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Iowa National Guard

Report of the Adjutant General of Iowa
For the Biennial Period Ended June 30, 1918
Published by the State of Iowa
Des Moines

     The office of the Adjutant General has been a very busy place during the past two years. The United States has been involved in two wars during this period. At the beginning of the
year 1917 the Iowa National Guard, with the exception of the Field Artillery, which was mustered out in December, was in  Federal service and was on duty on the Mexican Border guarding the border states from invasion.  The organizations were returned to their homes early in the year and by March 23, 1917 were all out of active service.
     On March 25, 1917 the President again issued a proclamation calling into active service a part of the National Guard from each state, preparatory to entering the World War. In Iowa the First Regiment of Infantry was called into service and placed on duty guarding bridges and munitions plants.  By July 15, 1917 all other organizations of National Guard had been called into service.
     On August 5, 1917 all men who had been mustered into National Guard service were drafted into U. S. service.  This took the Guard entirely from under the control of the state.  By the latter part of August all Iowa units had left the state.
     Iowa Guard units sent into the service were all efficient, but it so happened that only one of them, the Third Iowa Infantry (168th U.S. Infantry) experienced any battle field service.  This regiment was a part of the 42nd or Rainbow, division, and was a composite organization, composed of the third and parts of the First and Second Infantry regiments.  Three-fifths of the enlisted men of the Third, when it left Iowa, had been for some time  in the ranks of this regiment.  Two-fifths were Guardsmen, transferred from the First and Second Regiments.  As a result it was truly a representative Iowa National Guard unit, and its brilliant achievements on the battle fields reflects credit upon the National Guard as a whole.

      Montgomery County


The Men of Company M

Part of the 168th Infantry of the "Rainbow Divison"

The National Guard of Iowa, as of June 30, 1918, consisted of one brigade of infantry (3 regiments), First Infantry, Second Infantry and Third Infantry, as well as many other outfits. The Third Infantry was made up of fifteen companies, one of which was Company M, Red Oak, Montgomery County. These 3 regiments went on to fight in the battles of Lorraine, Champagne, Chateau Thierry, St. Mihiel, Argonne and Sedan in France in World War I as part of the 168th Infantry of the famed Rainbow Division. Members of Company M are listed here.


Commissioned Officers  


Last Name First name Age Residence State Born Rank
Ross Lloyd D. 42 Red Oak Iowa Captain
Briggs Charles O. 38 Red Oak Iowa 1st Lieutenant
Christopher John C. 27 Red Oak Iowa 2nd Lieutenant

Non-Commissioned Officers

Last Name First name Age Residence State Born Rank
Johnson Oscar F. 38 Red Oak Iowa 1st Sgt.
Graves Cecil B. 24 Red Oak Missouri Supply Sgt.
Larson Clarence Arthur 23 Red Oak Nebraska Sgt.
Ferguson Donald V. 22 Red Oak Iowa Sgt.
Fulton W. Wayne 19 Fairfield Iowa Sgt.
Hamilton Byron W. 24 Pleasant Plain Iowa Sgt.
Hardwick Russell 23 Red Oak Iowa Sgt.
Hawkins Owen C. 42 Red Oak Iowa Sgt.
Hobbs Clem 24 Red Oak Missouri Sgt.
Lepley James B. 22 Red Oak Pennsylvania Sgt.
Longstreet Glendon A. 23 Red Oak Iowa Sgt.
McManus Everett G. 24 Cherokee -- Sgt.
Shields C. Floyd 23 Fairfield Iowa Sgt.
Shontz William E. 28 Correctionville Iowa Sgt.
Totty Clarence 21 Red Oak Iowa Sgt.
Blank Otis Paul 20 Red Oak Iowa Sgt.
Boustead George R. 39 Woodbine Iowa Cpl.
Brooks Philip A. 25 -- New Hampshire Cpl.
Butler John Donald 22 Red Oak Iowa Cpl.
Davis Loren W. 26 Libertyville Iowa Cpl.
Donavon Timothy J. 22 Cherokee Iowa Cpl.
Durfee Benjamin F. 19 Fairfield Iowa Cpl.
Enokson Ruben L. 22 Cherokee Iowa Cpl.
Fall Henry H. 23 Red Oak Kansas Cpl.
Faulkner Lloyd E. 27 Fairfield Nebraska Cpl.
Freeburg Thure 23 Red Oak Sweden Cpl.
Gross John J. 29 Fairfield Minnesota Cpl.
Hart Claude V. 27 Cherokee South Dakota Cpl.
Hoke Arnold 24 Red Oak Iowa Cpl.
Holtman William H. 29 Atlantic Illinois Cpl.
Killion James W. 23 Cherokee Nebraska Cpl.
Lepley Edward C. 19 Red Oak Pennsylvania Cpl.
Lewis Russell 20 Red Oak Iowa Cpl.
Marcher George O. 21 Alta Denmark Cpl.
Morse Jesse C. 33 Red Oak Iowa Cpl.
Nelson Carl O. 21 Fairfield Iowa Cpl.
Oats Reuben A. 22 Fairfield Iowa Cpl.
Reiley Oliver 18 Red Oak Iowa Cpl.
Roberts Ralph E. 20 Atlantic Iowa Cpl.
Salts Ralph H. 21 Fairfield Indiana Cpl.
Sanks Chas E. Jr. 21 Red Oak Iowa Cpl.
Scott Lloyd T. 27 Cherokee Iowa Cpl.
Shaeffer Harold 22 Storm Lake Illinois Pvt. 1st Class
Smith Jay D. 19 Red Oak Iowa Cpl.
Stansberry Lane E. 23 Fairfield Iowa Cpl.
Swanson Joseph C. 22 Red Oak Sweden Cpl.
Wilson Earl W. 23 Red Oak Iowa Cpl.
Young Raymond B. 25 Hume, Illinois Illinois Cpl.

