Marriage Index By Groom
Fremont County, Iowa



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Groom Bride Date Transcriber
Carman, Thomas L. Collins, Mahala Catherine Ferguson   Mar 29 Mar 1900 Dorothy Hinkey
Chadwick, George Gaylord, Maria FMar 17 Oct 1858 Pat O'Dell
Chadwick, George Redfield, Mary FMar 07 May 1874 Pat O'Dell
Chadwick, William Smith, Sarah FMar 08 Oct 1869 Pat O'Dell
Chaffee, George Smith, Sarah FMar 08 Oct 1869 Pat O'Dell
Chamberlain, George Banker, Estella FMar 16 Oct 1878 Pat O'Dell
Chambers, Charles Harless, Alberte FMar 26 Jul 1874 Pat O'Dell
Chandler, Emry Catlett, Mary FMar 23 Jul 1874 Pat O'Dell
Chandler, Herbert Waddel, Mary FMar 26 Feb 1877 Pat O'Dell
Chandler, John Vandament, Martha FMar 07 Apr 1867 Pat O'Dell
Chandler, John Wylie, Ellen FMar 22 May 1871 Pat O'Dell
Chandler, Thomas Williams, Elizabeth J. FMar 30 Mar 1867 Pat O'Dell
Chaney, Henry Aitken, Ellen FMar 27 Mar 1873 Pat O'Dell
Chaney, Hiram Allison, Nancy C. FMar 22 Sep 1867 Pat O'Dell
Chaney, Robert Bridges, Arabella FMar 19 Sep 1869 Pat O'Dell
Chaney, Rufus Madison, Frances FMar 15 Jan 1874 Pat O'Dell
Chaney, Samuel Allison, Lizzie FMar -- Sep 1870 Pat O'Dell
Chaney, Samuel Fouts, Libbie FMar 23 Apr 1871 Pat O'Dell
Chapman, John Hickman, Fanny FMar 05 Mar 1874 Pat O'Dell
Chase, William Martin, Margaret Ann FMar 03 Aug 1865 Pat O'Dell
Chatfield, Richard Cummings, Milley FMar 10 Apr 1872 Pat O'Dell
Chaupe, Oliver St Vrain, Charlotte FMar 24 Nov 1870 Pat O'Dell
Chesney, A.N. Baylor, Caroline FMar 01 Mar 1868 Pat O'Dell
Chrisman, Gabriel Chrisman, Polly FMar 15 Aug 1877 Pat O'Dell
Chrisman, George Harris, Nancy FMar 09 Oct 1865 Pat O'Dell
Chrisman, George Jackson, Jemima FMar 24 Aug 1879 Pat O'Dell
Christian, J.B. Beech, Sarah FMar 22 Mar 1871 Pat O'Dell
Chorn, Abraham Elledge, Mary FMar 25 Feb 1874 Pat O'Dell
Cinnamon, J.M. Scott, Sarah FMar 26 Oct 1873 Pat O'Dell
Clapper, Joseph Clapper, Sarah FMar 11 Sep 1870 Pat O'Dell
Claremore, Lewis Wilson, Mary (Mrs) FMar 23 Dec 1862 Pat O'Dell
Clark, Chancey Lyman, Sophia FMar 03 Apr 1862 Pat O'Dell
Clark, Charles S. Wilcox, Mary FMar 27 Aug 1876 Pat O'Dell
Clark, Charles T. Gaffney, Clara FMar 10 Jul 1877 Pat O'Dell
Clark Henry Garfield, Sarah FMar 24 Aug 1879 Pat O'Dell
Clark, Robert Brink, Adelia FMar 13 Feb 1872 Pat O'Dell
Clark, Victor Woods, Kate M. FMar 10 Aug 1879 Pat O'Dell
Clark, Willis G. Rossiter, Sarah FMar 04 Jun 1873 Pat O'Dell
