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Sidney, Fremont County, Iowa
June 1948
  • June 22, 1948
    1. Mrs. Marie Miller of Riverton married Clint Dale Gee of Essex on New Years day.
    2. Mr. and Mrs. Thomas Evans returned Saturday from their wedding trip.
    3. Harvey Melville is the father of Mrs. Glen Willman of Minot, N.D.
    4. Mrs. J. B. Asbury of Tarkio, MO, is the daughter of Mrs. Cora Kinslow .
    5. J. H. Irwin of Nebraska City is a brother of A. A. Irwin
    6. A daughter was born to the Marlin Crum's on Jan. 8.
Source: Transcribed by Walter Farwell, and submitted by Constance Diamond.

  • Thursday, June 24, 1948
    • One of the worst storms in the history of SW Iowa swept through Fremont Co. Tuesday afternoon, when a tornado passed through almost the center of the county from southwest to northeast, destroying homes and crops and doing property damage that at this time cannot even be estimated. According to reports the storm started in Nebraska in the vicinity of Talmage, creating havoc as it swept towards Nebraska City. it missed the City, to the south killing one person at Talmage and injuring several, then crossed the Missouri River into Fremont County and struck first at the Mead station just east of Nebraska City on the pavement. (now where the new stations and motel are located on highway 2).

      It traveled in a line northeast across the bottom lands cutting a swath 150 to 200 yards wide. It reached the Bluff road at the H. Y. Birkny farm turned up Horse Creek about at the Bill Light place, turned a little east and struck the Al Van Ness farm, then went on northeasterly just missing Randolph, and apparently spending itself out near Emerson.

      Reports and stories of damage, narrow escapes, and freak accidents keep pouring in. The storm proper lasted but a minute or two according to some parties. At the Mead station, where the first serious damage is recorded, the station was damaged somewhat, but the large Sam Mead home to the west of it was almost demolished and all the outbuildings appear to be almost a total loss.

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