Transcribe and submitted by Cay Merryman

Asman, Mrs. John, died at her home at Tabor last Sunday afternoon, after a long illness.  Funeral services were held Tuesday at 2 from the family residence, and despite the bad roads and stormy weather, many attended to show a tribute of respect to the dead.  The casket was attended by members of the John Allen WRC #314, of which the deceased was an honor member, and members of the John Allen Post #215 GAR.  The remains were taken to the Tabor Cemetery and buried beside her departed husband.  Elizabeth Marshall Asman was born in England 5 Mar 1837.  When she was 14 years of age, her parents came to Pittsfield OH where she lived until the time of her marriage to John Asman, removing to Tabor soon afterward.  To this union 8 children were born, 5 of whom live to miss a mother's love, thought and care.  The children are: Mrs. Nellie Feese, Mrs. Newt Roberts, Miss Anna Asman, John and Will Asman, all of whom live in this community. (Tabor Cemetery headstone says: Elizabeth Asman, wife of John
born 5 Mar 1837 d. 7 Jan 1900) Tabor Beacon 12 Jan 1900
Yates, Miss Ethel, The circumstances attending the death of Miss Ethel Yates at Council Bluffs last week are particularly sad.  The deceased had a large circle of acquaintances in Tabor.  The evidence introduced at the coroner's inquest was sufficient to warrant the investigation by the grand jury, and the probability is that Mrs. Yates and "Brother James" will have to explain before that body why they denied the request of the victim to send for a doctor. The parents of the unfortunate young lady are members of an organization with headquarters in Tabor, composed of a large number of people who claim to accept divine healing on the authority of the scripture, that "the prayer of faith" has not wavered sufficiently to call in a doctor, although in several instances the patients have been deprived of medical aid until too late to save them.  The remains of Miss Yates were brought to Tabor Saturday evening and the funeral was held from the home Monday at 10 o'clock, interment being made in the Tabor Cemetery. (headstone says Yates, Ethel  daughter of P. B. & S. A. b. 9 Jan 1881 d. 5 Jan 1900)  Tabor Beacon 12 Jan 1900
Bateman, Thomas B.  A farmer living 4 miles south of Imogene died Wednesday of last week.  His death resulted from a complication of diseases, from which he has been a sufferer for several years.  The deceased was 69 years old and was well known in Fremont county.  He and some of the prominent citizens of Imogene and vicinity emigrated from the same community in Ohio.  Funeral services were held at Farmer City Friday morning at 10 o'clock and were well attended.  Interment was made at Farragut. (headstone says Bateman, Thomas B. b. 14 Nov 1830 d. 10 Jan 1900)  Tabor Beacon 19 Jan 1900
Ewell, Thomas, died Wednesday at the home of his nephew, Mr. John Dyke near Thurman.  Mr. Ewell was one of the early settlers of this county, coming here about the year 1849, having lived here half a century. Mr. Ewell never married. He was 80 years old.  Funeral was held Friday. (headstone in Ewell Cemetery says
Ewell, Thomas M. b. 6 May 1819  d. 10 Jan 1900) Tabor Beacon 19 Jan 1900
Asman,  Jonathan S., The 2 year old boy baby of Mr. and Mrs. W. E. Asman, who live about 12 m. west of Tabor, met his death in a very distressing manner Thursday morning of last week.  Mrs. Asman had left the boy sitting on the floor near the stove while she stepped into the woodshed, and had been absent but a few minutes when she heard the little fellow cry.  Rushing into the house, the mother found the baby's clothing on fire.  She grabbed the little one in her arms and smothered the flames by wrapping her own clothing about it.  The accident occurred about 9 o'clock in the morning and the child's burns were not considered serious until that night, when a physician was called from Pacific Junction.  Everything possible was done to relieve the suffering of the little fellow, but he died at 6 o'clock  Friday AM.  Funeral was held Saturday and the remains buried in the Tabor Cemetery.  About 18 months ago, or to be exact, on the 8th day of July 1898 when the family lived on the Rhode farm east of Tabor, they lost a young child by drowning in a horse tank (Elizabeth L.) (headstone reads Jonathan S. 1897-1900)  Tabor Beacon 26 Jan 1900
Matlock, Mrs. died at the home of her daughter, Mrs. J. C. Shockley in Randolph last Wednesday.  The remains were taken to Sidney for interment.  Deceased was an old resident of Fremont Co.  (headstone in Sidney Cemetery reads: Isabella Matlock  b. 18 Feb 1815  d. 17 Jan 1900) Tabor Beacon 26 Jan 1900
