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~ O'Brien County Great War Honor Roll ~

Veteran Burials in O'Brien County, Iowa
  Veteran Cemetery Unit Additional Information
Gold star. A. William Anderson Prairie View West   Row 11, lot 3
Gold star. Otis Robert Andrews Mt. Olivet Sgt. Iowa, 7th Narragansett Bay Coast Defense Honorable Discharge; enlistment 01 May 1817, discharge 11 Apr 1919
Gold star. Warren Langworthy Ayres Eastlawn Sgt. Iowa, Army, Casual Det. 768, Camp Dodge, Iowa Honorable Discharge; enl.; 12 Dec 1917; dis. 15 Jun 1919
Gold star. Harry Thomas Barrett St. Patricks Pvt. Iowa, 34th Co Gtr. Bn. 157th Depot Brigade Honorable Discharge, enl. 23 Jul 1918; dis. 18 Feb 1919
Gold star. Jerome Stacy Bassett East Lawn 1st Lt. Trans. Corps U.S. Army Honorable Discharge; enl, 27 Nov 1917 at Leon Springs, Texas, dis. 07 Jun 1919 at Washington D.C.
Gold star. Henry Joseph Bauer Waterman Sgt. , Iowa,112th Mobile Ord. Repair Shop. 37th Div Honorable Discharge; enl. 28 Apr 1918, dis. 10 Apr 1919
Gold star. John Beermann   Army enl. 12 May 1918; dis. 27 Jun 1919
Gold star. Harry Linn Bloodgood   Navy Postal Carrier; enl 05 Jul 1918; dis. 11 Sept 1919
Gold star. August Brinkman Paullina Pvt. Co. A, 348th M.G.; 91st Div.; No subsequent service Farmer; Honorable Discharge; enl. 23 Jul 1918; dis. 22 Apr 1919
Gold star. James Stewart Brown Prairie View, West (Pfc) 1st Lieut. Hqs. School Military Aeronautics, Austin Texas, Air Res. Honorable Discharge; enl. 14 Jan 1918, dis. 12 Feb 1919
Gold star. Leonard Carl Carlson Prairie View Pvt. Med. Det. Co. F 338th Field Arty, 88th Div. Honorable Discharge; enl.; 25 Jun 1918; dis. 16 Jan 1919
Gold star. Fred Auston Chambers Pleasant Hill Fireman 3rd Class, 9th Naval District, U.S. Naval Reserve Force, Class 4 Honorable Discharge. enl. 29 Jul 1918; dis. 30 Sept 1921
Gold star. William Roy Ewoldt Prairie View, West    
Gold star. Arthur Fintel Prairie View, West    
Gold star. Raymand Francis Fife     Farmer
Gold star. John Franzen     Farmer
Gold star. Carl F. Gaudian, Jr. Prairie View, West   Row 8, lot 4; Farm hand, born Brandenburg, Germany, Vet
Gold star. John Henry Green Prairie View AEF; Pvt., Iowa Prisoner of War Escort Co. 243 Honorable Discharge; enlistment 23 Jul 1918, discharge 27 May 1919
Gold star. Henry Hansen Prairie View    
Gold star. John Hansen Pleasant Hill   Farmer
Gold star. Richard Harrison Prairie View, West    
Gold star. Emil Hibbing     Farmer
Gold star. Alvin Jacob Hilker  Prairie View   Lot 28
Gold star. Edward William Hilker  Prairie View   Lot 28
Gold star. Delbert Anson Hodgdon Prairie View Pvt, Iowa, 1st cl.,Casual Det. 1585 Demob. Group, last asgd to Med. Dept. Base Hospital, Camp Gordon, GA, Honorable Discharge; enlisted 23 Jul 1918, discharged 20 Oct 1919
Gold star. George Hodgdon Prairie View, West    
Gold star. Raymond Leon Hodgdon Prairie View, West    
Gold star. Adolph Hoermann Prairie View, West    
Gold star. Severn Martin Hovland Prairie View Iowa, Blacksmith First Class, Navy Honorable Discharge; enlistment 17 May 1918, discharge 23 Aug 1919
Gold star. Oscar Idso Prairie View Pvt. 1st Class, 35th Div., Casual Det. No. 359-163 D.B., Co B, 139th Inf.; Iowa Honorable Discharge; enl. 24 Feb 1918; dis.02 May 1919
Gold star. Harvey Jacobson Prairie View Pvt. M.D., Medical Dept, Vancouver Barracks, Wash. Honorable Discharge; enl. 24 Jun 1918; dis 19 Apr 1919 (08 Apr 1919)
Gold star. Seavert D. Jacobson Prairie View   Lot 126
Gold star. Emil Charles Jahn Prairie View Pvt. Iowa Co. A, 213th Engrs., 13th Div. Honorable Discharge; enl. 28 Jul 1918; dis 06 Jan 1919
Gold star. Charles Christopher Jurgensen Prairie View Pvt, Iowa 33rd, Co. 9th Rec. Bn. 157th DB Honorable Discharge; enl. 23 Jul 1918; dis 15 Feb 1919
Gold star. George Fredrick Jurgensen Prairie View, West    
Gold star. August Alfred Joseph Lemke Prairie View, West    
Gold star. Chris Linder Prairie View, East   Row 7, Lot 69; A.E.F.; 8th Co.
Gold star. Albert William Mattson Prairie View, East Pvt 1st Cl., Hq. Co. 325th Inf, 82nd Div., Army Honorable Discharge; enl. 19 Feb 1918; dis 23 Jun 1919
Gold star. Hams Ohme Prairie View, West    
Gold star. George William Panhorst Prairie View, West Pvt. Co. M, 57th Iowa Inf  
Gold star. Arthur Pauling Prairie View, West    
Gold star. Clyde Pelton Prairie View, West    
  Rembe, Ernest Verne Pleasant Hill Iowa, Fireman 3rd Class, Navy  
Gold star. John Schulz Prairie View, West    
Gold star. Ben Skaar Prairie View, West    
Gold star. Walter Stoneking     Army
Gold star. Arthur H. Strampe Prairie View Wagoner Co. 34, 157th Dept Brigade; Motor Ambulance Pool, Base Sec. #5, Med. Dept, AEF Honorable Discharge; enl.; dis. 03 Mar 1919
Gold star. Henry Strampe Prairie View, West   Cpl., Army
Gold star. Otto J. Strampe Prairie View, West   Row 11, lot 15
Gold star. William F. Strampe, Jr. Prairie View, West   Row 8. lot 8
Gold star. Sigfried Swanson Carroll City Iowa, Pvt. Battery C., 339th F.A., 88th Div Honorable Discharge; enl.; 28 Jun 1918; dis. 12 Feb 1919
Gold star. Charles Sweeney Prairie View, West Army  enlistment 28 Aug 1918; released date 17 Jan 1919
Gold star. John Frederick Tesch Prairie View, West   Row 7 Lot 12; surname also listed as Kruse
Gold star. Theodore L. Tjossem Prairie View   Lot 68
Gold star. Spencer Towe Prairie View, West    
Gold star. Dr. Nev E. Weems Prairie View, West   Row 12, lot 15
Gold star. M.M. Wood Prairie View, West    
~ source: Selective Service Draft Registration, 1917-1918, FHL, Salt Lake City
~ source: U.S. Headstone Applications for Military Veterans;
~ source: Iowa Deaths & Burials, 1850-1990, FHL, Salt Lake City
~ Cemetery photos; Federal census


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