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Report of the Adjutant General of Iowa

Iowa National Guard Activities

Fort Snelling R. O. T. C.


      Throughout the country there were established training camps for men who wished to become Reserve Officers. This course covered three months and constituted an intensive training for men to become officers in all branches of military work and to be commissioned in the Regular Army, the National Army, and the National Guard Army. These men were partly selected from the National Guard and were chosen by the Adjutant General on the recommendation of the company commanders of different units. The following men were selected from the Iowa National Guard and were sent to Fort Snelling, Minnesota. The order for their release from the National Guard was dated May 15, 1917 and they were either discharged to accept commission or returned to their former organizations by August 15, 1917.
Seymour Wells Henry R. Mahoney
Fred E. Peterson Reginald Gilmore
Emmons A. Campbell Charles M. Hayden
Robert K. Van Boskirk Ray B. Johnson
William H. O'Brien Paul Ayers
Forest D. Macomber A. W. Vansteenwick
C. McVicker Lee B. Koontz
William R. Cox Frederick Johannsen
Kenneth W. Mayne Henry De Kray
Louis Eggers Wright J. Johnson
Fred Nelson Clarence F. McWhorter
E. L. Glasier John W. Slack
John R. Strever Anson J. Smalley
Raymond H. Croft Mose Silverman
Burlin Keen Cheney L. Bertholf
Earl F. Recknor John A. Cobb
Charles F. Glassgow Dell S. Blackburn
Francis K. Burnett Edward Stillinger
Lester L. Miller Spencer B. Springer
George Shoemaker Bernard W. Gunsolly
Ewart C. Howe Charles B. Pullen
Carl E. Hull Kent C. Mead
Floyd E. Harding Jack Y. Youngstreet
Woodworth B. Allen Alfred G. DePoy
Harry Slaughter Kenneth C. Seibert
Raymond A. Shay Howell R. Williams
David M. Gallagher John F. Sueppel
H. T. Miller James Herring
Arthur Vollmer Hugh Webster
Richard B. Von Maur Ralph C. Williamson


~reference: State of Iowa 1918, Report of the Adjutant General of Iowa, for the Biennial Period Ended June 30, 1918. Louis G. Lasher, Adjutant General. Published by the State of Iowa, Des Moines

~ contributed by Cay Merriman for Iowa in the Great War Special Project


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