Clark, Wilson Blanchard, Ellen FMar 26 Feb 1877 Pat O'Dell
Clark, Wilson Coy, Martha FMar 17 Aug 1869 Pat O'Dell
Clark, Wilson Clark, Martha FMar 26 Jun 1869 Pat O'Dell
Claybourn, James Beckstead, Matilda FMar 12 Feb 1865 Pat O'Dell
Clegg, Henry S. (see note) Woolfenden, Mary FMar 13 Nov 1860 Pat O'Dell
Cleland, Thomas South, Mary Jane FMar -- --- 1875 Pat O'Dell
Clem, Aaron Myers, Sibbia FMar 18 Oct 1874 Pat O'Dell
Clem, Henry Ripley, Emily FMar 26 Sep 1861 lic Pat O'Dell
Clemmings, Jesse Foxall, Rebecca FMar 28 Apr 1862 Pat O'Dell
Clift, Samuel McMillen, Martha Jane FMar 31 Mar 1867 Pat O'Dell
Clifford, George Roby, Mary FMar 07 Feb 1871 Pat O'Dell
Cobaugh, John Waugh, Saphrona FMar 18 Jun 1876 Pat O'Dell
Coburn, Omar Murray, Elizabeth FMar 21 Feb 1878 Pat O'Dell
Coe, Charles Clark, Amanda FMar 02 Mar 1871 Pat O'Dell
Cole, T.C. (male) Blakely, M.E. (female) FMar 11 Sep 1879 Pat O'Dell
Collier, James Grover, Emma FMar 30 Sep 1878 Pat O'Dell
Collier, John McKinney, Charlotte FMar 25 Dec 1875 Pat O'Dell
Colins, John Argyle, Virginia FMar 14 Jul 1871 Pat O'Dell
Colonens, Charles Reynolds, Leah FMar 19 Dec 1875 Pat O'Dell
Comstock, James McIntosh, Margaret FMar 03 Mar 1872 Pat O'Dell
Conkle, Eli Taylor, Sarah FMar 03 Sep 1869 Pat O'Dell
Converse, William Frederickson, Fanny FMar 21 Apr 1863 Pat O'Dell
Cook, Frank Cook, Nancy FMar -- --- 1871 Pat O'Dell
Cook, George Clipstan, Mary FMar 11 May 1879 Pat O'Dell
Cook, Herbert Goodwin, Elizabeth FMar 06 Oct 1872 Pat O'Dell
Cook, William Pierson, Francis FMar 04 Mar 1866 Pat O'Dell
Cool, Thomas Smith, Almina FMar 29 Apr 1877 Pat O'Dell
Cooper, Benton Jennings, Lucy FMar 02 Sep 1877 Pat O'Dell
Cooper, Thomas Johnston, Martha Jane FMar 14 Apr 1868 Pat O'Dell
Copeland, Amos Duncan, Mary J. FMar 08 Apr 1858 Pat O'Dell
Copeland, James Keeler, Ruth FMar 27 Oct 1846 Pat O'Dell
Copeland, James Ricketts, Myra G. FMar 23 Jul 1874 Pat O'Dell
Copeland, Thomas Cox, Lucena FMar 16 Oct 1875 Pat O'Dell
Cornell, John C. Marshall, Mary FMar 31 Jul 1867 lic Pat O'Dell
Couts, Solomon Bridgeman, Miriam FMar 01 Jun 1865 Pat O'Dell
Coward, Charles Northrope, Louisa (Mrs) FMar 06 Mar 1863 Pat O'Dell
Cowles, Harvey McKean, Ellen FMar 14 Apr 1872 Pat O'Dell
Cowles, Wesley Wyatt, Susan FMar 27 Sep 1877 Pat O'Dell
Cox, Edward Miller, Fannie FMar 14 Nov 1877 Pat O'Dell
Cox, John Booton, Olive FMar 20 Jan 1876 Pat O'Dell
Coy, Henry Estabrook, Della FMar 25 Feb 1875 Pat O'Dell
Crandall, William McComb, Isabell FMar 14 Nov 1867 Pat O'Dell