Thornton, infant.  The home of Charles Thornton over on the Missouri bottom was partially destroyed by fire Tuesday afternoon of last week.  While the family were at dinner, a baby of 10 months was left on the bed in the adjoining room.  Hearing a noise, the members of the family investigated and found the ceiling of the room in which the baby lay in flames.  The mother rescued the child, but not until it had been so overcome by the heat that it died Thursday.  Mr. Thornton in attempting to save some of the furniture was badly burned about the head and hands. Tabor Beacon 9 Feb 1900
Wilson, Mrs. Eliza died this morning (Thursday) at her home about 7 miles SW of Tabor.  The deceased was the step mother  of Mrs. James Long of Tabor. Isaiah Wilson from Kansas attended the funeral of his mother, and is now visiting an uncle, John Antrim near Randolph.  (headstone in Thurman Cemetery reads: Eliza Wilson b. 3 May 1827 d. 15 Feb 1900) Tabor Beacon 16 Feb 1900
Hurst, Robert, second son of Robert and Hettie Hurst of Randolph, died at Glenwood, Ia after a 4 weeks illness of pneumonia.  Aged 8y 10m 24d.  Funeral was held at the homestead 2 1/2 miles SW of Randolph at 2 o'clock Sunday 4 Mar 1900, conducted by the Rev. Q. C. Todd of Tabor. (headstone in Randolph Cemetery reads: Robert B. Hurst s/o R. & H. b. 27 Mar 1891 d. 3 Mar 1900) Tabor Beacon  9 Mar 1900
Russell, Hiram.  This community was shocked Sunday by the announcement of the death of Mr. Hiram Russell, one of the oldest settlers of this vicinity.  Very few were aware of his sickness until told of his death.  Mr. Russell had been a sufferer for many years with stomach trouble, and although he had been confined to his bed about 2 weeks previous to his death, his sickness was not considered dangerous.  He was taken worse Saturday night and died the following day.  Mr. Russell was 68 years of age and had lived in this vicinity for 56 years, having moved from the old home place north of Tabor in Mills County to a farm 3 1/2 miles south of Tabor about 11 years ago.  Funeral was held Monday afternoon from the home, conducted by Dr. John Askin, and interment was made in the Tabor Cemetery. (headstone reads: Hiram Russell b. 30 Aug 1832 d. 8 Apr 1900) Tabor Beacon 13 Apr 1900
Moffatt, Robert E., a young farmer residing in Locust Grove Twp., south of Farragut, met with a sudden and horrible death last Saturday morning when he was cutting corn stalks on the farm of Newmon Ward, where he had been employed for just two weeks.  Whether the team ran away and threw him beneath the machine, or whether he got down to get a line or examine the cutter, cannot be known.  An inquest was held Saturday.  There is no suspicion of foul play.  Funeral services were held at his residence Sunday at 10 o'clock, conducted by Rev. Graves of Riverton.  A number of K P and Woodmen of Farragut attended the services and accompanied the remains to Hamburg as a guard of honor, the deceased having been a member of both Orders.  Mr. H. M. Newhall being a member of both Orders, was designated to accompany the remains to Council Bluffs, where the body was transferred to the NW Rway and sent to Coon Rapids for burial. Robert E. Moffatt was born in Toronto, Canada 4 Nov 1866.  His father resides at Ralston, Carroll Co., Iowa.  His wife's mother resides at Coon Rapids in the same county where she has gone to make her home, with her 3 little children.  The past 2 years they have resided on the Charles Magel place near Sidney.  They have 3 children, the oldest 4 years old and the youngest 4 months and are in poor circumstances. Tabor Beacon 13 Apr 1900
Hoofer, Jacob.  Word has been received here of the death of Jacob Hoofer, who was for many years a resident of Prairie Twp in this county,  coming here in 1865 and remaining for about a quarter of a century.  On selling his farm here, he removed to Shelby Co. MO where he died.  He was taken sick Wednesday 4 Apr 1900 and died the following day about 9 o'clock P.M.  He was about 64 years of age.  Tabor Beacon 27 Apr 1900
Ellis, Miss Inez.  Mr. Chas. Ellis received the sad news Sunday of the death of his sister, Miss Inez at Colorado Springs CO.   Miss Ellis had been in Colorado about a year, in company with her parents, Mr. and Mrs. S. J. Ellis of Thurman, where she had gone in hopes of combating that dread disease, consumption.  Death came as a relief to her sufferings 22 Apr 1900.  Deceased was in her 16th year.  Remains were brought to Thurman for interment, funeral being held Wednesday. (headstone in the Thurman Cemetery reads: Inah Ellis 1884-1900) Tabor Beacon 27 Apr 1900.
