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Adamson, J. B., of Thurman died Sunday night of old age.  Mr. Adamson was born in Grant Co. Ind. in 1827, being 71 years of age at the time of his death.  He leaves a wife and 4 children, 3 sons and 1 dau.  He has lived 39 years in the state of Iowa.  Funeral services conducted from the Christian Church.  Prof. J. S. Estes officiating. (b. 10 Dec 1827 d. 14 Jan 1899 Thurman Cemetery.) 20 Jan 1899 Tabor Beacon
Vincent, Dr., of Shenandoah went to Tabor Tuesday.  He will meet his brother, Henry, from Colorado and they will remove the remains of their mother from the front yard of the old home, to the cemetery.  Henry will return to Colorado, the father will come to Shenandoah and the old home will be no more. (note: Mrs. V. requested to be buried in their yard until Mr. V. died, then both be buried in the cemetery. This is Mary Sheldon Vincent, bur. Tabor Cemetery b. 26 Nov 1825 - d. 6 Nov 1887) 20 Jan 1899 Tabor Beacon
Lybe, D. I., an old soldier, and for years a leading dentist in Sidney, died at his residence in Sidney, Monday morning at 10 o'clock.  He had been wrestling with a severe attack of the grip for the past two weeks, but the immediate cause of death was heart failure.  Mr. Lybe was a member of the GAR and Odd Fellows Lodge at Sidney. Funeral occurred Tuesday at 2 o'clock (Co. C, 101st Pa Inf. CW)  10 Feb 1899 Tabor Beacon
Murray, Mrs. George, died at her home 3 miles north of Percival on 17 Feb 1899.  She leaves a husband and large family to mourn her loss. 24 Feb 1899  Tabor Beacon
Spencer, Frank, who lived 3 miles south and 1/2 mile west of Tabor, died Friday night of typhoid pneumonia, aged 53 years.  Funeral was held Sunday and the remains buried in the Leeka graveyard.  Deceased leaves 5 children and a widow to mourn his death.  3 Mar 1899 Tabor Beacon
Bagley, Parl, whose serious illness was noted in this paper last week, died from the effects of his ailment Thursday night.   Funeral was held from the home in Randolph Friday conducted by the Methodist and Presbyterian ministers of that place.  The deceased was 63 years of age last Christmas and is reported to have been the richest man in Fremont County.  His estate is estimated from $150,000 to $300,000, all of which, with the exception of a few small bequests to his brothers and sisters, falls to Mrs. Bagley, there being no children. (Randolph Cemetery says Parley M. Bagley b.25 Dec 1835 d. 23 Feb 1893 [wrong, should be 1899]  3 Mar 1899 Tabor Beacon
Antrim, Mrs. John, mother of William Antrim of this place, died last Friday at her home in Randolph at the advanced age of 70 years.  Funeral was held Tuesday.  Her husband, who has also been critically ill, was reported some better Thursday morning and hopes are entertained for his recovery.  Susan (Dilts) Antrim, was b. Connersville, Fayette Co. Ind. on 4 Oct 1824 and died Sat. morning 4 Mar 1899 after an illness of a little over a week with pneumonia, age 74y 5m.  She, with her parents, moved to Wabash Co. Ind. in 1829 where on 6 Sep 1849 she was united in marriage to John Antrim, and to this union 9 children were born, 6 of whom survive their mother, i.e. William Elias, Evline, Kilpatrick, Alice Thomas, Minnie Campbell and John Harve.  Mrs. Antrim joined the Christian Church in 1863.  She leaves a husband, 6 children, 18 grandchildren, and other relatives.  17 Mar 1899 Tabor Beacon
Alley, Jeff, died Wednesday night about 8 o'clock and his body was brought to Tabor Thursday from the Clarinda Mental Hospital.  His long illness had caused an unbalancing of his mind, thus he was taken to the Clarinda Hospital.  Funeral will be held Friday, and the interment made in the cemetery northwest of town where his wife is buried.  Elder Ellis will conduct the services.  17 Mar 1899 Tabor Beacon
Dickersbach, William, living 4 miles north of Imogene, accidentally shot himself just above the right knee, Sunday, resulting in his death. 24 Mar 1899 Tabor Beacon
Lambert, William, age 79 years died at his home in this city Monday afternoon of an illness of several months.  The funeral services were held at the Baptist Church Wednesday  afternoon, conducted by Dr. Askin.  The remains were laid to rest in the Tabor Cemetery.  The deceased was one of Tabor's oldest and most respected citizens.  He was of English parentage, coming to the US 32 years ago and locating at Tabor where he has lived ever since.  Uncle Lambert, as he was familiarly known of late years, was a quiet, unassuming Christian man, loved and honored by all who knew him, is a kind husband and loving father, whose death is mourned by the entire community.  The bereaved wife and children asked the Beacon to express their heartfelt thanks to the many friends who so generously contributed to their needs and comfort in this their sad affliction.  14 Apr 1899 Tabor Beacon 
Campbell, Mrs. E. T.-  Dr. E. T. Campbell of Willow Springs, Mo. and Wallace Baylor of Valley Falls, Ks. were Tabor visitors Tuesday.  Dr. Campbell was here on a sad mission, having brought the remains of his wife to Thurman for interment, the funeral being held at that place Sunday.  He went from here to Goodwill, SD where his father and sister live.   4 Apr 1899 Tabor Beacon.

