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The Des Moines Register
Des Moines, Iowa
Friday, March 15, 1918
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Twenty-three Wounded in Action, According to Latest Reports from France.


Red Oak and Atlantic Furnished Most of the Names From Iowa Reported.


Data Shows Every Battalion or Regiment Has Not Been on Firing Line.

Iowa's representative regiment on the firing line in France has again been in action, and at least 4 dead and 23 wounded are added to the casualty list of the One Hundred Sixty-eighth infantry.

Most of the dead and wounded are included in the casualty list announced yesterday afternoon by the war department, and are from Company M, originally recruited at Red Oak and Atlantic.

The dead are:


PRIVATE CECIL M. CONLEY, father O. O. Conley, Atlantic.

PRIVATE FRED H. TURNER, father R. R. Turner, Atlantic.


The wounded are:

Private Lyle W. Barns, Quimby, Ia., severely.

Private Lloyd Culp, Atlantic, Ia., severely.

Private J. O. Fudge, Atlantic, Ia., severely.

Private Harold Kjar, Atlantic, Ia., severely.

Corporal George O. Marcher, Alta, Ia., severely.

Private Robert G. Petty, Carson, Ia., severely.

Private Albert L. Rudig, Griswold, Ia., Severely.

Private Ralph Rutherford, mother lives at Outten, Ill., enlisted in Atlantic, severely.

Corporal Joseph G. Swanson, Red Oak, Ia., severely.

Private Percival Vining, Woodburn, Ia., severely.

Private John R. Telfer, Red Oak, Ia., slightly.

Private Fred J. Robinson, Storm Lake, Ia., slightly.

Private Edwin L. Jarvin, Creston, Ia., slightly.

Private Otto Francen, Red Oak, Ia., slightly.

Private Leslie Johnson, Riverton, Ia., slightly.

Private Loren L. Goddard, Fairfield, Ia., slightly.

Private Henry H. Fall, Red Oak, Ia., slightly.

Capt. Ed Steller, Ottumwa, Ia., slightly.

Private Clinton A. Rhoades, Ottumwa, Ia., slightly.

Private Morris Proctor, Ottumwa, Ia., slightly.

Private George C. Mattox, Ottumwa, Ia., slightly.

Private William C. Lindsey, Ottumwa, Ia., slightly.

Private James A. Burns, Ottumwa, Ia., slightly.

In addition to these names, which have been located on a roster of the One Hundred Sixty-eighth, the following other casualties, which may include some Iowans, were reported yesterday:

Killed in action:

Sergt. Frank O'Connor.

Died of wounds:

Sergt. Joseph L. Cip.

Accidentally killed: Private Harry Watkins.

Died of disease: Sergt. C. G. Bailey, septicemia; Corporal Oscar W. Ahlberg, pneumonia; Private Harry S. Briggs, heart failure; Thomas R. Brown, tuberculosis; John Bruny, diphtheria; John H. Howell, septicemia; Walter C. Jennings, diphtheria; Jess E. McCarthy, pneumonia; Merritt M. Rhodes, pneumonia.

Wounded severely--Lieut. Bernard Vant Hof, Harlan W. Chamberlain, William H. Dean, Harry A. Templeton.

Wounded slightly--Capt. Hugh H. Barber, Lieut. Horace B. Smith, Sergeants Seth A. Hensley, Lawrence J. Quigley, Oliver La Casse, and Henry A. Morgan; Corporals John Greaves, Ernest P. Biegler, Robert G. Andrews, Otto S. martin, and George Murphy; Privates Joseph Justav, Harold Kiemm, Emil Krobath, Joe Letourneau, Clarence W. Lilly, James P. Moore, Philip Newman, Trafton H. Overlock, Lester T. Pelton, Einar T. Petterson, Edward G. Placis, William H. Satterfield, Everett H. Cott, William H. Taylor, Robert Thompson, Frank Z. Valley, Robert Willis, Thomas S. Page, Darrell L. Barber, Keith S. Graul, Howard Hirschman and Harry K. Duddleson.

Capt. Ed Steller and the five other Ottumwa men were wounded in actions of March 7 and 8. Private Brummett is reported to have died of wounds. His company has not previously figured in the casualty lists. The other casualties listed are all from Company M, with the exception of Private Rutherford, who was a member of the headquarters company.

Every battalion of the regiment has now been on the firing line, or at least some companies of each battalion, as the casualty lists announced so far contain names from companies in each battalion.

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C. Cecil Conley, Fred Turner, Lloyd Culp, J. O. Fudge, Harold Kjar, Albert Rudig, Ralph Rutherford contributed by Eileen Reed, September, 2016

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