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Twenty-Eight Iowans in Today's List

Washington, Nov. 9 -- Twenty-eight Iowans were mentioned in today's casualty lists. They contained a total of 981 names divided as follows: Killed in action, 263; died of wounds, 251; died of disease, 170; wounded severely, 22; wounded slightly, 46; died from accident and other causes, 3; prisoners, 1; wounded, degree undetermined, 125. The Iowans are:

Killed in Action - Privates:
Max. M. Wren, Van Wert, Ia.
Peter Anderson, Marshalltown, Ia.
Kirk H. Duncan, Lynnville, Ia.
Vincent Kirvin, Winterset, Ia.
Floyd A. Moore, Oskaloosa, Ia.
Fred C. Subcliff, Clinton, Ia.

Died of Wounds - Privates:
Marious H. Christiansen, Ringsted, Ia.
Nelson F. Ratcliff, Hopkinton, Ia.

Died of Disease:
John W. Verseck, Prescott, Ia., sergeant
William T. Bohn, Lamont, Ia., corporal
Pearl E. Loy, Larimore, Ia, corporal
Elvin Cecil, Stockport, Ia., private
Thomas H. Martin, Des Moines, Ia., private
August Schroeder, Preston, Ia., private
George S. Wells, Kalona, Ia., private
Harold L. Kirby, Elliott, Ia., private

Died from Accident & Other Causes:
John W. Delong, Tru--, Ia., private

Wounded, Degree Undetermined:
Kenneth C. McDonald, Chillicothe, Ia., sergeant
Claude W. Oyster, Villisea, Ia., corporal
Harold C. Moore, Garrison, Ia., corporal
William D. Alliman, Wayland, Ia., private
Roland L. Dyslin, Aurelia, Ia., private
Lloyd Lee Lowe, Gravity, Ia., private
Byron L. Wilson, Mt. Vernon, Ia., private

Wounded Slightly:
John S. McDonald, Sioux City, Ia., sergeant
Stacy E. Welborn, Centrill, Ia., wagoner
Charles F. Schliewert, Mason, Ia., private
Joseph Hruska, Cedar Rapids, Ia., private

~ source:  ~ source 'The Iowa City Citizen', Saturday, November 9, 1918
~ submitted by Sharyl Ferrall
Iowa Old Press



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