Campbell, Mrs. E. T., (Clara Baylor Campbell), wife of Dr. E. T. Campbell, died at her home in Willow Springs, Mo. Thursday morning 6 Apr 1899.  Her husband and two sisters will accompany her remains to her old home in Iowa for burial.  She had cultivated her talents as an artist in some of the largest cities, and had many specimens of her skill in china, flower and landscape painting.  In her former home at Tabor, Ia, she was active in Sunday school work and was the dearly beloved teacher of a large and constantly growing class of young women.  With these she has kept up a regular correspondence and took great  delight in writing to and hearing from "my girls".  Since coming here, ill health has prevented her carrying out many cherished plans for the good of others, but so far as strength permitted, she was a regular attendant upon all the services of the church. 36 beautiful years she leaves behind her and her life is her message to all of us.  14 Apr 1899 Tabor Beacon

Blanchard, Mrs. Elizabeth, who has been sick for over a year, being confined to her bed for most of that time, passed away last Wednesday at 3 o'clock.  Mrs. Blanchard was one of the old settlers of Percival, having come to the community in 1867.  The immediate cause of her death was old age, hastened by erysipelas.  "Elizabeth Kettewell was born in Washington Co. PA 7 Sep 1819.  She was married in 1836 to George Lord.  Of this union, two children were born: Vincent W. Lord, of this place, and Mrs. Ella McCann of Weeping Water NE.  She was again married in 1867 to Dr. Blanchard, coming at the same time to Percival which has ever since been her home.  In 1873 she united with the Baptist Church, of which she was a member at the time of her death.  Funeral services were conducted by Rev. E. H. Harrison Thursday afternoon at the home of V. W. Lord, after which the body was laid to rest in the Blanchard Cemetery, but a few hundred yards from the old Blanchard homestead where the deceased had lived so long."  19 May 1899  Tabor Beacon.
Tipple, Jerome C. died at his home in Tabor Tuesday night 30 May 1899, after a lingering illness with TB.  Illness dates back almost a year.  Funeral was held from the house at 2 o'clock Thursday afternoon.  College was dismissed and all the business houses were closed for the funeral.  Dr. John Askin conducted the services.  At the close of the service, the remains were laid to rest in the Tabor Cemetery.  He was born 11 Nov 1851 in Dane Co. Wisc., being 47y 6m 21d of age at the time of his death.  He came with his parents, Mr. and Mrs. J. D. Tipple and settled in Fremont County in what is now known as Riverside Twp. in Sept. 1871, removing to Tabor in the fall of 1875.  During his first year's residence in Tabor, Mr. Tipple worked for Mr. J. M. Barbour for his board, and attended Tabor College.  He was united in marriage to Miss Ella M. Ellis 30 Aug 1877 by Rev. John Todd.  4 daughters and two sons were born to this union, all of whom are living.  Since coming to Tabor, Mr. Tipple has been prominent in music work.  He was a member of the Congregational Church.  2 Jun 1899 Tabor Beacon.
Stickler, Grant.  While fishing in the Nishna River, a mile NW of Farragut last Friday afternoon. Grant Stickler, a young farmer age 28 was drowned. The body was recovered after an hours hard work.  The dead man leaves a wife and 2 children.  6 years ago while Stickler was running an engine in an elevator at Farragut, his father was caught in the machinery and almost torn to pieces. 16 Jun 1899 Tabor Beacon
Stamper, Mr. Elsbury J., proprietor of the Tabor Photo Gallery died at his home at Tabor Saturday night 10 Jun 1899, after a lingering illness.  The funeral was held from the Christian Church Tuesday and the remains laid to rest in the Tabor Cemetery, the services being conducted by Elder A. J. Ellis.  "Elsbury J. Stamper was born 10 Feb 1837 in Bath Co. KY and removed to Iowa when 19 years of age.  He was united in marriage to Miss Elmira C. Matthews in 1856.  He was the father of 9 children, 6 of whom are deceased.  2 sons and a daughter remain with us and are well known in Tabor. (Card of thanks signed by: Elbert Stamper, Junis Stamper, Berry Stamper) (cemetery book says Stampler)  16 Jun 1899 Tabor Beacon.
