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The Sidney Argus-Herald

Sidney, Fremont County, Iowa
June 1934
  • June 21, 1934
    1. Mrs. Addie Whisler is a cousin of Mrs. Mary Wilson of Farragut.
    2. Rex Martin, Harlon Hein, Clyde Dyke and Irvin Foster all have jobs in the Kansas harvest fields near Albert,KS. Glenn Dyke lives at Great Bend.
    3. Mr. and Mrs. Burt Wilson are uncle and aunt of Miss Mildred Penn, one of Andersons's former teachers for several years.
    4. Berkley Inman, aged 10, whose home is east of Anderson, is the cousin of Mora Jo Martin.
    5. Ezra Millsap of Des Moines is an uncle of Mrs. Alvira Waddell's father.
    6. Miss Wilma Dyke is the sister of Mrs. Harold Irwin of near Thurman.

Source: Transcribed by Walter Farwell, and submitted by Constance Diamond.

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