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Keenan, Baylor.  Little Baylor's death was announced Sunday night.  This came as a shock to all our town people.  Baylor was an unusually bright little fellow, loved by all who knew him, and his sudden taking away has cast a shadow of gloom over the entire community.  The stricken mother has the sympathy of all in her sorrow.  Two years ago, Mr. Keenan died, and since then Mrs. Keenan has had all her plans centralized in her darling child.  Little Baylor was 4 years old on 10 July 1895 and died last Sunday evening.  Tabor Beacon - 10 Jan 1896 (Thurman Cemetery, John Baylor Keenan s/o M. R. and S. B. 10 Jul 1891 - 5 Jan 1896)
Magle, Theodore.  A prominent and wealthy farmer about 43 or 44 years of age residing 6 miles north of Riverton was accidentally killed Saturday about 2 P.M.  He was riding in his field when his horse reared up, the horn of the saddle striking Mr. Magle in the abdomen and it burst a blood vessel causing his immediate death.  Funeral was Tuesday.  Deceased leaves a wife and several children. Tabor Beacon - 31 Jan 1896 (Sidney Cemetery, Theodore S. Magel b. 24 Oct 1853 d. 25 Jan 1896
Rossiter.  The little 4 year old daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Ed Rossiter who live 2 miles this side of Randolph, died on last Saturday of malignant scarlet fever and was buried in Tabor Cemetery.
Tabor Beacon - 31 Jan 1896
O'Bladen, Andrew, born in 1841, died Wednesday morning, making him in his 55th year.  He was raised in NY state and brought up by his parents in the Catholic Faith, and retained his views to the last.  In spite of some personal peculiarities, Andrew had many friends and those who knew him in his later years knew him as a very industrious man, attending strictly to his business at the North End Shoe Store.  Funeral services held at Congregational Church Thursday afternoon at 2 o'clock and remains were laid to rest in the Tabor Cemetery.  Tabor Beacon - 31 Jan 1896.
Conrad, Mabel, wife of M. S. Conrad died Wednesday 12 Feb 1896, the result of premature childbirth.  Mrs. Conrad was born near Sidney, her maiden name being Mabel Taylor.  She was taken at the age of 6 by Thomas Cloud and raised to young womanhood, being married to M. S. Conrad 6 Sep 1888.  One son, now 6 years old was the result of this union.  The funeral services were held Friday at the Presbyterian Church in Randolph, conducted by Rev. Brewer of Malvern.  Tabor Beacon - 14 Feb 1896
McClellan, Maggie May was born at Tabor 2 Sep 1895 and died 12 Feb 1896 after an illness of only a week.  Little Maggie was a beautiful baby and during her short life won the love of all who knew her.  The funeral took place from the Baptist Church on Friday with the services conducted by Pastor H. P. Fudge, assisted by Rev. Mr. Aiten after which the little body was tenderly laid to rest in the Tabor Cemetery. (Card of thanks signed by Frank and Sadie McClelland.  Tabor Beacon - 21 Feb 1896
Wilson, S. W. of Locust Grove Township, was instantly killed at Shennandoah last Friday.  In company with C. H. Hall of Anderson, he had taken a load of shelled corn to Van Buskirk Mill, driving 4 horses and started to drive onto the dump for the purpose of unloading.  For some unknown reason, the team became unmanageable and started to turn around.  The driver, S. W. Wilson jumped off on one side and Mr. Hall jumped off on the other.  When Mr. Wilson reached the ground, it is supposed the horses turning the wagon too shortly caused one wheel to break and the heavily loaded wagon fell upon the unfortunate man's head, crushing it like an eggshell.  Death was instantaneous.  Mr. Wilson came to Fremont County about 14 years ago and settled on a farm northeast of Sidney.  From there, he removed to the farm where he has been living the past 7 years.  Just last fall his father died in IL, at the age of 103 years.  Mr. Wilson was 38 years old, and being a renter, does not leave his family in as good circumstances as can be wished for.  He carried no insurance and is possessed of none save personal property.  His eldest child, a daughter, is 14 years old and the youngest being a trifle over a year.  Tabor Beacon - 21 Feb 1896