Crandle, Amos Hiatt, Amilla J. FMar 04 Apr 1858 Pat O'Dell
Creech, John Brady, Martha Ann FMar 05 Mar 1876 Pat O'Dell
Criswell, David Gaylord, Paula FMar 16 Apr 1874 Pat O'Dell
Criswell, David Wilson, O.J. (female) FMar 02 Dec 1869 Pat O'Dell
Crocker, George Brockie, Maggie FMar 24 Feb 1875 Pat O'Dell
Cromwell, F.C. Van Eaton, Alice FMar 16 Oct 1879 Pat O'Dell
Crose, George W. Good, Mary FMar 04 Jan 1872 Pat O'Dell
Crose, Reuben Penn, Clara FMar 14 Jul 1870 Pat O'Dell
Crosier, Warren Coon, Mary FMar 24 Sep 1877 Pat O'Dell
Crouch, James Hinds, Nancy FMar 13 Mar 1870 Pat O'Dell
Crouch, James O. Ewell, Henrietta FMar 09 Jun 1878 Pat O'Dell
Crowley, John Gregory, Kindness FMar 01 Feb 1872 Pat O'Dell
Crouse, B.F. Hippert, Mary FMar 02 Dec 1858 Pat O'Dell
Culbertson, C.R. Gage, Nancy FMar 17 Sep 1879 Pat O'Dell
Culley, James Ballinger, Sarah FMar 21 Nov 1861 Pat O'Dell
Cummings, George Burch, Adel FMar 13 Aug 1879 Pat O'Dell
Cunningham, George Medis, Mary FMar 05 Nov 1871 Pat O'Dell
Cunningham, William Kimsay, Elizabeth FMar 11 Sep 1872 Pat O'Dell
Curran, James Fletcher, Emaline FMar 04 Apr 1871 Pat O'Dell
Curry, Charles Lightfoot, Catharine FMar 15 Jul 1876 Pat O'Dell
Curry, William Hamblen, Sophia FMar 24 Dec 1875 Pat O'Dell
Curtis, Edwin Ward, Martha FMar 10 Mar 1878 Pat O'Dell
Cutler, E.R. Crippin, A.A. FMar 27 Dec 1867 Pat O'Dell
Cutler, George Dunfee, Rachel FMar 09 Nov 1876 Pat O'Dell
Cutter, E. Whiting, Martha Jane FMar 27 Mar 1860 Pat O'Dell
Cannon, Julia Ann Adams, George W. FMar 16 Mar 1865 Pat O'Dell
Chapman, Nancy A. Allen, James FMar 11 Sep 1873 Pat O'Dell
Chatsy, Addie B. Anderson, John FMar 25 Dec 1877 lic Pat O'Dell
Carpenter, Marinda A. Asman, Francis FMar 28 Apr 1859 Pat O'Dell
Carter, Nancy Bartholomew, John FMar 16 Mar 1879 Pat O'Dell
Chapman, Alice O. Bentley, George K. FMar 06 Jan 1879 Pat O'Dell
Chorun, Phebe Atkinson, William J. FMar 11 Mar 1878 Pat O'Dell
Clark, Catharine W. Barnett, John E. FMar 22 Feb 1872 Pat O'Dell
Crouch, Josephine Baker, Lewis FMar 05 Nov 1865 Pat O'Dell
Cadle, James Watkins, Nancy FMar 07 Aug 1873 Pat O'Dell
Cadle, Samuel Richards, Martha FMar 20 Nov 1879 Pat O'Dell
Cahill, Frank Fender, Emma FMar 28 Oct 1879 Pat O'Dell
Calking, William Taylor, Olive FMar 07 Mar 1867 Pat O'Dell
Calkins, Albert Myers, Amelia FMar -- --- 1870 Pat O'Dell
Calkins, Myron Fletcher, Nancy Jane FMar 28 Jan 1869 Pat O'Dell
Calkins, Myron Fletcher, Nancy June FMar 28 Jan 1869 Pat O'Dell
