~ Black Hawk County Honor Roll ~

The Evening Courier and Reporter
Waterloo, Iowa
Tuesday, 31 December 1918
Page 10
Name How & Where Died Parents or Nearest Relative Residence
Lieut. Fred Becker Killed in Action on 21 July Son of Mr. & Mrs. J.B. Becker 224 Newell Street, Waterloo
Lieut. Carl W. Chapman Killed in Action near Toul, France 3 May in combat with enemy planes Son of Mr. & Mrs. C.W. Chapman 637 Third avenue west, Waterloo
Sergt. David Fox Killed in action 23 March Brother of Mrs. A.J. Pell 206 Norimer Street, Waterloo
Sergt. Harry Marson Killed in action, July 26 Son of Mr. and Mrs. E.T. Marson 109 Jefferson Street, Waterloo
Sergt. Eben Smith Killed in action in July Son of Mrs. Kate Bronson 618 Columbia Street, Waterloo
Corp. Alfred Grim     Waterloo
Corp. Gordon Vaughn Killed in action, 26 July Son of Mr. & Mrs. J.R. Vaughn, now of Des Moines Waterloo
Corp. Floyd Ferguson Killed in action, 11 Nov Son of Mr. & Mrs. R.C. Ferguson 703 Independence avenus, Waterloo
Pvt. Clarence Bebee Killed in Action 15 July Son of Mr. & Mrs. Frank Bebee 216 Concrete avenue, Waterloo
Pvt. Charles R. Barnes     Waterloo
Pvt. Clifford Dye     Waterloo
Pvt. John DeWild     Waterloo
Pvt. Horace B. Emerson Killed in Action, 5 Nov Son of Mr. & Mrs. Edward Emmerson Cedar Falls
Pvt. William B. Gillpatrick Killed in Action 7 Aug Son of Mr. and Mrs. J.T. Gillpatrick 625 Indiana Street, Waterloo
Pvt. Howard Graham     Waterloo
Pvt. George Hardinger     Waterloo
Pvt. William C. Miller     Waterloo
Pvt. Christian Nissen killed in action 5 Oct Son of Mr. & Mrs. Jorgen Nissen Cedar Falls
Pvt. Frank Parrish     Waterloo
Pvt. Nicholas Rieder Killed in action 30 Sept Son of Mrs. Anna Rieder Gilbertville
  Killed in Airplane Accident  
Lieut. Leon Nugent     Washburn
  Killed in Accident  
Pvt. Wesley C. Wagoner     Waterloo
  Died of Wounds  
Corp. Carl J. Leehner     Cedar Falls
Corp. Kenneth Mueller Died of wounds, Sept.24 Son of Mrs. Sarah Mueller 1203 Commercial Street, Waterloo
Pvt. Leslie J. Bruce     Waterloo
Pvt. George Hansen Died of wounds 13 Nov Son of Mrs. Andrew Hansen Cedar Falls
Pvt. Earl King Died of Wounds, June 25 Son of Mr. and Mrs. J.O. Kind Cedar Heights
Pvt. Tommy Larsen     Waterloo
Pvt. Herbert Clark Master Electrician, Died of wounds 27 Nov Mother, Mrs. C.B. Clark Cedar Falls
  Died of Disease Abroad  
Corp. Roy DeCamp Died of disease in France, 3 Dec Son of Mr. & Mrs. L.O. DeCamp 201 Locust Street, Waterloo
Pvt. Emil Carroll     Waterloo
Pvt. Emil J. Keding     Waterloo
Pvt. Willie Snavely     Waterloo
Pvt. Dwight L. Strayer Died of pneumonia in France 24 Nov Son of Mr. & Mrs. Paul Strayer 1309 Grant avenue, Waterloo
Pvt. Charles J. Schmidt Died of scarlet fever in France 11 Sept. Son of August Schmidt Rt. 5, Waterloo
  Died of Disease on Board Ship  
Pvt. Andrew Hansen     Cedar Falls
Pvt. Lee R. Leckington Died of pneumonia on way to France, 1 Oct. Son of Mr. & Mrs. A. Leckington. His mother died 27 Oct  from shock and they were buried the same day in Waterloo 327 La Porte road, Waterloo
Pvt. William Coulstock     Waterloo
  Died of Disease in Home Camps  
Pvt. Ray Bebee     Waterloo
Pvt. Everett Clark     Cedar Falls
Pvt. John W.J. Farris Died of disease at Camp Pike in August Son of Mrs. Prudy Farris 921 Parker Street, Waterloo
Pvt. Adolph Fortsch     Waterloo
Pvt. Ira R. Harker     Cedar Falls
Pvt. Lionel R. Heinz Died of pneumonia in Philadelphia, 2 Oct Son of Mrs. O.C. Rathbone Castle Hill
Pvt. Peter Kress     Dunkerton
Pvt. Lynn F. Miller Died of pneumonia at Camp Dodge, 9 Oct Son of Mr. & Mrs. J.D. Miller 927 Newton Street, Waterloo
Pvt. Francis McNulty Died of pneumonia at Camp Humphreys, Va., 9 Oct Son of Mr. & Mrs. John McNulty and husband of Mrs. Clara McNulty Waterloo
Pvt. Philip Mueller     Hudson
Pvt. Waiter Newell Died of pneumonia at Dover, N.J. 16 Oct Son of Mr. & Mrs. Douglas Newell Winslow Junction
Pvt. Samuel Palmes Died of pneumonia at Camp Dodge, 30 Oct No relatives in America, father and brother in Italian army. Waterloo
Pvt. Wahlemar Rasmussen     Waterloo
Pvt. Harry Stanopolous     Cedar Falls
Pvt. Alvin Strubel Died of pneumonia at Dover, N.J. 16 Oct Son of Mr. & Mrs. Chris. Strubel 235 Western avenue, Waterloo
Pvt. Geo. W. Tull     Waterloo
Pvt. Peter Vassar     Cedar Falls
Pvt. A.B. Weitnauer     Waterloo
  Men Dead of Disease in this Country  
Ellis J. Hoffman Navy, Died in Philadelphia of pneumonia, 26 Sept Son of Mr. & Mrs. A.E. Hoffman 426 Denver Street, Waterloo
Ernest Hansen Navy, Died at Great Lakes of pneumonia 26 Sept Son of Mr. & Mrs. A.S. Hansen Cedar Falls
Harry R. Jones Navy, Died of pneumonia at Great Lakes, 26 Sept. Son of Mrs. Sarah Johns 828 Randolph Street, Waterloo
Reuben Jensen     Cedar Falls
  Navy Men Killed in Collision  
Machinist Mate Harold Peverill Died in naval collision in October Son of Mr. and Mrs. H.G. Peverill R. 5, Waterloo
  Navy Men Drowned  
Gunner's Mate Eugene H. Clark Killed while attempting to prevent explosion of depth bombs, swept overboard and drowned, 9 Oct Son of Mr. & Mrs. S.D. Clark 110 Leland avenue, Waterloo
Second Assistant Engineer Einar Nielsen drowned when Manola was sunk 3 Dec Mother lives at Prairie City, Ia. Cedar Falls
  Navy Men Killed by Accident  
Harold Minkel     Cedar Falls
  Missing in Action  
Pvt. Otis Whipple Church     Waterloo


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