Rhode, Albert, the 12 year old son of Dan Rhode, living 1 1/2 miles SW of Tabor, died Tuesday morning from the effects of scarlet fever.  The body was interred in the Tabor Cemetery Tuesday afternoon.  Tabor Beacon - 28 Feb 1896
Walker, Mrs. John Sr.  died at her home in Randolph IA Friday 21 Feb 1896 at 11 o'clock, aged 61 years 11 months 14 days.  Hannah A. Conklin was born in Orange County NY, 7 Mar 1834 and moved with her parents to Mercer Co OH where she was married to John Walker on 22 Jun 1851.  In 1865 they moved to Schuyler Co MO, and in 1868 they came to Fremont Co. and settled on a farm near Randolph where they lived until 2 years ago when they moved to town.  10 children blessed this union, 6 of whom are living and were present when she passed away.  She united with the M. E. Church in 1863.  Her death was the result of an attack of bronchitis.  Tabor Beacon 28 Feb 1896
Thompson.  Within 6 months, four children of Mr. and Mrs. Davie Thompson, living near Sidney, have died of scarlet fever, two having succumbed to the blighting breath of this dread disease last week, and one the week before.
Applegate, Mrs., wife of Caleb Applegate, living about 3 miles SW of Tabor on the Thurman road, died Saturday night from measles.  The funeral services were held at the house on Sunday and the remains were laid to rest in the Tabor Cemetery.  Mrs. Applegate was in her 40th year and leaves quite a family of small children to the care of the sorrowing husband.  Tabor Beacon - 13 Mar 1896
Larson, Elmer C. s/o Mr. and Mrs. Quist Larson, age 3 years and 4 months died 5 Mar 1896.  Little Elmer had been suffering from a cancerous tumor for sometime and on 5 Mar. Dr. Campbell, assisted by Dr. Epler, performed an operation removing the tumor, from the effects of which the patient never recovered.  Funeral services were conducted by Elder W. F. Smith at the Christian Church at 2 P.M. 6 Mar 1896, after which the remains were laid to rest in the Tabor Cemetery.  Tabor Beacon - 13 Mar 1896
Franks, Mr. and Mrs. Franks lost their little daughter, age 6 years with membranous croup on last Friday a week ago.  (Percival news item) Tabor Beacon - 20 Mar 1896
Brown, Little Dora, daughter of  Mr. and Mrs. J. N. Brown, after 9 long years suffering, succumbs to death, passing away at 2:30 P.M. Friday 14 Mar 1896.  When 2 years old, she received an injury, which afterward developed into "white swelling" which rendered her almost helpless from that time and finally caused her death.  During the entire period of her sickness and even up to within a few hours of her death, she bore her suffering with the greatest patience.  Conscious of the fact that she would soon pass from life, she told her parents how she wished her toys and playthings disposed of, also where she wished to be buried, and who should take her to her last resting place.  All her requests were granted, and Sunday evening, surrounded by bereaved parents and friends, a little mound was made in the Thurman Cemetery showing Dora's last resting place.  Dora Brown, born 25 Jul 1883, died 14 Mar 1896, age 12 years 7 months 19 days.  Tabor Beacon - 20 Mar 1896 
Bishop, Old Lady, died at her home 23 Mar 1896.  Mrs. Bishop has been an invalid for the past 20 years being confined most of that time to her bed. (Percival news item) Tabor Beacon - 27 Mar 1896.
Foster, 14 month old daughter of Mr. and Mrs. L. E. Foster of Riverside Twp. east of Tabor died Friday last.  She was the victim of a throat and lung complication, having been sick about a week.  Interment was made in the Tabor Cemetery Saturday P.M.  Tabor Beacon - 3 Apr 1896.