Sutherland, A. W.  died at his home in east Randolph Sunday afternoon at 2 o'clock of pneumonia, after a brief illness.  In the death of Mr. Sutherland, Randolph has lost one of her oldest, most highly respected citizens.  During the funeral sermon Monday afternoon, all business was suspended and the schools closed, after which the remains were taken to Malvern, and from there sent to his old home remains were taken to Malvern, and from there sent to his old home in Wisconsin. Tabor Beacon 4 May 1900
Asman, Mrs. Frank.  Tabor friends have received the sad news of the death of Mrs. Frank Asman of Alfowa, Washington 2 Jun 1900.  Mrs. Asman lived in Tabor for a number of years, moving to Washington some 15 years ago.  She was a sister of M. L. Carpenter and Mrs. Mary Lyman, and the mother of Elmer and Elwin Asman.  Mrs. Asman was in her 66th year, death resulting from paralysis.  Tabor Beacon 15 Jun 1900
Gard, Fred, a young man about 20 years of age was killed by lightning Thursday night of this week at his father's farm  6 miles SE of Randolph.  A heavy thunder shower was in progress and the young man was shutting the barn door when the bldg. was struck by lightning.  It was thought at first that he was only stunned, but he died shortly after being carried into the house.  Tabor Beacon 22 Jun 1900
The deceased was 22 years of age, born and raised in Fremont Co. and was a young man of excellent character and good habits.  The death is felt in the family the more on account of it being the first among 9 children.  Funeral services were conducted at the home Saturday afternoon by Rev. Boyd, and interment occurred in the Randolph Cemetery.  Pallbearers were: Jas. Watkins, P. A. Matson, S. C. Routson, H. O. Allely, O. E. Graves and Julius DeCamp, friends of the deceased.