Cooks, Musicians, Etc.

Last Name First name Age Residence State Born Rank
Hemenway Ira A. 23 Red Oak Iowa Cook
Roof Lester L 29 Red Oak Iowa Cook
Taylor Frank J. 24 Villisca Iowa Cook
Gillfillan Lee 37 Carson Missouri Cook
Elwood George R. 28 Red Oak Nebraska Mechanic
Lynch Donald D. 18 Atlantic Iowa Mechanic
Fife Orville G. 23 Red Oak Iowa Bugler
Smith Omrie A. 18 Red Oak Missouri Bugler

Privates, 1st Class

Last Name First name


Residence State Born Rank
Anderson Clarence A. 22 Atlantic Iowa Pvt. 1st Class
Axline Samuel E. 35 Fairfield Iowa Pvt. 1st Class
Bailey William H. 25 Red Oak Missouri Pvt. 1st Class
Burkhart George H. 25 Fairfield Iowa Pvt. 1st Class
Chew Lester L. 21 Elliott Iowa Pvt. 1st Class
Clement Carl C. 20 Red Oak Iowa Pvt. 1st Class
Comingore Clifford E. 24 Fairfield Iowa Pvt. 1st Class
Cooks Wesley V. 25 Fairfield Iowa Pvt. 1st Class
Crane Ernest R. 18 Cherokee Iowa Pvt. 1st Class
Crowder Frank C. -- Red Oak Iowa Pvt. 1st Class
Dinsmore Frank L. 21 Farragut Iowa Pvt. 1st Class
Dunn Joseph A. 25 Cherokee Iowa Pvt. 1st Class
Dyvad Carl C. -- Sioux City -- Pvt. 1st Class
Embree Arthur H. 24 Elliott Iowa Pvt. 1st Class
Emry Roy C. 20 Fairfiled Iowa Pvt. 1st Class
Francen Otto 29 Red Oak Sweden Pvt. 1st Class
Gardner Jess 24 Atlantic Missouri Pvt. 1st Class
Gilbert Flavil C. 22 Libertyville Colorado Pvt. 1st Class
Goodwin Roy 22 Hampton -- Pvt. 1st Class
Hawkins George H. -- Red Oak Iowa Pvt. 1st Class
Hickman Walter L. 21 Henderson Kansas Pvt. 1st Class
Hull Clarence D. 18 Fairfield -- Pvt. 1st Class
Johnston Harvey W. 18 Fairfield Iowa Pvt. 1st Class
Jones Preston W. 19 Red Oak Iowa Pvt. 1st Class
Killion Clarence R. 23 Fairfield Illinois Pvt. 1st Class
Kjar Harold 18 Atlantic Iowa Pvt. 1st Class
Klema William J. 23 Sutherland Iowa Pvt. 1st Class
Kringel Carl S. 21 Atlantic Iowa Pvt. 1st Class
Levda James B. 19 Cherokee Iowa Pvt. 1st Class
McMurray Charles 23 Fairfield Iowa Pvt. 1st Class
Mefferd Charles 24 Woodbine Iowa Pvt. 1st Class
Miller Henry 19 Red Oak Kansas Pvt. 1st Class
Morrill Loyd L. 18 Atlantic Iowa Pvt. 1st Class
Moyer LeRoy E. 24 Cherokee Pennsylvania Pvt. 1st Class
Nelson Rollie B. 20 Fairfield Iowa Pvt. 1st Class
Peterson Harold H. 21 Aurelia Illinois Pvt. 1st Class
Phelps Arthur 25 Henderson Iowa Pvt. 1st Class
Russell Austin O. 21 Atlantic Iowa Pvt. 1st Class
Schaefer William E. 26 Fairfield Ohio Pvt. 1st Class
Sharkey William H. -- Red Oak Iowa Pvt. 1st Class
Shay William A. 22 Atlantic Iowa Pvt. 1st Class
Shepperd Guy 19 Atlantic Iowa Pvt. 1st Class
Smith Charles T. 20 Washta Iowa Pvt. 1st Class
Smith Forest S. 20 Red Oak Nebraska Pvt. 1st Class
Spence Frank B., Jr. 21 Atlantic Iowa Pvt. 1st Class
Starr Ira -- Moulton Missouri Pvt. 1st Class
Stephenson Maurice 21 Red Oak Iowa Pvt. 1st Class
Turner Fred D. 19 Atlantic Iowa Pvt. 1st Class
Wilken Alt C. 19 Atlantic Iowa Pvt. 1st Class
Wilson Norbert T. 18 Elliott Iowa Pvt. 1st Class


