Great War Helmet, 1914-1918.


Page: 445

Naval Discharge



Filed June 2, 1923, 11:00 o'clock A.M..

Clara L. Curtis Otis             Recorder.

Reference No.           -----------------------------------------  



Great Lakes, Illinois

July 23, 1919


From: Commandant


To: Reilly, James Francis Seaman R C4 Strawberry Point, Iowa

Subject: Release from active duty


1.  You are ordered home n accordance with your request, and upon arrival there you are released from active duty.


2.  Transportation and subsistence to your home is furnished you herewith.


3.  You were enrolled in the Naval Reserve Force for four years, and may be recalled into active duty anytime before the expiration of your enrollment.


4.  You are permitted to wear your uniform for a period of not longer than four months, during which time you must provide yourself with civilian clothes. You must, however, keep on hand the full outfit with which you were discharged. In the event you are recalled into active duty you must report in the uniform with full outfit.


5.  This release servers your connection with this station. All correspondence in the future must be directed to the Commandants 9th, 10th, 11th, Naval Districts at Great Lakes, Ill. whom you must keep informed of your address at all times during your enrollment, so that your retainer pay may be sent to you.


6. Four years after your enrollment you are entitled to a discharge from the U. S. Naval Reserve Force, which will be sent to you upon your application to the District Commandant, under whose direction you are serving.


  R. W. Dragoo  
  By direction  



War Gratuity $60.00 Credited.

Travel Allowance 33 Miles At 5c .. $16.00 Credited

R.P. Hadmore



~ source: Clayton County, Iowa Discharges. LDS microfilm #1516914 Item #6

~transcribed by Constance Diamond