Rhode, J. D. (Dunc) living about a mile SW of Tabor died Tuesday morning of congestion of the lungs, after an illness of about 10 days.  Funeral services were held at the Congregational Church  Wednesday morning.  Interment being made in the Tabor Cemetery.  Tabor Beacon - 10 Apr 1896
Mackey, Eliza, died 3 Apr 1896 at age 73 years 3 months 7 days.  The funeral was held at the home about 5 miles west of Tabor Saturday at 2 P.M. services being conducted by Elder W. F. Smith.  Eliza Beal was b. 26 Dec 1822.  She was married to James A. Mackey 9 Feb 1841.  To them were born 11 children, 10 of whom still live to mourn her loss.  She united with the Christian Church in 1858.  Tabor Beacon - 10 Apr 1896
Buck, H. M. died 10 Apr 1896 at Medicine Lodge KS (Cresset). He was born in Vermont 22 Dec 1829; m. Miss Fannie A. Fisher of Boston MA.  Settled in WI and a few years later in Fremont County, from which point he moved about 15 years ago to his present home about 2 miles north of Lake City, Barber Co KS.  His wife, 4 sons and 2 daughters survive him.  He leaves a large estate, having about 100 acres of land in the home place. Tabor Beacon - 24 Apr 1896.
Kellogg, Robert died last Thursday with the funeral on Friday.  The remains were laid to rest in the Riverside Twp. Cemetery. Tabor Beacon - 24 Apr 1896 (Buried in Antrim Cemetery, d. 15 Apr 1896 age 77 years 3 months
Barnes, Mrs. Gertrude Stanley wife of Adelbert Barnes died at her home in Tabor on the 24th day of Apr 1896.  She was born in Dorien, Walworth Co WI, 22 Jan 1846.  At age 18 she joined the Methodist Church and on 23 Nov 1871 was united in marriage to Mr. Adelbert Barnes at Freeport IL.  7 children were born to them, of whom 5, with the husband and father, survive to mourn her loss.  In 1875, the family moved to Montgomery County IA and settled on a farm, removing thence to Red Oak 3 years later.  Here they lived and here Mrs. Barnes became a member of the Congregational Church and so remained until the spring of 1894, when for better educational advantages, they moved to Tabor.  Here the entire family united with the Congregational Church.  Tabor Beacon - 1 May 1896
Bonwell, Ed  son of A. C. Bonwell, 5 miles SE of Randolph, died at 7 o'clock Friday morning 24 Apr 1896, aged about 20 years.  He had been sick about 5 weeks and the doctors could not agree as to the disease.  We understand the doctors held a post mortem examination Friday night. (Randolph news item)  Tabor Beacon - 1 May 1896
Zuck, The one year old child of Mr. and Mrs. Charles Zuck living at Hamburg, fell into a tub of water one day last week and was drowned before discovered.  Tabor Beacon - 8 May 1896
Pippitt, Lottie died suddenly from a fall last Thursday morning, age 25 years 6 months 1 day.  The funeral was held Friday in the Church, conducted by Rev. Bertch of Cherry Grove. (Randolph news item)  Tabor Beacon - 15 May 1896
Gardner, Mrs. Abigail, age 77 years died Thursday morning at the home of her daughter, Mrs. J. L. Morrison, 3 miles east of Tabor..  The funeral services will be held at the residence Friday at 10 o'clock. (26 Jun 1896).  Abigail Dibble born Austerlitz NY, 17 Feb 1817.  She was the youngest of 3 children who were left orphans at an early age.  She married Benjamin F. Gardner 18 Mar 1834.  After moving to Kisman OH and living there a few years, she and her husband moved with a small colony to Clay IA.  From Clay a move was made to Galesburg IL in 1848 and in 1855 the family moved to Tabor.  17 years ago, she was stricken with paralysis so that her life prior to that time was in a great measure blank to her.  For the past 10 years she had been almost helpless with inflammatory rheumatism, 17 days before her death, the rheumatism took a malignant turn so that her last days were full of pain.  At 8 o'clock Thursday morning 25 Jun, her spirit took its flight.  She was laid to rest in the beautiful cemetery at Tabor, beside her husband, who had preceded her to the better world only a few months ago, on Friday morning, a host of friends being in attendance to honor her memory.  Tabor Beacon - 3 Jul 1896. 
