Fremont County, Iowa



Contribute your information to this directory
- needed are school annuals, class photos, class enrollments, graduations, etc.

If you have materials to contribute, please contact the County Coordinator.


                                                              L o s t    S c h o o l s

New statewide website for Iowa Schools information where you can input pictures of local schools - in their search box type Fremont to see a list of all the schools in Fremont County.   This Project was initiated by The Des Moines Register 

Iowa had 13,433 school houses in 1894, most of which were considered their own public school district. Today there are 338 districts. Much of the individual history of the school buildings is forgotten or has gone unrecorded.

On this site, Iowans are invited to submit their own memories/histories of their closed schools. Text, video and photos can be uploaded.

Thanks to Jon Howery for this information.     Click on the link below to go to the site.

                                                   Iowa Schools

If you have information for pictures for any of the schools you can submit them via the website, or  send the information/pics to me and I will see that it gets added.