A look back at Iowa's contribution to the Great War.



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May Enlistments

(contributor's note: I believe the following men enlisted from Johnson county, but the newspaper does not give residences for them .... so they could be from other counties as well.)

Enlistments in Company A Engineers.

Von Clovas Frost
Walter Scotproy
Thomas Hamilton
Paul Frank
Ernest L. Bright
Michael J. Corso
L. Roy Smith
Clifford Connelly
Cloyde E. Adams
H. Donald Lenley
Charles J. Kinney
Harry Frankel
Lester L. Fackler
George H. Reichardt
William H. Rogers
J. Otis Brown
Clarence Phipps
Walter Phipps
Gerald L. Schillig
Harry F. Crane
Fred J. Fackler
Charles E. Egglestor
Walter A. Louis
Harold D. Benda
Fred E. Seitz
Louis A. Douglas
John T. Gerlits
Gale O. Files
Gordon J. Dinsmore
Jesse W. Cozine
Earl W. Copsin
Frank G. Kennon
Justin H. Trundy
Fred C. Sturm
Ralph C. Boarts
George Brueckner
Clifford J. Rogers
Ernest Rossencrans
Noble K. Cozine
Edwin T. Royce
Frank C. Blazek
Joseph C. Mencl
Lloyd G. Frederick
Howard C. Cessna
William F. DeHaas
Paul J. Burkhalter

Enlistments in Troop "C" First Iowa Cavalry
Oliver Sheldon
John James
Manly J. Corbett
Elmer A. Welsh
Walter E. Glass
Wm. G. Evans
Clifton M. Butler
Alva R. McSpadden
E.L. Harris
Will J. Hayek
Carl W. Anderson
Luther J. Valentine
Dan B. Rinehart
Howard E. Rankin
Clem J. Shay
Arthur A. Michael
George D. Linn

~source: Iowa City Daily Citizen, Iowa City, Johnson Co., Iowa, May 2 & 5, 1917
~transcribed for Iowa In the Great War by Sharyl Ferrall