(headstone in Randolph Cemetery reads: Fred J. Gard: b. 8 Jan 1879  d. 21 Jun 1900)  Tabor Beacon 29 Jun 1900
Roberts, John of Farragut died Monday night of appendicitis.  He was taken violently ill Friday but no serious alarm was felt until Sunday evening or Monday.  He passed away quietly at 10:30 A.M. Monday evening.  His side was opened by Dr. Putman of this city, Monday at 4 P.M. There were 3 pins in his appendix and there was found to be an extensive gangrene of the bowel and 2 or 3 openings already ulcerated through. (headstone in the Farragut Cemetery reads: John D. Roberts b. 7 May 1875 d. 18 Jun 1900)  Tabor Beacon 22 Jun 1900
Ellis, William N.  Word was received Saturday morning of the sudden death of Wm. N. Ellis of Corinne UT.  He leaves 3 daughters and one son: Mrs. Q. C. Todd and Mrs. J. C. Tipple of Tabor, Mrs. Nellie McDaniel of Ogden City UT and William H. Ellis of Victor Montana.  Mr. Ellis has resided in Utah for many years, but is known to a number of Tabor people  Tabor Beacon 6 Jul 1900
Large, Lilly.  A sad case of drowning occurred at the Nishna River two miles east of Sidney shortly after noon Wednesday of last week.  The victims were: Lilly Large, age 20; Bell Sumner, age 19; and Nellie Sumner, age 17.  The two last named were the nieces of Mr. and Mrs. John Tuey of Tabor.  The Large and Sumner family, who live about 5 miles west of Sidney, planned to spend a happy 4th at the river picnicking and fishing.  The young folks went bathing in the river, when they heard a scream and ran to see the girls going down the last time.  It is supposed that Miss Nellie had not planned going in bathing but seeing the peril of the others, she jumped in to aid them and perished with them.  She had not removed her shoes and stockings.  She was the 1st of the 3 taken out, but life was extinct.  Some trouble was had in securing the bodies of the other 2 girls.  The real facts of the deplorable accident will never be known.  Funeral was held Thursday and interment was made at Lacy Grove Cemetery. (headstone in cemetery reads: Lillie B. Large daughter of K & T b. 3 Jul 1880 d.4 Jul 1900 age 20y 1d.  Tabor Beacon  6 Jul 1900.
Study, Dick, an old soldier who lived 6 miles SW of Tabor in Green Hollow settlement died Thursday night at the Soldiers Home at Marshalltown.  He had been sick for a year, and was taken to the home only last Monday.  The cause of death was Bright's disease.  He leaves a wife and 8 children, in poor circumstances. The remains were buried in the Soldiers Burial Ground at Marshalltown.  Tabor Beacon  27 Jul 1900
Trook, Mrs. Otis.  Tabor friends received Thursday the details of a terrible accident that befell Mrs. Otis Trook at her home a few miles NE of Hastings, Iowa, Wednesday evening about 5 o'clock.  The Malvern Leader gives the following particulars of the sad accidnet:  It seems that Mrs. Trook, the victim of this dreadful affair, started to build the kitchen fire and was pouring some kerosene on the fuel in the stove when it suddenly blazed out, catching the lower part of her dress and quickly enveloping her in flames.  She ran into the yard and rolled on the ground, screaming in agony for help.  Her husband, who was working about a quarter of a mile away, heard her and ran to her as quickly as possible, but too late to be of much aid.  Her clothing, with the exception of a waist band or belt, was entirely burned and there wasn't a spot on her entire body that was not cooked or scorched.  Messengers were immediately sent for physicians, and Drs. Stevenson of Emerson and Love and Scott of Malvern hurried to the scene.  All that loving hands and skill could accomplish was done to alleviate her suffering, but to no purpose.  She died at 2 o'clock Thursday morning, retaining consciousness most of the time until her death.  The deceased was the daughter of Mr. and Mrs. James Ballard who live near Mt. Zion church, 6 miles SE of Tabor.  She was married only last March, she and her husband moving onto one of Bo Wearin's farms NW of Hastings soon after.  It was a terribly tragic ending to their brief period of wedded happiness.  The bereaved husband and other relatives certainly have the most heartfelt sympathy of the entire community.  The funeral was held Friday at the Mt. Zion Church. (headstone in Mt. Zion Cemetery reads: Anna F. Trook (nee Ballard) 1877 - 1900)  Tabor Beacon  27 Jul 1900
Printy, Grandma, of Imogene died Saturday night at 12 and was buried Monday. Funeral rites were conducted by Rev. Father Walsh, at the Catholic Church.  She was the mother of M. Printy, the merchant, and was quite old and in feeble health.  Only a few months ago, she was raised from what seemed her death bed.   (headstone in Mount Calvary Cemetery reads: Cathrine Printy b. 5 Dec 1828 d. 28 Jul 1900)  Tabor Beacon  3 Aug 1900
Ivory, H. R..  Hymenus R. Ivory was born 21 Mar 1826 in Ridgefield, Huron Co. OH.  He was one of a large family.  While the children were small the father died, leaving the family in dire circumstances.  In spite of the disadvantages of childhood and early manhood, he secured a liberal education.  While at school, he met and married Ann Wilson 22 Nov 1849 at Elvia OH.  They settled at Marshall, Michigan, where he lived until 1864. In Aug of that year, they came to Tabor where he has since resided.  By this union were born 6 children, 5 of whom are living.  His wife died 12 Nov 1868.  On 30 Nov 1869 he was married to Mary Smith.  By this union were born 4 children, all of whom are living.  In early manhood, he united with the Baptist Church.  Later he united with the Congregational Church of Tabor, of which he was a member until his death, which took place 3 Aug 1900.  His surviving widow and children have the sympathy of all. (headstone in Tabor Cemetery reads: H. R. Ivory b. 31 Mar 1826  d 3 Aug 1900) Tabor Beacon 10 Aug 1900
Thompson, Mr. and Mrs. David Thompson, living north of Sidney, are having more than their share of grief.  Within the past 10 years, they have buried 6 children in the Sidney Cemetery, the last one being buried 29 Jul 1900.
