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Sidney, Fremont County, Iowa
December 1887
  • December 1, 1898
      • "Griswold - Hooper Nuptials".--On Tuesday evening at 8:30 at the home of the bride's parents, occurred the marriage of Percy C. Griswold and Miss Madge F. Hooper, Rev. E.Dickinson officiating.
      • The ceremony was witnessed by about thirty invited guests, mostly friends of the family. Supper was served at the conclusion of the ceremony and every effort was made to render the occasion one of enjoyment to all present.
      • The groom is the only son of Mrs. P. V. Griswold, of this city and has grown to manhood in our midst. The bride is the youngest daughter of Mr. and Mrs. P. F. Hooper, whose farm joins Sidney on the south.
      • The young couple will leave this week for Savannah, Ills., to begin life, the groom being employed as fireman on the Milwaukee, between Marion, Iowa, and Savannah, Ill. Thus it is, in fulfillment of the order of nature and of scripture, that the young forsake father and mother and all the associations of youth and enter those nearer relations that naught but death can sever.
      • The HERALD joins their many friends in wishing the happy couple long life and happiness.
      • A happy surprise took place at the beautiful new home of Mr. and Mrs. A. A. Gore, in Prairie township, last Thursday evening. Just as they were about to retire a crowd of their neighbors took possession of the premises. The evening was passed in playing games, music, etc. A good supper was served consisting of oysters, pickles, celery, cake, etc., after which all returned home leaving Mr. and Mrs. Gore feeling that they had some very warm friends. Those present were: Charles Magel and wife, B. Hannon and wife, Dan Schaaf and wife, Arnold Bopp and wife, George Durfee and wife, T. R. Travis and wife, S. Hopkins and wife, A. G. Malcom and wife.
    • December 22, 1898
      • Percival News
      • Mrs. Fullen has the small-pox, if reports are true....
      • We hope to soon be free from quarantine so we can again attend church services and school etc....
      • Messrs. Sheldon and Kellogg have the telephone in their house now....
      • Miss Nellie Williamson of Glenwood is visiting her aunt, Mrs. McElroy at present....
      • Joe Bailes and family of Union, Nebraska, came over to attend the funeral of Mrs. Baker Sunday....
      • Mrs. C. C. Keyser and Mrs. S. L. Kellogg went to Omaha Sunday morning to attend the funeral of Mrs. Harriett (Davis) Merchant, who died Saturday....
      • Miss Minnie Fuhner left for Kansas City Monday night to visit relatives for a few weeks after which she expects to return to her home in Harrington, Washington.
    ~~ While in conversation with Lot Brown one day this week he recited several incidents of his early life in this county. Among other things he said he would like to inquire of T. O. Morgan if he remembers where he slept on the night of Dec.. 24th, 1857, 42 years ago next Saturday. Lot said as he was one of the crowd and thinking perhaps the others had forgotten the circumstance long ago, he would like to refresh their memory.

    "The party consisted of five grown people and five children, as follows: Aunt Ruth Brown, J. T. Brown and wife, T. O. Morgan and John Norris; the children were Ruth A. Brown, D. W. Brown, P.P. Brown, J. T. Brown Jr., and Geo. W. Brown. The bed room was 3x8 feet--a spring wagon with a cover on. Christmas morning the old folks found they were well supplied with frozen fingers, but us kids got out all right. That morning we all took breakfast with old man Fisher, for whom Fisher's grove was named. About 5 o'clock that Christmas afternoon we arrived in Sidney. This was 42 years ago and yet there are a few of us left, T. O. Morgan and P.P. Brown, Hamburg; D. W. Brown, Sidney, and Mrs. Ruth A. Keith, Shenandoah."


    Source: submitted by Walter Farwell

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