Woodrum, W. M., Word was received by Tabor friends Wednesday of the sudden death of W. M. Woodrum at his home in Thurman, which occurred about 9 o'clock Tuesday night.  Mr. Woodrum's death was very sudden and unexpectedly as he had appeared to be in good health up to within a short time before he died.  He had been attending to his business, that of stock buyer, Tuesday, and had retired early.  Soon after going to bed, he complained of feeling sick, and although medical assistance was summoned and arrived within a short time, death resulted within a few minutes after the Dr. arrived, presumable caused by heart trouble.  The deceased was a brother of Mrs. G. W. Greenlee of this place, and leaves a wife and 6 children, 5 of whom are grown, to mourn his death.  The funeral will be held Friday at 10 o'clock 16 Jun 1899 Tabor Beacon.  note: info sent by a relative: Wilson Merrill Woodrum b. 2 Apr 1836 d. 13 Jun 1899
Drake, Rev. J. M., a resident of Fremont Co. for 14 yrs, and who preached for a number of years at Mt. Zion church, 6 miles south of Tabor, died Sunday night at his home in Shenandoah.  He was confined to his home 3 weeks with lung trouble.  His age was 62y 11m 11d.  The remains were brought to Mt. Zion for burial Tuesday.  The deceased was for 41 years a minister of the Church of Christ, a denomination formerly known in PA as Winebrinarians.  He leaves a wife and 8 children.  16 Jun 1899 Tabor Beacon
Davis, Perry, who was injured in a run-away 16 Jul 1899 near his home between Tabor and Bartlett died last Thursday evening from blood poisoning. Mr. Davis' team ran away, breaking the buggy tongue and running a piece of it into his right leg near the knee, and coming out near the hip.  Blood poisoning resulted, and after 2 weeks suffering, he died as above stated.  Upon being told that he could not recover, Mr. Davis requested to be baptized in the Latter Day Saints faith, and his wish was complied with.  The remains were buried Friday in the Thurman Cemetery.  Deceased was about 50 years of age and leaves a wife and several small children.  4 Aug 1899  Tabor Beacon
Inghram, Welcome.  Coroner McKitrick was called to Riverton early Sunday morning to hold an inquest on the remains of Welcome Inghram, a resident of that town, who had met his death the night before in a very peculiar and distressing manner.....  The deceased was 41 years of age and has borne the reputation of a ne'er-do-well, and has been in petty trouble many times, both in Page and Fremont counties.  A year or so ago, one of his children was smothered to death in a grain bin at the Riverton elevator; another died when he lived on the Koppock farm near Farragut.  He leaves his wife and 3 children, better off no doubt because he is gone, but what a memory to leave them.  1 Dec 1899 Tabor Beacon
Webster, Mero, died Saturday night 2 Dec 1899 of Bright's disease, age about 65 years.  Mr. Webster was one of the best known men in SW Iowa, having lived in Sidney a great many years.  He had suffered with this disease for a considerable time.  He was postmaster of Sidney for a term of years, and was Treasurer for 6 years.  He was in the abstract business at the time of his death.  He leaves a wife and 6 children.  Funeral was held Tuesday from the residence - Odd Fellows Lodge having charge  8 Dec 1899  Tabor Beacon
Vincent, James Sr., died at the home of his son in Shenandoah Saturday night last at 10:45 after an illness of 10 days.  Pneumonia and other disease caused his death, but the old gentleman, 79 years of age, had reached his limit of life, desired to go, and went cheerfully saying as he took to his bed Sat. a week ago, that he would not rise from it.  He refused nourishment and took only such medicine as might relieve suffering.  He was in a pleasant frame of mind, and retained consciousness to the last.  In the death of James Vincent, Sr. the life's work and history of one of the earliest pioneers of western Iowa closes.  His life has been interwoven with the early experiences and progress of Tabor to a most marked degree, and in the knowledge of his sudden departure comes a warning that no landmark is so lasting but time will do its work and all that is human shall go the way of all flesh.  James Vincent, Sr. was born in Deal, County Kent, England on 21 Aug 1821 and by reason of an injury to his limb when he was a little boy, more than usual attention was given to his education to prepare him to follow in the pastoral work of his father, who was the minister for the same church in Deal for 41 years.  After his father's death, he succeeded as pastor of the Deal Congregational Church for 3 years and til the Nonconformist party or English Anti-slavery society sent him to the US to help prosecute the agitation against anti-slavery.  Rev. James Vincent went to Oberlin College to take advanced theology and the better to prepare him for his work in America.  While there he met and married in 1853, Miss Mary Sheldon, d/o H. O. Sheldon of Berea, Ohio, and an elder sister of our own honored townsman, Mr. B. O Sheldon.  Soon after their graduations and marriage, he was re-called to England by the Society for two years work.  Upon his return, they came to Tabor in 1855 and settled on the tract known as the Vincent homestead.  At this old landmark, 4 of his sons, now living, were born and the family raised.  The family, as known to all old residents of Tabor, are: Dr. James Vincent, now of Shenandoah; Cuthbert, now of Omaha, editor and proprietor of the American Non-Conformed, which paper was founded by the subject of this sketch, in Tabor 24 Jul 1879; Maurice, now at Houston, TX; Henry & Leopold, both at Boulder, Colo.  The sickness of Mr. Vincent was only a few days duration, ending in pneumonia at 10:45 P.M. Saturday 2 Dec 1899.  His sons Cuthbert and Leo, and Leo's wife reached his bedside the day before.  Since last Feb. he has resided with Dr. Vincent in Shenandoah from where the body was brought Monday.  Funeral was conducted from the Congregational Church by Rev. Askin at 3 o'clock Monday.  The body was laid to rest beside that of his wife and granddaughter in the Cemetery.  8 Dec 1899 Tabor Beacon
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