Torpy, Simon, eldest son of Mrs. Torpy of Greene Twp. died Saturday.  He was 26 years of age.  The deceased had not been in very good health this summer, and becoming overheated in the grain bin, brain fever set in Thursday, resulting in his death Saturday.  The condition of the body was such that no funeral services were held at the church.  Dexecker of Omaha conducted the burial service and interment was made in the Roman Catholic Cemetery at Imogene. (headstone in cemetery reads: Simon Torpy b. 24 Oct 1867  d. 4 Aug 1900) Tabor Beacon 10 Aug 1900
Jordan, William, who was stabbed at Sidney on the night of 8 Jun 1900 by John Sumpter, died Friday 3 Aug 1900.  Sumpter has been re-arrested and held under $1,000 bond to appear before the grand jury.  At the preliminary trial held immediately after the crime was committed, Sumpter was acquitted on account of non appearance of the prosecuting witness. (headstone in Sidney Cemetery reads: William A. Jordan son of N. & M. d. 3 Aug 1900, age 28y 1m.) Tabor Beacon 17 Aug 1900.
Sutter, Bert, eldest son of Mr. B. F. Sutter, who lives about 6 miles SE of TAbor, died very suddenly sometime Sunday night.  The young man was about 26 years of age and was subject to epileptic files.  When he retired Sunday night, he appeared to be in his usual health, but when he failed to respond to the call to get up the next morning, an investigation was made and he was found dead in bed.  The supposition is that he died during the night while in one of his periodical spasms.  Funeral was held Tuesday and interment made in the Mt. Zion Cemetery. (headstone reads: Bertram L. Sutter son of B.F. & M.E. d. 2 Sep 1900 age 28y 10m 6d) Tabor Beacon 7 Sep 1900.
Smith, T. Speed died Saturday 8 Sep 1900 at his home near Thurman, after an illness of about four weeks, resulting from uric acid poisoning.  An operation was performed upon him about 2 weeks ago, but resulted in giving only temporary relief.  Funeral services were held from the home Monday forenoon conducted by Rev Dr. John Askin, and attended by members of the Tabor GAR and WRC Posts and members of the same Orders from Thurman, Sidney and Randolph; also members of Thurman Masonic Order, of which the deceased was a prominent member.  After the services at the home, the remains were brought to Tabor and interred in the Tabor Cemetery, with Masonic services.  The deceased leaves a wife, one daughter and 5 sons to mourn his loss.

