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Soldier's Discharge Record





To All Whom it May Concern:

THIS IS TO CERTIFY, That     John Juran

#2150617  Private 1st Class  Casual Det. 196-163 D.B Last  assigned  Co. D. 349th Inf.


THE UNITED STATES ARMY, as a Testimonial of Honest and Faithful Service, is herby HONORABLY DISCHARGED from the military service of the UNITED STATES by reason of     Tel. WD  Nov. 15, 1918 and Ltr. A. G. A. Nov. 30, 1918.


Said    John Juran was born in    Wretzen
in the State of    Austria When enlisted he was    23 3/4  years of age

and by occupation a   Farmer

He had  blue  eyes,     brown  hair,     fair  complexion, and was    5   feet  4 1/2  inches in height.

      Given under my hand at    Camp Dodge, Iowa

This    19th   day of     May,    one thousand nine hundred and     Nineteen.

    Louis Crusler  
    Major Signal Corps, U. S. A.  




Name    John Juran Grade   Private  1st Class
Enlisted, or Inducted,   Feb. 25     1918, at  Elkader, Iowa
Serving in     First     enlistment period at date of discharge.
Prior service  None INTERURBAN RAILWAY
Noncommissioned officer   Never Ticket from Camp Dodge to Elkader
Knowledge of any vocation    Farmer I t-1  No. 13120
Marksmanship, gunner qualification or rating     Not Qualified Date issued 5/19/19

H. H. Lavine Agent


Horsemanship     Not Mounted

Battles, engagements, skirmishes, expeditions       A. E. F. St. Martin Rivers 1918

Decorations, Medals, Citations:    None

Wounds received in service    Gassed Oct. 17th 1918.

Physical condition when discharged     Good

Typhoid prophylaxis completed   March 15th, 1918


Paratyphoid prophylaxis completed      March 15th, 1918  

Married or Single    Single

Character   Excellent


No A. W. O. L.  No absence under G. O. 31-45 1914.

Entitled to travel pay

Left U. S. May. 8th, 1918   Returned May 5th, 1919.


  (Signature of Soldier) John Juran
CAMP DODGE, IOWA   H. A. Gunderson
May 19, 1919   Capt. of Inf.
Paid in Full  Including   Commanding  C D 496

Bonus: $94.50

A. D. Padmore    
Capt. commanding U. S. A.    
Filed for Record this  2nd day of  August, 19 33    

Verna M. O'Connor


County Recorder



~ source: Clayton County, Iowa Discharges. LDS microfilm #1516914 Item #6

~transcribed by Constance Diamond