Baggs, Alfred of Green Township, died Sunday evening after a short illness.  He was in Tabor on Thursday of last week, apparently as well as could be expected for a man of his age, 72 years, and was taken sick Friday.  The cause of his death was stomach trouble.  Deceased has been a resident of Fremont Co. for 15 years.  He was of English parentage and was known to almost every man, woman and child in this vicinity on account of his eccentricity.  The funeral occurred Monday from his late home 4 miles SW of Tabor, the remains being laid to rest in the Tabor Cemetery, Mr. Wm. Leeka conducting the services.  Tabor Beacon - 7 Aug 1896 (Headstone in Tabor Cemetery Alfred Baggs  1824 - 1896)
Tuey, Mr. and Mrs. George Tuey, former residents of Tabor, now living about 8 miles SW of town, are mourning the loss of their 1 year old child whose death occurred Tuesday.  The funeral was held Wednesday, the remains being interred in Salem Cemetery.  Tabor Beacon 21 Aug 1896.
Gagnebin, Henry,  Word was received at Sidney the first of the week of the sudden death of Henry Gagnebin at his present home in NE.  Mr. Gagnebin was well known in this county, having been county surveyor for several terms and being an old resident of the Co.  Tabor Beacon - 21 Aug 1896
Carter, Mrs., mother of Henry Carter died Sunday evening age 78 years (Sidney news item).  Tabor Beacon - 28 Aug 1896
Lightheister, Rev. O. D.  A former pastor of the Sidney Baptist Church was, on account of failing health, making an overland trip to the West died at Sidney NE recently.  Tabor Beacon - 4 Sep 1896
Tate, Elmira, died at the home of her daughter in Randolph.  She was familiarly known in this vicinity.  Tabor Beacon - 4 Sep 1896 (Randolph Cemetery Elmira Tate  1833 - 1896
Chezik, Infant s /o Mr. and Mrs. Charles Chezik died the same day it was born 17 Sep 1896. (Percival news item)  Tabor Beacon - 25 Sep 1896
Yates, Henry, d. 14 Sep 1896 (Percival).  He was sick only a few days.  He had been a resident of Percival for over 15 years and was a member and active in the Baptist Church.  Leaves a wife and one daughter.  He served his country during the late war, was a Master Mason, and a well to do farmer.  Tabor Beacon - 25 Sep 1896
Capps, Howard, born and raised near Liberty MO where his master, a Mr. Grooms, lived on a farm.  About the close of the war, Howard came to Tabor in the employ of the Stage Co. and was keeper of the stage horses for a time.  He afterward worked for G. B. Gaston, where he learned to read.  Also attended the public school when Miss Belle Smith taught in the north basement of the Chapel.  He married Evaline Garner, an orphan colored girl, who was raised in the family of G. B. Gaston.  She died about a year afterward.  Some years later, he married a Miss Knight of Nebraska City, who still survives him.  Howard was an obliging, energetic man.  He acquired some property while in Tabor and owned a nice home in south Tabor.  His house unfortunately burned down, and for a short time afterward, he lived near Glenwood, from which place he removed to KS where he owned a farm, later going to Holdrege NE.  His wife announced by letter that Mr. Capps died last Jan (1896) at Holdrege.  Tabor Beacon - 25 Sep 1896.