T. Speed Smith was born 1 Apr in Crawford Co. IL.  In the year 1852 he removed with his father, Guy W. Smith to Iowa, settling on a farm near Dodgeville, Des Moines County.  Here he remained until in response to his country's call, he enlisted in Co. C, 30th Iowa Regiment.  He served throughout the term of enlistment, three years, a great part of the time as sergeant in the ambulance corps.  In the charge on the 18th of May 1864, against the rifle pits near Vicksburg, he received a severe wound in the foot.  Recovering from this, he resumed active service with his company, and with this exception and a short time on recruiting service, he was not off duty a day while in service.  After the close of the war, he returned home.  He was married 17 Jan 1866 to Miss Rebecca Allen, and moved to their new home near New London.  In 1880, they removed to the western part of this state and settled near Randolph.  In 1891, he removed to a farm near Thurman where he has since resided.  There were born to them one daughter and five sons, all of whom are now living.  His sister, Nancy, and brothers Hopkins, Fry and Rankin were with him in his last sickness. (headstone in Tabor Cemetery reads: T. Speed Smith b. 1 Apr 1830  d. 8 Sep 1900 CWV-GAR)  Tabor Beacon  14 Sep 1900

Adams, Mr. Finney, died very suddenly last Friday evening while at his father's home, death being caused by heart failure.  He had finished his days work as janitor at the College and had been to the post office stopping at his father's home on the way back to the college.  He was conversing with members of the family when suddenly without warning, he expired.  The family did not know he was dead until they asked him a question and there was no reply.  Deceased has been in poor health for several years, having suffered a slight stroke of paralysis sometime ago, which left him in such a weak condition that he was unable to do heavy work.  He had been janitor of the college for several years.  The news of his death was a great shock to his aged father, "Deacon" S. H. Adams, as it was to everyone who knew him.  Deceased was born 1 May 1855 and was in his 46th year.  He leaves a wife and 4 children, 2 of whom are grown.  The eldest son is in Dakota and was unable to attend the funeral.  The wife and 3 children have made their home with her parents at Imogene for several years.  Funeral services were held Sunday at 2 o'clock at the Congregational Church, the sermon being preached by Pres. Hughes. The remains were interred in the Tabor Cemetery. (headstone reads: S. F. Adams b. 1 May 1855  d. 12 Oct 1900)  Tabor Beacon 10 Oct 1900
Marshall, Miss Della, daughter of Mr. and Mrs. John Marshall of Randolph, died of diabetes at her home Saturday morning at about 11 o'clock.  The deceased was born June 1880 near Randolph.  She leaves her parents, 4 brothers and one sister to mourn for her.  Funeral services were held at the M. E. Church Sunday afternoon at 3 o'clock.  8 of the deceased's young lady friends bore the beautiful white casket containing the remains of their young friend.  Rev. Boyd preached the funeral sermon.  Tabor Beacon 27 Oct 1900
Fryrear, Mrs. Ida E., wife of Frank Fryrear, died Wednesday 7 Nov 1900 at the residence of James Crilby in Monroe Township Fremont County Iowa.  She, with her infant child, were interred in the same grave in the Haskill Cemetery.  Ida C. Goldsberry was born 25 Jul 1877; was married to Frank Fryrear 4 Feb 1899 at Memphis MO and immediately came to this place to make their home.  Tabor Beacon 16 Nov 1900
Mitchell, Samuel Thomas, died at his home in Sidney, Wednesday 7 Nov 1900.  The deceased was 64 years and 16 days of age and had lived in Fremont County since 1867  (headstone in Sidney Cemetery reads: Samuel T. Mitchell b. 22 Oct 1886  d. 7 Nov 1900)  Tabor Beacon 16 Nov 1900
Paul, Daniel McFarland, one of the oldest and best known citizens of Fremont County, died Thursday 29 Nov 1900 at his home in Thurman.  He was 86 years of age.  Funeral services were held Saturday, conducted by Rev. Boyd of Randolph.  Decedent leaves a wife, one son and three daughters.  Tabor Beacon  7 Dec 1900.
Rogers, Grandma died last Tuesday.  Her funeral was preached at the home of C. W. Sheldon and the remains interred in the Bobbitt Cemetery.  Thus another is called away, after leading a useful life, and the mother of a large family.  She was a pioneer of Fremont County, coming here from New York early in the 50's.  Her age was 85 years and 9 months. (probable headstone in Grandview Cemetery reads Eliza Rogers, wife of Almond b. 7 Apr 1817 d. 18 Dec 1900) Tabor Beacon  21 Dec 1900