Tabor Beacon, Tabor, Mills County Iowa

Death Notices and Obituaries, 1905

Transcribed and Submitted Cay Merryman

Cannon, Mrs. Katie, an old and well known resident of Fremont County, died early Tuesday morning, Jan 3, 1905, at her home near Tabor, aged 70 years.  The cause of her death was dropsy.  She was confined to her bed only a few days.  She leaves one son, Bert, with whom she has made her home for a number of years.  Funeral services were held at the late home Wednesday and the remains were taken to the Rector cemetery, near Knox, for interment.  The son, Bert, has the heartfelt sympathy of the community in his bereavement.  (Jan 6, 1905 Tabor Beacon)


Garrean, Jacob, a prominent farmer of Fremont County died Friday at his home in Bartlett, of inflammation of the brain.  He leaves a wife and 6 children.  The funeral was held under the direction of the K of P Lodge and interment was made in the Thurman cemetery. (Jan 6, 1905 Tabor Beacon) 


Webster, Olive, the five year old daughter of W. A. Webster and wife, died at her home Saturday evening.  She was buried Monday in the Sidney cemetery. (Jan 13, 1905 Tabor Beacon)


Williams, Hon. Sturgis,  died Wednesday night at the home of his son, Roscoe, in Sidney after an illness of less than a week.  Mr. Williams was one of Fremont County’s oldest and most respected citizens, having lived at Percival for 48 years.  Funeral services will be held Friday at 1 o’clock at Sidney and Saturday at 2 o’clock in Tabor, where interment will be.  Rev. E. S. Hill of Atlantic, an old army comrade of the deceased will preach the funeral services.  (Jan 20, 1905 Tabor Beacon)


Williams, Hon. Sturgis, died Jan 18, 1905 at the home of his son, Roscoe S. in Sidney of catarrahl pneumonia.  He was confined to his bed only 2 days, but had been in poor health for several years and during the past 2 or 3 months his decline was very noticeable.  Mr. Williams was born in the state of New York Jun 1, 1837.  When very young, his mother died and he went to live with his aunt and uncle in Ohio.  Here he grew to manhood and received his education.  He came to Fremont County in 1856 and settled at Civil Bend, near the present town of Percival, where he lived until he moved to Sidney the first of the present year.  Mr. Williams was a member of the colony that had to do with the planning of Tabor College, and altho he claimed Percival as his home, his presence in Tabor was very familiar at special college gatherings.  He served 4 years in the Civil War with the 4th Iowa Infantry, was with Grant at the siege of Vicksburg and marched with Sherman to the sea.  Four of his old army comrades were present at the funeral in Tabor Saturday; Dr. E. S. Hill of Atlantic, Elder Geo. Weavers, B. O. Sheldon and Barnum Torrence of Tabor.  Mr. Williams was a life-long Congregationalist  (Jan 1905 Tabor Beacon)


Smith, Mrs. Howell,  formerly of Bartlett but recently of Thomas, OK, will be shocked to learn of her death, which occurred Mar 4, 1905.  We gain the above from a letter received from a relative who states that several weeks ago Mrs. Smith was taken with the grip, but had about recovered when she was seized with an attack of pneumonia, which caused her death in a week’s time.  The remains were laid to rest in the cemetery at Butte, OK, under the direction of the IOOF and Rebecca Lodges. (Mar 17, 1905 Tabor Beacon)


Cully, Mrs. J. H.,  died at her home northwest of Sidney, Saturday, May 27, 1905.  She had been sick for several months.  Her age was 63 years.  (Jun 2 1905 Tabor Beacon)


Rhode, Alva,  the 12 year old son of T. A. Rhode, the Randolph hardware man, was drowned Tuesday afternoon about 4 o’clock in a small creek a short distance northeast of town.  No one considered it dangerous to wade in the creek at that place and the water was only about 2 feet deep.  That there were any deep holes seems to have been unknown but the boy slipped into a hole about 11 feet deep and drowned before assistance could reach him.  Alva was accompanied by another small boy, Benny Branian, from near Tabor who had not yet entered the water.  (June 1905 Tabor Beacon)


Newcomb, James M., died Sunday at the home of his parents in Hamburg, aged 24 years.  The cause of his death was consumption.  The funeral was held Tuesday afternoon. (Dec 15, 1905 Tabor Beacon)


