor Friburghaus won't come home with me as he had spinal meningitis and died Thursday or Friday. The funeral was yesterday. He was only sick since last Sunday night. The last I saw of him was Sunday noon. As I was off duty in the afternoon he fed my horses at night, came home and did not feel very well, but wrote to his sister before going to the infirmary, from which they took him to the hospital, where hey did all they could for him but to no avail. He seemed such a strong hearty boy it don't seem he could go so quick. But we never know when we will be called to go. He was a good boy and I wish I had been with him all the time. We have not roomed together since he came back, as Peyton and I had a room together and he was with the bunch that came back. He said just before dinner Sunday that he and Cornelius, that was his pal from Canton that had been with him all the time, were going to find a room for the four of us and then we would all be together. But the poor fellow never had the chance. The funeral was conducted by the Y. M. C. A. section here, and a large band played, also a cornet solo. If were not for losing him as a friend I would be feeling as good as I ever did. Am all right bodily, only broken up over it. We don't know who will be left to go home, but I pray that I may and also all the other boys. They are all ready to go when the war is over, as the U. S. looks good to us all."

The above was written October 20, and received November 6, 1918.

Walter C. Freiburghaus was born at Elgin, Iowa, October 4, 1890. In the spring of 1907 he came to this state with his parents, where he remained with them at home until called to service. He leaves to mourn his loss, his parents, four sisters and two brothers -- Mrs. Frank Frautschy, Mrs. G. H. Raschdorf, Mrs.
Will Helling, Will Freiburghaus, and Laura and Wilbert at home.

~ ~ ~ *** ~ ~ ~

Funeral services will be held for the late Walter Freiburghaus, who died in France of spinal meningitis, as soon as the quarantine is raised. Every honor is due this young soldier who gave his life for his country's sake. He was an honest young Christian man, loved and respected by all who knew him. His last letter that he wrote home was dated October 13 and it was sent home unfinished and his name signed by different handwriting, and according to the way Earl Randall writes, Walter was suddenly taken ill as he was writing home. The community extends sympathy to the grif striken family, who received no word of the young man's demise until three weeks after his death. The government in some
way failed to notify them. The shock is almost more than the family can bear, as the mother is in ill health. He leaves to mourn his loss his parents, Mr. and Mrs. G. Freiburghaus, two brothers Will and Wilbert; four sisters, Mrs. Frank Frautschy, Mrs. Gustav Raschdorf, Mrs. Will Helling, and Laura who resides at home. --- Madison (South Dakota) Daily Sentinel.


-transcribed and submitted by Constance for Iowa in the Great War
IAGenWeb County Coordinator, Fayette counties