A look back at Iowa's contributions to the Great War.


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Company A Gets Hurry-Up Call To Report At Armory

A stir was caused this afternoon at the Armory when Lieutenant V. G. Gould received a telephone call from Captain Strike at Des Moines, ordering the mobilization of Company A of the Iowa Engineers at once. Posters were placed over Iowa City and by means of the telephone in the course of about two hours word had been received by nearly all members who are at this time assembling at the Armory preparatory for further orders. It is expected that upon the arrival of Captain Strike this afternoon from Des Moines, further orders will be made and that departure to some training camp will take place probably tonight or tomorrow. At this time, however, all is uncertainty, as to what the next order will be and when it will be made and much speculation as to what the next few hours will bring forth is made.

~ Company A Engineers ~

Clarence L. Strike Captain
J. J. Barylak (acting) First Sgt.
G. R. Panknen First Class Sgt.
Foster Fairall Mess Sergeant
Frank Kane Stable Sergeant
F. J. Bowen Duty Quartermaster Sergeant
F. H. Zimmerli Duty Sergeant
G. L. Spencer Duty Sergeant
R. W. Woods Cook
Roy Kisor Saddler
F. A. Rohrer Horseshoer
R. W. Hughes Musician

~ Corporals ~

C.E. Simons
R.J. Phillips
L.L. Leighton
D.M. Gallaher
E.L. Main
John Sueppel
E.L. Paintin

~ First Class Privates ~

M. Cornwall
H.A. Lindsay
G.D. Cochran
W.C. McCarthy
F.J. Douglass
George Moore
J.D. Freyder
S.B. Moore
H.G. Glick
M. Ruchte
P. Holzhauser
Allen Wallen
H.L. Hurd
C. Zimmerli
K.E. Longerbeam

~ Privates ~

Cloyde E. Adams
F. Jennings
C.C. Bailey
F.G. Kennon
O.C. Banta
C.J. Kinney
H.W. Ballard
E. Lithgow
K. Beach
F.W. Lerche
L.R. Beck
C.O. Lundberg
Leonard R. Beck
H.C. Lynch
Joe Bell
W.A. Louis
H.D. Benda
H.D. Lemley
F.C. Blazek
R.B. McDonald
R.I. Boarts
Geo. Metzgar
E.R. Boyatt
H.J. Moore
E.L. Bright
J.C. Menel
L. Brown
E.W. Ormsier
J.O. Brown
Raymond E. Pell
G. Brueckner
J.M. Parson
Charles C. Clark
C.C. Phipps
W.R. Cassil
W. Phipps
H.C. Cessna
G.F. Potter
E.M. Cole
A.T. Preston
E.W. Copsin
L.C. Ransom
Cliff Connelly
R.R. Rarick
M. Corso
G.H. Reichardt
J.W. Cozine
R. Riggle
N.E. Cozine
O. Rice
H.F. Crane
C. Roberdee
O.L. Davis
C.J. Rogers
T.E. Davis
W.H. Rogers
P.A. Deeds
E. Rosecrans
L. DeFrance
E.T. Royce
W.R. DeHaas
C.R. Shetlar
Clifford E. Dickens
G.J. Dinsmore
Carl R. Shaw
L.A. Douglas
L.H. Strike
C.E. Eggleston
G.L. Schillig
F.J. Fackler
C.E. Schanck
L.L. Fackler
W. Scotbroy
G.O. Files
F.E. Seitz
James J. Feehan
L.R. Smith
Oral Fowler
W.R. Strike
H.J. Fox
F.B. Sturm
P.J. Frank
J.H. Trundy
H.R. Frankle
E. Tomlin
L.G. Frederick
G.S. Walker
VonClovas Frost
J.E. Walker
J.A. Glass
H.A. Warner
J.T. Gerlits
W.O.E. Wiese
C. Grey
A.W. Vanvieck
T.A. Hamilton
L.L. Vogt
R.R. Harrington
W. Yager
A.C. Hartsock
A.G. Young
O.S Hayward
Fred E. Walters
H.H. Hyland
S.B. White
S.J. Hirsch
C.A. Wilkinson
Herbert R. Hess
C.S. Wren

~source: Iowa City Daily Citizen, Iowa City, Johnson co. Iowa, June 21 1917
~transcribed for Iowa In The Great War by Sharyl Ferrall http://iowaoldpress.com/