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United States Marine Corp


Filed      March 2nd, 1923  at 12:00 o'clock

Clara L. Curtis Otis         Recorder.

Reference No.  



              Know ye,  That Joseph Banner a  corpora; of the U. S. Marine Corps, who was enlisted at M. B. Mare Island, Vallejo, Cal.;  on the 5th day of August, 1917, to serve for the period of the war, is hereby

Honorably Discharged


By reason of expiration of term of enlistment.


Said Joseph Banner was born April 30, 1896, at Edgewood, Iowa, and when enlisted was 70 3/4 inches high, with brown eyes, brown hair, ruddy complexion; occupation teamster; citizenship, U. S.


Given under my hand and delivered at M. B. Quantico, Va. this 13th day of August, 1919.


Paid in full $355.52/100

Character; Excellent

  F. G. Paicher  

      Captain U. S. M. C., Commanding Marines,

                                           Supply Company, 6th Regiment.


Military Record


Previous service:  None        Accepted for enlistment at Tacoma, Washington


Promotions and reductions: App. cpl. (T. W.) 2/9/18;; Reduced to pvt. 3/3/18, No longer performing duties for which app; app. Cpl. (T.W.) 4/6/18.


Marksmanship qualificationsFirst Class Rifleman       Dec. 14, 1917; Marksman, Jun 12, 1919.


Sea Service: U. S. S. Von Steuben Feb. 5, 1918 to Feb. 25, 1918. U. S. S. George Washington July 25, 1919 to Aug. 3, 1919.


Foreign service: Served with Am. Ex. Forces in France and Germany, Feb. 25, 1919 to July 25, 1919; Followed retiring German Army thru Belgium and Luxenberg, Nov. 17, 1918, to Nov. 30, 1918.


Wounds received in service: One (Aisne-Marne) (Seissons) July 19, 1918.


Battles, engagements, skirmishes, expeditions: Am. Ex. Forces Feb 6, 1918 to Aug. 3, 1919. Engaged against the enemy during the Great World War in the following battles and engagements; Teulan Sector, Verdum, France, Apr. 1, 1918 to May 13, 1918; Aisne - Defenseive, France, May 31, 1918 to June 5, 1918; Chateau-Thierry Sector, France, June 6, 1918 to July 9, 1918; Aisne- Marne offensive, France July 18, 1918 to July 19, 1918; Marbache Sector, France, Aug. 9, 1918, to Aug. 16, 1918; St. Michiel offensive, France, Sept. 12, 1918 to Sept. 16, 1918, Argonne Offensive, France, Nov. 1, 1918 to Nov. 11, 1918.


Military efficiency: Excellent  Obedient: Excellent   Sobriety: Excellent


Remarks: Served with Army of Occupation, Germany, Dec. 1, 1918 to July 4, 1919. Served honest and faithful. Recommended for a good conduct medal. Recommended for reappointment to corporal should he reenlist.


Mileage paid to Tacoma, Wash.     Physical Condition: Excellent

Date: 12, 17, 1920   F. G. Paicher,
    Victory Medal issued this date   Captain U. S. M. C.
S. St. Paul M.          Commanding Marines
Post or station O. I. C.   Supply Co. 6th Regiment


  One (1) Fourragers, Miniature and Authorization Card No. 1089  Dec. 15, 1920. J. E. Betts, Captain, U. S. M. C.


~ source: Clayton County, Iowa Discharges. LDS microfilm #1516914 Item #6

~transcribed by Constance Diamond