Tyler, Mrs. Nathan, died Jun 30, 1905 at her home 3 miles SW of Tabor at the age of 62y 4m 7d.  Miss Amanda Prudence Baxter was born Feb 23, 1843, at Oregon City, Holt County, Missouri.  When only a little past 7 years of age, the little girl was left an orphan and lived with her grandmother until coming to Iowa at the age of 12 to live with her aunt Adeline Hindman.  After coming to Iowa, however, the subject of this sketch divided her home life with her uncle, M. A. Stevens, Aunt Adeline and others until her first marriage.  On Oct 22, 1863, Miss Baxter married Wesley Woodrum, and for about 5 years thereafter, lived in the neighborhood west of Thurman.  They then bought the farm and built the home in which they both saw the light of this life go out.  To Mr. and Mrs. Woodrum were born two daughters, Mrs. Estella O. Dyke, who died about 3 years ago, and Mrs. Envrista E. Clapper who survives.  Mr. and Mrs. Woodrum united with the Church of Christ soon after moving into the present home, and each lived consecrated to the faith until death.  On Oct 7, 1878, Mrs. Woodrum was called upon by the Father of us all to give up the companion of her youth, and Wesley Woodrum, by whose side our sister desired to be placed, was laid to rest in the Thurman cemetery.

       Mrs. Woodrum was married a second time, June 26th, 1889 to Nathan M. Tyler, and they have lived devoted to each other since.  Mrs. Tyler has enjoyed comparatively good health until the past four years. The sickness which resulted in her death has been continuous since Mar 1 of this year, and on the morning of Jun 30, 1905, the final summons came and she has gone up higher to be gathered into the harvest of the eternal.  The funeral services were held from the late home Saturday by Rev. E. V. McCormick, pastor of the Church of Christ and interment was made in the Thurman cemetery. (Jul 7, 1905 Tabor Beacon)


Thacker, Price, an old and well known resident of Scott Twp., died Jun 27, 1905.  Mr. Thacker was nearly ninety years of age, and was among the earliest settlers in Fremont County.  For several years he has been steadily declining, and his death was no surprise to his friends. (Jul 7, 1905 Tabor Beacon)


Story, Will, the 19 year old son of John Story, died Sunday night of typhoid fever and was buried Monday in the Sidney cemetery.  There are several cases of typhoid in the Story neighborhood, among them being two sisters of the deceased.  (Sep 15, 1905 Tabor Beacon)


Greenwood, The 2 year old son of Mr. and Mrs. Thomas Greenwood died in an accident near Thurman last Saturday evening.  The mother had taken the little fellow with her while she was doing some chores at the barn.  Leaving the child alone just outside the barn, she proceeded to do the chores in the barn.  During her absence the child crawled upon a watering trough and fell in, and altho the mother was absent less than 10 minutes when she came out of the barn she found the lifeless body of the child in the trough.  Mrs. Greenwood’s screams soon brought a neighbor Mrs. Myers, and everything possible was done to bring the little fellow to life again.  A doctor was sent for, but the child had been dead about an hour when he arrived. Funeral services were held Sunday afternoon at the home.  (Sep 29, 1905 Tabor Beacon)


Gray, Mrs. Nancy,  widow of  W. S. Gray, Sr. died at her home 4 miles south of Tabor Thursday, Nov 16, 1905, being nearly 76 years of age.  The funeral services were held at Mt. Zion church by Rev. E. V. McCormick of the Christian church of Tabor, and the remains were laid away to rest in the cemetery nearby.  She leaves a host of friends who mourn her loss.  Mrs. Gray’s maiden name was Nancy Hall.  She was born in North Carolina in 1829, and at the age of 5 moved with her parents to Missouri.  At the  age of 23, the family moved to Iowa, settling in Fremont County, where the subject of this sketch has resided ever since.  She was married to Wm. Shapley Gray in 1856.  To this union nine children were born, of whom 4 survive, two sons, W. S. Jr. and John W. and two daughters Mrs. Lucy Ann Dyke and Nancy Vanatta.  The subject of this sketch was converted in the M. E. church in her youth and after her marriage joined the U. B. church with her husband.  (Nov 24, 1906 Tabor Beacon)


Danforth, A. H., an old and highly respected citizen of Hamburg, died very suddenly at his home Saturday evening.  The funeral was held Tuesday, conducted by Rev. Highfield  (Dec 15, 1905 Tabor Beacon)