A Living Memorial

Sioux City, Iowa


'Memorial Mile'


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Memorial Mile, Sioux City, Iowa 1921 Sioux City WWI Memorial

..... The city of Sioux City has beautified the highway in laying splendid terraces on each side of the roadway, and in planting one of Iowa's finest native trees to the memory of each of the city's Gold Stars. ......  The stillness and beauty of this countryside lane will manifest reverence of a great city for the sacrifices of her heroic dead. The roadway will be named The Memorial Mile.  

~source: 'For God and Country', Edward H. Monahan Post No. 64, The American Legion. 1923, page 88.


Memorial Mile, Sioux City, Iowa 1956 Sioux City WWI Memoria

'Memorial Mile'


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Planted more than 35 years ago, these 140 elm trees bordering the Memorial drive leading to Stone Park now are tall and stately. They were planted in memory of all Woodbury county men who lost their lives in World War I.

~ source: Sioux City Journal, 27 May 1956


'Memorial Mile'

November 2006

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Memorial Mile, Sioux City, Iowa 2006 Sioux City WWI Memoria
~source:  Sioux City Public Library


~ 1921 scanned and submitted by Paula Hinkel phinkel@pacbell.net 
~ 1956 scanned and sent to Constance Diamond by Sioux City, Iowa Public Library