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Soldier's Discharge Record



Name:  James E. Canada Filed:  March 31, 1920

      Freda Katschkowsky       County Recorder.



To All Whom it May Concern:

THIS IS TO CERTIFY, That     James E. Canada    a   Corporal

of the U. S. Marine Corps, who was enlisted the  10th day of  June 1918 at Parrish Island, S. C. to serve for the duration of the war, is hereby HONORABLY DISCHARGED by special order of the Major General Commandant.


Said    James E. Canada was born     February 10, 1897
at Elkader, Iowa  and when enlisted was    69 1/4      inches high, with
with brown  eyes,     black  hair,     swarthy  complexion, and was       5   feet     8  inches in height.
occupation, student
Citizenship United States.            Accepted for enlistment at   Chicago, Illinois

      Given under my hand and delivered at    Naval Operating Base, Hampton Roads, Va.

This    11th   day of     August,     1919.

  Paid in full  $166.21    
  Character   Excellent    
    Geo. Van Oden  
    Colonel               U. S. M. C Commanding Marines.





Previous service  none Grade   Private 1st Cl.

Promotions and reductions:   Promoted to Corporal October 16, 1918

Marksmanship, gunner qualification or rating     Expert Rifleman, M. Q. O. #305. 1918

Sea service     None

Foreign service       France, October 13, 1918 to July 29, 1919

Decorations, Medals, Citations:    none

Battles, engagements, skirmishes, expeditions   American Expeditionary Forces, France, October 13, 1918 to July 29, 1919.

Military efficiency     Very Good                      Obedience: Excellent                  Sobriety: Excellent


Remarks: Service Honest and faithful, no objection to re-enlistment known to exist. Recommended for re-appointment as Corporal upon re-enlistment.


  Geo. Van Oden  
  Colonel               U. S. M. C Commanding Marines.


~ source: Clayton County, Iowa Discharges. LDS microfilm #1516914 Item #6

~transcribed by Constance Diamond