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Sidney, Fremont County, Iowa
July 1895
  • July 11, 1895

"Riverton News"
  1. J. R. Utterback and wife of Table Rock, Neb., are visitng J. H. Utterback south of town
  2. Mrs. Everett Andrews of Hamburg, came up Saturday, the guest of her sister Mrs. V. E. Carlson
  3. We learn that S. P. Strait and Mrs. Nancy Marvin of this place, were married at Nebraska City, July 4th
  4. J. C. Mawhor came in from Brownville, Mo., visiting his father's family south of town
  5. Mrs. Mary Huffer, wife of George Huffer who lives northwest of Sidney, died Friday evening
  6. Mrs. Hilger, wife of M. Hilger who lives east of town, died Saturday evening, July 6th; interment in t he Catholic Cemetery at Hamburg; she leaves a husband and a number of grown up children.

"Randolph News"

  1. A. M Replogle of Farragut delivered a load of his best flour here Saturday
  2. Eliga Mabbitt has purchased the dray fromn Dick Morrical
  3. The funeral of J. W. Fleming's child who was born on July 4th and lived but four days, was held on Monday
  4. The beginners singing class under Prof. J. A. McIntyre is progressing finely, and about the first of September, a class will be organized to meet in the evenings, and it is hoped that the advanced members of the present class with many other, may be induced to join. If there is one thing more than any other that makes all public gatherings pleasant, it is good singing. There are many in Randolph and vicinity who have the talent, and if they will just cultivate it, Randolph need not lack in the future for plenty of good singers.

    1. Source: submitted by Walter Farwell

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