Fremont County, Iowa

World War II
Honor List of Dead and Missing

Source: State of Iowa, War Department, June 1946
Source: Harry Wilkins, from the Tabor Historical Society, Revised list; August 7, 1948

Angel, James Alfred Major Army DNB
Aspedon, James R or T. Technician 5th Grade Army DNB
Aspendon, Lyman L. Sergeant Army KIA
Bartholomew, John E. Private Army DNB
Bellew, Robert Staff Sergeant Army KIA
Bivens, Gerald Seaman 2nd Class Navy Unk
Briley, Harold V. Mailman 3rd Class Navy LAS
Bromley, Merris D. Technician 5th Grade Army DNB
Brown, Eldon L. Technician 5th Grade Army DOW
Brown, Jack C. Private First Class Army KIA
Cargill, Lawrence E. or W. Technical Sergeant Army DNB
Chase, Ernest W. , Jr. Private Army KIA
Coffman, Ralph C. Staff Sergeant Army DNB
Conklin, Robert E. Private Army KIA
Coy, Leroy A. 2nd Lieutenant Army KIA
Crawford, Charles F. Private Army DOW
Davis, William E. Sergeant Army DNB
Doil, Robert C. Technical Sergeant Army KIA
Dunlap, Vernon M. Private First Class Army DNB
Engel, Herman W. or M. Technician 5th Grade Army KIA
Foster, Delbert H. Private Army DNB
Gardner, Clarence E. Staff Sergeant Army KIA
Garrett, Elmer E. 2nd Lieutenant Army KIA
Grindle, Leroy E. 2nd Lieutenant Army DNB
Gustafson, Frank W. Sergeant Army DNB
Hays, Oliver B. 2nd Lieutenant Army FOD
Heck, John Perhan Unknown Unk Unk
Henderson, Lawrence J. Technical Sergeant Army KIA
Hess, Ralph C. Staff Sergeant Army KIA
Hickman, Richard D. Staff Sergeant Army KIA
Hill, Gerald D. Private First Class Army KIA
Husband, Jack T. Technical Sergeant Army DNB
Israel, Mark James Private Army KIA
Jensen, Lyle M. 1st Lieutenant Army KIA
Johnson, Raymond E. 2nd Lieutenant Army Dow
Karr, Harold W. Corporal Army KIA
Kerans, Gerald L. Technician 5th Grade Army KIA
Kreisaler, Elmer E. Private Army DNB
Lair, Delbert S. Sergeant Army KIA
Lorimor, Fred O. Captain Army KIA
Lovelady, James 1st Lieutenant Army DNB
McGaghy, Amos B. Private Army KIA
Miller, Austin R. Staff Sergeant Army KIA
Monaghan, William B. Unknown Unk Unk
Otte, Max Unknown Unk Unk
Pease, Warren J. 1st Lieutenant Army KIA
Pullman, Jack C. Chief Parmacist's Mate Navy DNB
Reeves, Ivan E. Sergeant Army KIA
Rommel, Max Private First Class Marine Corp KIA
Stewart, Everett Willard Unknown Unk Unk
Strait, Marvin B. Private Army DNB
Stubbs, William J. 2nd Lieutenant Army KIA
Thiessen, Ralph A. Captain Army DNB
Tipton, John M. Staff Sergeant Army DNB
Tomes, Carlas Private Army KIA
Trosper, Frank Machinist's Mate 2nd Class Navy LAS
Van Ness, Jack Paul Private Army DNB
Walters, Carl L. Sergeant Army KIA
Wanamaker, Carl E. 2nd Lieutenant Army KIA
Webster, Everett Sergeant Army KIA
Windle, Fay R. Private First Class Army DNB
Wing, Gardner B. Captain Army KIA
Wynn, Robert C. Private Army KIA
  • KEY:
    • KIA = Killed in Action
    • DOW = Died of Wounds
    • DNB = Died, non-battle
    • FOD = Finding of Death
    • LAS = Lost at Sea

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