Le Verne A. Belding


West Union Argo-Gazette

West Union, Fayette Co., Iowa

Nov. 18, 1918


Le Verne Belding First Waucoma Boy To Make Supreme Sacrifice in World War

Waucoma, Nov. 18. (1918) - Deep gloom engulfed the community Saturday night when a message was received of the death of Le Verne A. Belding who was killed in action Over There.  Lovingly and reverently we placed the first gold star on a field of blue and silver.  Le Verne A. Belding, second son of Dr. and Mrs. H. H. Belding, was born Dec. 28, 1898 in Waucoma, where he spent a happy child-hood, and attended the public school, graduating with honors in the class 17.  Bravery was a characteristic of the deceased, wonderful in one so young, displayed often on school ground and in accident.  With the desire always to help, he answered his country's call, April 6, 1917, being among the first six to enlist from Fayette county.  His soldier life was characterized by the same loyalty and love shown in his civilian days.  On August 1st, he was detached from the sandstorm division stationed so long in Texas.  There he parted from his close home friend, Hiram Loveein, with whom he had been privileged to share a soldier's joys and sorrows.  Upon reaching England Le Verne was placed in the radio service.  He later entered France where he met death from wounds Oct. 21st.  Deceased is mourned by his parents, Dr. and Mrs. H. H. Belding; two brothers, Bert and Leland, of S. U. I. and U. I. U. S. A. T. C., respectively; and sister, Miss Arlene, who so faithfully have kept the Home Fires Burning.  No words can assuage their grief; but to these dear loved ones comes the comforting thought of a sacrifice gloriously made, and a blessed hope that some time their eyes will behold the son and brother over yonder.

 [Submitter note: The given name Lavern is misspelled throughout the obituary.  It has been corrected after verification, to show the correct given name spelling is Le Verne.]


-transcribed and Submitted by Jeanie Belding for Iowa in the Great War