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Eber Lenon Palmer


EBER LENON PALMER is superintendent of city schools at Vinton, and his  first teaching experience was in that community.  It is a rather unusual circumstance that a father and son occupy prominent educational positions in one  town, his father Francis Eber Palmer, being superintendent of the State School  for the Blind at Vinton.

Eber Lenon Palmer was born at Greenfield, Iowa, September 16, 1897, son  of Francis E. and Cora May (Lenon) Palmer.  Appropriate mention of his  father's notable career as an educator is made on following pages of this  publication.

Eber Lenon Palmer received his early school advantages in the several localities where his father was superintendent of schools, including Villisca, Greenfield and LeMars.  He is a graduate of the LeMars High School.  In high school he showed special proficiency in dramatic and debating  work.  In 1914 he entered Grinnell College, from which he received his A.  B. degree in 1918.

In May, 1917, he and seven other Grinnell students volunteered for  service in the World war, and singularly all of them were assigned duties that  kept them together.  They were connected with the Twenty-sixth Base  Hospital, received training at Fort McPherson, Georgia, and on June, 1918, went  overseas, being stationed at Allerey, near Dijon, France.  Mr. Palmer  returned to the United States in February, 1919.  Since the war he has been  a member of the
American Legion.

After his release from military duty he resumed work in Grinnell  College for ten weeks.  At Vinton he taught mathematics in the high school  for two years, and for two years was principal of the high school there.  Then came an interruption  to his work as an educator when he spent a  year of residence at the University of Iowa.  After taking his Master of  Arts degree he was for two years superintendent of schools at Radcliffe, Iowa,  and then returned to Vinton as superintendent of the public schools.

He is a member of the Iowa Teachers Association, National Education Association, is a Republican, a member of the Masonic fraternity and the Phi  Delta Kappa, and is a Methodist.  He married Miss Eunice Olsen, daughter of  L. H. Olsen, of Minneapolis.  Mrs. Palmer was educated at the University of  Minnesota, and taught the craft arts, including basket weaving, at the School  for the Blind at Vinton.

~ source: A Narrative History of The People of Iowa, Edgar Rubey Harlan, LL. B., A. M., Chicago and New York, 1931

~ transcribed and contributed by:  Debbie  Clough Gerischer, Iowa History Project