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Soldier's Discharge Record


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Filed:  June 28th A. D.   19 41 at 10 A. M.. Marjorie Downie Length



Camp Travis, Texas


January 28, 1919.




1.  By direction of the President, and under the provisions of Section 9, Act of Congress, May 18, 1917, and Circular No. 75, War Department, 1918, the following officers are honorably discharged from the service of the United States for the convenience of the Government, to take effect this date, their services being no longer required:

537 1st Lt. WILLIAM AZMON NANN Infantry 86th Infantry
538 1st Lt. MARK AUGUSTUS MYATT Infantry 86th Infantry
539 1st Lt. ROY WOODNEY QUICK Med. Corps 35th Infantry
540 1st Lt. GEORGE IRVIN BRINGDES Infantry 165th Depot Brigade
541 1st Lt. SAMUEL BUTLER GRAHAM Infantry 165th Depot Brigade
542 1st Lt. EDWARD AUGUSTUS PAUL Infantry 165th Depot Brigade
543 1st Lt. CAROL VON PHUL Infantry 165th Depot Brigade
544 1st Lt. LOIIE CONLEY CROW Medical Corps 165th Depot Brigade
545 1st Lt. JOHN ISAAC DERR Infantry 165th Depot Brigade
546 2nd Lt. GERHARD SEIBEL Infantry 165th Depot Brigade
547 2nd Lt. FRANK PRICE Infantry 165th Depot Brigade
548 2nd Lt. RAYMOND RODGERS JOHNSON Infantry 165th Depot Brigade
549 2nd Lt. FRED CHARLES SEALEY Infantry 165th Depot Brigade
550 2nd Lt. CLIFFORD DEE VANCE Infantry 165th Depot Brigade
551 2nd Lt. JOE PATTON Infantry 165th Depot Brigade
552 2nd Lt. BRUCE RUSSELL Infantry 165th Depot Brigade
553 2nd Lt. ERNEST VICTOR ELLIS Infantry 165th Depot Brigade
554 2nd Lt. THOMAS PERRY BARRON Infantry 165th Depot Brigade
555 2nd Lt. MICHEAL EDWIN CONNELLY Infantry 86th Infantry
556 2nd Lt. ORAL LEO MIZE Motor Transp. Corps, 18th Sup. Tr.


By Command of Brigadier General Estes

Washington, D. C. May 20 19
$60 under Act of Congress
February 24th 1919 T. M. COUGHLAN
C. E. Gray        Major Q. M. Corps Executive Officer


Clarence A. Short 3 - A. G. O. 1 - Post Office
Clarence A. Short 2 - Personal 3 - Depot Brig.
Camp Adjutant 1 - Information 8 - 18th Div.
  2 - 86th Inf. 2 - 35th Infantry
  2 - 18th Sup. Trn. 2 - Div. Pers. Adjt.
  8 - Extras  

Travel Pay at 4 cents per mile/miles from Camp Travis, Texas, to Fort Logan, Colorado.

Washington D. C. May 20 1919 Gilbert H. Goosey
Paid $60 under Act of Congress approved Major Q. M. Corps
February 24, 1919  
C. E. Gray, Major   Q. M. Corps  




I certify that the foregoing is an exact, true and literal copy of the discharge certificate of blank space and that I have written in ink and signed on the original from which this copy was made the following words.  A true copy of this discharge certificate has been made and attested to by me to enable soldier to obtain bonus. 

  James Rush Lincoln



James Rush Lincoln


  Major Unassigned  


~ source: Clayton County, Iowa Discharges. LDS microfilm #1516914 Item #6

~transcribed by Constance Diamond