Callicott, William Talley, Sarah FMar -- --- 1876 Pat O'Dell
Calloway, John McCulley, Nan FMar -- --- 1879 Pat O'Dell
Campbell, Burrel Brown, Barbara FMar 09 Apr 1864 Pat O'Dell
Campbell, E.J. (male) Hiatt, Rachel FMar 20 Mar 1873 Pat O'Dell
Campbell, George Johnston, Martha FMar 01 Dec 1861 Pat O'Dell
Campbell, Heningham Cartmill, Robert FMar 05 Oct 1865 Pat O'Dell
Campbell, Joseph Davis, Sarah FMar 03 Jan 1861 Pat O'Dell
Campbell, Nicholas Groves, Hannah (Mrs) FMar 03 Mar 1861 Pat O'Dell
Canaday, John Leach, Cynthean FMar 18 Aug 1866 Pat O'Dell
Cargill, Lavern D. Bell, Lillie FMar 04 Feb 1879 Pat O'Dell
Carlisle, Josiah Ashton, Angeline FMar 23 Jan 1860 Pat O'Dell
Carman, L. (male) Armstrong, Sarah FMar 04 Jan 1871 Pat O'Dell
Carney, David W. Arnold, Mary Jane FMar 08 Jan 1869 Pat O'Dell
Carothers, James M. Ellis, Minnie (Mrs) FMar 29 Apr 1866 Pat O'Dell
Carpenter, Andrew Turner, Caroline FMar 25 Jan 1866 Pat O'Dell
Carr, Hester E. Black, George W. FMar 21 Jan 1875 Pat O'Dell
Carr, J.S. (male) Beuchamp, Sarah A. FMar 18 Jun 1864 Pat O'Dell
Carter, John Galbraith, Rachel FMar 26 Sep 1878 Pat O'Dell
Carter, Joseph Throckmorton, Clara Fmar 31 Dec 1874 Pat O'Dell
Carter, William Mawhor, Melcenia FMar 14 Dec 1871 Pat O'Dell
Cartmill, Robert Campbell, Heningham FMar 05 Oct 1865 Pat O'Dell
Carver, Calvin Whetstone, Mary FMar 03 Sep 1861 Pat O'Dell
Cary, Abel Wheeler, Susanna FMar 21 Nov 1874 Pat O'Dell
Case, W.H. (male) Way, Sarah FMar 04 Jul 1871 Pat O'Dell
Casper, Charles Dalbey, Mary FMar 01 May 1870 Pat O'Dell
Cass, Edmond Howard Gaines, Evaline FMar 27 Mar 1867 Pat O'Dell
Cassady, James McElroy, Katie FMar 02 Apr 1866 Pat O'Dell
Cates, William Hall, Mary FMar 11 Sep 1870 Pat O'Dell
Catlett, Joseph McIntyre, Olive FMar 27 Mar 1873 Pat O'Dell
Catlett, Joseph Hannon, Kate FMar 23 Dec 1875 Pat O'Dell
Catlett, Lidia T. Burt, Andrew FMar 25 Mar 1858 Pat O'Dell
Catlett, Louisa Brown, Levi FMar 13 Feb 1859 Pat O'Dell
Catlett, Robert Irons, Nancy FMar 05 May 1872 Pat O'Dell
Cellers, Joseph Farmer, Margaret FMar 22 Apr 1858 Pat O'Dell
Cole, Mary A. Brooks, Joseph S. FMar 26 Aug 1879 Pat O'Dell
Copeland, Mary E. Brockie, James FMar 05 Sep 1871 Pat O'Dell
Cosand, Mary Brown, Henry FMar 04 Apr 1871 Pat O'Dell
Crose, Carrie B. Boyd, George W. FMar 04 Oct 1877 Pat O'Dell
Crouch, Elizabeth Burden, Thomas FMar 29 Jan 1862 Pat O'Dell
Cunningham, Elizabeth Ballinger, Henry J. FMar 20 Dec 1876 Pat O'Dell