Williams, infant of brother of Jas. Williams of Hamburg, died 27 Sep 1896 Sunday A.M.  Tabor Beacon - 2 Oct 1896
Johnson, Frank C. died in Omaha.  He was a resident of Randolph for a number of years, having run a bank here.  He was 50 years 4 months 16 days old.  Death caused by lung trouble. Funeral was held Wednesday from his late residence 216 No. 22nd St. Omaha.  Interment being made in Forrest Lawn Cemetery. Tabor Beacon - 2 Oct 1896
Lindsay, Mrs. Elisha died at her home in Sidney Sunday 18 Oct 1896.  Tabor Beacon - 18 Oct 1896 ( Sidney Cemetery Elizabeth Linsay 1822 - 1896)
Field, Mrs. A. died in Tullahoma TN Monday 12 Oct 1896 in the 71st year of her age.  Alvinia Brown was born at Lansing, NY and at an early age became a member of the M. E. Church.  She was married to Ansen Field June 1849, who survives her.  Mrs. Stella Hume of Tabor and Wilmot Field of Tullahoma TN are their only children.  Soon after their marriage, they removed from NY to western MI where they pioneered a few years, until Mr. Field, in 1859 went overland to CA, subsequently returning as far as Colorado where Mrs. Field and their daughter joined him.  In 1865, they came to Pacific City and 2 years later to Tabor, where they enjoyed a home for 14 years.  She was a member of the Tabor Congregational Church.  Afflicted with rheumatism, Mr. Field sought relief in a southern climate and found a home in the salubrious climate of the Cumberland Mountains.  Tabor Beacon - 23 Oct 1896
Mann, Ellis, 6 year old son of B. E. Mann and wife, died of diphtheritic paralysis Thursday evening and was buried Saturday at the Thurman Cemetery.  Tabor Beacon - 6 Nov 1896
Runyon, George, died at his home 3 miles south of Percival (5 Nov 1896).  He leaves a wife and one son.  Tabor Beacon - 13 Nov 1896 (Blanchard Cemetery- Runyon, George W. ;b. 9 Oct 1846  d. 5 Nov 1896)
Yowell, Moses R.  On the 30 day of Feb. 1896, the postmaster of Sidney disappeared from his office and home.  An investigation of his accounts showed a shortage of nearly $700.  This amount was due the government and he had not the funds with which to pay it.  Last Friday, 2 months after his disappearance, the dead body of Yowell was found in the timber 1/2 mile NW of William Engelke's house in Sidney Twp.  The body was removed to Sidney.  A coroner's jury was empanelled.  Verdict: cause of death unknown".  The body was in a remarkable state of preservation and was easily recognized, notwithstanding it had lain upon the ground for 2 months.  The supposition is that death was caused by arsenic taken with suicidal intent, and the preservation and protection from animals and birds was due to the poison content in it.  Knights of Pythias had charge of the funeral.  His daughter Imogene has been appointed postmaster in her father's place.  Tabor Beacon - 4 Dec 1896 (Sidney Cemetery  Moses R. Yowell b. 1850 d. 1896)
Gray,  A sad accident occurred in Sidney last week Wednesday, resulting in the death of the 4 year old son of Mr. and Mrs. J. M. Gray.  The child had been playing in the yard, when its mother, not hearing his voice around anywhere, went to look for him.  He was found lying unconscious underneath a small cart.  Dr. DeFreece was called, but the child was dead before he reached the home.  It is supposed that the little fellow had climbed upon the cart and his weight turned it over, and in the fall, his neck was broken, as he never moved after he was found.  Mr. Gray is the son-in-law of William Eskew of Riverton Twp., and the brother-in-law of Judge Thornell, C. J. Esden, A. V. Penn of Sidney and S. W. Richardson of Creston.  The funeral was held Friday.  Tabor Beacon - 11 Dec 1896
Smay, Mrs. Ella, wife of George Smay, died at her home in Green Twp. on 16 Dec 1896 age 58 years.  Cause of her death was cancer of the stomach.  Funeral services held Thursday morning at 10 A.M., conducted by Pastor W. H. Curtis, and interment made in the Tabor Cemetery.  Tabor Beacon - 18 Dec 1896 (Tabor Cemetery  Eliza E. Smay b.15 Jan 1838  d.16 Dec 1896.
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