Last Name First name


Residence State Born
Adkins Ben H. 20 Fairfield Iowa
Anderson Elery M. 22 Elliott Illinois
Anderson Vivian D. 26 Cherokee Nebraska
Archer Ralph A. 15 Imogene Iowa
Bailey McKinley 19 Fairfield Iowa
Barnes Lyle W. 18 Quimby Iowa
Beale Robert D. 21 Elliott Missouri
Beam Sidney 26 Riverton Nebraska
Behmer Albert E. -- -- --
Bennett John 20 Hamburg Missouri
Birdsall John T. 21 Atlantic Nebraska
Black Lester C. 26 Red Oak Iowa
Bleasdall Joseph H. 18 Holestein Iowa
Bolio Lee 21 Carson Missouri
Bolt George B. 20 Woodbine Iowa
Boone Joel S. 21 Elliott Missouri
Bosley Clarence A. 21 Storm Lake Iowa
Breese Roy E. 21 Red Oak Iowa
Brewer Neil O. 19 Sutherland Iowa
Brosz Jacob 22 Atlantic Iowa
Brown Frank R. 18 Red Oak Nebraska
Brown Walter R. 22 Fairfield Indiana
Burch Elton W. 20 Cherokk Iowa
Butler Ted A. -- Sutherland --
Campbell Marion R. 18 Red Oak Iowa
Cannon Ralph J. 20 Red Oak Iowa
Cardio Joe 25 Atlantic Iowa
Caton Joe R. 21 Griswold Missouri
Clark Fredrick W. 19 Red Oak Iowa
Cleland Clarence 25 Riverton Iowa
Coffman Oscar J. 18 Brighton Iowa
Cocklin Frank N. 19 Griswold Missouri
Coker Raymond D. 19 Atlantic Minnesota
Colter Willie C. 25 Fairfield Missouri
Condon William J. 18 Storm Lake Rhode Island
Conley Cecil M. 18 Atlantic Iowa
Crawford Roscoe 18 Emerson Missouri
Crissy George D. 18 Storm Lake Iowa
Culp Lloyd 23 Macedonia Iowa
Culver Paul E. 18 Red Oak Iowa
Cusworth James L. 21 Woodbine Iowa
Daft Guy 19 Grant Iowa
Davison Edgar C. 26 Brighton Iowa
Denlinger Paul 20 Red Oak Iowa
Dimmitt Clifford E. 18 Fairfield Iowa
Dunn Charles M. 24 Red Oak Missouri
Dyslin Ronald L. 20 Aurelia Iowa
Edwards John H. 18 Fairfield Iowa
Erlewine Herman 21 Woodbine Iowa
Evans Louie H. -- -- --
Everett Joseph M. -- Red Oak Iowa
Filpot Thomas B. -- Red Oak Missouri
Foster Vanis R. 20 Brighton Missouri
Fudge Jseph O. 18 Atlantic Iowa
Gilchrist Charles V. 26 Albert City Iowa
Goddard Loren S. 18 Fairfiled Iowa
Grashoff Henry W. 23 Aurelia Minnesota
Gray Thomas J. 31 Elliott Iowa
Griffith Marion C. 21 Red Oak Iowa
Gumm Warren V. 31 Fairfield Iowa
Hastert Henry 26 Cherokee Nebraska
Haworth Fred F. 21 Richland Iowa
Hill Byron L. 23 Sutherland Iowa
Hopper Sidney 22 Atlantic Iowa
Hopple Charles H. 27 Brighton Ohio
Hubbell Max L. 18 Atlantic Iowa
Jarvis Edwin L. 18 Red Oak North Dakota
Jensen Paul J. -- -- --
Johnson Alvin L. 16 Red Oak Iowa
Johnson Leslie 22 Riverton Iowa
Johnson Lloyd 20 Atlantic Iowa
Jolly Harry O. 18 Fairfield Iowa
Jones George F. 18 Red Oak Iowa
Jones Roy D. 34 Cherokee Kansas
Jones William B. 20 Griswold Iowa
Kielty Thomas F. 23 Tilden, Nebraska Nebraska
Kindig Russell P. 24 Henderson Iowa
Kirk Earl R. 23 Atlantic Iowa
Kirk Paul N. 21 Atlantic Iowa
Kringel Glen 24 Atlantic Iowa
