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The Salina Daily Union
Salina, Kansas
Thursday, March 14, 1918
Page 1, Column 6


WASHINGTON, D. C., March 14. - Four men were killed in action, two died of wounds, one was accidentally killed and three died of disease, fourteen were severely wounded and forty slightly wounded, the war department announced today.

The list follows:

Killed in action-Corporal Albert E. Behmer, Private Cecil M. Conley, Sergeant Frank O'Connor, Private Fred D. Turner.

Died of wounds-Private Fred C. Brummett, Sergeant Joseph L. Cip.

Accidentally killed-Private Harry Watson.

Died of disease-Corporal Oscar W. Ahlberg, Sergt. Clarence Bailey, Private Harry S. Briggs, Private Thomas R. Brown, Private John Bruny, Private John H. Howell, Private Walter C. Jennings, Private Jesse E. McCarty, Private Merritt M. Rhodes.

Wounded severely-Private Lyle W. arnes [Arnes], Private Harlan W. Chamberlain, Private Lloyd Culp, Wagoner William H. Dean, Private Joseph O. Fudge, Private Harold Kjar, Corporal Albert L. Rudig, Private Robert G. Petty, Private Ralph R. Rutherford, Corporal Joseph G. Swanson, Private Harry A. Templeton, Lieut. Bernard Van Hof, Private Percival Vining.

Slightly wounded-Captain Hugh H. Barber, Lieut. Horace E. Smith, Private John P. Telfer, Private Thomas S. Page, Corporal Otto S. Martin, Sergeant Lawrance J. Quigley, Private Fred J. Robinson, Private Edwin L. Jarvis, Private Otto Francen, Private Leslie Johnson, Private Loren L. Goddard, Corporal Henry H. Fall, Corporal Robert G. Andrews, Private Darrell L. Barber, Corporal Ernest P. Biegler, Private Keith S. Graul, Private Howard Hirschman, Private Harry K. Duddleson, Corporal John Greaves, Sergeant Seth A. Hensley, Private Joseph Justav, Private Harold Klemm, Private Emil Kroboth, Sergt. Oliver La Casse, Private Joe Letourneau, Private Clarence W. Lilly, Private James P. Moore, Sergt. Henry A. Morgan, Corporal George Murphy, Private Philip H. Newman, Private Trafton H. Overlock, Private Lester T. Pelton, Private Einar T. Petterson, Private Edward C. Place, Private William H. Satterfield, Private Everett H. Scott, Private Wm. H. Taylor, Private Obert Thompson, Private Frank Z. Vally, Private Robert Willis.

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Transcribed and contributed to Cass County IAGenWeb by Eileen Reed, September, 2016

~ source:  The Salina Daily Union, Salina, Kansas, Thursday, March 14, 1918, Page 1, Column 5
~ reprinted here with permission by Cheryl Siebrass Cass County IAGenWeb



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