Fremont County, Iowa marriages from 1881
(transcribed and submitted by Judy Ponichtera:

License#: 1678            permission: blank
date: Sept. 22, 1881    occupation: Farmer
GROOM: Albert C. Mitchell   age next birthday: 29
residence: Locust Grove Twp.   born: Fulton Co., Ill
father: Joseph Mitchell    mother: Jennette Pigsley

BRIDE: Luella V. Brooks   age next birthday: 19
residence: Locust Grove Twp.   born: Van Burn? Co., IA
father: Josiah S. Brooks   mother: Emily Seches?

where: Riverton, Iowa   when: Sept. 22, 1881
witnesses: blank    by: Rev. Geo. Clammer

License #: 1513               permission: blank           
date: Dec. 28, 1881          occupation: Farmer
GROOM: Fitch Manrose      age next birthday: 28
residence: Illinois             born: Huron Co., Ohio
father: E. Manrose            mother: Sarah Robinson

BRIDE: Annie E. Risley      age next birthday: 29
residence: Riverton, Iowa   born: Rushville, Ind.
father: Levi Risley         mother: Hannah Garver

where: Riverton, Iowa        when: Dec. 28, 1881
witnesses: G. S. Osborne, J. C. Thatcher
by: Rev. Geo. Clammer

License No.=1404     Date=Feb. 23, 1881
GROOM=George S. Ackerman   Age Next Birth.=28

BRIDE=Alvina G. Tiller    Age Next Birth.=20

Incompleted marriage record.
  License#: 1414                  permission: blank
date: March 10, 1881          occupation: Farmer
GROOM: Asa Brown            age next birthday: 29
residence: Scott Twp.         born: Ill.
father: James Brown          mother: Maria Crable

BRIDE: Mary Gish               age next birthday: 19
residence: Scott Twp.         born: Neb.
father: Jacob Gish              mother: Rebecca Seng

where: McPaul, Fremont Co.  when: March 13, 1881
witnesses: Milton Ervin (Melton Irvin in 1880 Census),
Charles Johnson
by: Kirvill (couldn't him in the 1880 Census...anywhere) Smith, J.P.

License#: 1623                  permission: blank
date: March 22, 1881         
occupation: Cheese Manufacturer                   
GROOM: Winford C. Brown (Winfred Brown in 1880 Census)                             age next birthday: 26
residence: College Springs    born: Jefferson Co., N.Y.
father: Barton Brown            mother: Marinda S. Taylor

BRIDE: Adah S. Gates          age next birthday: 20
residence: Tabor                 born: Tabor
father: W. J. Gates             mother: Emily P. Hall

where: Fremont Co.            when: March 26, 1881
witnesses: K. E. Gates, Netta? M. Fox ( There is a Martha N. Fox who was the daughter in the family where Winford lived...1880 Census)
by: John Todd, V.D.M. ?

License#: 1626               
permission: Sarah E. Mitchell, Chris Mitchell
date: March 28, 1881           occupation: Farmer
GROOM: Caleb Baldwin        age next birthday: 24
residence: Farragut, IA        born: Fremont Co.
father: Russell Porter Baldwin   mother: Eunice Baldwin

BRIDE: Rosetta Harbour        age next birthday: 18
residence: Farragut, IA          born: Davis Co., IA
father: William P.? Harbour   
mother: Sarah Elizabeth Prudie_ ?

where: Hamburg, IA              when: April 28, 1881
witnesses: blank                   by: I. M. Hannistoud ?, J.P.

