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Black Hawk County


    Fred H. Becker, second lieutenant, infantry, attached to 5th Regiment, United States Marine Corps. For extraordinary heroism in action near Vierzy, France, July 18, 1918. Lieut. Becker went forward in advance of his platoon and destroyed a machine gun nest, thereby preventing the death of injury of many men of his command. His self-sacrificing courage permitted his platoon to advance, but, as he completed the performance of this noble work, he himself was killed.

Emergency address: Mrs. J. B. Becker, mother, 228 Newell Street, Waterloo, Iowa. Residence at appointment: 232 Newell Street, Waterloo, Iowa. (Black Hawk co.)


     Charles W. Chapman, Jr., second lieutenant, 94th Aero Squadron, Air Service. On May 5, 1918, in the region of Autrepierre, while on patrol duty, he courageously attacked a group of four monoplanes and one biplane and succeeded in bringing one down before he himself was shot down in flames.
Emergency address: C. W. Chapman, father, 637 W. 3rd St. Waterloo, Iowa

Residence at appointment: Waterloo, Iowa (Black Hawk co.)


    William H. Jutras, first lieutenant, 103d Infantry. For extraordinary heroism in action near Riaville, France, September 26, 1918. When the platoon on the right flank of his company was threatened by an enfilading movement of the enemy machine guns, he carried a message to the commander of that platoon through deadly machine gun and minenwerfer bombardment. It then being necessary to establish liaison with the company on the right, in order to save his platoon from annihilation, and knowing that he faced almost certain death, this gallant officer unhesitatingly volunteered for this mission and crossed a terrain swept by converging machine gun fire. Mortally wounded, he delivered his message in time to save his platoon.
Emergency address: Mrs. Matthe Jutras, mother, 185 Beech Street, Manchester, N.H.

Residence at appointment: Waterloo, Iowa (Black Hawk co.)

    Eban A. Smith, (Army serial No. 547459), sergeant, Company I, 30th Infantry, 3d Division. For extraordinary heroism in action near Crezancy, France, July 16, 1918. although knocked down by the explosion of a shell, Sergeant Smith immediately got up and rendered valuable assistance to his platoon leader in conducting the movement of the platoon through the most intense shell fire. He was subsequently killed in action.

Emergency address: Mrs. Kate Bronson, mother, 618 Columbia St. Waterloo, Iowa
Residence at enlistment: 618 Columbia St. Waterloo, Iowa (Black Hawk co.)

    Nicklous Weber, private, Company K, 325th Infantry. For extraordinary heroism in action near St. Juvin, France, October 16, 1918. After three stretcher bearers had been shot down while trying to bring in a wounded soldier, he advanced in the face of the terrific machine gun and artillery fire and rescued the wounded man. He then returned to the field and successfully brought the three stretcher bearers to our lines.
Residence at enlistment: R.F.D. No. 5, Waterloo, Iowa (Black Hawk co.)



~source: Official Register, State of Iowa 1921-1922, Twenty-Ninth Number, Military Decorations of Iowans in the World War, pg. 360-376

~ Transcribed and contributed by Sharyl Ferrall for Iowa in the Great War Special Project