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Soldier's Discharge Record


Filed      June 9th,  A. D.  1941 at 10 A.M.

                Majorie Downie Lenth         Recorder.

Reference No.  



Camp Lee, Virginia


Special Orders    No. 63

    March 4, 1919


      1.    By direction of the President; under the provisions of Section 9, Act of Congress, May 18, 1917, and Circular 75, War Department, 1918, the following named officers are honorably discharged from the service of the United States for the convenience of the government, to take effect this date, their services being no longer required:

Surname First Name Rank Unit Company
Collins James Leo Captain Infantry    
Durhan William E. Captain Infantry    
Grindstaff Robert V. Captain Infantry    
McMillan Thomas E. Captain Infantry    
Mayger Arthur G. Captain Infantry    
Strain John Captain Infantry    
Werlein Ewing Captain Infantry    
Barter Frank H. 1st Lieutenant Infantry  
Bradshaw Clyde 1st Lieutenant Infantry  
Brasher Ralph Eddowes 1st Lieutenant Infantry  
Chamberlayne John Hampton 1st Lieutenant Infantry  
Grahm Earl W. 1st Lieutenant Infantry
Maryman Joseph Stuart 1st Lieutenant Infantry  
Ary Lester C. 2nd Lieutenant Infantry  
Burns Edward I. 2nd Lieutenant Infantry  
Smith Ben T. 2nd Lieutenant Infantry Machine Gun
Upham Harry R. 2nd Lieutenant Infantry  
Wilson Henry van P., Jr. 2nd Lieutenant Infantry  
White  Geo. O. 1st Lieutenant 483rd Aero Squadron, A. S.  


     R. F. Campbell

Lt. Col., Adjutant General

     Camp Adjutant

Headquarters Camp Lee, Va. OFFICIAL



   C.  & N. W. R. R. ticket,

Form L 2-6    No. 142

Chicago to marathon

furnished on this certificate  3/6/19

H. G. Van Winkle, Ticket Agt., C. & N. W. Terminal


N. & W. R. R.

Mar. 4, 19     Camp Lee, Va.

Transportation Issued, Chicago, Ill.


By command of Major General Bundy:


Lieutenant Colonel, Infantry, U. S. A.

Executive Officer


Camp Lee, Va.

Paid in Full including Bonus $______.


Captain Q. M. C.

by_________________Agt. Off.

Refers to Book 1 Page 99


Camp Lee, Va.                       Mar. 1, 1919

of this officer                       Fort Snelling, Minn. 

Capt. H. A. Pittman, Dis. Off.


Forwarded            Feb. 3, 1921

Approved by The Adjutant General for Victory

Medal With St. Mihiel         Meuse-Argonne

Defensive Sector.



~ source: Clayton County, Iowa Discharges. LDS microfilm #1516914 Item #6

~transcribed by Constance Diamond