License#: 1453                   
permission: Mrs. Salina Wilford
date: July 8, 1881                 occupation: Farmer
GROOM: Charles W. Barnard    age next birthday: 25
residence: Fremont Co., IA     born: Ill.
father: Richard Barnard           mother: Mary Gray

BRIDE: Isabell Wood             age next birthday: 15
residence: Fremont Co., IA     born: Ill.
father: Thomas Wood         mother: Lavina Jones

where: Richard Barnard's        when: July 10, 1881
witnesses: Reuben Meastin (Martin?)
by: Ed Wellington, J.P.
  License#: 1388                        permission: David Garren
date: Jan. 15, 1881                  occupation: blank
GROOM: Charles Chambers        age next birthday: blank
residence: blank                       born: blank
father: blank                            mother: blank

BRIDE: Sarah Garren                 age next birthday: blank
residence: blank                       born: blank
father: blank                            mother: blank

where: blank                            when: blank
witnesses: blank                       by: blank
comments: Marriage not completed

License#:1395                          permission: blank
date: Feby. 8, 1881                   occupation: Farmer
GROOM: Thomas C. Catlett        age next birthday: 24
residence: Riverton, Iowa           born: Fremont Co., Iowa
father: John Catlett                   mother: Sarah Chaney

BRIDE: Sadie A. McKean             age next birthday: 20
residence: Hamburg, Iowa           born: Hamburg, Iowa
father: Robert McKean                mother: Eliza Fowler

where: Near Hamburg, Fremont Co.   when: Feb. 10, 1881
witnesses: Robert McKean, Eliza McKean
by: Rev. W. A. Wiseman

License#: 1349                         permission: blank
date: Jan. 1, 1881                     occupation: Farmer
GROOM: George W. Collins (Gorge in the 1880 Census)
age next birthday: 24
residence: Tecumpseh, Neb.      born: Illinois
father: James Collins                  mother: Elizabeth Wison

BRIDE: Martha E. Jackson            age next birthday: 18
residence: Fremont Co., Iowa       born: Iowa
father: John Jackson                   
mother: Sarah Werton (Carter?)

where: Sidney, Iowa                    when: Jany. 2, 1881
witnesses: Sizzie Harris, Emma Lacy
by: Rev. Fred Harris

License#: 1419                        permission: blank
date: March 14, 1881                occupation: Farmer
GROOM: William A. Chorn         age next birthday: 29
residence: Benton Twp.            
born: Haslem?, Clay Co., MO    
father: James Chorn                  mother: Sarah Russell

BRIDE: Viola E. Snyder              age next birthday: 25
residence: Sidney Twp.              born: Lee Co., Iowa
father: Henry Snyder                
mother: Pauleena Voorhies

where: Sidney                           when: March 14, 1881
witnesses: Dr. Lybe, Mrs. Lybe     by: H. B. Dye, Minister

License#: 1450                       permission: blank
date: July 4, 1881                   occupation: blank
GROOM: Richard J. Clute          age next birthday: 31
residence: blank                      born: blank
father: blank                           mother: blank

BRIDE: Alice A. Daniels            age next birthday: 23
Comments:  All else is blank

License#: 1500                       permission: blank
date: Dec. 1, 1881                   occupation: Brickmaker
GROOM: Charles W. Carman      age next birthday: 27
residence: Hamburg, Iowa         born: MO
father: C.F. Carman                  mother: Nancy Den

BRIDE: Hulda (Huldi in the 1880 Census) C. Kutch
age next birthday: 24
residence: Hamburg, Iowa         born: Iowa
father: John Kutch                    mother: Huffman

where: Sidney, Iowa                 when: Dec. 1, 1881
witnesses: Ollie Webster, A. M. Crezier
by: Rev. Fred Harris

License#: 1509                       permission: blank
date: Dec. 22, 1881                 occupation: Cigar Maker
GROOM: Robert D. Corbitt (Corbett in 1880 Census)
age next birthday: 25
residence: Fremont Co., Iowa    born: Tennessee
father: David Corbitt (Corbett)   mother: blank

BRIDE: Lucy J. Trasper              age next birthday: 20
residence: Fremont Co., Iowa     born: MO
father: Thoms. Trasper              mother: Sonisa Lay (Say)

where: Hamburg, Iowa              when: Dec. 22, 1881
witnesses: Mrs. C.S. Nye           by: C. S. Nye