Lary Ray W. 20 Griswold Iowa
Lee George H. 18 Red Oak Iowa
Lee Harold E. 18 Cherokee Iowa
Lewis Frank 18 Fairfield Iowa
Littlefield Ralph E. 18 Cherokee Iowa
Longstreet Jack Y. 21 Red Oak Iowa
Lueth Louis L. 19 Atlantic Iowa
Lynch Leon B. 30 Atlantic Iowa
McConnelee Irvin O. 19 Atlantic Iowa
Mahlandt Harry C. 23 Atlantic Illinois
Martz Raymond A.  18 Storm Lake Missouri
Mayers Earl 25 Riverton Missouri
Mitchell Sheryl R. 21 Dawson Illinois
Monk Lawson 19 Riverton Missouri
Munday Leonidus S. 18 Red Oak  Missouri
Myers Orten E. 23 Douds Leando (sic) Iowa
Neese William A. 19 Elliott Ohio
Nord Elmer V. -- Red Oak Sweden
Nylander Huss W. -- Red Oak Sweden
Petty Robert G. 21 Carson Iowa
Phares Ray L. 19 Atlantic Iowa
Phillips Frank 24 Douds Iowa
Pierce Karl O. 20 Atlantic Iowa
Poch Fred W. 23 Atlantic Iowa
Pue Herbert B. 21 Woodbine Iowa
Porterfield Frank P. 18 Atlantic Iowa
Prizer Moyle R. 18 Brighton Iowa
Reed Robert H. 19 Red Oak Iowa
Reynolds George 20 Woodbine Iowa
Ristine Shirl E. 18 Fairfield Iowa
Robbins Calvin L. 19 Griswold Pennsylvania
Robinson Carl F. 25 Atlantic Iowa
Robinson Fred J. 19 Storm Lake Iowa
Rogge Paul C. 18 Atlantic Iowa
Rudig Albert L. 18 Griswold Iowa
Shafer Terry M. 18 Brighton Iowa
Shoafstall Roy F. 20 Atlantic Iowa
Sims Phil R. 18 Atlantic Iowa
Singley Charley G. -- Red Oak Illinois
Smith Edwards C. 24 Fairfield Oklahoma
Smith La Mor 24 Red Oak Iowa
Smith Roy 21 Carson Missouri
Spence Irmen F. 21 Atlantic Iowa
Spencer Clyde M. 20 Griswold Iowa
Spohn Herman T. 18 Brighton Iowa
Steele Oscar A. 22 Cherokee Sweden
Taylor Cecil U. -- Red Oak Iowa
Taylor Oscar M. 18 Ottumwa Kansas
Telfer John P. 18 Red Oak Iowa
Thornton Oral K. 31 Red Oak Iowa
Tinker Winthrop F. 25 Peterson Iowa
Tobins James H. 23 Cherokee Indiana
Treptow Martin A. 24 Cherokee Wisconsin
Turk Glen L. -- Red Oak Colorado
Turk Henry A. 27 Atlantic --
Van Oyen August 25 Fairfield Belgium
Vining Percival L. 20 Woodbine Iowa
Warner Walter O. 20 Fairfield Iowa
Weiss Louis 18 Woodbine Iowa
Wilkins Harold B. 20 Fairfield Iowa
Winn Frank Guild 20 Red Oak Iowa
Wright Earl A. 27 Atlantic Iowa
Wright Everett 19 Atlantic Iowa
Wyant Ben F. 20 Griswold Missouri

Men Who Refused to Take National Defense Oath

Last Name First Name Residence
Erickson Elmer O. Red Oak
Hobbs Guy Red Oak
Horton Edwin M. Red Oak
Johnson Carl A. Red Oak
Liddick C. Dewey Red Oak
McMichael Glen Red Oak
Redmon Merle Red Oak
Rogers Benjamin F. Red Oak
Schmidt Christian A. Red Oak
Smith Perley C. Red Oak
Walker Francis V. Elliott


~ source: "Report of the Adjutant General, Iowa", a listing of all men in the National Guard in Montgomery Co. and surrounding Counties.

~ transcribed by Cay Merryman, for Iowa in the Great War and Montgomery County IAGenWeb