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Distinguished Service Cross Recipients

About the Distinguished Service Cross

Cerro Gordo County

      Glenn C. Haynes, captain, 168th Infantry. For extraordinary heroism in action near Bois de Chatillon, France, October 16, 1918. Capt. Haynes, as battalion commander, distinguished himself by his coolness and leadership in the attack on Bois de Chatillon and Cote-de-Chatillon. When the commanders of his two front line companies were put out of action after having obtained a footing upon the slopes, Capt. Haynes personally took command of the two companies and in utter disregard for his own safety successfully led them through heavy artillery, machine gun and rifle fire to their objective.

Residence at appointment: Mason City, Iowa (Cerro Gordo co.)

     Hanford MacNider, captain, 9th Infantry. For extraordinary heroism in action near Medeah Farm, France, October 3-9, 1918. He voluntarily joined an attacking battalion on October 3 and accompanied it to its final objectives. During the second attack on the same day he acted as a runner through heavy artillery and machine gun fire. He visited the lines both night and day, where the fighting was most severe. When higher authority could not be reached, he assumed responsibilities and gave the necessary orders to stabilize serious situations. when new and untried troops took up the attack he joined their forward elements, determined the enemy points of resistance by personal reconnaissance, uncovered enemy machine gun nests and supervised their destruction.

Oak Leaf Cluster

    Capt. McNider is also awarded an oak leaf cluster, to be worn with Distinguished Service cross, for the following act of extraordinary heroism in action near Remenauville, France, September 12, 1918: On duty as regimental adjutant, while carrying instructions to the assaulting lines, he found the line unable to advance and being disorganized by a heavy machine gun fire. Running forward in the face of the fire, this officer captured a German machine gun, drove off the crew, reorganized the line on that flank, and thereby enabled the advance to continue.

Residence at appointment: 232 Second Street, Mason City, Iowa (Cerro Gordo co.)

    Clarence C. Schide, second lieutenant, 114th Infantry. For extraordinary heroism in action near Bois d'Ormont, France, October 12, 1918. Although severely wounded, Lieutenant Schide continued to lead his platoon aver open ground and subjected to heavy artillery and machine-gun fire until he received a second wound, which necessitated his removal from the field in a critical condition.

Residence at appointment: Mason City, Iowa (Cerro Gordo co.)

    John H. Snyder, first lieutenant, Air Service, observer, 91st Aero Squadron. For extraordinary heroism in action September 12, 1918. While on a special mission to determine the probable enemy concentration in the back areas he, with his pilot, in spite of almost impossible flying conditions, flew 60 kilometers over the enemy lines at a very low altitude. The unfavorable weather alone would have warranted them in turning back, but they continued on regardless of very active and accurate machine-gun and antiaircraft fire. They returned to our lines only when their mission was successfully completed.

Residence at appointment: 411 North Federal Avenue, Mason City, Iowa (Cerro Gordo co.)



~source: Official Register, State of Iowa 1921-1922, Twenty-Ninth Number, Military Decorations of Iowans in the World War, pg. 360-376

~ Transcribed and contributed by Sharyl Ferrall for Iowa in the Great War Special Project